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We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship. A special welcome to our new subscribers.

Brother Branham, the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7, called democracy "all sails and no anchor". And for good reason. By means of the Two Party System and the root of all evil, the Money-Power now control both sides of politics, world-wide, and transformed "democracies" into elected dictatorships.

Government, any government should by rights have NO RIGHTS beyond the dedicated commitment to the common wealth of the population who empower it to fulfill this purpose and ensure the general security of the nation. The built-in obsolescence of our Western pseudo-democracies is at last being realized. The ancient masters are "calling-in the chips" for the millennium end-game being played-out by the hereditary oligarches who will shortly "receive power as kings one hour with the beast" . . . after which their controller will destroy all religions.

Without economic independence there can be no political independence and without political independence there can be no religious independence. Long before Amschel Mayer Rothschild, Jewish usurers had adopted the slogan, "Let us issue and control the money of a nation and we care not who makes its laws".

Having advised and facilitated the whole world into their debt, the Money-Power persuaded the nations to exchange debt for equity. Essential public utilities and national resources whose costs were socialised have now had future profits and asset value privatised. Through their United Nations they will tax even rainfall.

The whole world is captive. All nations are impoverished, having have traded national assets for worthless paper promissory notes guaranteed by nothing more than "confidence" which nowadays is psychology backed by nothing. The world's stock exchanges are inflated by about 600%. External debt has increased and can not be reduced because we no longer own our national resources or the means of production.

Whilst the stock exchange indices have risen, real productivity in physical goods and services world-wide has diminished dramatically. Many companies that were the basis of the industrial indices are no longer producers but traders and financiers or have been replaced by service companies like Microsoft and IBM that produce little real physical wealth. Thus the industrial indices are an illusion, and stock prices an unsustainable bubble set to burst when the Money-Power have all of their plans in place.

Statistics on GDP are equally deceptive, being based on the turnover of service industries that produce no physical wealth. We are living under a delusion, our future well-being is an illusion. The world money system must fail: soon. And not by accident: by design.

"Money was only ever meant to be a token to simplify the exchange of goods and services between people. It has no intrinsic value in itself. Think of it as a Monopoly game. The players may use money in the game, but the winner is the one who ends up with all the assets" (One Man Banned - Sawyer/Wilshire p37).

Make certain your assets are heavenly treasures money can't buy. Secure where no man can tax or take them, and your loans without usury by grace through faith. Because the day of reckoning is at hand. But until the collapse, YOU will pay for the bad debts of the privately-owned banking system with your taxes to keep the money system inflated and afloat.

A trap has been set for the world. A deception more deadly than Death itself. The Enemy has made the Jew's communism, capitalism and usury so abhorrent that in the time of collapse an alternative will be offered, and everyone on earth whose name is not written in the Lamb's Book of Life, or the non-elect, will be deceived (Revelation 13). The world will surrender their very souls to embrace it.

This trap is the Roman Catholic church and the (once) Protestant churches that will be united under Rome. Already they are uniting. The denominations are as one with the "great whore." Voices of support come from such diverse quarters as communist bishop, Desmond Tutu, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dr. Martin Luther King (posthumously), Billy Graham, John Kenneth Galbraith, Pat Robertson, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Muhammad Ali, the singer Bono, and I expect Elvis Presley will be included as another posthumous supporter. Then there are Trades Unions, women's groups, NGO's, churches, synagogues, Muslim organizations, etc.,)

The name of this trap is "Jubilee 2000". It is falsely postulated on the Jubilee year of Leviticus 25 which we discussed briefly in last week's Newsletter. Daniel and Jesus foretold how Rome would make an arrangement with the self-styled Jews. And as Brother Branham explained, this agreement will be a means whereby the world money system, banking and economy would be refinanced.

Daniel foretold how after the close of the Gentile dispensation, through cunning policy and flattery, Rome will deceive the self-styled and corrupt Jews. And Jubilee 2000 is the tool that will unite men of good will with men who love money.

If I owe the bank $100,000.00, I'm in trouble. But if I owe the bank $100 million then the bank is in trouble. The Third World countries are trillions of dollars in debt with annual payments 200% and more than annual GDP. The banks are in big trouble because unless they agree to Jubilee 2000 by June 30, 2000, communist murderer Nelson Mandela has given them an ultimatum that the Third World Nations will ALL impose a moratorium on repayment or principal and interest. This will break the banks and world economy. The banks need a mediator, and the Roman church has made an offer they will not be able to refuse.

Rome's proposal sounds like mother and apple pie. So sweet!

Jubilee 2000 "There is also a need to create a new culture of international solidarity and cooperation, where all — particularly the wealthy nations and the private sector — accept responsibility for an economic model which serves everyone. There should be no more postponement of the time when the poor Lazarus can sit beside the rich man to share the same banquet and be forced no more to feed on the scraps that fall from the table . . ."

". . . the Jubilee indulgence also can be applied in suffrage to the souls of the deceased: (like Dr. Martin Luther King and Elvis Presley??? AG-S) such an offering constitutes an outstanding act of supernatural charity, in virtue of the bond which, in the Mystical Body of Christ, unites the faithful still on pilgrimage here below and those who have already ended their earthly journey. Then too, the rule that a plenary indulgence can be gained only once a day remains in force during the entire Jubilee year."

"The USA Campaign grew out of a project of the Religious Working Group on the World Bank and the IMF, a coalition composed of representatives of some forty Catholic and Protestant organizations who have been collaborating on debt relief for several years. The Campaign collaborates with the U.S. Catholic Conference and the National Council of Churches (the US subsidiary of the communistic World Council of Churches), and hopes to have similar working relationships with members of the Muslim and Jewish communities."

Here is their "Platform":-

The Biblical tradition calls for a Jubilee year, when slaves are set free and debts cancelled. As the new millennium approaches, we are faced with a particularly significant time for such a Jubilee. Many impoverished countries carry such high levels of debt that economic development is stifled and scarce resources are diverted from health care, education, and other socially beneficial programs to make debt service payments. Much of the debt they carry is the result of ill-conceived development, flawed policies that creditors required of recipient countries in exchange for assistance, and shortsighted decisions of their own leaders. Much of the borrowing benefited only elites in receiving countries, whereas the burden of paying the debt is falling upon the most impoverished members of society.

Recognizing that many of these debts are unpayable and exact a great social and environmental toll, the Jubilee 2000/USA Campaign calls for a time of Jubilee and cancellation of debt that includes:

1. definitive cancellation of the crushing international debt in situations where countries burdened with high levels of human need and environmental distress are unable to meet the basic needs of their people or achieve a level of sustainable development that ensures a decent quality of life;

2. definitive debt cancellation that benefits ordinary people and facilitates their participation in the process of determining the scope, timing and conditions of debt relief, as well as the future direction and priorities of their national and local economies;

3. definitive debt cancellation that is not conditioned on policy reforms that perpetuate or deepen poverty or environmental degradation;

4. acknowledgment of responsibility by both lenders and borrowers, and action to recover resources that were diverted to corrupt regimes, institutions, and individuals;

5. establishment of a transparent and participatory process to develop mechanisms to monitor international monetary flows and prevent recurring destructive cycles of indebtedness.

Who picks up the tab?

"Governments of the wealthiest nations, including the US. They can provide financial resources to international agencies like the IMF and the World Bank and direct that the funds be used to write off poor countries' debts. They should require, however, that the debt be cancelled in a way that benefits ordinary people and without conditions that lead to more poverty and environmental destruction."

That's what I thought. No Jewish banker will wipe out usury at cost of losing his own profits on the non-existent money he has loaned. So the burden of forgiving the bad debts of these privately-owned Jewish banking houses will be met by the pockets of the PAYE Gentile taxpayer in the (once) Christian West.

Once again we see the profits are privatised whilst the losses and responsibility for these (intentionally) disastrous decisions are socialised.

Whilst you are able to heed the call, "Come out of Babylon that you partake not of her sin and that you receive not of her plagues". And come into Christ.

This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony

Yeltsin warns world: 'we have the bomb'

In his book, Coningsby, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli wrote, "Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand . . . "

The Jewish Encyclopaedia describes this book as "an ideal portrait" of the Rothschild empire. Disraeli characterised Nathan Rothschild (in conjunction with his four brothers) as "the lord and master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually lord and master of everything else. He literally held the revenues of southern Italy in pawn, and monarchs and ministers of all countries courted his advice and were guided by his suggestions."

Nothing has changed in the succeeding years. Only has Rothschild's grip has become more firm and their master plan for one world government much closer to fruition wherein the Vatican will assume that absolute power, following a brief World War III. Then "the hidden hand" propose to destroy the Vatican and ALL religion by a final revolution between the communists, nihilists and atheists, that will establish the final phase of Lucifer's absolute control. Unbeknownst to them, this revolution will translate into Armageddon and will destroy ALL life on earth.

1999 has witnessed a startling development in the plans of those who would rule the world. As mentioned in an earlier Newsletter, the world is moving from grace to Law which is Divine Judgment of an all-encompassing, all powerful God; this is typed in the natural realm by a supernational agency called the UN, which defines the rule of law, then employs overwhelming force to impose its will upon the internal affairs of a nation that has no means to resist. This is in actual fact the "mystery of lawlessness" prophesied by Paul in II Thessalonians 2:6.

This financial and military imperialism of the Big Powers via the UN is returning the world to feudalism. Nations that resist these demands of globalism (which is communism and national rape) are reminded: what happened to Iraq can happen to them. The recalcitrants wilt at the thought of fire coming down from heaven.

1999 saw the unjustified Western aggression against (resource-rich) Serbia and Indonesia, (the world's third most resource-wealthy nation), a continuation of the genocidal embargo of Iraq which set the pattern for intrusive inspections of North Korea's alleged nuclear sites, and covert hostilities against other nations around the globe intended to provoke Russia (a nation with vast untapped resources of minerals, oil and gas) and China into war. Noticeable in the background of these and other provocations in places such as Dagestan, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and elsewhere are the International Bankers and the world's largest export business -- narcotics.

AAP, December 10 1999 -- Having won Chinese support for Russia's military campaign in Chechnya, Russian President Boris Yeltsin lashed out today at President Clinton, reminding Washington that Moscow still has a nuclear arsenal.

At a meeting with Li Peng, China's legislative chairman and the communist government's most hard-line leader, Yeltsin told reporters he wanted to send a message to Clinton, who this week criticised Russia for causing civilian casualties in Chechnya.

"It seems Mr Clinton has forgotten Russia is a great power that possesses a nuclear arsenal. We aren't afraid at all of Clinton's anti-Russian position," Yeltsin said.

"I want to tell President Clinton that he alone cannot dictate how the world should live, work and play. It is us who will dictate." For the full story.

Chinese Submarine Nukes will be able to Strike Anywhere in America

Washington, December 7, 1999: "China's new strategic submarine will be targeted against U.S. nuclear forces and carry missiles with small warheads similar to American weapons, The Washington Times reported.

The People's Liberation Army Navy will start construction in the next several weeks on its first Type 094 missile submarine which will carry a smaller underwater variant of China's new DF-31 intercontinental ballistic missile, which was flight-tested in August . . . `These missiles will be able to hit any place in the United States, not just the Western states,' said one official

. . . According to a congressional report on Chinese technology theft released earlier this year, the new Type 094 submarine will provide the People's Republic of China (PRC) with new strategic nuclear capabilities that will increase the threat to the United States -- 'Instead of venturing into the open ocean to attack the United States, the Type 094-class submarines could remain near PRC waters, protected by the PLA Navy and Air Force.'

The Cox committee report also said the submarines are part of a new Chinese nuclear strategy of developing weapons that are more `survivable' against U.S. nuclear missiles. The submarines provide such survivability because they are hard to detect.

In addition to the new missile submarines, China also is building a new attack submarine known as the Type O93 that will be equipped with underwater-fired cruise missiles." Full story

FBI spy 'fronts' for the ADL

Expert claims: Project Megiddo is domestic espionage network run amuck

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs leftist activist organizations to spy on Americans, most recently resulting in Project Megiddo -- which targets "right-wing" Christian-oriented groups and characterises many as potential terrorists -- according to a national expert on political fringe groups.

Project Megiddo report, which bears a striking resemblance to a similar report by the Anti-Defamation League, has been distributed to law enforcement agencies nationwide to alert police to the supposed dangers posed during the millennium transition by various religious and political groups, almost all of which are on the political right . . ."

Please read this entire article by David M. Bresnahan, an investigative journalist with It identifies "the hidden hand" that drafted the FBI's "Project Meggido" is the same "hidden hand" that drafted recent Australian Government legislation for censorship of the Internet, The Broadcasting Services (On-Line Services) Act, and the more recent ASIO Amendment Act which empowers the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization (ASIO) to hack into databases, change and share data with foreign criminal intelligence bodies, and even on-sell intelligence (;

Neurotoxic Symptoms In Chemical Warfare Casualties At Seattle WTO Meeting

Seattle, Dec 7, 1999 -- Direct Action Network Medical Collective members provided first aid and other care for thousands of casualties of chemical warfare during the Seattle WTO protests. Collective members identified a subset of casualties with symptoms consistent with exposure to neurotoxins which disrupt acetylcholine. Irritant agents do not explain the symptoms.The Direct Action Network Medical Collective was organized to provide first aid and other health services to activists and others (onlookers, media, residents, and anyone else requesting assistance) in Seattle for the WTO meeting last week. The Collective members provided care for literally hundreds of chemical warfare casualties on both November 30 and December 1; hundreds more have requested information and treatment in subsequent days. As one may imagine, Collective members have acquired extensive expertise in the recognition  and treatment of symptoms arising from exposure to pepper spray (OC) and "tear gases" (CS and CN). Individuals exposed to chemical weapons in the late afternoon and evening of December 1st at two locations -- downtown blocks adjacent to Pike Place Market and the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill evinced and reported a pattern of  symptoms which is inconsistent with the pattern of symptoms which may be ascribed to irritating agents. (By Kirk James Murphy, MD).

Click for the full story of what "the hidden hand" has done.

More on Police-generated violence at the Seattle WTO Meetings

Unabridged interview with Seattle MD, Richard DeAndrea, Medical Director of the Century Freeway Medical Center in Watts, Los Angeles, CA.

"What I saw up here was martial law. This turned into a police state. Everything you have seen on television regarding local news broadcasts including national public radio was a blackout. The police were using concussion grenades. They were using shooting tear gas canisters directly at protesters' faces. They were using rubber bullets. Some of the damage I saw from these rubber bullets took off part of a person's jaw, smashed teeth in their mouth. I saw the police arrest people who had their hands up in the air and were screaming, "we are peacefully protesting!". The amount of looting that took place was so minimal I don't even know where they got the footage from. I am saying this beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is a definite sign that American is heading towards a police state unless people start standing up for their rights as individuals. . ."

The Rising Sun of International Government

December 7, 1999 -- What Japan could not do by bombing Pearl Harbor, today's political and commercial elite are quietly accomplishing without a shot being fired. So successful is their attempt to globalise the economies and militaries of the world that many no longer bother to hide it.

In a speech on October 19 to the World Federalist Association, former CBS broadcaster Walter Cronkite is quoted by the Washington Times as saying, "It seems to many of us that if we are to avoid the eventual catastrophic world conflict we must strengthen the United Nations as a first step toward a world government patterned after our own government with a legislature, executive and judiciary, and police to enforce its international laws and keep the peace."

"To do that, of course, we Americans will have to give up some of our sovereignty."

"We cannot defer this responsibility to posterity. Time will not wait. Democracy, civilization itself, is at stake. Within the next few years we must change the basic structure of our global community from the present anarchic system to a new system governed by a democratic UN federation . . . Today, we must develop federal structures on a global level. We need a system of enforceable world law -- a democratic federal world government -- to deal with world problems."

Cronkite is not alone in his thinking. Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott is quoted by Time magazine in an essay titled "The Birth of the Global Nation" as saying that he is looking forward to government run by "one global authority."

Talbott went on to say, "Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority."

Plans for such international government are well under way. The Los Angeles Times just yesterday ran a story outlining the fact that the newly created European Union is currently developing a "rapid-reaction corps" comprised of some 50,000 -- 60,000 thousand troops under direct EU control.

The Times states, "The multinational force, roughly the size of three army divisions, would be on standby for deployment . . . It is not expected to function before 2003, but is already being hailed by some Europeans as the vanguard of an entirely unified military. . ."

On December 4, the Washington Times ran a report stating, "The United States has resigned itself to the eventual creation of a UN International Criminal Court to be modelled after war crimes tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. Even if the United States does not ratify the treaty, American citizens will be subject to arrest and trial as the treaty document is now drafted."

Add to this the fact that Secretary of Defense, William Cohen announced that on October 7 a new US Joint Forces Command became operational. This new command, which replaces the old US Atlantic Command, eviscerates the Posse Comitatus Act, which denied the use of federal forces against American civilians, and permanently establishes a new command unit charged with the responsibility of sending federal (and international?) forces against the American citizenry.

Secretary Cohen said, "The American people should not be concerned about it. They should welcome it."

If that isn't enough, Kofi Annan, secretary-general of the UN told the UN General Assembly just a few weeks ago that national borders will no longer be a deterrent to UN intervention. After watching NATO's aggression against the former Yugoslavia, it would seem Annan is not uttering idle threats.

Through the IMF, the World Bank, the under-construction World Financial Organization, so-called "free trade" agreements and organizations like NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, the much-touted "global economy" is fast becoming global government. The US Senate is even considering legislation to authorise a study considering the potential benefits of hiring police officers of other nations by federal law enforcement agencies, according to World Net Daily.

It seems clear to me that the presidential election next year will be more about American sovereignty and independence versus globalism and internationalism than any other single issue. Sadly, I find little significant difference on this issue between the establishment front runners of both parties.

Both Bush and Gore support NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, MFN for Red China, the entrance of China into the WTO, virtually all international trade deals, the IMF, the World Bank, adinfinitum. Neither candidate appears likely to stand against the UN and its desire to create a socialist New World Order. Our choice seems to be between a New World Order Republican and a New World Order Democrat. I choose neither.

I resent the two major parties' constant compromise of American sovereignty and independence. I refuse to vote for the "lesser of two evils" if I'm convinced the lesser evil is still going to lead my country further down the road to internationalism. (By Chuck Baldwin

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