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Once again we greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship. I trust this letter finds you prospering in the Word and in health. This week we'll have a change of subject.

As Truth is freedom, and life is the outworking of the Spirit of Truth or the spirit of error, he who controls the past controls the future". History is the record of this battle and it pays to study and discern truth from propaganda in order that we may understand what has happened and what is planned for the future.

Contrary to popular belief, history is not a series of random events but the fulfillment of carefully prepared long-term plans of people behind the scenes. Bible prophecy is the same. The natural types the Spiritual.

Seeing a turtle asleep on a log, an elephant threw it across the river. "Why did you do that?" asked his friend.

"I recognize that turtle as the one that bit me on the trunk when I was drinking from this river fifty years ago".

"How can you have such a fantastic memory"? asked his friend.

"That's easy", said the first elephant, "I have turtle recall".

God doesn't expect us to have turtle recall of Bible verses or historic facts. But He knows that His sheep will understand them . . . God bless you.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

World Genocide by a Self-styled Mutant 'Master Race'

Well, looks like it's election time in Australia once again.

Let's face the hard, cold facts of political and economic reality. The bureaucrats and politicians in Canberra, those phony parasites who pose as public servants, were willing participants in the financial rape of Australia—while deceiving the people at every point of the compass, and passing the blame for the mess which they created on to other entities.

Let's consider Australia's race problem, our Immigration Minister, Mr. Ruddock, is exacerbating by his efforts to mix oil with water.

Australia's racial problems have been deliberately created by the people who control both major political parties. These hate-filled elites are the most racist people on this planet. They engineered the destruction of Australia's homogeneous society; now they fain innocence having faced-off Australians against exotic cultures and races, as if we're just so many fighting dogs.

And that's what they consider us to be. Human cattle, to be culled when we become too numerous.

Under another name and a different occupation, these racist people who hate the white man and despise colored people, are funding and orchestrating school children and university students to protest against the racism they themselves have invoked in Australia.

As the Illuminati searched for other ways in which to undermine American Society, it should come as no surprise that they'd latch on to the race issue, and use it to their advantage. This has been happening in Australia since World War II with increasing daring.

The plotters were fully cognizant of the fact that the mixing of the races had contributed greatly to the disintegration and ultimate collapse of many great civilizations of the past (T. Frank, American Historical Review, July, 1916). The Illuminati decided to use it as one of its weapons against America.

This nation-destroying philosophy was espoused by the infamous Dr. Brock Chisholm of the World Health Organization. Who declared: "What people everywhere must do is practice ... miscegenation [or racially mixed marriages] in order to create one race in one world under one government" (USA Magazine, August 12, 1955). This is the avowed aim of the Global Plotters. Integration and miscegenation are promoted as steps in their master plan for a NWO.

God destroyed the world with the Flood in the days of Noah because of miscegenation between the descendants of Cain, whose father was the Serpent, and the descendants of Seth whose father was Adam. At the Tower of Babel after the Flood, God separated the nations. And when Moses led the Children of Israel on the Exodus, God told him they must utterly kill all of Cain's descendants in Palestine from the tiniest babe at its mother's breast, to the old folk, and to take their Land.

Israel failed to fully obey God's Word and now the Canaanites rule over them in their Covenant Land.

According to the Jerusalem Post, mass graves of genuine Hebrews have been uncovered. They were killed by the Canaanites who stole their country in 1948.

Jesus said, "as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be at His parousia". That's NOW! And the conditions of the day of Noah have repeated. If God destroyed the world because of miscegenation in the days of Noah, and He never changes His ways, He's OBLIGATED to His Word to destroy our civilization for the same sin. Bureaucrats and politicians, NOT being Christians themselves, have brought the curse of God upon this country, as those faceless people from the City of London and Wall Street who control the two major political parties knew they would.

When the famous author Jack London wrote a piece denouncing this diabolical plan, he was challenged by a so-called 'illuminated' insider. London's incisive reply went right to the heart and core of the problem. He wrote:

"Consult the entire history of the human world in the past ages, and you'll find that the world has ever belonged to the pure breed and has never belonged to the mongrel. I give you this as a challenge. Read up your history of the human race ...."

"The Greeks died two thousand years ago when they mongrelized. Just because a lot of people talk the Greek language, doesn't make these people pure Greeks. Just because a lot of people talk Italian, doesn't make them Romans. The Greeks were strong so long as they stayed pure. They were possessed with power, achievement, culture, creativeness, individuality. But when they mongrelized themselves by breeding with the slush of conquered races, they faded away, and have played nothing but a despicable part ever since in the world's history."

"This is true of the Romans; this is true of the Lombards; this is true of the Phoenicians; this is true of the Chaldeans; this is true of the Egyptians. This is NOT true of the Chinese; this is NOT true of the Japanese; this is NOT true of the Germans; this is NOT true of the Anglo-Saxons. This is NOT true of the Yaquis of Mexico. It IS true of fifteen million mongrels in Mexico; it IS true of the mongrels that inhabit the greater portion of the West Indies, and who inhabit South America and Central America from Cape Horn to the Rio Grande. This IS true of the mongrelized Hindoos ..."

"Read up your history. It's all there on the shelves ... And find me one race that retained its power of civilization, culture, and creativeness, after it mongrelized itself" (Charmian London, "The Book of Jack London, 1921, pp. 297, 298).

The Global Plotters understand the truth of Jack London's words, and have no intention of allowing their OWN blood to become racially mixed; they want to keep their lineage pure. They do not believe in integration and intermarriage, except as one of the tools to deliver America and Australia into their hands. What they boast however, is that they ARE 'mamsers', yet simultaneously they claim racial superiority above all else.

The elite, worldwide, practice the strictest segregation in their marriages, in the education of their children, and in their social activities. As biographer Frederic Morton observed of the Rothschilds, "They glitter in private, among their own kind" (The Rothschilds, p. 19).

Clearly, what's envisioned by the Illuminati is a integrated world community, with themselves—still racially pure and unmixed—on top! Talk about racism!


The concept of an integrated world community under one government did not, of course, originate in our century; it dates back to the earliest history of mankind. The original sin was miscegenation between Eve and the Serpent, a man-like creature, until God changed every bone of his body.

God destroyed all life by the Flood because of miscegenation among the descendants of Adam with Cain's people. The Bible reveals that soon after Noah's Flood, the rebel Nimrod and his depraved wife Semiramis conspired to amalgamate all races under one government. They began to establish their world-ruling government at Babel. As a result, God confounded or confused the common language, so that each racial stock would be compelled to remain separate.

"Remember the days of old ... when the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance; when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the borders of the people.." (Deuteronomy 32:7-8; Acts 17:26).

It was God who, in his ultimate wisdom, created the hereditary factors that produce distinct racial differences. He purposed that each race should preserve its unique characteristics and identity. It was never his intention that all races be integrated.

It was God, not man, who also segregated the races. Each of the four primary races was separated by great bodies of water, a vast desert or high mountains. For the most part, this form of geographical segregation continued until recent times.

Today, mighty forces are at work seeking to break down all racial barriers in order to lead us to an amalgamation of the races under a One-World Government ruled by a (supposedly) pure-bred elite.

One of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal is their ability, through the mass media, to brand individuals or groups with a variety of labels designed to make them toe the line, and go along with propaganda being generated by 'official' sources.

'Racist,' 'racial discrimination,' and 'bigot' are three of the worst smears of the Left. They don't define their terms so that the victim may disagree or defend themselves. They're presented as accusations of some vicious crime, and they presume automatic condemnation—without trial.

"Correctly, a racist means a person who approves his own race, maintains his racial self-respect, and prefers to live in a society of his own people, according to his own culture and way of life—all of which implies no hostility to any other race. Millions of human beings of all races, in fact most of humanity, is racist by that definition."

"But what do we find today?"

"The true racist is smeared and persecuted by the propaganda of the Left, for no other reason than that he still has the courage openly to approve his own race and national integrity, in the face of the collective assault from all the forces of the Left" (South African Observer, September, 1978, pp. 2, 3).

By cleverly using the words 'segregation,' 'discrimination' and 'racist' in the same context, Illuminati propagandists have been very successful in their efforts to make these words appear synonymous. In the minds of many, segregation automatically implies discrimination.

But the real truth is that racial discrimination is the result of geographic integration—not segregation. God separated the races geographically at the time of Babel. True geographical segregation eliminates the possibility of discrimination.

The racial problems that have scarred America in the past and more recently, once Great Britain, have now been imposed intentionally into Australia and will explode with even greater intensity in the future.

In America they result from the illegal and immoral slave trade that flourished in the early years of that nation. The people who ran the slave trade back then are the same people mixing the races and denouncing others with their racial slurs today. Thousands of captured Negroes were removed from their native lands and brought by force. Americans today, both white and black, are reaping the consequences of this imposed geographic integration.

This problem could have been solved immediately after the Civil War, had the Negroes been restored to their rightful heritage in Africa, as Abraham Lincoln and other responsible American leaders advocated. History discloses that many Negroes of that period were in favor of such a move. But efforts to extend the successful Liberian experiment were thwarted by heavy political pressure, and the South was allowed to languish for many years in the poverty that resulted from the Civil War.

The blacks were being held in reserve, to be manipulated and used by unscrupulous political conspirators when the time was right.

Recent decades have witnessed the birth and growth in America of a powerful political movement demanding 'civil rights' and 'equal opportunity' for blacks.

Had the real instigators of the civil rights movement been truly concerned about the advancement and development of blacks, they would have supported those black leaders who were dedicated to developing skills, productivity, prosperity, self-sufficiency, and community pride among their people.

But the opposite is true!

Since the landmark civil rights decisions of 1954 and 1964, not one true black leader has emerged in the black community. This is more by design than by a lack of qualified leadership.

The powers-that-be have made certain that no clear-thinking, patriotic, free-enterprise supporting black got within hailing distance of a leadership role. Only blacks who are willing to sell themselves out to pervasive interests are promoted and touted as 'leaders' among their own people. And the same thugs have applied the same control over our lucrative Australian Aborigine industry.

Among the first to recognize this political conspiracy in America was Eldridge Cleaver. He wrote: "One tactic by which the rulers of America have kept the bemused millions of Negroes in optimum subjugation has been the conscious, systematic emasculation of Negro leadership. Through an elaborate system of sanctions, rewards, penalties, and persecutions—with, more often than not, members of the black bourgeoisie acting as hatchet men—any Negro who sought leadership over the black masses and refused to become a tool of the elite's power structure was either cast into prison, killed, hounded out of the country, or blasted into obscurity and isolation in his own land and among his own people. His isolation was assured by publicity boycotts alternated with character assassinations in the mass media, and by the fracticidal power plays of Uncle Toms who control the Negro community on behalf of the white power structure" (Soul on Ice, p.87).

These same people have persecuted Graham Campbell, Pauline Hanson, and her One Nation Party supporters—surely the best thing that's happened in Australian politics since the Second World War.

Look at South Africa's black leaders. They're communist front men, and one of Australia's Communistic ex-Prime Ministers who strutted the world stage, speaking against apartheid in Africa, introduced it into Australia.

Deprived of true leadership, many blacks became unwitting pawns in the hands of master politicians. Under the guise of helping the 'poor, mistreated blacks,' unscrupulous politicians in Washington have, in fact, made blacks increasingly dependent on the federal government.

Blacks were not urged to rely on themselves to improve their station in life—through education, hard work, saving, investing and community participation—but rather were encouraged to place themselves unquestioningly in the hands of Big Government.

Blacks who have yielded to these pressures have merely exchanged slave masters, surrendering themselves and their votes to the politicians in Washington, Canberra, or Pretoria, in the misguided belief that they'll be taken care of from the cradle to the grave, with the minimum of inconvenience. Deluded, most of them have joined the ranks of the Democratic Party in America, and the Labor Party in Australia.

The prophet William Branham said, "One of the greatest mistakes that the colored race ever made was ...when they voted for Kennedy and put him in. They actually spat on the dress of Abraham Lincoln—the blood of the Republican Party that freed them; and voted a Catholic—which Booth shot Lincoln, and he died for that race of people to free them from slavery. When they voted for a Democrat and a Catholic besides. They brought one of the greatest disgraces they ever brought. Because the white man with his scholarship has given them a lot of ballyhoo.

I'm so glad there's many of them who know where they stand. Be the same as me spitting on the Christ who healed me, and saved me from being a sinner, and turn against Him and walk away... All men are free. The color of a man shouldn't make any difference. 'Of one blood God made all nations.'"

Strong words.


Most prominent black leaders in America haven't striven to instill in their people a true sense of self-reliance through self- government, personal responsibility, hard work, and sacrifice. And so long as this deception persists, the black masses will remain in psychological and financial slavery.

Other clearly recognizable parts of the Illuminati plot to destroy Western society are:

The present drug craze. An abundance of evidence shows that the CIA and other federal agencies are directly involved in smuggling drugs into the US through, among other places, Homestead Air Force base in Florida, McChord Air Force base in Washington state, and the airport in Mena, Arkansas. (Bill Clinton allegedly knows all about this. Although he never inhales).

As was the case in the destruction of imperial China at the hands of the Crown in the mid-1800s, drugs are being used as a tool to destroy America and the rest of what was once Christendom;

The Environmental Movement. Here's yet another perfect example of the Hegelian Principle (Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis) in action; pressure applied from below (the environmentalists) and pressure applied from above (the federal government) in order to achieve a specific goal—the destruction of free enterprise industries in order to:

(1) make people more dependent on the federal government, and

(2) place more power in the hands of the federal government;

The Crime Wave: A continuous watering-down of laws and moral standards, and incredibly soft sentences for fearful crimes, are among the causes for the Crime Wave. This, too, fits perfectly into the plan for national destruction.

Sometime in the future, will the powers-that-be use this deteriorating situation as an excuse to call in the United Nations with Indonesian or some other foreign troops to allegedly restore law and order?

What better way to force the once proud lucky country into the planned slave camp known as the NWO? In light of startling UN and other documentation, is such a scenario out of the question? I don't believe so! (Descent Into Slavery, Des Griffin. p. 224-225, 238-243).

John F. Kennedy said, "One day after I am long gone, you will remember me and say, we should have stopped the nuclear program of Israel, abolished the Federal Reserve, and kicked all secret societies, occultists, usurpers and Zionists out of our wonderful country, to keep it that way, but it is never too late, just remember that."

"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived—he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made." radio114.htm

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