Branham Campaigns letterhead

Greetings in the Name of our Lord!

        We received your request for prayer and we are happy that you are a believer and want to assure you that the Lord still heals all manner of disease. Psalms 103:3.

        Your request has received the personal attention of Bro. Branham and he has had special prayer for you and prayed over the enclosed cloth or handkerchief according to Acts 19:11-12 and request that you wear it over your heart and believe God for the healing of your body. Please wear it and stand fast on the Word and promise of God.

        Be simple. Be natural. Be open-hearted before God.

        Remember God knows your heart. Ask God to search your heart and then to remedy everything that may be contrary to His will and say "Lord, I commit all my troubles and myself to Thee, and I believe They promise that if we commit and trust Thee, Thou wilt work. Lord, I believe Thee and praise Thee."

        We are not to be occupied with our feelings or symptoms or our faith, or lack of faith, but only with what God has said. The simple way is to begin calling the things we have prayed for OURS and to thank God for them before we feel or see the answer. God is faithful, he cannot deny Himself. The Word of God tells us, "When ye pray BELIEVE," Mark 11:24. We must believe that we have the answer, even though we neither see nor fell that we have. (See 1st John 5:14-15.)

        God says "Now faith is," Heb. 11:1, not faith shall be, for that would be only hoping for and not present tense believing and having. Faith begins NOW.

        Pray each day at 9 A.M. 12 Noon and 3 P.M. also praying for others as the world-wide prayer band will be praying with you at this time.

        We will appreciate your sending us the testimony of your healing for it is by your testimony and the blood of the Lamb that you over come. Rev. 12:11

        May God richly bless you and yours,

Brother Branham's