Between August 28 and September 5 1993 there was a meeting of some the world's religious leaders. Among them were the Pope's top Cardinal, the Dalai Lhama, Hindu Guru's, leaders of Islam, Loius Farrakan, representatives for Buddhism, New Age spiritual leaders, Wicca representatives, and many others. This was the 1993 Parliament for World Religions sponsored by the United Nations. They discussed how mankind could live in peace, harmony and in unity with each other and nature, producing a document entitled "The Declaration of a Global Ethic."

This United Nations-backed document sounds too good to be true. As a matter of fact . . . it is! But the Global Ethic contains a deeper message. It defines those who support the objectives of the Declaration as 'authentically human', and suggests that those who don't support its ideals to the letter as 'NOT authentically human'.

Click the following link to read the unabridged Declaration. I have highlighted various sections with bold lettering and colour to identify these sections for you.

The Declaration of a Global Ethic

This document should concern thinking people recognizes all belief systems as valid. This is unscriptural and Christians may find themselves
not authentically human. One might well ask whether it would be legal to kill a not authentically human person? Would the reputed extermination of Jews by Adolf Hitler be within United Nations law today were the Jewish race as non-humans under the Declaration of Global Ethic?

Under the Global Ethic, rights to private property and individual freedom are forsaken for the betterment of society.

The Global Ethic is written in duplicitous manner. Its conflicting ambiguities might be used to justify your enslavement. Carefully read and re-read the Declaration, and e-mail me with any comments