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This week we study an important question asked by subscribers:"I know that this is a BIG SUBJECT. . . but could you define the Godhead. Some say He is one like your finger and some say that he is two ... maybe three distinct persons." And we welcome Willem Lankhorst who puts the Columbine High School Massacre into its true perspective with world events.

This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible. . . .

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Disturbing Headlines

HEROIN INJECTING ROOMS: Government Initiative Mooted. Sydney: New South Wales Premier Bob Carr proposed local councils may soon be empowered to allow private enterprise to provide facilities where drug addicts can legally inject. Not only is Christ outside the church knocking on the door, He was excluded from this week's Sydney Drug Summit.

PAGAN RIGHTS: Witches get US Army behind them. Washington: The United States Army has recognized white witchcraft as a religion and has appointed chaplains to oversee pagan ceremonies on at least five bases.

There are believed to be at least 100 witches attending covens at Fort Hood, Texas, the army's largest base with more than 42,000 troops, a Pentagon spokesman said.

So respectful has the army become of pagan rites that security was increased at Fort Hood's Boy Scout camp, where covens are held, in at move to deter members of Church groups from intimidating them.

Accorded the same privileges as practitioners of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Wiccans are encouraged to have their religious preference stamped on the metal dog-tags each soldier wears.

Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Troyer, the Seventh Day Adventist army chaplain who has been given responsibility for Fort Hood's coven, admitted he was not overjoyed with his job . . . But the Pentagon said: "We are obliged by the Constitution to respect and make provision for the religious needs of members of the military and not to pass judgments on their beliefs" (Sydney Morning Herald, May 15, 1999).

WOLVES LAUNCH WAR OF HATE: says the Rothschild controlled Sydney Morning Herald while the Rockefeller controlled Daily Telegraph (Murdoch) wrote of "Masters of Hate" (May 5, 1999). Both newspapers included articles describing right-wing racist groups in Britain such as Combat 18 and White Wolves, said to want all non-whites expatriated from Britain. According to the papers, there was a clear implication that one of these groups was behind a series of bombings in ethnic areas and a gay pub in April. However, on the same day these articles appeared, the electronic media reported that someone had already been arrested for the bombings—and he was not connected with either group.

The Person of God

"God is one Person" (John 4:24). He is a spirit-Being, and without form. Once He existed alone with His thoughts and He wasn't even God, because god, any god, is "an object of worship". As Paul taught us, "there are gods many and lords many" (I Corinthians 8:5), and until He actually manifested something in creation, there was nothing to worship Him. The most that could be said was that "potentially" He was God. He was just the Eternal Spirit alone with His thoughts.

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7). In other words, we are or will become the manifestation of our desires. So God is His thoughts. But God's thoughts are not like your thoughts or my thoughts. God's thoughts are eternal, they are real, and in their designated and decreed season and time they will come to pass precisely as He foreknew and predestinated.

Now a word, any word, is a thought that has been expressed. Before I can speak the word "cat", I must first think of the animal. Then when I express it, it becomes a word. God is omniscient so when He expresses His thoughts into Word form, that Word is infallible and cannot possibly fail to manifest what was spoken, provided It is applied in its correct context, motive, season and time.

Jesus knew this and said, "If you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you, ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you" (John 15:7).

Being omniscient, God is not now learning or even taking counsel with Himself. All His thoughts He always had. God's thinking was completed when time began. That is, before He began to manifest creation. And as we've discovered, man's thoughts are the attributes of what that man is.

In God were Attributes to be Father, but no one would ever know or be able to glorify Him as such until His first son was manifest. So when Adam was formed from the dust of the earth and the spirit of life entered, God was a Father—the Father. Father is an office or title all men receive when their first child is born.

In God were Attributes to be Healer, but He could never display those Attributes and receive glory to Himself until first there was sickness and a people crying to Him in faith for healing. In Him were Attributes to be Savior, but He could never express those Attributes until there was a fall and lost man was seeking Him for redemption.

God also has Attributes of justice, holiness, mercy, anger and judgment. He would be unjust to cause mankind to sin and fall, so He placed man of free moral agency and gave him a helpmate. Woman is not even a spoken Word like the rest of creation and is therefore the "weak link" in the chain. Not being a spoken Word like Adam and the rest of creation, woman is made so she can deceive and be deceived. When Lucifer anointed the serpent he was able to deceive Eve and the serpent seduced her.

All nature fell when Adam took her back as he surrendered his dominion over the earth and its creatures to Satan. Never let it be said that Adam sinned, but by taking Eve to himself, sin entered (Romans 5:17-19). God's Word is forever settled in heaven. Before one speck of stardust was made, that Word (God's law) was there exactly as it is written in our Bible. It instructs us that if a woman leaves her husband and goes with another man she is an adulteress and is no longer married and the husband is not to take her back (Deuteronomy 24:1-4). God's Word cannot change. That Word was as true in Eden as It was when Moses wrote It in the Law.

Adam's offense was that he saved Eve. And by taking her responsibility upon his shoulders he was a perfect type of Christ. By faith Adam knew he was a Son of God, eternal with God, and could no more be lost than God can be lost. By faith Adam knew he would die if he stepped over the Word to stand by his wife. But He also knew that Eve was flesh of his flesh; so when God redeemed him, she would be redeemed also, because through the marriage union the two were one (Genesis 2:23-24; Matthew 19:6).

Sin is unbelief in the Word. Adam did not sin. How could Adam be a spoken Word and deny the Word? Woman is not a spoken Word of God but a by-product of the man, and the woman being deceived was in the transgression (I Timothy 11-15). She is made so she can deceive and be deceived. This is why women are forbidden to teach or preach but to be in subjection to their own husbands. Eve sought to teach her husband the false doctrine of reproduction by lust.

Before God changed every bone of his body, the Serpent stood upright (Ezekiel 28:13-14) and was a man-like creature, whose seed could and did mix with the woman. When he seduced Eve, she became pregnant. Then her husband knew her so that in her womb was the seed of the Serpent that became Cain, and the seed of Adam that became his step-brother, Abel.

When Eve did what she did and Adam took her back, God required the wages of sin (Deuteronomy 19:21; Genesis 2:17; Romans 6:23). God's law will forever be "a life for a life." But He made a loophole in the Law whereby a near kinsman could pay the price. This meant the substitution of life identical to Adam's perfect life before the fall. Because Eve did not wait for God to reveal through her husband how to "multiply and fill the earth," we are all "born in (Eve's sin) and conceived in (Adam's) iniquity" (Psalm 51:5) so no man was worthy to pay the price of Adam's redemption.

We read in Revelation 5 that no man was worthy to redeem the Book of Life or even look thereon. Because of the Fall, we are all born sinners with the nature of Satan, the god of this evil world since Adam surrendered man's dominion, and require redemption ourselves. Here's where the "Son" comes in.

Although they were without sin, the blood of bulls and goats, lambs and turtledoves Israel sacrificed could not substitute or atone for the life of man because they are not kin to man. Besides, they have no soul to come back, so that once they die, that's the end of them. But man does have a soul so he can live again.

Adam's substitute had to be the spoken Word made flesh like Adam was, born without sin like Adam was, yet born the correct way by a Woman who conceived by abiding in the Word of faith like Eve would have done, had she waited on God. Yes, had Eve waited, she would have been the mother of Jesus Christ, Who is "the beginning of the creation of God" (Revelation 3:14).

The Bible is the story of God unfolding Himself, not some second or third person, from the eternal Spirit alone with His thoughts—through faith in the spoken Word—to the manifestation of those thoughts in the glorified flesh of His family.

Jesus is the beginning of God creating Himself or changing His form—by expressing His Attributes—into the glorified flesh of His family. The true New Testament Church is a continuation of the same creation as Eve was a continuation of Adam. Jesus is not the beginning of God's creation, which is the sun and the stars, the rivers and trees: that would make Him LESS than God. Jesus is God, manifest in the form of a Man.

God is one Spirit. He is the Holy Spirit and we are born into His family by receiving the Spirit by faith (or understanding) of the Word He is fulfilling in our day and manifesting that Word in our flesh. "God and the soul that's joined together with God is one Spirit" (I Corinthians 6:17).

Jesus was the Word or Logos made flesh. The fullness of the nature and character of God expressed in one virgin-born Man Who lay down His will to obey the Word, and manifest or declare the character of God (John 1:18). The New Testament saints are the Word for their day, that PORTION of the Logos manifest in flesh.

God is One person, a Spirit being. "Holy Spirit" is WHAT God is. He BECAME "Father" when His first son, Adam was manifested. He BECAME the "Son" when the fullness of the Word was born of the virgin, Mary, to fulfill the part of Adam's Kinsman Redeemer. When Jesus redeemed Adam, Eve and all of Adam's seed were potentially redeemed in Adam. But God placed each of us on the same basis as Adam and Eve: free moral agency to obey and become His Word manifest in our flesh and be redeemed, or express the worldly desires of the earth in which we live—our mortal flesh and spirit.

A life lived by the Word is the Word expressed—Christ in you, the hope of glory. One day in the new heavens and new earth, the "saved' will worship God throughout eternity in the form of Jesus Christ and His Brothers and Sisters which is all God, THE WORD, manifest in glorified flesh.

A High School Massacre in Perspective

By Willem Lankhorst


Port Arthur revisited? Port Arthur had the hallmarks of a professional terrorist gunman. Blame the 'lax' gun laws? Hardly; in nations where possession of a firearm without authorization is automatically a death sentence, civil war, narcoterrorism, and armed bands are the order of the day. Drugs & Guns, Drugs & Terrorism are inseparable.

Banning guns does not halt massacres. However, if it is so desired, and guns and drugs are to be eliminated from civilized society, the simple expedient of capital movement controls, on what is known as 'hot money' transactions, would eliminate the illegal drug and gun trade.


Legislation 'banning' guns will not halt massacres; crazed suicidal motorists avenging themselves on a society, from which they feel alienated, have driven into crowds or groups of people waiting at a bus stop. Overworked, underpaid, and pep-drugged semi-trailer drivers crash 50 tonnes of road transports into roadside cafes, mad bombers leave time bombs filled with nails and shrapnel in crowded shopping centres, the result is a series of massacres as efficient at killing the 'innocent', even more lethal in outcome, than gunmen could achieve.


This anti-gun rhetoric conveniently ignores the fact that only law-abiding citizens comply with restrictive gun laws. The heated debate between the 'pro-gun' and 'anti-gun' lobby also efficiently diverts attention from the never-ending massacre, by governments on a global scale, of the vulnerable young. Governments which are too frightened, or too corrupt, to impose the necessary controls on the movement of the narcodollars, which are 'laundered' by the 'hot money merchants, the hedge funds, and global financial institutions.

Fundamentally, the assassin is the product of an environment which withholds genuine education. Without the growth of creativity, and independent thought, fostered in the respect for the young human being as a unique and creative spirit, 'education' is a fraud. Children who, on entering school, are cut off from the process of learning through discovery, and are instead presented with 'information to be absorbed' during their schooling are being severely debilitated. Indeed, the assassin is a product shaped in a society which is debilitated; its present-day debilitation effected in accordance with deliberate policy. Society has been, by sheer weight of unseen forces, bent without obvious signs of coercion. It withholds genuine education, it promotes denatured and adulterated foods, and patent drugs, many of which are very dangerous to take, to ineffectively counter the effects of nutrient deficiencies; all for the 'profit' of cartels; it allows the media cartels to promote perversion, drugs and violence.


The guise of 'freedom of expression', is in effect rigid censorship of anything that is coherently wholesome and reasonable. The establishment media produce materials which program those who have fallen victim to its depravity, depressed and maddened, to perform those massacres, which, with monotony, surprise the 'innocents' of an unsuspecting world.

The media then 'profits' hugely from reporting the killings, the massacres and the holocausts.

The victims of this process hit back at a society which has robbed them of self respect, condemned them to evil thoughts, bad foods, destructive indulgences, perversions, drugs, and violence, a life hardly worth living; all under the guise of 'freedom'. The vulnerable are effectively trapped and turned against a debilitated society; too debilitated to know who their real persecutors are.


Thus, 'Ban The Gun,' 'Ban Drugs' policies have become nothing but a facade. By deliberate policy implementation of 'globalization', particularly the uncontrolled movement of funds, governments ensure the availability of destructive illegal drugs, and the attendant trade in illegal guns for organized crime, and narcoterrorism. Also by facilitating the programming ('education' & media) of the young to hate, and to commit violent acts, governments are bowing to global cartels which can only effectively loot debilitated nations.

The consequences of these 'successful' government policies can be seen in the increase in pessimism, marriage breakups, single parent families, vandalism, hooliganism, gangs, terrorism, and massacres. The toll of 'bashing deaths' rises steadily; gangs of youths encouraged by 'civil rights groups' pressures against 'police brutality', can roam the city centres with seeming impunity (The Courier Mail. 8 April 1999-5). Similarly, army campaigns against narco-terrorism in nations so destabilized are condemned as 'repression' and human rights violations; the narco-terrorist in contrast are lauded as 'freedom fighters'.


Most people agree that the 'globalized' policies which lead to societal debilitation are bad; but they believe the media stories that those policies are the result of 'mistakes', and the bureaucrats involved in designing and implementing these policies are loath to 'lose face' and admit their 'failures'; and that by exchanging one established political party for another established political party to 'lead' government, a 'better' government will be able to correct the situation. This is an absolute fraud!

The global cabal which dictates to national leaders ("either take our silver or you'll get our lead") produce and impose the policies for national debilitation, destabilization, devastation, genocide and depopulation intentionally!

It is foolish to believe therefore that successive governments have 'failed'; in fact they have been exceedingly 'successful'. Governments of the 'developed' world and also those of the developing world, still under domination of the global cabal, have systematically succeeded in implementing the global cabal's policies for creating poverty, brutalization, debilitation, destabilization, devastation, mass-murder, and depopulation. Globalization began with the global media, infecting society with neo-liberal illusions; illusions, for there is nothing 'liberal' about it; in fact it is a highly effective enslaving censorship!


Once society had been confused and weakened, economic mass-destruction could begin, under the cover of the media myths that the 'elected' governments were making 'mistakes', and had 'failed'. It has been a gradual process, avoiding the obvious show of force or coercion, although in effect the media are a massive force, and financial means are a most effective means of coercion. The wrecking of physical economies was then effected by means of seemingly 'inevitable' events. Forced devaluations increasing foreign debt and prices of imports (i.e. simple multiplication), while decreasing prices of exports, and wages. Nationally, poverty increased as a consequence. Forced Reduction of Budget Deficits, i.e., ever higher taxes and increased debt repayments, reduced investment of national credit in national productive capacities for infrastructure, especially for industry, science and technology. 'Free' Trade, like its counterpart 'freedom of expression', has nothing 'free' about it. It is an instrument of mass destruction of industries in targeted nations. Fighting inflation, is another fraud.

The high interest rates used as the bludgeon to stun, then disembowel, the economy.

National banks are dragged down by unpayable debts, and as interest rates are further raised the banks collapse even more rapidly. Moreover, production becomes too expensive, and productive capacities are forced to shut down. Global Banking can now take over the collapsing financial system of the victim nation. The global institutions responsible for the policies of debilitation, and the planning, funding and laundering of drug funds, now can enter the nation and more effectively direct policies. Illegal drug trade increases, as interdiction agencies are underfunded, and accused of "subverting civil liberties" and commission of "crimes against humanity". The War On Corruption is no more than a fraud; the global media targeting any politician who dares to organize opposition to the policies of the global cabal, or attempts to expose the cabal's creation of counterfeit paper money 'ex nihilo' (out of nothing). Such financial paper serves to pay for transfer of national assets to the cabal.


A successful society is one which produces the physical requirements to maintain its population, and which produces sufficient economic reserves for the growth of the population, its comfort, and welfare. This is how successful societies have increased their populations. By increasing their productive capacities they produced the means to sustain themselves.

Around the 1960s, epitomized by the assassination of John F Kennedy and the numerous assassinations of national leaders and attempts on their lives since, the global cabal has managed to reverse economic growth, while maintaining the illusion of 'growth'.

By media, or physical assassination, leaders are kept under control, while the weapons of financial mass destruction are deployed against the nations and the people of the world. The media debilitate the minds of the people, so they can not see clearly that their 'leaders' are in fact wrecking the economy, so it can no longer maintain its population. In accepting and promoting the phony war against corruption and drugs, globalization forced devaluations, balanced budgets, 'free' trade, high interest rates to 'fight' inflation, global banking to prevent nations using their own long-term and low-cost credit our leaders are in fact committing 'crimes against humanity'.

Australia's Human Rights Commissioner Chris Sidoti, released a report of a human rights study towards the end of 1998 in which he categorized the effects of the economic 'reforms' of the 1980s and the 1990s as a 'crime against humanity'.

Real wages were halved and further halved, government revenues collapsed, while 'debt'/'service' repayments are doubled, tripled, quadrupled . . . Hospitals became overcrowded, understaffed, and are being increasingly forced to withhold treatment from an ever-growing number of patients. Adverse drug events in hospitalized patients cause an annual rate of 'attributable mortality' of ten thousand deaths. (US figures are up to 140,000 deaths per year Classen, Pestonik, Evans, Lloyd, Burke. Journal American Medical Association (JAMA) 1997, 277:301-306)

As society can no longer maintain essential functions effectively, epidemics overtake the nation, crime figures rise, respect for authority dwindles, anarchy grows. The path to depopulation is now paved with all the government's phony intentions.


These are the fundamental weapons of mass destruction of the global cabal, which are being aimed at the world's population. The fundamental weapon of media domination effectively hides the holocaust of hundreds of millions of Africans, murdered as anarchy overtook the continent; anarchy deliberately imposed upon those nations. These fundamental instruments of mass destruction are now hiding the coming plagues and holocausts of emerging multi-drug-resistant diseases infecting up to 25% of populations, while the growth in narcotic deaths is exploited as a 'justification' for ending the 'war on drugs.' A phony war which has actually never been fought in earnest. NATO ignores this holocaust!

The 'viewing public' can see only the horror of Kosova, school massacres, bombings of shopping centres, themselves products of these fundamental weapons of mass destruction operating in society. Few are aware of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, riding 'full tilt' at them.

Only half a century ago we defeated TB, it is now set to overtake the world, with renewed virulence and multi-drug-resistance. The third millennium will see one billion people infected with multi-drug-resistant TB alone. AIDS is presently killing at rates of up to 61 deaths per 1000 births. Malaria is now threatening 40% of the worlds population, WHO admits the situation is "serious and becoming worse". The banning of effective mosquito control programs since 1972 'for environmental reasons' was no more than one aspect of the implementation of Kissinger's National Security Memorandum Study, and Carter's Global 2000 program, of population destruction. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DRF) is now steadily spreading towards the US deep South. The biological holocaust began in the 1980s, is now about to be unleashed with frightening intensity upon our weakened and collapsing 'post-industrial society'.

The media controlled victim is given only the tunnel vision of the horror of high school massacres, Kosova, bombing of shopping centres, without the wider view of the mass destruction being wreaked by the policies of the global financial cabal, faithfully implemented by quisling governments.

The media 'sensations' keep the public diverted and fully occupied, with abject horror incapacitating reason; moreover fundamental and factual reasoning is politically incorrect and frowned upon; we must submit to the (potted) 'information' age. Legislation to 'ban' are simplistic sops. The fundamental truths about our debilitation must be repeated over and over, until finally the people understand, and begin to recognize their real persecutors. Only then will they be able to turn their nation around by selecting and electing statesmen instead of the quislings of the global cabal (From May 1999 edition of ASIO's The Strategy nl074.htm

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