Chapter 8


We are brain-warped to believe that Capitalism and Communism are ideological opponents and the only ideological choice we have. That is deceit. You only have to read the financial news to know that Capitalism finances Communism. Capitalism produces nothing and lives on usury; the communist elite lives on usury of the workers. Both Capitalism and Communism (in their perfect form) are elitist dictatorships. Lenin knew that Capitalism had provided the finance necessary for the Russian revolution and would continue to provide the finance for creating an armed state.

So WHO IS the opponent of the Elitist Super Mafia? The opponent is the Christian free-enterprise democracy that made possible the great human advance of the last five hundred years. A force so powerful, and yet so passive that it has let itself be led by its enemies.

Many today ask what is wrong with Communism? Is it really very different from Christian democracy?

The difference in the two systems is, in essence, that those who run the socialist/capitalist systems believe that man can be molded by force and brainwashing to become a willing slave in a perfectly regimented State - they believe that man has no more importance than other animals and can be mentally zombified to serve. It denies the fundamental nature of what is human and the right of every human to be individual and to have a free choice of destiny.

This 'socially criminal' elite has held great power in the world for centuries, but has only recently moved seriously to obliterate Christian free enterprise democracy.

Although the examples to be given show the methods and values of the pagan Super Mafia to be sad enough, they may not sufficiently impress the reader that the use of terror to control people will be taken to any extreme necessary.

For instance to strip and impale people on wooden stakes set in the city street where the population must watch the chosen victims die in agony over a period of a few hours (as happened in Korea), or the mass reduction of population by starvation as is not uncommon in other parts of the world.

The use of naked terror has always been part of pagan philosophy. It is obviously effective. One cannot imagine the 'greenies' protesting at the cutting of trees for stakes or the B.L.F. at the use of non-union labour. No! They, along with most everyone else, will be cringing behind locked doors and praying to a God they have previously ignored while the gas seeps across a submissive city to eliminate an unneeded population.

We must examine the evidence to appreciate:-

1. That we must not confuse Capitalism with Free Enterprise.

2. That neither Communism/socialism nor Capitalism is a legitimate social system. Both are tools for power and social manipulation. (Capitalism is the executioner of the economic body and socialism is the executioner of the biological body.)

3. That world power is rapidly falling into the hands of people who believe, rightly or wrongly, that the world is over-populated and wasteful of limited resources.

4. That the Super Mafia do not hold to a Christian morality.

5. That, irrespective of over-population, technology is rapidly making large populations a plague and threat to the SM.

By eliminating excess population the SM will not only achieve resources security but the physical security that could be endangered by the practical difficulties of controlling a too massive population.

The shortened items about communist action in Cambodia, communist actions in the U.S.S.R itself and the communist comment that follows, are all offered as evidence of the inhuman violence of the socialist way and the fact that communists do actually practice what they preach.

Hopefully this will make it easier to understand the difference between free enterprise and elitist dictatorship. First:

The Murderous Revolution. A review of this book in News Weekly (26/2/1986) provides the following snippets:

What remained etched on his mind was a series of indelible images - the stunned disoriented mass of people evacuating the capital of Phnom Penh; the brutal arrogance of Khmer Rouge cadres; work with the Mobile Brigade of labourers of which he was a member; threshing rice; harvesting; attending 'consciousness-building' seminars; the prisons where his sister-in-law died; the massacre of 'new people'; and the bodies of the dead . . .

In the villages, antagonism was deliberately fomented between the "old people" (peasants) and the "new people" (town folk).

This was to create suspicion between groups so that the Khmer Rouge's information network could operate more easily.

The aim was to weaken the family as a cohesive unit so that in time of crisis, only Angakar, "the party leadership", would receive the first loyalty of every Khmer.

A revolt by revengeful villagers . . . resulted in all the local cadres being killed.

New party cadres from another Khmer Rouge faction came to the village and ferried 1,500 locals down river on the pretext of taking them to a new village site.

Ung went to investigate and witnessed the villagers being massacred in a sadistic orgy of violence.

These things do not happen only in Asian countries. They also happen in the USSR. It is reported that 600,000 Lithuanians were eliminated in a planned extermination after being occupied by the Soviet. Many millions were killed in the USSR itself as well as those terminated within the captured nations.

A book called The Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest (Hutchinson) tells a story of the Russian Ukraine that exposes a greater horror than the worst stories of Belsen. An area containing 40 million people was sentenced to death by starvation. Conquest has written many books about Russia and believes the actual death toll was near 15 million. But perhaps (even more than the number) it is the way they died that is horrific. I will not go into the sickening details except to say that sometimes people became mad and even ate their own children. The book contains the first-hand accounts of survivors.

This horror came about because of the communist enforcement of collective farming. The farmers resisted the forced takeover of their farms and retaliated with their own version of 'scorched earth', killing their own animals and destroying crops. Communist reprisal included shooting heads of families and driving millions off their farms. It was decreed that what they called the 'Kulaks' were to be liquidated, however there was no definition of what a 'kulak' was.

The USSR has never recovered from the farm purge and, as you know, Capitalism supports them with food at give-away prices.

People do not yet understand why communists kill so massively, so (to us) needlessly and so cruelly. The following extracts from The Heart, Mind and Soul of COMMUNISM by Dr. Schwarz explains the New Order World Government Plan and may help us understand the inevitability of mass population destruction as part of the New World Order. Quote:

The Communists have always been perfectly frank on this subject. Beginning with the Communist Manifesto, which says, We openly declare that our ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions, the identical sentiment has been repeated ad-nauseam in all the writings of the Communist hierarchy and in official pronouncements of the Comintern and the Cominform. They categorically reject any suggestion that the transition from Capitalism to Socialism can be by the peaceful pathway of reform. One of the principal epithets of abuse in a somewhat extensive vocabulary is the word "reformist," a term of ridicule and contempt. Scientific law [in the socialist concept of science] has written that the change-over must be both revolutionary and violent. This is determined both from their philosophy of dialectical materialism and from a fake evaluation of the economic forces in society. To use a Marxian analogy: Force is the midwife to deliver the socialist order from the womb of a decadent Capitalism. ... Lenin, the founder of Bolshevism, and thus of Fascism, substituted the idea that the revolution was to result from the scientific planning and execution of the party, which was the class-conscious vanguard of the Proletariat. He replaced the idea of spontaneity with the idea of planned conspiracy. Every party member became a disciplined conspirator dedicated to the goal of the overthrow of the government by force and violence.

Beset as he was with incredible difficulties, Lenin nevertheless took the requisite time in 1920 to write a textbook to direct the Communist conspirators of the world in the technique of organizing the violent revolution to seize power in their own respective countries. The book is one of the Communist classics, a "must" in reading for every recruit, and is entitled Left wing Communism - An Infantile Disorder. It is the blueprint for the internal conquest of countries by Communism. It is one of the most cynical, yet Satanically clever, books ever written. Lenin shows how as true [communist] scientists Communists must manipulate the forces in each country from behind the scenes and have millions unconsciously working for them. The key to the program is the word "Infiltration" - infiltration of governments, of churches, of sporting bodies, of social clubs; infiltration of institutions of any and every kind, but above all, infiltration of industrial labor unions. All of these named and implied organizations are to be so scientifically manipulated as to bring to pass a violent revolution. . . .

In effect he [Lenin] said: "My dear friends, you have forgotten something very important. You are really a crowd of idealistic utopian dreamers. Certainly all human frailty, ignorance, and avarice are derived from the Capitalistic system. That is axiomatic. But you say that all we have to do to remove sin is to destroy the Capitalistic System. You try to go too quickly. When you have destroyed the root of all evil, the fruit remains in the characters of the many millions of the earth who are diseased and deformed."

. . .

Before the true Communist Society can be created, these disease characteristics, a hangover from Capitalism, must be eliminated.

To do this, an intelligently applied scientific program, based on the established principles of animal husbandry, must be implemented. To do this it is necessary to have a strong and intelligent power to carry out the program. In the progressive quality of its dialectic heart, history has appointed the Communist Party, the self-conscious, enlightened vanguard of the Proletariat, for this role. Therefore we must establish an absolute dictatorship for this party. We will call it the Dictatorship of the Proletariat."

Nearly all of the above paragraph is constituted of ideas and thoughts which Lenin expressed to his less realistic Marxist friends. On page 43 of his book Problems of Leninism, published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House of Moscow, Stalin defines the term "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" as the rule, based on force and unrestricted by law, [EA] of the Proletariat over the Bourgeoisie. Put simply this means the rule, based on force and unrestricted by law, of the Communist Party over everyone else.

Stalin's definition, as given above, is profoundly interesting. He, along with all other true Communists, rejects two cardinal principles of civilization. The first principle is "The Government of Law." The power of the Communists is specifically to be unrestricted by law. The second principle is "Government by Consent." The power of the Communists is openly based on force. In this way do the Communists turn back the clock from civilization to barbarism.

. . .

They do not punish or reward. These are Bourgeois ideas that have no place within a redeemed Communist mind. No enlightened Communist blames me for my opposition to Communism. I am merely the unfortunate victim of my economic environment. Unfortunately I am diseased, and thus a danger to the whole program of human betterment. So I must be liquidated, but no more so than all other members of my social class. Since all personality is derived from our social class, all members of a given class have actually or potentially the dangerous disease of character, and they must be eliminated. The treatment you are to receive should the Communists come to power is entirely unrelated to the attitude you have adopted to them in the past. Opposition begets no penalty, and support begets no reward. A Bourgeois class of origin begets liquidation.

Thus the mass-murder program of Communism is a logical and inescapable consequence of their basic beliefs. . . .

Thus we see the consistent logic of the Communists. Should you ask them, "You inhuman monsters; do you mean to say you would murder in cold blood millions of people?" they would unhesitatingly reply, "What do you mean by murder? That is a Bourgeois term. Nature has been killing people by countless millions for centuries, killing them by hunger, war, disease, and old age; killing them to no purpose. We have a purpose, and a noble one, and should we hesitate to take the necessary steps because they are unpleasant to our Bourgeois prejudices? How unworthy we would be of the task history has entrusted to us."

There is only one error in the Dr. Schwarz comment and that is a tendency to allow the communist misuse of the scientific concept. True science is the philosophy of discovering natural truth and the best understanding of human social order we have today is barely science.

Communist philosophy is based on animal science. It has never progressed, and never can progress, beyond Pavlov's dog. Pavlovian research is the basis of socialist philosophy; people are considered as animals and Communists recognize no science that goes beyond this. Of course they are quite overcome by fanaticism and incapable of rational foresight. The quotation shows clearly the nature of the socialist/capitalist 'philosophic imperative'.

The pagan Super Mafia do not care if you support Communism or Capitalism. They promote a principle of social demolition which consists of setting up two opposites and enticing their opponents to divide against each other. From the resulting rubble they will rebuild to their own design.

In the educated nations, with philosophy and behaviour (imperfect though they may be) based on Christian belief, all people carry the virus of information and ideals that are deadly to plans designed to create the totally manipulated zombie (new man) that elitism wants as its work force. It is a philosophic imperative that the Communist must eventually kill everyone who has knowledge of today's world, neither the seed nor the fruit of free thought must contaminate the slave class.

The great, indiscriminate, 'social reform' that will eliminate all memory of the kind of world we live in today, can only take place when all nations are dominated by a world government. The human destruction that has already taken place in communist dominated nations is merely a useful preliminary.

How naive are those who think they can escape the coming holocaust by serving it. When the population is suitably reduced the children will be segregated and when old enough to do the work, the remaining adults will be terminated.

The 'new man' that they talk about is the mind-slave (working class) of the new society. This worker will truly live among equals. He will be incapable of understanding science or social order because his language and education will be limited to the needs of his working life.

So many people today have the idea that the human behaviour we accept is the natural/normal behaviour of people. Most, even now, do not understand that our civilized world (though far from ideal) is very much the result of Christian understanding and morality.

It is known that if our understandings and ideals, and the words that express these understandings and ideals, are removed, and if our words and understandings are replaced by other words and beliefs, then people will behave differently.

If our words and understandings are to the belief that we are only animals, then it is possible that the human spirit will be destroyed and people will behave as animals. The Super Mafia elitists believe that people are only animals and that it is quite logical and acceptable that serving classes should be bred to fulfill the needs of the masters.

They believe that these zombies will not only behave as animals but will expect to be treated as animals. The SM will appear so different in dress and manner that the new worker will bow in awe before those able to control the seemingly magical powers granted by technology - powers that the man-animals will believe that they themselves can never understand or aspire to.

What the SM are doing is not understood by an outside world trying to see what it can through the warped mass media. Nevertheless, until the scheme is complete, there remains a risk that gullible people may awaken. However, once the SM Elitists have One World power, information and communication will be totally controlled and whole nations will, in safety, be 'purified' to become designated wilderness areas.

What do Communists Say?

You don't want to believe it! Things have changed! What do the communist leaders themselves say?

Comrade Manuilski, highly respected Russian winner of the Lenin peace prize on three occasions. Quote:

War unto death between Communism and Capitalism is inevitable. We are not powerful enough to defeat them yet. Our time will come within 20 to 30 years. In order to win we will need the element of surprise - we must put the bourgeoisie to sleep.

For this reason we will begin the biggest peace movement that history has ever seen. We will make proposals and concessions as have never been known. Because the West is stupid and decadent they will assist in their own destruction. They will do everything in their power to have us as their friend - and as soon as they drop their guard we will smash them with our clenched fist.

No doubt you have often seen such remarks reported in your daily newspaper or in warnings issued by other mass media? No! Well I wonder who controls the press?

Are the following any more familiar?:

"The leading and guiding force of Soviet Society . . . is the Communist Party of the Soviet Union [which is] armed with Marxism-Leninism and imparts a planned systematic and theoretically substantiated character to their struggle for the victory of Communism." Article 6 of the constitution of the USSR adopted October 1977.

"The Party will continue to follow the Leninist course." Mikhail Gorbachev - current leader of the Soviet Union.

"When we are reproached with our cruelty, we wonder how people can forget the most elementary Marxism." V.I. Lenin.

"Violence in itself is not evil. It depends on what its purpose is. In the hands of Socialists, it is a progressive force." Boris N. Ponomarev - Communist Party Secretary.

"The energy and mass nature of terror must be encouraged." V.I. Lenin.

"Trust us comrades, for by 1985, as a consequence of what we are achieving by means of detente, we will have achieved most of our objectives in Western Europe ... a decisive shift in the correlation of forces will be such that by 1985, we will be able to exert our will whenever we need to." Leonid Brezhnev in 1973.

"Imperialism accepted detente, not because it wished to but because it was forced to. It was compelled to accept detente because the correlation of forces in the world arena changed in favour of socialism." Yuri Andropov in 1979.

"The strategic purpose of peaceful co-existence is to assure favourable conditions for the world-wide victory of Socialism." World Marxist Review.

"In the present era, the struggle for peace and for gaining time presumes, above all, the steady strengthening of the military might of the Soviet Union and of the entire socialist camp." Marshal V.D. Sokolovsky - Chief of the Soviet General Staff.

"The struggle between world proletariat and bourgeoisie will continue until the final victory of Communism on a world scale." F. Rhyzhenko "peaceful Coexistence and the Class Struggle", Pravda, 22 August, 1973.

"Marxist-Leninists decisively reject the assertions of certain bourgeois theoreticians who consider nuclear missile war unjust from any point of view." General Major A.S. Milovidov and Dr Ye A. Zhdanov, in 'Questions of Philosophy', a Soviet Journal, 1980.

"The capitalists will supply us with the materials and the technology which we lack. They will restore our defense industry, which we need for our future victorious attacks upon our suppliers." V.I.Lenin.

"... on the Communist side, nuclear war will be lawful and just ... the natural right and sacred duty of progressive mankind to destroy imperialism . . . It will resolve not just specific limited interests but a crucial historical problem, one that affects the fate of all mankind." Colonel B.A. Byely in Marxism-Leninism on War and Army. (Emphasis added).

"Comrades, I can understand your view of Australia as a country of little importance to your concerns . . . You are wrong . . . You must understand that if we wish to control Asia we must first control Australia." Boris Ponomarev.

Those we trust to keep us informed have never made plain to us what our enemies say and believe. They have not explained how it was that Lenin knew the Capitalists would support Communism to make Communism the major power in the world and would provide the rope for the hanging of the Christian free enterprise nations. Yet, over the history of the USSR, this proposition has been the one article of Communist faith that has proved entirely true.

It is difficult to appreciate the devious-meaning use of the word 'Capitalism'. It is always deceptive if we do not realize that Capitalism and Communism are part of an ideological charade. When Capitalism is contemptuously used to indicate the enemy which will be crushed by Communism it means "free enterprise" will be crushed, but when it is used to denote the fools who will supply the rope to hang themselves it means Capitalism will supply the means whereby Communism will be empowered to overthrow free enterprise.

The 'International Financiers' (SM) have been liberal in supply of money, food and technology to support Communist nations because Communism is a tool of the Internationals and would collapse without this support.

We should also take special note of the foregoing Byely comment. It is not so often that there is let slip a public comment that is only expected to be understood by the insiders. This comment admits that the program is not just political or ideological It will resolve not just specific limited interests but a crucial historical problem, one that affects the fate of all mankind. What mysterious problem is being solved?

Don't be Fooled by Fabian Tricks.

On 13/8/1986 Attorney-General Bowen announced that the Bill of Rights legislation would be allowed to lapse. In revealing this he suggested it would be better within the proposed new constitution anyway. That is what the Australia Act is about and why the Bill of Rights served to 'run interference' and direct attention away from the Australia Act.

With the Australia Act in place it well suits the manipulators to enthrone the wanted powers within the Constitution and step away from the Bill of Rights. Fabian 'gradualism', a game of deceit, uses tricks as old as creation (a bird runs with dragging wing to lead the predator from the nest, having removed the danger it just flies away). To survive we have to be smarter than foxes. It is a tragedy that public anger generated by such issues is so often lost to simple enemy stratagem. So easily we forget.

The only way to stop political power-grabbing is to strip political parties of their illegitimate powers.

Nevertheless, congratulations to all 'troglodytes', 'Neanderthals', 'drones' and 'thugs', as Senator Evans calls those who carried the banner of public opinion against the Bill of Rights. Is he (and the Prime Minister who also calls us names) too ignorant to know that even a worm will turn? We see demonstrated yet again just how little respect political party people have for public opinion. d&ta09.htm

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