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Christian and Season's Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Assuming the little men who turn the wheels at the Internet have not gone away for Christmas, you should find this Newsletter in your Mail Box. I expect the theme and title are somewhat out of context with the season but we are not "playing church" like the world and I believe you will find this current news reveals a Sign from God emphasizing the extreme lateness of the hour in which we live. This an abridgement of a sermon I have just delivered and the basis of this week's radio program. You are strongly advised to visit the Teaching Area of and down load the unabridged text.

Please confirm all of these words personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Creating Conditions for World War III

One thing we should get firmly fixed in our heads is that "the powers that be" have been in the process of world depopulation by policy for many decades. Skeptics may discover the evidence in US Acts of Congress and UN papers, and in the policies of our own government. Unemployment, contraction and shutdown of industries and many policies from defense and education to health and immigration show that Australian politicians are following the dictates of the international elite to implement long-term plans of the Pharisees who would return the world to serfdom under their elite selves.

The ritual sacrifice of Iraqis continued unabated as Washington and London bombed Iraq. Corpses pile up: victims of Washington's cynical and duplicitous policies in the Middle East.

According to a UNICEF report released in April, before the bombing commenced, more than 250 people, mostly children under 5, died each day because of the UN sanctions. More than one-and-a-half million people have been killed by the sanctions imposed in 1990. That's about five percent of Iraq's pre-sanctions population. It's equivalent to about 850,000 dead Australians.

The World Food Program says more than 1.2 million Iraqi children died due to the embargo between August 1990 and August 1997—a generation sanctioned out of existence.

Australia is party to this. We belong to the criminal organization called the UN. We've condoned this cowardly unprovoked attack by the US and UK military upon a sovereign state and we have blood on our hands. We're cowards for not condemning the criminal actions of the US and UK, and resigning from the UN on principle.

Frankly, if Australia had principles, and a backbone instead of a wishbone, we'd never have joined this criminal conspiracy called the UN. Bible-believers know Amos 3:3, Isaiah 8:9-12 and II Corinthians 6:14 forbid believers from making such alliances.

We're guilty as a nation, and we'll pay the price, because these attacks upon Iraq are merely a further development of the old plan for world domination.

We've discovered that history's not the record of unrelated random events but an unfolding of the long term plans of the children of Darkness to establish a totalitarian world Police State. In 1871, a military blue print was prepared for three world wars and three major revolutions, Luciferian Albert Pike considered would bring Lucifer's age-old conspiracy to its final stage in the twentieth century, with ALL international organizations and groups FINANCED, DIRECTED, and CONTROLLED by Illuminati agents AT THE TOP.

The First and Second World Wars were executed according to plan, as were the Russian and Chinese Revolutions that followed them.

World War III is to be fomented by using the differences agents of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. This war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam and Political Zionism will destroy themselves, while at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and economic exhaustion.

Unbeknownst to most, we are the Political Zionists. America and Britain are their front, perpetrating a "hate crime" against Iraq, fomenting the hatred that will provoke World War III.

God has sent us a prophet with warning and a way of escape. Before World War III can materialize, God will intervene to cause a great upset in nature, marking the end of the Gentile dispensation, and signaling the start of the First Resurrection and manifestation of the Sons of God.

Jesus said those who've received the Holy Spirit will know the enemy's plans, for the Spirit will reveal beforehand things that will come to pass in our day so that we're not anxious but have rest and peace—confident in the outcome (John 13:16). Thus we should know what to expect as Satan prepares for World War III between the Political Zionists and the Muslim world.

What's been happening this year? Haven't we seen the children of Darkness, against whom God has indignation forever (Malachi 1:4), drawing up the lines of conflict with his evil persecution of the innocent citizens of Iraq? Yes that's precisely what we've seen. And he's hidden behind the forces of apostate Christendom as if he were not involved at all.

What did Jesus say of these so-called Christians? Revelation 3:17, "Because you say, 'I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing;"

("You" who? America and the once Christian West, of course. Where does the Light end in the Gentile dispensation? In the evening time"—the West where It was restored (Zechariah 14:7). Jesus is speaking of America, Britain, Australia and other once Christian Western nations which are about to be smitten with a curse under the Seventh Vial during the Tribulation (Malachi 4:5-6).

Edomite thugs who control the news media that brainwashes nominal Christians and peddle their filthy entertainments to pollute those without the Spirit, have actually persuaded us we're performing a righteous act for God, country and humanity. When we're in fact starving and maiming innocent people, destroying infrastructure and prosperity for generations to come to satisfy the power-lust, love of money and insane hatred of those not of Adam's kind.

Can't you plainly see America practicing for her role to back-up Rome and her Protestant image during the tribulation and FORCE the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:11-18)?

Senator John Warner said it was imperative to join together "to enforce the rule of law." He said England was "bravely participating" and that there was clear and convincing proof in the Butler report to the UN. Timing was an issue but now we must back our troops (PBS December 16, 1998).

Newt Gingrich strongly endorsed the military action as he formally passed his gavel to Bob Livingston: "We must carry the burden of leading the world" (AP December 17, 1998).

"And know not that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked." We're deceived by Esau/Edom today like Israel was deceived when they shouted for the blood of their own Messiah. Christian nations think they're rich and control the world, yet we are financially and morally bankrupted by the cunning of Esau/Edom—blind to our own plight—and we don't know it.

Fancy the leaders of the so-called "Christian" West applauding the murder of innocent people by unprovoked attack upon their country. Who or what is their god? It isn't the Lord Jesus Christ! For gosh sakes, even Saddam's attack upon Kuwait was deliberately provoked by the accursed Edomites who rule our nations.

Writing in the "New Internationalist" earlier this year, Felicity Arbuthnot describes a little incident she witnessed in Iraq: "In a small grocery store in a poor area of Baghdad early one morning I watched a child of perhaps five proudly doing a terribly important errand: he bought one egg. A tray of 30 eggs exceeds a university professor's monthly salary. As he left, the child dropped the egg. He fell to the floor, frantically trying to pick up the shell, yolk and white, with his small hands, tears streaming down his face. As I reached in my pocket, the shopkeeper gently tapped him on the shoulder and gave him another."

Israel has been apostate for 2,000 years. Christian denominations have been apostate since 1963. Consider what this combined hatred for God has perpetrated upon the innocent Iraqis.

Per capita income of Iraq has sunk from US$2,900, to US$60 a year. A can of powdered milk costs as much as a doctor's salary for one month. Surgery is conducted without anesthetics. Facilities for Sanitation are abysmal. Fifty percent of the rural population does not have access to potable water, compared to ninety-two percent in 1990. According to the World Health Organization, most Iraqis have been on a semi-starvation diet for the last few years. Infant mortality has increased six-fold since 1990. Iraq's once exemplary and free public health system has been decimated.

Inflation has risen astronomically. According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, the price of wheat flour in August 1995 was 11,677 times higher (1.16 million percent) than in July 1990.

Crime was almost unknown. People used to leave their keys in the front door, and cars unlocked. Now crime has skyrocketed.

Among the items banned by the Security Council from export to Iraq are adhesive tape, soccer balls, bags, bicycles, calculators, books, candle sticks, toys, children's clothing, shoelaces, lamps, detergents, dolls, eyeglasses, hairpins, paper clips and medical supplies. The list is endless.

The loss of life caused by the UN sanctions makes Saddam Hussein's human rights record virtually pale into insignificance. Amnesty International estimates Hussein's regime killed 130,000 people between 1979 and 1989. In eight years, the sanctions have killed more than 10 times that number.

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, in a November 11 letter to Sir John Weston at the Permanent Mission of UK to the UN called the sanctions "a violation of the Genocide Convention." He went on to say "the notion that Iraq is a threat to the region is a false fantasy created by the US to justify its vast military presence in the region, to dominate the oil resources and to contain Islam."

Others have pointed out that the sanctions violate the Geneva Convention—which prohibits starvation of civilians as a means of warfare—as well as the Declaration of Human Rights, and the (infamous) Convention on the Rights of the Child.

And what of Washington's duplicity? Columbia University professor Edward Said wrote in Al-Hayat newspaper, London: "Israel occupies territory illegally for thirty years, it violates the Geneva conventions at will, conducts invasions, terrorist attacks and assassinations against Arabs, and still, the US vetoes every sanction against it in the UN. Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Iraq are classified as "rogue" states. Sanctions against them are far harsher than against any other countries in the history of US foreign policy. And still the US expects that its own foreign policy agenda ought to prevail."

Speaking of the "weapons of mass destruction" Washington claims ad nauseam to be so concerned about, a UN General Assembly committee on November 10, 1998, voted 134:2 asking Israel "not to develop, produce, test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons, and to renounce possession of nuclear weapons," and to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. The two countries voting against the resolution were Israel and the United States.

Following admissions by the UNSCOM chief Richard Butler, that UN inspectors had shared intelligence information with Israel, and allegations last week by a British MP that five UNSCOM inspectors were undercover Israeli Mossad agents, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak flatly refused to endorse military strikes against Iraq.

"There is not a single Arab country which backs recourse to force against Iraq, and all are preoccupied by the lot of the Iraqi people," he told Egyptian Ministers of Parliament (November 10).

Moscow stated on December 20, 1998 that Iraq was always ready to work with UN weapons inspectors despite US-British military action intended to punish Baghdad for allegedly failing to cooperate with them, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

"Despite the use of force, the Iraqi leadership maintains its readiness to cooperate with the UN and, in particular, with the Special Commission," it said in a statement recounting talks earlier in the day between Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and the Iraqi ambassador to Moscow, Hassan Fahmi Jumah.

The Bible foretold that America would "exercise all the power of the first beast before it . . ."

But Washington's hypocrisy, neither begins nor ends with Israel. America is the only country to have ever dropped a nuclear bomb on human beings, and is the world's largest stockpiler of weapons of mass destruction and one that has over the last 50 years installed and supported some of the most murderous dictators the world has seen. To hear US officials speak self-righteously of the need to eliminate Iraqi weapons and of Iraqi violations of international law should turn anyone's stomach. But we should all realize that America, like Britain, is ruled by the parallel government of a people who have no inheritance on this earth and no place in heaven (Genesis 4:9-14). A people descended from the murderer who killed the first and second Adams.

Historic amnesia and a populace starved of true history guarantees settled stomachs in the United States, even as their government's policy ensures that in Iraq, little food makes its way into the mouths of hungry children with shrunken bellies who will join the dead before they've had a chance to live.

Today America is "the Land of the slave and the home of the fleeced". Americans have enslaved themselves to sin, and sold their souls to the Devil. Like Esau, their master, they've sold the birthright of the Pilgrim Fathers, and come to a place of no more repentance.

Regardless how it appears, the US, Britain and Israel stand alone this time. Here's why they went to war and bombed Iraq.

Many claim the bombing of Iraq was a diversion from the Clinton sex scandal. Such hubris! Let's just say, "It was a convenience".

The real reason for this bombing and earlier serious consideration of using Nuclear Weapons by the US and UK—without the UN, and without the support of the other Coalition Nations—and the fact that a year ago Madeline Albright was traveling the world telling the other nations that the US will act "on their own"—is because, and PROVES once again, US and British citizens are the front who pay the bills, sacrifice their lives and cop the flack for the political Zionists.

When Albright says "we" cannot allow Saddam Hussein to "threaten his neighbors", what she really means is, "ISRAEL will not allow Iraq to possess weapons that might make them an equal power." Mere possession would stop the City of London controlling the balance of power in the Middle East, ending dictatorial world power.

The Zionists are concerned about Iraq's future nuclear capability. This episode is nothing to do with chemical or biological weapons, even if they did exist (in the quantities alleged). All these years since the Gulf War, Saddam didn't use these "weapons of mass destruction" (purchased from the United States) to "threaten his neighbors." They are not the threat America and Israel would have us to believe.

There was no urgency to bomb Iraq and murder even more innocent Iraqi civilians. Israel's biological capabilities are at least ten times greater than Iraq's. But Britain and the US are unconcerned about that. Nor are they concerned about chemical and biological weapons of Russia, France, China, Britain and the US.

Hypocrisy! It's Iraq's NUCLEAR capability and the balance of world power that concerns the foreign masters of Britain and the US, and polarizing the Political Zionists and Muslims into preparation for World War III, and their own destruction.

Any Arab nation acquiring nuclear capability would destroy their balance of power in the Middle East. Iraq is not an Arab nation, but if it had nuclear capability and sided with the Arabs, Israel would have to contend with their ability to retaliate against their own nuclear weapons. The Zionist puppets, Israel, UK and US would be prevented from continuing sanctions to starve the Iraqis to death. As things stand, they're constantly "upping the ante" until the Iraqi people have no choice but to fight, against all odds, and in the process will annex and acquire Iraq's oil assets.

Speaking as House Intelligence Committee Chairman, US Congressman Porter Goss, (a man with a 10-year career as a CIA Clandestine Services Officer) said that: "Bringing Saddam Hussein to justice and dismantling his regime is what this is about" (CNN December 16, 1998).

Such ungodly cowardice displays the apostasy of Britain, America, and the remainder of the once Christian Western world. Even Russia and pagan China issued a rebuke to the injustice of the bombing. The Vatican called the strikes "aggression." The Pope told envoys "the right of each person and peoples to live in security . . . is more urgent than ever" (Reuters December 17, 1998).

It should be obvious that Iraq currently does NOT have Nuclear weapons she can actually use—but they're very close—otherwise she would have retaliated. radio118.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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