Bible Believers' Newsletter #097

"We focus on the PRESENT Truth -- what Jesus is doing NOW . . ."                       ISSN 1442-8660

Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this issue Willem Lankhorst takes us behind the scenes to expose those pulling the strings to produce World War III and reveal their "open secret" in full view but unseen by sinners who are (largely unemployed) factory fodder ruled by the City of London (and know it not); soon to be their cannon fodder, and within seven years thereafter, atomic fodder. As Brother Branham forewarned, "the world is falling apart".

US Senator and Presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, has a team of researchers whose publication, " Global Financial Crash Drives East Timor Crisis" documents this crisis, developed since World War II as a strategy of the City of London to transfer paper wealth into resources prior to collapsing the world monetary system and instigating World War III. Seasoned readers of this Newsletter and the Teaching Sermons know how in 1871, those who would rule this world made plans for three world wars. This upcoming conflict will be between Islam and the Political Zionists (or once Christian West).

Once you have personally confirmed the contents of this Newsletter in your own Bible, please pass it on to others who can believe.

Your brother-in-Christ . . . Anthony

Net Censorship and the Ministry of Truth

Martin Luther's Revival shaped the modern world. He saw that the foundation of the Kingdom is salvation by grace through faith ALONE. Or a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God. Faith cannot be learned and is not logic or head knowledge, but the mind of Christ -- God's infallible unchanging thoughts -- in you.

Soon his revival organized, usurping the leadership of the Spirit of Truth for the headship and "higher criticism" of men which quickly became so sophisticated, it could explain-away God. A fifth column of Judaism exposed by Luther came to ascendancy in men like Nietzsche, Marx, Freud and Hitler, whose legacy ruined the modern world and the "truths" they imposed were lies. The trail is easy to follow, although the circulation of the Jewish spirit was, so to speak, ethereal and its power of disintegration was not perceived until after its passage.

George Orwell was an "insider" who saw the light and wrote books like "1984" to warn what is planned by those who would be masters of the universe. In "1984", employees at the Ministry of Truth were given time off for "Two-Minutes Hate," to shout curses at the enemies of Big Brother.

Germany turned from faith to reason and could not advance to God's Message of Sanctification. It now has a Ministry of Truth patterned after Orwell's prediction, whose responsibility, is to create, dictate and constantly revise what is "truth", and punish as "enemies of the State" those who expose their blatant lies.

German laws for suppression of free speech imprisoned Australian Dr. Frederick Toben for seven months without trial, for privately expressing his thoughts to one man. His crime (as reported to the thought police) was questioning the Holocaust myth. In Germany, this worse than blasphemy. The charge was bogus. And he was eventually tried for publishing this thought, supported by irrefutable hard evidence on the Internet in Australia. Although he has now been released on bail,State prosecutor, Hans-Heiko Klein, has appealed to a higher court for a further "two minutes of Hate" and a more severe sentence.

When Hans-Heiko Klein appeals to a Higher Court, the Great White Throne, I wonder, will he receive mercy on his sinful soul?

Having escaped the carnal legalism of Rome, Germany rejected God's plan of "salvation by grace through faith" for intellectual reasoning and self-works, which brought them under the curse of Judaism whose chosen people/master race idea revived in the Jew's Nazism. When men refused God's revelation by Luther, they became blinded, unwitting pawns in the Enemy's play for world hegemony through One World Government.

When Britain to organized Wesley's Message of Sanctification they rejected the Leadership of the Holy Spirit. Today, Britain leads the world in moral degradation and filth. When we reject His Holy Spirit of Truth we invite Satan's great delusion.

More recently America and all the nations rejected William Branham and his Message, which is Christ, the fullness of the Word, taking instead the spirit of lawlessness (II Thessalonians 2:1-12). That brought the Clintons to the White House with a staff of Pharisees; Rothschild's George Soros destroying currencies and national economies; NATO destroying nations by military aggression to steal mineral resources; the UN who have infected the world with AIDS. (WHO claim over 7 million carrying the virus on the sub-continent of India -- the highest in Asia -- act like an AIDS reservoir).

In Australia last week, quietly-spoken dentist, John Wilson was given two years imprisonment for contempt of court because of his attempts to enforce provisions of our State and Federal Constitution, Bill of Rights and Magna Carta through the legal system to the highest court in the land.

His legal action was begun with an attempt to have bank contracts acknowledged as invalid because they give no fixed interest  rate as required by law. During  this action, John realised that Judges were not  about  to uphold our rights, and asked for a trial by jury, feeling this  was a  way to get justice. His requests, both legal  and  impassioned, were repeatedly denied. And he was denied his right to a trial by his peers.

Dr. Wilson's brave actions have exposed the unholy alliance between the banks, who have perpetrated the greatest swindle on the people of Australia with variable interest loans, and the judges, who break their Oaths of Office and lie in order to conceal that fraud and thereby pervert the course of Justice.

As Dr. Toben observed concerning the so-called Holocaust in Germany? "Why are they so afraid of allowing open discussion ... It can only be because they are afraid of the truth."

Now here's one for the Ministry of Truth:

Last month the Treblinka Camp in Poland where it is alleged that during WWII 870,000 Jews were systematically gassed, cremated and buried, was thoroughly examined by Ground Penetrating Radar which clearly shows earth characteristics to a depth of 3-5 metres.

It is said that Treblinka Camp was the size of a football field. Sydney Olympic Stadium can hold 120.000 people, so mass graves for 870,000 persons would have been very difficult not to detect. The GPR examinination of the camp and comparative readings on plowed fields and farms detected no changes or differences in soil type, and no evidence of buildings, footings, drainage and water systems, or left-over garbage ever having existed.

If 870.000 people had been cremated using dry wood as fuel -- bearing in mind that in India it takes 1/2 a tonne of dry wood and 3-4 hours to cremate one body to ash -- cremating 870.000 bodies would have required some 435,000 tonnes of dry wood. Residual ash from the bodies, once the larger bones (which will NOT cremate) have been crushed, would weigh 870 tonnes -- excluding the ash from 435,000 tonnes of burned wood.

Thousands of tonnes of evidence has disappeared without trace from the eye of computerised radar but "Mum's" the word at Germany's "Jewdicial" system while Israel, a non-existant state at the time of WWII, extorts billions in reparation for what is surely the greatest psyop of all time. Meanwhile, at the Ministry of Truth in Germany and in Australia, cowards take time off for "two-minutes Hate," to shout curses at the enemies of Big Brother . . . and the friends of Jesus Christ, Messiah.


WORLD WAR III & The "Fully-Informed" Clueless

-- Who are told so much, and know so little --

"I don't know much about it, and I don't really care. It is too difficult a subject, I have never been really interested-in . . . or understood it."

When confronted with the clear evidence of the attack upon the principles upon which human life depends, the disintegration of civilization, and the current misery of human existence, most people withdraw from thought, with the speed of a turtle withdrawing its head into the shell.

It is not really surprising, since the 'average person' spends almost 8 hours per day under the influence of various kinds of electronic media. In itself this could be enrichment, if it were not for the content of most of this media time: the electronic triviality, titillation, sadism, violence, disassociation, dehumanization, and the video-game programming to "point and shoot", which transforms youngsters into efficient random killers and assassins.

A few decades ago, Adorno, the infamous researcher of media programming and mass psychology, summed it up: "Control what they do in their 'leisure' time, and you control what they think or whether they will be able to think at all". 'Leisure' therefore has become in reality, time spent, and work done, by the 'viewers', 'listeners', and video-game players, in programming themselves for the purposes of the 'establishment'.

The Myth of 'Human Rights and Saving Lives'

It turned out that way in the Kosovo crisis. The media consistently displayed the Serbs as the aggressors, torturers and ethnic cleansers. It censored out the fact that the Albanian narcotics mafia had directed such ferocious attacks against 'ethnic' Serb-Kosovar civilian targets that in the erstwhile peaceful community, 'ethnic' Serbs were set against 'ethnic' Albanians. The media censorship excluded the fact that NATO's 900 bombing runs on Kosovo destroyed the city, and so NATO effectively placed Kosovo under the Albanian drug-cartel's control.

(UN "Peace-keeping Forces" in Kosovo are still searching for "tens of thousands of Albanians" allegedly murdered by the Serbs as in East Timor they are still seeking evidence of "hundreds of East Timorese" slaughtered, and in Germany, Poland and Czechslovakia fifty-years later they are still trying to find evidence for six million gassed and cremated Jews -- having found no evidence of the six million Germany is said to have gassed and cremated in World War I. War-time propaganda is a lie. Why do they lie)?

A similar reaction to the East Timor situation was created within the mind of the 'average' Australian: "The Indonesians are massacring the East Timorese". Has the 'average' Australian heard of Felantil (the armed wing of Fretelin) attacks on East Timorese? Or, that the UK Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, openly declared that the UK, for the past two years, has been actively engaged in Timorese 'independence?' Or, that Martin Palmer, Prince Phillip's 'adviser', recently joked: "Perfidious Albion is alive and kicking, the British Foreign Office has a certain agenda, which is continued divide and rule". Is it not curious that the media have called (Australian Prime Minister) John Howard the 'US deputy', when the US declined to send combat forces to Timor?

Obviously Howard is being ordered into Timor by London, to capture the island for British fossil fuel interests. The global cabal is supremely confident that the 'people' of this world are completely under the control of their media; they 'think' what they are programmed to 'think', which is not 'thought' at all, but a computer-like "garbage in and garbage out" product.

In line with this 'divide and rule' agenda of 'perfidious Albion', is the division of Colombia in a beleaguered nation and FARC -- or ELN-held narco-territory. From this narco-territory the narco-terrorists make attacks upon the Colombian, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, and Chilean nations. The Colombian government, under pressure of the narcotics cartels, global finance and its media, withholds funding from the military and the police such that institutions for law and order are under constant the attack of 'Human Rights Watch', an NGO funded by narco-dollars, and supported by the media of the 'establishment', dependent on narco-dollars.

And where are the narco-dollars laundered? London, the capital of finance, where, if we are to believe UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, 'it all happens'! Kosovo is also part of that coherent 'divide and rule' agenda, aimed at destroying the nation state, so are the terrorist attacks in the 'Transcaucasus and in Russia, the encroachment of the Taliban into Afghanistan and Central Asia, the Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) operations in Kashmir, and the UK interference (according to Robin Cook) in East Timor for the past two years. Coherent interference aimed at destroying the nation-state and capturing mineral and energy resources for the Empire, (Albion), which according to Martin Palmer, is "still alive and kicking!"

The crises in Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan ISI, Kashmir, and Colombia all are funded by narcotics traffic; global terrorism depends on the narco-dollars laundered through the 'capital of finance' and its subsidiaries.

We should not really be shocked to learn that the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange (literally) hugged the leader of Colombian FARC.

What does come as a surprise however, is that Robin Cook actually admitted fomenting the Timor crisis over a two year period, prior to the invasion of Timor by 'peace' keepers, and that Martin Palmer openly joked about 'Perfidious Albion' and a 'continuing agenda of divide and rule'.

It also is no secret that the UK's 'aid workers' have been heavily involved in the nations of the Transcaucasus, and that the Taliban and Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence are London's assets. The global cabal is gambling heavily; they have a surfeit of "chips" with which to play the 'game' of geopolitics. The chips however, are people -- you and I.

A Motive for World War III

The Russians are acutely aware of this 'global imperial activity'; they see the Transcuacasus, and Central Asian assaults, as variants of Kosovo; they foresee the likelihood of a NATO attack on Russia. Hence the warning by the Russian military, that Russia will have 10,000 low yield 'tactical, non-strategic' nuclear weapons for its defences against NATO. What is the motive for all this war-mongering and driving Russia and China with their backs against the wall?

The financial system is creating mountains of debt, the pressure of debt is used to impose conditions which destroy the means for nations to repay the debt; that is, it is creating bankruptcies, and consequently the system itself will be bankrupted and left holding the unrepayable debts. A bankruptcy of the global financial system, must be aimed at causing an indescribable chaos, during which, it is believed, the 'owners' of the strategic commodities expect to be able to grasp complete control over the world; provided that NATO has the military power to defend such 'ownership'. NATO has failed in Iraq and Yugoslavia, despite its destructive actions, and Russia is finally calling NATO's bluff.

Dysfunctional Finance and 'Transparency'

The media keep this from us and maintain that this terrorism is a movement for 'independence'. They also tell us that our economics are 'booming', when the reality is a 'bubble' about to burst and collapse. In an economy described as 'fundamentally sound', the assumption is that the increases in asset values 'create wealth'. That the stock market is an 'amazing wealth-creating machine', (provided the US Federal Reserve keeps the printing presses running to inflate the stock market). The so-called 'boom' is the 'expansion' (inflation) of the 'financial bubble". In reality the productive economy is contracting; orders for equipment and machinery are down by as much as 50%.

Every sane person realizes that increases in stock prices do not 'create wealth' -- over the decade, total US share values rose from $3-$16 trillion. Even Alan Greenspan, instrumental in causing the 'bubble', calls it 'irrational exuberance'. Psychiatrists, refer to it as 'stock-market gambling-psychosis', and are actually treating patients for this mental condition. Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt did not mince his words, when he editorialized that the Wall Street boom was 'based on actions by psychopaths'.

While the media trumpets 'sound economic fundamentals'. A check on reality reveals that the 'economic bubble-boom' is based on an 'explosion in debt', not 'wealth-creation'; collapsing infrastructure is demolished and sold as scrap, all output shows a 'contracting productive sector'. Any infrastructure which is still working is privatized to produce an income stream for the financial sector. This further destroys our capacity to repay debt. US debt is averaged at some $230,000 per household, with falling incomes and debt still rising. Meanwhile, privatized train and plane crashes are killing commuters and travelers. Maintenance, research and development personnel are sacked, 'private' enterprise accountants maximize income flows and actuaries set 'acceptable' casualty rates rather than maximizing service and safety for clients.

The irrational exuberance of the stock market creates a 'virtual reality' of 'wealth' and 'fundamentally sound economics'; that is, provided one is under the influence of the media and has lost the ability to think.

Pope John Paul II spoke of the dysfunctional level of financial 'transactions' (gambling). $150 to $200 is gambled in financial paper for every $1 trade in goods. ]'he exact figure is not known, statistics are carefully programmed to hide the truth. This is the globalized banking system's standard of 'transparency'. Yet the global financial system demands 'transparency' from nations. 'Open economies' are strictly a one-way system.

Robbers will also demand 'transparency' from their victims: "where have you hidden your cash and valuables"; we are expected to 'open our economies' for the purpose of being robbed by the financial cabal.

The 'Free' Market Lullaby and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

We are lulled to sleep by 'free' market lullabies such as: "in a free market, the true value of assets is accurately established by the actions of investors. If an asset is overvalued, investors will stay away, causing prices to drop; if an asset is undervalued, investors will buy, causing prices to rise". Dream on!

The reality is that the 'free markets' are not free, but tightly controlled. Recently, we have been made acutely aware of their use as weapons of mass destruction against nations, which had foolishly 'opened their economies' in the hope of attracting 'growth' and 'development'.

In 1992 the 'markets' robbed the European central banks to rescue the US financial system, the 'markets' generated the 1997 Asian crisis and robbed Asia to replenish the bankrupt banks of Europe and the US. The 'free' market gives freedom to the insiders to rob economies. 20 million unemployed in Europe, 20 million dead in Russia, lbero-America staggering from crisis to crisis, starving Asians and war-torn Africa (where fifty percent of children are born HIV+), are the victims of the 'free' market, the freedom of the robber barons.

The reality of the 'true value of assets', is the Dow Jones at a 'psychotic' 11,000, (yet in the 1990s it takes 2.5 jobs to support a family -- the most valuable asset in any economy) and debts are dragging households into bankruptcy. The 'markets' are a global casino, the profits are raked in by the owners of the casino, the insiders. The punters are divided into two categories: the gangs of robbers and the suckers. So what is the reality of 'investors'?

True 'Investors' are a different breed; they can see an advantage in turning a commodity into a higher usefulness; a true profit all round. A manufacturing plant may not make a financial profit, but if it turns out a useful product, it is productive, and the economy profits from its products. It should not matter what psychotic Wall Street thinks of its 'value'.

Farming on average is not a profitable enterprise. Where would we be if Wall Street had its way and closed down farming since it is just not allowed to be 'competitive' (i.e. make a profit)'? Should we allow BHP to close its steel production plant, because it is not allowed to make a financial 'profit'?

What will it profit the national economy to have more unemployed, and to have to go further into debt to buy steel overseas. 'Competitive' is relative, it is not a simple matter of price, it is the multi-faceted domain of competence that counts. To impose financial conditions which render the economy incompetent is a certain road to destruction. What is needed is competence, not scoring in mad 'competition', based on jargon and catch phrases.

The 'markets' like unemployment, and dislike full employment, rising production and rising standards of living. They hate what is good and like what is bad for society. In one word, the 'markets' are psychotic. There exists this psychotic need for control, a fear of 'the people' -- paranoia.

The motive behind the fomenting of civil wars in Africa, creating conditions for the explosion of diseases and AIDS, the mergers of cartels into global monsters, taking in energy, water, mineral raw materials, food growing and processing, telecommunications, drugs, (legal as well as illegal), is born in the desire to take total control of the world, when the bubble breaks. In controlling the media, the cabal believes we will do the fighting, (dying rather), to protect their Empire.

The question is, can we, resource-wise? Even if we were to be so foolish, as were the Australian Unions, falling for the 'human rights and saving human lives' rhetoric, and backing Howard on Timor against beleaguered Indonesia! Howard -- who has vowed to destroy the unions!

More Financial Manipulation

In 1970, a 4-Wheel Drive could be had for 150 sheep at $20 a head. In 1999, around 1500 head of sheep are needed to pay for such a vehicle. The costs of running the farm have risen, the return has dropped. Farmers can only 'get by', by not doing the things they should be doing; fencing, fertilizing, buying a new tractor, truck, shed, employing labor ... They are taking on work off-the-farm, to survive; farmers can not make a living out of farming, let alone a profit to maintain farm infrastructure.

The prices of food would not rise if the farmer received a reasonable return: food processors control prices. But by forcing down the return farmers receive for their produce, the price of farming land is being forced down, ready to be taken over at minimal 'compensation' when the crash comes and foreclosures become 'inevitable'.

The Psychopaths are In Control

We are dealing with psychotics who want to control the world, reduce the world's population to a few hundred million, with a handful of 'initiates' ('educated' administrators), to run a cosy, nepotistic, crony-capitalistic world.

The world, despite all the manipulation and insider activity, is moving beyond the control of the cabal. India has revealed its breakthrough in directed energy beam weapons, and China has maintained its own national scientific frontier in viable, nuclear-fusion research, while the 'free-market' US has 'thrown in the fusion towel'! Developing nations are drawing ahead in bio-technology ...

The closing down of local milk processing plants, abattoirs, bakeries and horticulture is a financial attack on regional prosperity, and a bar to keeping the wealth within the community which produces it.

Local fresh food is so important to health. But Health is under attack! Drugs are being pushed while milk, cream, butter, and meat are demonized as "bad" for you. Yet the increase in consumption of synthetic fats in margarine and 'vegetable shortenings', and food chemicals has caused epidemics of heart disease, cancer and diabetes...

Low farm-product prices are blamed on farmers 'overproducing'; why then make synthetic fats, flavorings, and other chemicals to mix with 'food'; and why are so many people of our world starving and dying of hunger?

The 'agenda' is working splendidly, it is an "efficient" way of killing people; they are without a clue, foolish enough to contribute to their own death, without realizing that, with a little thought, they could be living the 'good life', a really good life!

Is farming just a lifestyle going out of fashion, and will the 'markets' somehow provide the 'food'? Going by the synthetics and the genetically manipulated substances which are sold as 'food', how long will the human race continue to be human? That is, of course, the plan of our masters, to create clueless, unthinking, conditioned sub-humans.

They call it progress -- 'reform', 'liberalization', 'free markets', 'deregulation', 'decriminalization', 'globalization', 'open economies'. In essence, 'open economies' are 'open to robbery'. The thieves are allowed to steal the wealth from productive enterprise. As productive capacities are bankrupted, the economy becomes less and less able to provide for those who work in what remains of the productive economy.

The infrastructure (water, sewage, railways, roads, schools, hospitals, research ... is no longer adequately maintained; it is allowed to collapse, be closed, sold for scrap, or privatized at disposal sales to the thieves who have been allowed to steal the funds from the national economy, to 'pay' for the national public property. It is exploited for creating a short term 'income stream', by sacking the skilled maintenance, research and development staff. When the utility collapses then the government (taxpayers) must step in to nationalize the remains for the purpose of rebuilding it. 'Of course' the 'owners' must receive compensation from the taxpayers for their 'private' property obtained by theft!

The masses are being fed the line that 'farmers and process workers are really not needed; everything a body needs will be provided by the 'markets' and can be bought in the shopping malls; it is made much cheaper overseas'. Most people can no longer think at all, because their brains are full of electronic media garbage: triviality, titillation, sadism, violence, disassociation, dehumanization, and video-game programming to "point and shoot".

They move in a dream of 'virtual reality', cannot wrap their minds around the concept that an economy is collapsing, when it is no longer producing, but is in fact cannibalizing wealth, when it 'unemploys', and reduces skilled personnel to 'service jobs', when it allows financial thieving on an unprecedented scale. The share (returns) from that contracting economy, to the productive workers in what remains of farming, industry, technology and science, and to the consumers, is getting smaller and smaller. Thus husband and wife must work, and preferably 'junior' must also get a part-time job. 2.5 jobs to keep the family!

Moving Up On the Scale of Insanity

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax to be imposed on consumption. A 'fine' instrument for controlling individual enterprise; hobbling the individual while freeing up large corporations, with the power to extract exorbitant profits at the expense of human lives! The new tax policy is not aimed at creating wealth, but directed at lifting more 'money' from the people, creating more unemployment (20 million to date in Europe), and poverty.

Australia's Republic or Monarchy Referendum had nothing to do with 'independence', it is a cover for 'reforming' the Australian Constitution to provide 'legal' backing for global corporate looting and pillaging, a parallel to the 'legal' backing for Hitler's actions.

The dulled media addict subsides before the TV, and shrugs: "WacanIdo?!" An avalanche of letters to Parliament or Congress would soon change the politician's minds. The clueless, tired minds subside before the screens instead.

Urban sprawl also 'made money'; by extracting it from the many for the few, the economy became the poorer. Instead of reasonable city planning, creating livable urban environments, we got 'sprawl', 'shopping malls', and 'commuting'; adding 'pollution' and eight or 'more hours' to the working week plus and late-night shopping, because we all have to put in a working day. We are conditioned to think of "housewives as 'parasites' -- never mind juvenile delinquency, crime and suicide!"

In the 1960s, efficient home deliveries took care of the hours now wasted by the many, in wandering through the shopping malls, to find the few items needed among the confusion of tempting garbage.

In an economy 'which isn't working', we cannot afford such luxuries as family life, fast transit commuting and home deliveries, besides, we are all at work and no one is home to receive home deliveries. This an environment for breeding burglars coupled with the need for 2.5 jobs to support the family 'adequately'.

The 1960s weren't perfect, but we were looking forward to great improvements, instead poverty has increased. Why? Because each time genuine reformers arose, they were assassinated.

Lest we forget: JF Kennedy, Aldo Moro, Enrico Mattei, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, Olaf Palme, Herrhausen . . .

We Reap the Plagues as the Global Economy Collapses

Tuberculosis has infected one in three people in our world, it is entering into the 'developed' world in the form of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis. Public health spraying was discontinued in New York, now mosquito-born encephalitis is killing people. The UK papers are full of meningitis and E-Coli cases ... How has this economic collapse come about?

An economy is a domain of cultural, productive, monetary, and financial processes inter-connected in a multiple of ways. If you make changes to one process its connection to the other processes induces a change in them as well.

The first attack came on the 'lynch pin', the cultural processes and institutions; the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll post-industrial model for society; where law, regulation and order, science and technology were portrayed as the enemy, instead of the protectors of people.

The second attack came at the monetary system, the abandonment of the gold standard and the 'floating' of currencies.

The third and major attack came on the financial system -- progressive deregulation, liberalization, off-shore banking, globalization, financial derivative paper.

The fourth stage of the attack was the collapse, as a result of financial attacks, of the productive capacities of nations during the late 1970s, the 1980s, and again in 1997. Always remembering that, without the changes in cultural, monetary and financial processes, the productive sector would not have been allowed to collapse.

Interest rates were widely used, we were told to stop 'economies from overheating', in fact we were talked out of: full employment, greater productivity, and rising living standards. The majority fell for the jargon. As their minds were filled with media garbage, there was no room left for thought. This is where the media are such a great danger, for the mind is dulled with garbage and becomes tired, too tired to care any longer. The retort "I don't know anything about that, and I don't really care" is the last gasp of a mind exhausted by carrying around all that 'information' garbage.

A False and a True Revolution

The French Revolution, (brainchild of London's Lord Shellbourne), was aimed not at the 'nobility' but at the scientists and technologists, whose influence had sparked a genuine revolution in the Americas. The building and modifying of machines which apply 'new physical principles' has increased the power and efficiency of labor by factors of hundreds. National governments have been instrumental in protecting such innovation from the destructive power of 'free' (manipulative insider) markets. Nations through history have mobilized economies, Colbert, Leibniz, Hamilton, List, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Abbs .... The 'free' market is the epitome of economic demobilization!

It is a cultural process, the fostering of revolutionary discovery of new physical principles. An environment of fine art and music, of creative thought, of minds not numbed by destructive media conditioning, really free to pursue the succession of machine-tool designs, each with more power to increase productivity.

The Indian Kali 5000 is not just a military defence weapon, it is also a productive capacity of great application in industry. Nuclear fusion technology promises unlimited, clean and cheap energy, but it needs a culture in which revolutionary ideas are allowed to shape the mind of the members of the labor force, maximizing the cognitive ability and skill levels.

This is why the controlled establishment media are so destructive, turning civilized communities into hordes of easily swayed barbarians prepared to destroy, loot and pillage other nations. Iraq, Yugoslavia, then again Iraq; looting Russia, Central Asia, South East Asia, lbero-America, and the devastation which is Africa, and now Timor, under the cover of "human rights" and "saving lives"!

It is the cultural aspect of the multi-connected economic domain which is crucial. Freedom of expression is not an entitlement to shout FIRE in a crowded hall, when there is no fire, nor to call for the destruction of fellow human beings in 'song' or on the Internet. 'Freedom' does not entitle a person to sell him/herself, and those coming after, into slavery. 'Freedom' and 'democracy' does not entitle the IMF to en debt a nation, on the condition that the nation eliminates the means whereby its economy is maintained and the debt can be repaid.

It is time therefore to take a hard look at the 'freedoms' we have allowed our oppressors to take for themselves.

And, it is high time that we stop complaining about the IMF, but instead, move 'en masse' to indict the IMF for Crimes Against Humanity, before an international tribunal composed of sovereign nations.

Withholding Growth and Development

Nations are denied the very principle required to develop. Deliberate scrapping of productive industries on the fallacious grounds that they are financially uncompetitive, collapses the economy as was done not only in Russia, lbero-America and Africa, but also in the 'developed' nations (Australia, US, the UK... ). Slave labor may be considered cheaper but the nations involved, the exploiters and the exploited, are being condemned to death!

The financial 'bubble' is the 'dustbag' of the speculation 'vacuum cleaner', it sucks the 'gain' out of production. There was 40 years of lead time:

  1. The Rock-drugs-sex-post-industrial model,
  2. Floating exchange rates (de-monetization of bullion),
  3. Interest Rate hikes,
  4. Financial Derivative Paper. The third stage was Volcker's model of "Controlled Disintegration of the Economy", proposed in 1978 in Leeds, England. In 1979 he was made Federal Reserve Board Chairman.

Soon highly valued and skilled technicians and engineers were driving cabs, or became unemployed (disoriented, alcoholics, drug addicts). Twenty years later industry cannot get new workers with those skills; poor education and media disassociation has seen to that!

There was an even longer lead time for the destruction of Russia: The early 19th Century new synthetic 'economic' theory of Marxism, funded by the UK establishment figure Engels, in cooperation with the most cunning brains of the Foreign Office.

Destruction by the "Fire" Paradigm

Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (FIRE) is burning up economies, with 200 FIRE 'stokers' at work for every one technical industrial worker. The FIRE-workers cannot sell productive property, only speculative property can be sold for high commissions; it takes a considerable amount of money to buy the propaganda for inflating the value of such property. That it can lose 90% of its 'value' in the coming crash, does not appear to concern anybody. One consolation may be that real productive property may once again resume its place in the economy.

Frightening statistics in decline of farm machinery sales, indicate that food production is in the firing line. A combine harvester, which in the 60s cost 2,000 bushels of hard wheat, now costs almost 60,000 bushels! The food processors do not lose by it, only the farmer, the basic food producer is being sent broke. Really productive land (capacities) is being 'given' away for pittances!

The Self-financing National Credit Facilities for Reconstruction

We are asked by our oppressors: "Where is the 'money' to come from for economic expansion'?" Our answers should be ready: "Economic expansion creates its own wealth as FDR showed the world in 1933, and as Germany and Japan proved after being flattened in WWII."

So, who are the people who are stopping development corridors, magnetic-levitation, clean, safe, cheap nuclear power? Recent history has made it plain: Global manipulators, using insider trading in financial paper, to covertly transfer funds anywhere; destabilization, assassinations, or civil war is employed in their evil schemes.

The Will to Survive -- The Survivors

Science and technology is still being fostered in nations under attack. Russia has realized it has been taken-in by the Western financial manipulators, China saw it coming, India has mouthed 'globalization' but maintained financial constraints.

It is for this reason the global cabal is pulling out all stops to produce a World War III. Its paranoia is rising to unprecedented levels in face of the clear realization by China and other nations, that courage, and far-sighted leadership, are critical ingredients for the revival of scientific and technological advances in the production of true prosperity. The scientific and technological design principle, has been since the Renaissance, and still is THE source of long-term economic expansion, full creative employment, and rising living standards.

Now, it is too late for any reforms or revivals. We are at the end of the Gentile dispensation and the world is falling apart. (Willem Lankhorst writes for The Strategy and produces his own monthly newsletter, Perspective). nl097.htm

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