Few people believe in any high-level conspiracy to gradually bring the world under global totalitarian dictatorship. Yet many I speak with believe One World Government would be a good thing, bringing peace and prosperity. This view of the New World Order is that presented by the media, politicians, and those in the public eye - scientists, economists, and other 'experts'. We should be aware that such people often represent a company or organisation viewpoint, or jeopardise their career. Other spokespersons support the same argument because they seek favour from higher echelons, or because they hope to be among the 'elite' when globalism is accomplished.

Once we recognize these frailties of human character we can understand why the majority cannot conceive the possibility of an organised conspiracy working behind the scenes. It's against their established world-view and it is difficult for people accept that they have been brainwashed through out life. However, we must come to terms with this fact of life lest we too should be caught in the web of deceit.

The following books document different aspects of the conspiracy. Please have an open mind and read some of these accounts for yourself . These books are well supported by footnotes and references, not based on wild-eyed conjecture. I have studied each of these books personally so my recommendation is not hearsay. I consider their content essential reading for every good citizen of the nation and the world.

I don't expect you to immediately accept everything you read. But read it. Think it over, and do some follow-up reading. The reason most are deceived nowadays is because they accept without question whatever they read or hear. But studying will disclose unrealized truths. And reality does not always present truth to our liking.

I would like to mention one particular book that details a conspiracy to form a world government. Be sure to have the Bible at the top of your reading list; it puts everything into its true perspective.

The following books listed are also well worth studying as they explain what those who practice the Mysteries actually believe. This is important to understand as it helps bring the world situation and the near future into focus.

All these books were written by the adepts of the Mystery Schools. It is important to note that these are esoteric books so everything should not be taken literally, but the meanings are significant. As these books are quite difficult to obtain, keeping an close eye on antique bookshops can be rewarding. Kessinger Publishers reprint a large range of esoteric books and may offer some of these titles. Any esoteric work is worth studying for they all reveal a some clues. I found the following particularly "illuminating."

The following books are found in their unabridged form online: