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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship. This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

In the last week we interviewed Sister Gulshan Esther from Pakistan for Bible Believers' radio programs. She has a miraculous testimony. Born into a wealthy Muslim family, she was smitten with typhoid—then crippled by polio as a teenager.

For many years, Sister Esther was dependent upon servants for her most basic needs. She was examined by the best doctors in Pakistan and London. Her father took her on a haj to Medina and Mecca. All to no avail. Studying the Koran, she learned a woman called Miriam, gave birth to a Healer called Jesus. So for three years she prayed in the Name of this Healer.

Eventually Jesus answered her prayer, appeared in a vision accompanied by the Shekinah, and commanded her to arise and walk. When she tried to obey, the flesh manifested on her left side and for the first time in many years she was able to stand and walk. She gave her life to Jesus Christ, and has since suffered great persecution from family and friends for His Name. Her parents had both died by this time, and one of her brothers tried for thirty minutes to shoot her. And as she took her hands from over her eyes, she saw the hand of Jesus covering the barrel of his pistol. She saw the Lord raise her sister from the dead and has written two books, "The Torn Veil", and "Beyond the Veil", which are available in Christian bookstores. For the past twenty years, Sister Esther's traveled to different countries witnessing what Jesus has done in her life. And what He has done for her, He can do for YOU. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and today, and forever. If you would like to have her testify in your church, her contact in Australia is 61-2-99805059. From Australia she will visit New Zealand, Fiji and the islands and be back in Britain mid-December. (2 Riverside Court, Longford Close, Oxford UK OX14NG, Tel. 01865-242480. As of September 1, 2012 we no longer know of Sister Esther's contact details).

The following article is the transcript of a recent national radio broadcast.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott


Let's talk about conspiracy. A conspiracy is a secret plan, often with an ulterior motive, and known only by the "insiders".

"History" is the either outworking of conspiracy or it's the record of random events, without plan or purpose. The Bible proves that history is a planned outcome of conspiracy.

If something happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way. Governments and powerful groups employ teams of experts with all but unlimited funding to plan, forecast, and manipulate the future to accomplish their long-term objectives. Our Bible, for instance, records the past, present and future history of the war between the Spirit of God and the spirit of His Adversary, each building his own church to rule this earth. It speaks of the conspiracy of Satan working through his world-wide religious system so like the true Church, it almost deceives the elect. But that's impossible.

People laugh at "conspiracy", and ridicule those who've had the foresight and invested their time and thought to study, and to show themselves approved of God. The scoffers seldom think beyond their belly. They read in history books of the Reformation of the Roman system of worship spanning 500 years, and costing the lives of scores of millions of martyrs. They know its historic fact, yet continue denominational worship, taking the mark of the beast. Jesus said, "They're naked of the blood, and know it not". They ridicule the thought of conspiracy yet support it with their time, loyalty and money.

The same people know from history the Communists took over Russia in 1917. But how many of them know this was a foreign takeover? That those who took over Russia were not Russian "workers" or in fact Russians at all? All were American Jews from the East Side of New York organized and funded by Jewish banksters.

How many of these know-it-alls, know Communism was never "of" or "for" the worker but a tool of the world's wealthiest men, to enslave the world under their control? What percentage of those who ridicule "conspiracy", know, or care, that the conspirators who gave us Communism also gave us Naziism?

They're wise only in their own conceit.

The weakness of all conspiracy lies in the fact that its secrets can be exposed.

Recent discussion on the "Millennium Bug", or Year 2000 Computer Problem, has caused quite a stir among thinking people who see how this destructive agent of change can decimate our financial system and the world economy, placing a tiny elite in control of a NWO. In hindsight we know that Y2K was a conspiracy by the banksters of the 'City of London' to ensure government and business worldwide connected to the net, because under Lucifer's totalitarian one world government nations, businesses and individuals will be controlled financially by computer (Revelation 13:15-18).

Several friends project the ruin of society, substance, and trade, in a period of lawlessness followed by martial rule. Like patriot and survivalist groups on the Internet, they're planning how they can preserve family welfare, by moving away from urban areas, and developing a degree of independence and self-sufficiency.

Not having the Spirit, they don't see the hand of God allowing the iniquity of the false church to come to the full, so He may pour out His wrath upon them. Not having the Spirit, they don't know He's Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, Who causes all things to work for the blessing of His elect. They care only for the mortal man, because their soul is dead in sin and trespasses.

There is a way to escape the "Millennium Bug", and all the other troubles soon to beset this world. That is, to lay down our carnal reasoning, die to our senses, and come alive to the understanding or faith of God's Word, that Christ may live through us.

The most critical time in the history of our species is nearly upon us. This isn't an exaggeration. It's an understatement. The understatement being that not only our species, but all life, will perish, in the great tribulation.

Let us review a matter of concern to the globalist elite. I speak of overpopulation. In 1850, and for the first since the Flood, our species hit a billion. Just 80 years later, it doubled. By 1975, it doubled again to four billion. In 1997, it reached six billion.

Near the close of the Carter' Presidency in 1980, the "Global 2000 Report to the President," a two-volume study hailed as the most comprehensive effort to project global economic trends for the next 20 years, painted a picture of a world endangered by over-population, resource shortages, food shortages and environmental hazards. Among its forecasts: 170 million deaths through disease and famine in the developing countries.

"Global Future: A Time to Act," presented policy recommendations on the problems defined by "Global 2000." It lauded "population control" as the cornerstone of a policy to counter those problems.

Both "Global 2000" and "Global Future" are political statements of intent on the part of policy-centers like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the IMF, to pursue policies that will result, not only in the death of 170 millions cited in the reports, but in the death of upwards of 2 billion people by the year 2000. The policies discussed in "Global 2000" were at the time already being implemented by the IMF and related institutions. For instance, a 1982 study by Fusion Energy Foundation estimated that 115 million people had died prematurely in the developing countries over the previous 15 years alone, due to the environmentalist sabotage of nuclear energy.

IMF lending conditions to cut imports (including food and fuel), to increase cash crop exports, cut industry investments and focus on labor intensive agriculture, cut food subsidies and take other drastic actions that will define the country as 'credit-worthy,' will 'cull' the poorest populations. By accelerating depression conditions, characterized by rising bankruptcies, unemployment, decline of heavy industries and retarded technological development in the advanced economies, there'll be no profits to invest in underdeveloped countries. These conditions will drastically reduce populations in the advanced sector.

There is a correlation between the rate at which technological progress defines and expands natural resources, and the rate at which human population grows. The effect of progress in creating more advanced technologies is to redefine the resource-base for the world economy as a whole, making new resources by transforming formerly 'useless objects' into useful materials for mankind.

Impeded technological progress in advanced economies will produce a global population decline, severely impacting underdeveloped countries which don't have existing infrastructure to support even the most basic technologies. The huge investments required for irrigation, power generation and delivery, telecommunications, transport and public health won't produce a return on investment until these countries reach a considerably higher level of economic development, a process requiring at least one generation.

So you see International Financiers can reduce world population by the implementation of "policy." Investment won't be forthcoming with advanced countries in enforced retreat, and bankers demanding their "pound of flesh". The result will be depopulation by increased poverty, disease and starvation, and transfer of assets to the bankers. We see this phenomenon world-wide in "debt for equity" swaps. In Mexico and the South American countries, Britain, New Zealand and Australia, public utilities, water, "wetlands", oil and mineral resources, airlines, banks and national telephone networks are being demanded in exchange for debt. Debt we could finance ourselves were we not ruled by weaklings afraid to withstand and reject the corrupt system of the international usurers.

"Global 2000 Report to the President" of the US, projected an 18% decline in food consumption in large parts of Africa and Asia, and in the same period 30% increase in food consumption in the US. Projected starvation results solely from the Global 2000 'investment' policies. Proponents of the policy believe that the population of the US, by early next century, should be no more than 75 million persons and Australia's down from the present 18.5 million to 7 million.

That's a conspiracy. The LIMA and GATT Agreements are two more. Australia's signed more than 2,000 UN conspiracies our Parliament has never seen.

The so-called "Land Rights" issue is another conspiracy. Yet was presented in the 1936 program of the Australian Communist Party, and spelt out in the book "Red Over Black," published in 1982, by ex-Communist, Geoff McDonald; and "Struggle For Power," published in 1980, by John Grover.

Another conspiracy is the Fabian Society, whose aim is to spread Communism by stealth and counts among its members most of our post War Prime Ministers.

The Bible says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you've rejected knowledge, I'll also reject you" (Hosea 4:6).

These conspiracies were all published ahead of events. So are the warnings in God's Word. One day you'll say, "I thought God was taking His Children Home before the Tribulation". It's already happened and you knew it not.

Infant mortality rates in Third World countries have risen in the past twenty years. Had the children all lived, today's population would be approaching seven billion.

Twenty years ago, there was a perceived threat of nuclear war. But more were concerned with the advance of Communism. Our economy was shaky, and we were sliding into the recession we "had" to have.

As recession deepened, more people predicted an economic collapse. Then Thatcherism and Reaganomics were supposed to solve the West's problems. They solved nothing. At that time few realized that the ideology behind their policies was orchestrated by the same people who set up and financed Russia's nuclear arms and Communism.

In those days we didn't know that Capitalism and Communism, like the Liberal and Labor Parties, were, and still are, funded and directed by the same hidden hand. Two arms of one monster: thesis and antithesis, in artificial conflict, to produce a predetermined history or synthesis.

Economic rationalism seemed to stop the clock. What appeared like masterful economic juggling, gave the economy the appearance of health and stability, it simply did not have. Deficit budgeting, and the bread and circuses of a welfare state conjured an illusion which kept us quiet, while the traitors elected to represent us sold our national inheritance to the International Financiers.

When Reagan became President, America was the greatest lender nation. Four years later, it was the greatest debtor nation. Reagan's manipulation of the economy, continued by Bush, rocketed foreign debt from $914 billion to almost $7 trillion. A trillion is 1,000 billion. The US Government has to find billions, just in interest, so less of taxpayers' money goes back into the economy.

And Australia's gone from the highest living standard in the world to 23rd, and rapidly descending. Since 1982, our foreign debt has shot from $23 billion, to $190 billion, and rising.

When big business and nations get into trouble, they dance to the banker's tune, or sell out to foreigners. Why is this? Because the bankers control the Political Party system, so instead of creating money backed by infrastructure and introduced as a credit, they borrow funds created by the banks and introduced as debt.

Our Cities can't borrow from Government, so they cut services like maintenance of sewage systems, roads and bridges. They can't afford to pay labourers and firemen, so many are laid off.

Most people don't know how much a billion is. It would make a thousand people millionaires.

Can you appreciate how many a billion people are? US population is somewhat over 260 million today. (In 1900 it was only 80 million). A billion people is four times its present population. Anyone who doesn't realize the US is overpopulated just doesn't get around.

Nearly every city of 100,000 is dirty, rundown, and crime-ridden. Every city of a million or more is dirty, rundown, crime-ridden, and bankrupt. That's because we avoid the absolute of God's Word in our planning and problem-solving.

In Genesis 1:28, God blessed the man and told him to multiply and fill the world, and subdue it. Modern man lives according to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is Satan, and not the Tree of Life, Which is Christ. The world has subdued and has dominion over man.

World-wide, too many people are overloading the system. Every city on Earth was designed for less people than it has now. No system, no matter how well planned or designed, can absorb unlimited numbers. The most notable examples of overpopulation today are India, Mexico, China, Bangladesh, the Philippians, and Africa.

Until this century, epidemics and famine controlled population in Africa. Recently, Communism, war, famine, disease, and debt have been introduced to destroy Christian influence, and the benefit of colonial heritage—to cull Africa's population, and transfer her resources to those who'd rule the NWO.

Bangladesh has 120 million people living on a sandbar the size of Tasmania. Severe runoff causes flooding, that washes more of them away each year, due largely to an excess of Chinese and Indians denuding Himalayan forests.

The world is being desensitized to the suffering of semi-literates in countries where vermin eat more of the annual harvest than they do. Those who consider themselves the master race, and would rule the world, account them, and us too, as Goyim or "human cattle".

As a child, I listened to a radio program in which the announcer would say, "Crime does not pay." Now I don't mean crime only pays the criminal. But crime did pay then, and it pays today.

It's true the one who commits a crime has little chance of being caught. It's also true that if he is caught, there's little chance he'll be convicted. If he is convicted, there's little chance of him doing time. But if he does time, there's little chance he'll serve his full term.

These well-known odds encourage criminality. What most don't see is that the criminal justice system is itself a huge industry. It generates so many billions of dollars annually, that without an ever-rising crime rate, our economy would suffer.

In Sydney alone, 7-8,000 police officers are required to contend with hoards of habitual criminals, whose aim is to rob, rape, maim or kill. Without habitual criminals to take up police time, 6,000 Sydney cops would be unemployed. Employment seems more important than public safety. Not simply in Sydney, but nationwide.

The criminal justice system, from the cop in his patrol car to the Judiciary, incorporates thousands of noncriminals, who make a good living from criminals. When a multi-million dollar prisons built, politicians awarding the contracts make or meet favors, building contractors make a profit. Food and clothing suppliers meet their bills, because of those who prey on society. Guards and wardens live comfortably because they're paid well to preserve society's predators alive.

Police, prosecution and defense lawyers, judges, bailiffs, court reporters, bail bondsmen and janitors all profit from crime.

If criminals were forced to serve their entire sentence, keeping them out of circulation for years, instead of months, employees of the criminal justice system would suffer dramatically. Habitual criminals commit crimes while out on bail, and especially while on parole. Those who arrange their freedom before and after serving sentence, have a vested interest in their liberty to commit crime.

Sydney police arrested a ten-year-old boy who'd had 93 prior arrests, and committed all manner of crimes.

Consider his profit to the criminal justice system. 93 arrests and who knows how many convictions? If he continues this career path, he'll represent millions of dollars. He's a gold mine, except to those he robs, rapes, maims and kills. The tragedies he and his ilk leave in their wake are a small price to pay for job security, legal fees, and career opportunity in the criminal justice system.

Recently a TV crew focused on a drug deal a block from a group of cops socializing on the footpath. When he called their attention to the crime in progress, a middle-aged officer said frankly, "The judge will release them," and made no move to do anything.

That cop knew which side his bread's buttered on. Like many cops, he knows the drug dealer is in a sense, his employer. He knows the "war on drugs" is a joke. Drugs pump about as much money into the criminal justice system as they do into the pockets of dealers.

The phony war on drugs has caused a social nightmare—far worse than alcoholism. The seduction of addicts has generated a class of criminal lower than alcoholics. They cost industry billions, cause misery, and endanger the lives of more uninvolved people than any criminal enterprise in history.

China grows and exports drugs to the West and has no drug problem. There, both the pusher and the addict are shot.

A hundred years ago, one could go to a pharmacy and buy raw opium or any known narcotic. Drugs were not a social problem. The addict's immediate family was afflicted. But no more than the immediate family of the alcoholic was then, and is now.

When drugs were cheap and legal, there was no profit in enticing addiction. If a weak person chose to damage his brain, it was his choice. His death was no loss to society, and there was no base on which to build a criminal empire.

Prohibition of drugs created a lucrative new illegal market, with criminal incentive to lure addiction. It also justified a greater police presence. More police are always desired by those seeking more power over the populace.

Throughout history, tyrants have used any pretext to enlarge their police forces. The public excuse is to fight crime but the private reason is to protect themselves when citizens wake-up to political corruption and treason, like our unconstitutional gun control law.

Communist Russia, as oppressive as it was, and as efficient as its police forces seemed, had a large class of professional criminals. When incarcerated, the criminal was far better treated than the political prisoner, and released sooner. Even Nazi Germany had its criminals. They fared better in the concentration camps and unlike opponents of the regime, were usually released alive. The police who were supposed to protect and serve the law-abiding citizens, actually kept them in line.

Our war on drugs accomplishes two objectives. Firstly, it employs considerable numbers in our criminal justice system. Secondly, it's creating the infrastructure for a Police State, to contain growing unrest in our society. Let's face it the NWO cannot exist outside the Police State. (radio085.htm) nl002.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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