A friend writes:

"If we look back in history, we find people were then far more aware of the powers of music and sound than they are today. Through the works of Aristotle, Plato, Confucius, etc., we see that the ancients were convinced that music influenced the rhythm of man's thoughts; his emotions, bodily health and movements, and that music could sublimely encourage, or utterly degrade, the individual psyche and thereby make or break entire civilizations.

Aristotle wrote: ".. emotions of any kind are produced by melody and rhythm; therefore by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions; music has thus power to form character, and the various kinds of music based on the various modes, may be distinguished by their effects on character - one, for example, working in the direction of melancholy, another effeminacy; one encouraging abandonment, another self-control .."

Both Aristotle and Plato discuss the moral effects of music in their works and Confucius is recorded as being concerned that China maintain a high standard of music.

Rhythm is discipline! When people get out of step with the rhythm of life they become sick. The composers of ancient Greece were expelled if their music was detrimental to public good.

In the last century belief in music as a force capable of changing society has become almost lost to the general population. However Cyril Scott (a 20th century composer) expressed the notion that the decline of music in Egypt and Greece was followed by the complete decline of these civilizations; Music, Its Secret Influence Throughout the Ages. Also Henry David Thoreau predicted, in 1854, that music would some day destroy England and America.

The works of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven, etc, are fundamentally spiritual in nature and elevate the listener, but after 1900 a new breed of musician appeared. Instead of pointing man heavenward we were fed the primitive and pessimistic - and our music began echoing the noise and rhythms of decay.

Mick Jagger said in the 60's: "We are moving after the minds and so are most of the new groups".

John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas said: "By carefully controlling the sequence of rhythms, any rock group can create audience hysteria consciously and deliberately. We know how to do it." This has been proved many times by rioting audiences."

That introduction, from material submitted by Janet Wood, is fitting in that it highlights the complete change that has taken place in the purpose of music in our culture.

That the ancients were right in their understanding of the power of music has been confirmed by modern science and experience. This knowledge is used by socialist agencies. The Marxist Minstrels by David A. Noebel, goes into this very thoroughly and again we find the United Nations involved. The following shows another use of music but you should read the book:

Dr. Bryan who edits the American Institute of Hypnosis Journal is quoted: " .. The children are being hypnotized without their knowledge ... And, it is even more insidious when one realizes ... the more often hypnotism is repeated, the higher the suggestibility of the subject."

Now the Filth of Today:

Wake me up before you go-go is a sweet catchy little tune guaranteed to get the whole family singing around the piano! Well no, we don't do that now, if we did we would have to know all the words and the old people might 'wake up' to what it is all about.

'Wake me up ..' could be considered one of the more mild and acceptable songs among today's adolescent set so let us see what its thinly disguised lyrics are really saying.

An older listener might think it is a song about a young married woman asking her husband to awaken her before he goes off to work. If you are more 'with it' you might think it related to a 'one night stand'. Actually it is a very personal comment about sexual intercourse. Let us look at the relevant words:

   1st verse: .. you send my soul sky high when your loving starts ..
              .. my best friend told me what you did last night ..
   2nd verse: .. we'll go dancing, everything will be all right ..
   3rd verse: .. move in tight, we'll go dancing tomorrow night ..
   chorus:    Wake me up before you go-go,
              don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.
              Wake me up before you go-go,
              I don't wan-na miss it when you hit that high. 

The first verse sets the theme of the story, the second, possibly sung more clearly so that the song has the appearance of being about going to a dance and also a fourth verse to give accent to that impression, but the real message of the song is revealed in the chorus.

The meaning of the thinly disguised double talk in the chorus is: wake me up = (let me know), before you go-go = (have your climax), because she/he does not want to be left like a yo-yo ... I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high.

Today this is a small part of the scene of wholesale seduction and conditioning of young people to accept the most personal items of sex, deformed sex and promiscuity, as normal and natural subjects for social conversation and flaunting. Incidentally the picture on the sheet music cover is of two male pop stars lying face down, one on top of the other. As Bob Larson comments in his book ROCK, "Nothing is left to the imagination. Every intimate detail pertaining to the physical aspects of sex is thoroughly explained to the teenage mind."

Just how nicely sex is explained can be ascertained from the lyrics. Let me burden you with some examples, this from the Australian Federation for Decency journal, June '85:

"Heard between the beats were obscene words and sounds simulating a couple in the midst of sexual intercourse."

The lady had bought the record for her 12 year-old daughter. How often do mothers buy records for their children and not listen to them? And would the child then not be entitled to think that the parent approved? The same article goes on to speak of a 'Prince' concert: ".. Sheila E., drummer friend of Prince really got the crowd going - especially when she stripped down to a sheer body stocking with strategically placed patches of glitter. Highlight of her show: when she brought a gent up on stage from the audience and simulated performing oral sex as well as stroking him from head to toe - all this, keep in mind, while taunting the crowd with mild obscenities about his sexual apparatus."

You may imagine that what 'Prince' did to follow that act might defy description. Here is what Rolling Stone magazine, February 19, '81 has to say about the Prince album DIRTY MIND: "'Dirty Mind' may be the most generous album about sex ever made by man. The major tunes are paeans to bisexuality, incest, and cunnilingual technique .."

Not Just Sex!

The Australian Federation for Decency has also printed items to show that murder and suicide are encouraged through rock music. Rock music covers every aspect of depravity and obviously a very large book could be devoted to the subject. Let's look at the following quote before going on to other examples illustrating the breadth and depth of this depravity:

"'Murder by Numbers' is a song hit from the album Synchronicity by The Police. The lyrics: '.. Once that you've decided on a killing/ First you make a stone of your heart/ And if you find that your hands are still willing/ Then you can turn a murder into art/ There really isn't any need for bloodshed/ You just do it with a little more finesse/ If you can slip a tablet into someone's coffee/ Then it avoids an awful lot of mess/ It's murder by numbers one two three/ It's as easy to learn as your ABC/ Now if you have a taste for this experience/ And you're flushed with your very first success/ Then you must try a twosome or a threesome/ And you'll find your conscience bothers you much less/ Because murder is like anything you take to/ It's a habit-forming need for more and more/ You can bump off every member of your family/ And anybody else you find a bore ..'" Having just encouraged mass murder by the 'rocked out of their mind' what better to mention now than:

   I LOVE THE DEAD; Alice Cooper,
   Album: Billion Dollar Babies
   Subject: Necrophilia:

   I love the dead before they're cold,
   Their bluing flesh for me to hold
   While friends and lovers mourn your silly grave
   I have other uses for you ..

   Album: Back in Black
   Subject: Oral copulation:

   Should take her down easy, goin' down to her knees,
   Goin' down to the devil, down, down to 90 degrees.
   She's driving me crazy, 'til my ammunition is dry ..
   Give a dog a bone ...
   She's got the power of union, she only licks when it's hot.." 

NOTE: (2/9/'85) AC-DC was blamed as inspiring the Californian mass killer, Night Stalker. Anyone surprised?

ALMOST HUMAN; KISS (Kids In Satan's Service) Album: Love Gun Subject: Child rape:'re so smooth and tender .. I'm listenin' for your scream. I'm almost human; I'm almost a man .. .. baby, baby please don't run away ..

If that is not bad enough there is more than deformed sex and murder being promoted by pop music during the last years of the 20th century.

STATEMENT: David Crosby (Rock Star) Rolling Stone Interviews Vol 1, Page 410:

"I figured the only thing to do was to swipe their kids, I still think it's the only thing to do. By saying that I'm not talking of kidnapping, I'm just talking about changing their value systems, which removes them from their parents' world very effectively."

The items from the above albums were found in Moral Survival Letter. This level of insult to human self-respect is satanical and the religious conviction behind it goes far beyond the mere making of money.

To say that young people don't know about the sexual connotations is naive. These songs are promoted on connotations of sex and sadism; if young people were missing the point then the promoters would conduct a whispering campaign to 'straighten them out'. I doubt the teenagers of recent times have needed much urging to find sexual connotations.

An important point is that adolescents are encouraged in the belief that this is all a game that they play with their parents. They have every reason to believe that parents know what the songs are about (after all it is parents who own the record companies) and parents allow these songs in the home with trivial objection. So it is the social game - everyone does it but no one must admit it outside the peer group.

That idea is reinforced in school: it's your life, don't tell your parents what you do; if you want sex aids or abortions keep it quiet. And law: A ruling in English law, (reported 18/10/1985) effectively gave doctors the right to prescribe contraceptives and give sexual advice to children of any age and without parental knowledge or consent.

Childhood subversion is not new, we have never had a perfect social environment. The idea of a blanket brainwashing of children is not new; idealists, fanatics, and those with dreams of unchallengeable despotism, have recognized the vulnerability of children and the chance that this gives for the creation of a slave state.

As we see from the Crosby statement the ideas designed by those who subvert our culture and create a communications gap between adults and children, do not stop (or even begin) in the schools.

What Has Happened to Mum & Dad?

Unfortunately, during the relatively good times, people seldom take the trouble to inform themselves and gain even simple understanding of human nature and human history. That is why, away back in the days of recovery from the Second World War, we find a new and modern seduction of the innocent beginning.

In a book called Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham M.D. we find one of the earliest documentations of this inhuman endeavour being undertaken with the aid of 20th century science.

When reading Wertham we also find the powers of corruption and cover-up already well established. Every attempt by the public to have anti- social comics banned was frustrated by politicians, lawyers and the power of big money. Proposed legislation was fought (for years if necessary) through the courts until, on some technicality or other, it could be defeated. We may have won one of the great wars of history but in fact we were already well on the way to losing an even greater war: a war that could lead to total annihilation of our culture and people.

We need not dwell on the Seduction of the Innocent book, enlightening as it surely is even thirty years later. What the good doctor was attempting to bring to the attention of our happy-go-lucky community was that comic books were awash with conditioning to eroticism, sadism, brutality, drug use and satanic excitements.

So let us not imagine we older people are pure and unsullied. All these mental parasites and more, in words, in pictures, AND in subliminals were being inflicted on the parents of today when they were children. He showed then, that there was a clearly defined connection between comic book violence and child crime. He made his point, there were many attempted reforms, but these were always fought to a standstill by those with unlimited money.

What Wertham exposed in comic books thirty years ago was soon to become very much part of our 'pop' music scene and education industry. Industry? Yes, it is now very much an industry, and those mind- crippling agencies milk millions of dollars from the sale of 'educational' aids to schools. Parents pay and turn a blind eye.

Why are so many parents today so indifferent to what is going on in the schools and, through the pop cults, even in their own homes? No doubt a large part of the reason for parental indifference is that, when they themselves were children, they were conditioned to accept this environment through comic books and suggestive entertainment.

Today's parents were enticed to accept, or take some part in, immoral behaviour. They are now compromised and shrug off evidence of the far greater depths of perversion to which their own children are being conditioned.

Like the parents of yesteryear the parents of today turn a blind eye; "things are different now;" "you can't stop progress;" "they will survive, we did." Oh, the bliss of indifference and the comfort of cowardice! Everyone reading these words has survived until now; it does not mean your children will be around tomorrow.

Do we convince ourselves that satanic cults are not in control of the 'pop' music industry? When someone such as singer Pat Boone accuses pop group Duran Duran of singing hymns to the Devil during the recent world promoted 'Live Aid' concert, do we look away, not wanting to know?

Drawn to the fire we were excited by the heat; children today are engulfed in flames and we pretend it's the same.

When we read items such as, Sydney Daily Mirror (19/7/'85): "Sick minded video fans are queuing up to view the latest ... gory films showing real life slaughter." do we shrug and pretend, its just a few pitiful sick people in dark alleys? The fact that these are best sellers outstripping such popular hits as The Empire Strikes Back is not allowed thought. That children are mentally warped because of them, and that we are responsible, is too horrendous to contemplate. We abuse those who point this out because we don't want to know.

Does this generation of parents really prefer to let their children be mentally deformed and destroyed rather than take a responsible stand?

Two (1984) examples of parental indifference:

Item from Victoria (effects of video porn):

Jesuit Brother Alex in an open letter to Senator Evans challenged Evans to do the rounds [see some of Melbourne's shattered children] with him and promised Evans it would be an experience he would never forget.

"Society/Governments", Alex says, "have made kids a punching bag." He doubts that even two out of some 140 of the kids his team is trying to help will ever be straightened out to a healthy norm. "Some of the kids are just crushed. They have no spirit, no life .. they cringe in abject fear of humanity."

"How will you protect your own children, Senator?" asks Brother Alex.

Item from South Australia (provision of video porn):

The South Australian Government has just passed a bill which makes it illegal to "make remarks with sexual connotations" in the workplace. At the same time it is trying to push through a bill which will allow children, of any age, to be exposed to violent and pornographic video.

To say "parents don't think" is a misunderstanding. Because of guilt and because of fear of what they may have to face up to, parents AVOID thinking about the meaning of what they see happening. If it were not for this moral cowardice we would realize that however bad the situation is, or however guilty we may be for using the situation to our own pleasure or profit, to allow it to continue turns our mistake into a deliberate crime which is against our own families.

Murder, Drugs, Satanism, Treason:

There is a mass of material describing the perpetual and malice-directed seductions of pop music. Even the name 'Rock and Roll' is an American slang expression for sex. What this segment hopes to make clear is that it is also about murder, sadism, drugs, black magic, satanic cults and treason.

When we older people look at record covers and see witches and demonic images we assume it is nothing more than the fairy tale make-believe of our own childhood. That couldn't be further from the truth.

It is very doubtful if any singer or group could get to the top of the pop scene today without first accepting satanism. If by chance a newcomer makes a hit record, then it will likely be a 'one and only' unless the satanic cult followers are satisfied.

If your child has been trapped by the drug cult or led to deformed sex, don't look to blame yourself for what you told, or failed to tell, your child. No, look rather to the cultural environment which parents have created, approved by default, or are in some way responsible for. Look at the way you have turned a blind eye to what pop music, teen idols and educators have been telling your child. As Bob Larson says in his book ROCK":

"When the Rolling Stones sing about "Sister Morphine" and "Sweet Cousin Cozain," it's pretty hard for the average thirteen-year-old to see beyond the endorsement ..

"In the sixties, drug-rock songs declared that youth should take a "Magic Carpet Ride" or a "Journey to the Centre of Your Mind." The Beatles sang, "I get high with a little help from my friends.""

Adolescents idolize these people who are well known to be involved with drugs. They sing openly about the 'beauties' or 'excitements' of the drug scene. Parents allow this and, by not taking action, give at least the appearance of approval. Educators advocate, "try it and see if it suits you .. it's your life, you have a right to live it as you see fit .. no one has the right to tell you what to do .. etc, etc." It is parents who send their children to school; can anyone honestly say that children are not encouraged to get on to drugs, sadism, deformed sexuality?

Religious Indoctrination:

Most people suffer religious indoctrination of one sort or another yet when your teenage child goes off with some outlandish religious sect you may well feel it is a disaster perhaps worse than death.

Parents have been known to abduct their child and have deprogramming carried out to try to reverse the brainwashing programmed in by the cult. It may or may not work, in any event there will almost certainly be psychological damage. Remember this when you are thinking that the educators at your child's school cannot really brainwash your child into opposing your wishes.

Of course the instilling of a religion "effective but imperfect" is not something that happens as a result of one single influence. Here again pop music and the idolized musicians play an important part in conditioning the child from babyhood to the intrigue of eastern mystics while parents again give their consent by default.

Transcendental Meditation has been massively publicized and while it is difficult to take exception to this if practiced as an aid to health, it is also, in fact, an introduction to Eastern mysticism. It is an introduction to religious beliefs that, generations ago, were designed (as today) not for enlightenment but for enslavement.

Programming to change human culture is introduced through at least three of the main avenues open to those who manipulate:

1. Education.

2. The arts (music/entertainment, etc.)

3. Public media of communication (directly and via subliminals).

These are the ones in use today. A fourth, religion, is guilty at least by default, and the fifth, the family, is overwhelmed.

Do not be taken in by those who say that the arts reflect the culture, or that education is to teach children how to survive in their culture, or to serve the perceived needs of the culture. Do not be fooled that the media reflects the culture.

Reported in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph (28/7/'85): a Victorian TV station poll asking what should happen to two Australians convicted on a drugs charge in Malaysia, was answered 9,270 people for hanging and 2,690 against. Now, that may not be an exact reflection of the community feeling but it is certainly approximate. It is also directly opposed to the attitude expressed through arts, education and media. All three of these are strongly against capital punishment even where the crime will undoubtably result in the death, or physical and mental maiming, of thousands of innocent children. The social environment they portray neither reflects nor projects community feeling.

Where does the projected environment get its inspiration? It can only come from powerful vested interests. Rock music openly advocates and promotes hate, violence, rebellion (against society, family and nation), drug abuse, devil worship and everything depraved, anti-social, inhuman and anti-Christ. Yet 99 out of 100 parents seem content to offer their children to, and in fact pay for, mind warping influences. Bob Larson again:

"This depravity seems to know no end. The album, "Love Gun," contained a song dedicated to "Plaster Casters," rock music prostitutes (groupies) who make plaster-of-Paris replicas of the genitals of famous rock stars."

Of a KISS comic book aimed at eight-to-nine-year-olds the editor said:

"..the decadence of KISS would enhance sales because the band appeals to 'the baser qualities of human nature' .. At first the parents' reaction will be total revulsion. Then they'll just shake their heads in dismay and go back to watching TV."

Right on! That comic was the best seller in history.

The Chinese crippled the feet of their girl children and people now throw up their hands in horror. If a school child has AIDS, parents of other children scream to high heaven. But they raise no objection at all to the implantation of mental cancers that more surely lead to the destruction of the young generation than any disease known.

It is the mind warp which promoted and created the homosexual cult, the promiscuity cult and the anti-social cultism which gave AIDS its deadly killing power. It was mind warp that made chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases a plague; made drugs child's play; suicide and demonic acts of violence common.

Mankind, for your crimes of self-indulgence (which you say are victimless) your descendants will be plague-ridden and millions will die without ever knowing any of life's beauty. If you say that war is evil what can you say of your crime which is so much greater, for you offer your own children as sacrifice for your passing pleasure?

Rock music is primitive; by its own nature it arouses primitive, self- destructive passions and its disciples promote every depravity. It is the music of depravity; the jungle beat of voodoo, demons and human sacrifice.

The anti-life nature of Rock has been demonstrated in well known experiments with plants; plants played classical or church music lean toward the sound and thrive; those subjected to heavy Rock type music lean away and die.

What is the purpose of this orchestrated attack on children, you ask?

You still don't want to believe that the purpose is mass population disposal; of course you don't. Well think about this: when children are warped out of their minds so that they no longer become socially responsible adults and are of no use to themselves or capable of an economic quality of labour - after the manipulators can take full control of the world - what use would they have for these anti-social mind cripples?

Secret Messages!

We now refer to the 1983 book by Jacob Aranza called Backward Masking Unmasked.

First a quotation credited to Jimi Hendrix:

"Atmospheres are going to come through music because music is a spiritual thing of its own. You can hypnotize people with music, and when you get them at their weakest point you can preach into their subconscious whatever you want to say."

Jacob Aranza: "Recent information concludes that rock stars are using a technique known as backward masking to implant their own religious and moral values into the minds of the youth of this and other lands."

Is 'backward masking' (backmasking) real? If you doubt it then think back 20 or 30 years to the controversy about 'subliminals', meaning suggestions presented to the reader or viewer that are so faint as to be below conscious perception. At that time the simpler technique was being developed for advertising purposes and there was pressure to have it made illegal. However, although many governments made laws about this and the public were satisfied, it appears few of these laws were enacted and enforced.

Here are a few quotations from specialists as listed in Backward Masking Unmasked; they are considerably shortened because of space limitations:

"William H. Yarroll II, is President of Applied Potentials Institute. His studies conclude that "at the base of the brain there is a 'check valve', the Reticular Activating System. Based on prior programmed values, emotional responses, and our conditioning, a message will be accepted or rejected. ... If this interpretive process fails to match the message to the logical, conscious brain hemisphere, it is passed on into the next hemisphere [part of the brain] for further evaluation. If the left conscious brain can find no known matching information, the creative right takes over the decoding process. As the right hemisphere mirrors the strange message .. the message is acknowledged and stored."

What they are telling us is that if someone said Kill your mother" your Reticular Activating System would reject that idea. But if the message was "rehtom ruoy llik" that strange message would not be recognized by your conscious and so would be passed through to your subconscious for examination where it would be decoded by reversal. As there is no rejection apparatus at this level it can then be stored in the mind. Normally this would probably not matter as the idea would still be submerged by the vast input of opposing messages but, if this message is pounded in, over and over, it may become dominant.

Probably one reason parents find the conventional, deafeningly loud playing of rock music so irritating is because their minds (both conscious and sub-conscious) have, over the years, consolidated around established values. The idea of Rock, and the purpose of its deafening presentation, is to black out and by-pass the rational process of mind so as to implant ideas that are anti-social and anti-rational. But the mature sub-conscious, with firmly established values, rejects the putrid ideology and is irritated by it even if the message is not consciously recognized.

Another who has researched subliminal messages:

The May, 1983 issue of the renowned magazine Psychology Today highlighted the studies of Dr. Silverman, adjunct professor at New York University:

"To date, he calculates, some 50 studies have demonstrated that the subliminal presentation of emotionally charged messages can trigger unconscious thoughts and feelings, and thus alter behaviour. ..

".. the perception of stimuli too weak to be consciously recognized .. is a real phenomenon that "has been demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt."" Emphasis added.

And another:

"Dr. Lew Ryder, a well-known psychiatrist, has studied the subject of the power of suggestion for many years. .. The real danger is the subliminal suggestion that violence and sexual freedom are normal .."

Satanism is known to practice the backwards expression of messages and so it CAN NOT be considered coincidental that the use of subliminals and backmasking find themselves at home with the Rock music and disco scene. Rock musicians not only admit to using backmasking but flout the information as did the group Styx (Styx, the river of Hell) on a label on one of their albums.

Rock musicians admit being involved in the occult and satanism. One of their known heroes is Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) a practitioner of the occult who is in a picture on the back cover of the Beatles' album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) lives in the former occultist's mansion which he has turned into a shrine to Crowley.

Former member of KISS, Peter Criss declares, "I find myself evil. I believe in the devil as much as God. You can use either one of them to get things done."

You should read that again. Too many people think that spiritual help comes only from God. How often do you hear self-satisfied Christians say: "Look how successful my ministry is, the things I want just seem to come to me." The spirit of evil is much more prevalent in this world today than the spirit of good; it is easier to lead people wrong than to lead them right. If success comes easy then look very carefully at the message. As Jacob Aranza says:

"God only does business with those who mean business. Any dead fish can float downstream with the rest; it takes live fish to swim upstream."

Backward Masking Unmasked, contains about 100 pages of evidence of the utter depravity of the rock scene; read it for yourself if the examples here are not enough for you. But whatever you do, do not imagine that music for the mental mutilation of children came into being by chance. It is part of an overall plan.

To finish off this chapter, here are a few words from Max Harris (newspaper features writer) from his article How rock music eventually kills, The Australian, (10/8/'85):

"Just as Alzheimer's disease kills through mind degeneration, so premature addiction to mindlessness leads to atrophy which leads to alcohol, drugs, speed, etc etc, and kills just as surely.

"Can you fault the logic of this argument?" he asks. aonc04.htm

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