GATT, APEC and NAFTA Part of Push for One World Government

The following article is from New Dawn Magazine No.23 February - March 1994.

Recent developments with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the Asia-Pacific Economic Community (APEC) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are part of the push for a 'Global Plantation', a one world economic system run by the 'free trade' imperatives of multinational consortiums and international financiers.

With the consent of representatives of 116 nations, including the enthusiastic endorsement of the Australian Government, the GATT aims to put the nail in the coffin of national independence and self-reliance. In the approving words of U.S. insider Strobe Talbott the GATT will determine "trade, finance and development for a united world."

Talbott bluntly spelt out the GATT agenda in an article for TIME magazine entitled "The birth of the global nation." Talbott predicted: "I'll bet that within the next 100 years, nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single global authority. A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid-20th century - 'citizen of the world' - will have assumed real meaning."

Talbott echoes the sentiments of capitalist globalist apologists like Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, writing that national sovereignty is redundant in the New World Order. As he sees it: "All countries are basically social arrangements. No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary."

Part of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is a plan to establish the World Trade Office (WTO). This international governing body would 'police' a "world without borders" and have the power to intervene in member nations' internal affairs.

US Trade Representative Mickey Kantor, briefing the press at the conclusion of the GATT meeting in Brussels, Belgium, said how NAFTA and the Asia-Pacific Economic Community (APEC) will "fit in" with GATT is still "to be decided." But it is already "decided," according to an unnamed member of his entourage.

In a move to allay public fears over the pace of the globalist agenda, Kantor stated, "You can't achieve everything in your first agreement."

Kantor, however, assured journalists the Clinton Administration will move "expeditiously to expand NAFTA" throughout the Western Hemisphere and also strive to make APEC a "visible organization like NAFTA." David Rockefeller previously expressed the view that NAFTA will expand to include the entire hemisphere by the year 2000. Kantor's words, and those of his staff, in fact followed the script laid out in recent years by the Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission, drafted at their annual secret meetings.

Back in July, 1973 David Rockefeller, Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, formed the Trilateral Commission "to bring together the best brains in the foster closer cooperation among private citizens of Western Europe, Japan and North America." These 'best brains' and 'private citizens' were entrusted with the task of developing plans for the world capitalist system. The agenda of these super capitalists calls for the evolution of NAFTA into an American Union similar to the European Union. APEC is to become the "Pacific Union," the third great region of the world organised for the convenience of global economic planning.

Asia-Pacific Union

"The Asia-Pacific region should be a united one, not divided," President Bill Clinton told the APEC meeting in Seattle in November. Kim Young Sam, president of South Korea, agreed stating that the APEC countries should "gradually develop into an Asia-Pacific Economic Community".

Prime Minister Paul Keating and the Australian Government have repeatedly voiced their commitment to the economic and social integration of Australia with Asia. This is an essential part of the global capitalist agenda. The GATT, the most far-reaching free-trade agreement in history, effectively destroys national economies subjecting them to the imperatives of world trade and the control of the plutocratic elites.

The Age newspaper on February 5 reported that, "An official review of Australia's trade policies by GATT has endorsed the Government's program of opening up the economy...The 200-page review, released by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, registers a tone of admiration and surprise at the thoroughness with which Australia has unilaterally forced its economy into world competition despite a severe recession, high unemployment and a large current account deficit." The Australian Government has forced the Australian working people to endure the hardship resulting from its 'restructuring' of the economy to suit the 'banana republic' scenario required by the board rooms of Washington, London and Tokyo. Australia's oligarchy is eager to prove its loyalty to the quickly emerging 'Global Plantation'.

For Australia the proverbial 'writing is on the wall'. Fourteen years ago one commentator aptly noted: "Australia is poised at a most dangerous moment in history. Strong pressures are operating, which, if successful, would integrate it even further into the world capitalist economy, increasing its dependence, reducing its capacity for self-reliance, and disintegrating its economy and society...Living standards are being reduced, and more and more people fear economic insecurity. Young people in particular are unable to see a future ahead of them, and are fast becoming 'a lost generation'..."

Today, this is 'life' in 'Australia, Inc'.





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