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We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship in feedback.

If you read in last week's Newsletter 144 what we said about celestial bodies, also read the transcript of our Radio Broadcast, Do You Believe in Angels?. Considering Brother Branham here calls UFO's: "investigating judgment angels", and elsewhere, records how in their dying moments the saints often break into the sixth dimension and greet brethren long dead, it seems this dying world is also breaking into that realm.

There will be a melding between the three dimensions in which we live and the fifth dimension at the Seventh Trumpet, when Satan and his angels are cast out of heavenly places down to the Earth (Revelation 12:12). And about forty-days later, just before our translation, the resurrected Church Age saints will visibly appear to the end-time Bride.

This week we expand upon the subject of Newsletter 143, Four Cherubim and a Flaming Sword, to explain God's only provided place of worship: what it is, and what and where the blood of Christ's Atonement is today.

God bless you as you confirm everything here presented in your own Bible, and obey what It says do. . . Brother Anthony.

The Lunatics WANT a Religious War

"As a result of Clinton's horrific failure and the behavior of Barak, a religious war is in process of being unleashed right now in the Mideast" (US Presidential Candidate, Senator Lyndon LaRouche).

. . . because of his electoral pact with American right wing Zionist groups, in order to assure election victories for his wife Hillary and Al Gore . . .

Both the Palestinians and their Arab allies, and the Israelis. . . aware of the unique strategic situation, in which the American presidential elections are at the mercy of the ongoing financial crisis.

There is no doubt that Sharon's provocation (on the Temple Mount) was premeditated, and well co-ordinated on an international level.

Al Gore and George W. Bush are both pawns of the Wall Street political-financial establishment (the City of London - Ed).

"This is a time when shocking political and economic changes will hit, one after the other, like thunderclaps, faster and faster, relentlessly. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from this crisis, at the center of which is the greatest financial collapse. That is not a collapse which happen in the future. The collapse is happening, already now, and it is getting worse by the hour" (EIR Investigative Journalist Al Douglas).

There are indications that the recent so-called merger between J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan banks was in reality, a bail-out by Chase, due to J.P. Morgan's troubles with its derivatives portfolio.

The much-touted Asian "recovery" since 1998-99, remains an extremely fragile structure, built almost entirely upon exports to the United States. . . Once the financial bubble in the US pops, where will Asian exports go?
Full story: (The above quotes from the weekly Australian Alert Service, of the CEC of Australia).

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Russian Election Scrutineers?

MOSCOW (Agence France Presse) October 24, 2000 -- Nationalists in Russia's Duma have drafted a resolution demanding the right to observe the U.S. presidential elections, voicing "profound concern" they will be falsified, Interfax reported Tuesday.

Saddam Says US Close To Collapse

BAGHDAD AAP -- The United States is beginning to show signs of decline and will soon collapse, according to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein quoted in Monday's newspapers.

"America will collapse while at its peak. It will not weaken gradually," he said during a meeting with a Cuban MP.

"The base of the American state is not solid, which makes the construction built on this base no longer solid. The period between the start of the fall from the peak and collapse will be short," Saddam said, adding that he had noticed "signs of the start of decline".

"The Americans do not understand the peoples of the world since they are only interested in amassing money without caring about the psychology of the peoples, as capitalism demands people are seen only as numbers."

According to the Iraqi leader, US society is "divided, being in part liberal to the point of shamelessness and in part restrained by its own culture. That is why America will not resist a great shock". (Has Mr. Hussein has been reading his Bible?? - Ed).
Full story:

Under the Blood

When Paul wrote, "to the saints who are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Christ Jesus" (Ephesians 1:1), he was not writing to strangers and unbelievers but to saints already called out of the world and separated from sin by the baptism with the Holy Ghost. A believer can only worship in spirit and in truth when he is baptized into the Body, and knows which part of the Body-Word will be written by his life. We must recognize the Light Jesus is shining now, or our worship is vain. Without that revelation we will impersonate Word that has already been fulfilled by the Lutheran, Methodist or Pentecostal parts of the Body.

No man is entitled to worship God unless he is under the Blood (or in the Body of Christ). In the Old Testament, God told Moses to build a Tabernacle patterned after the vision revealed to him on mount Sinai. And no man was able to worship unless he came to that Tabernacle because that was where the atonement was made. God only meets man under the blood. Without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin, and no promise that prayer will be answered.

Although God is not willing that any should perish, we can only come to Him through His provided place of worship: where the Blood of the Covenant is now. Through that part of the Word which He promised He would fulfill today. As Jesus admonished the denominationals of His day, we must "discern the signs of the times" (Matthew 16:3).

Deuteronomy 16:2, 5-6, "You shall sacrifice the Passover to the Lord your God, of the flock and the herd, in the PLACE which the Lord shall choose to place His Name. . . You may not sacrifice the Passover within any of your gates, which the Lord God gives you: But at the place which He shall choose to place His Name" in this PRESENT dispensation or point of time.

God gave Israel forty-two different meeting places during their journey in the wilderness of Arabia following their exodus from Egyptian bondage. Forty-two different places of sacrifice. But He only received their worship in the place of His Presence which was under the blood of the Passover Lamb. The Ark with its Cherubim traveled with Israel in their wanderings. The movement of the Ark was described in Ezekiel 1:15-25. God's dwelling place was in the Tabernacle, wherever it was pitched. Later, Solomon built God a permanent house in Jerusalem.

When Adam forfeited his dominion to follow Eve over the time line and the Life line of God's Word and was expelled from the garden, God placed Cherubim and a Flaming Sword at the Eastern gate to guard the way to Eternal Life. Man could not partake of the Tree of Life and return to Eden except through the blood of a Kinsman Redeemer.

When John baptized Jesus in the river Jordan that Flaming Sword in the form of a dove, made Its home in the Body of Christ. The riven veil of His flesh opened the way Home for Adam and his elect sons. And like the blood painted on the door posts of the Hebrew homes at Passover, the evidence of the atonement was seven stripes of His Blood on the Mercy Seat which signified His mediation for the PART-Word saints through Seven Church Ages.

Christ's mediation ended in 1963 when the last saint predestinated to the Laodicean Church Age was redeemed. There is now no Blood on the Mercy Seat which has become the Judgment Seat. But the end-time Bride does not require a Mediator as the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth since the Seven Seals are revealed, and we have the Fullness of the Word. Therefore the Blood is not our evidence, the Life of Christ on display is the Token of our new birth.

The Light of the Gospel followed the sun from the East to the West accompanied by Cherubim bidding the elect, '"Come" to the Light for YOUR day' (Revelation 6:1-8; 22:17). The New Testament Church is born-again under the first Four Seals by receiving and becoming written epistles of the Thunder or Voice of God revealed in the Message of the "angel" sent to their Age.

The seven earthly angels were Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley, and Branham. When the Seventh Church Age of PART-Word ended, "Another mighty Angel came down from heaven, clothed with a Cloud (the Shekinah), and the rainbow (Sign of the Covenant) was upon His head" (I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 10:1). This is our Messenger, Christ, the Archangel or Angel of the Covenant. Our Message is the mystery of the Voices of all seven thunders: the fullness of the Word (Malachi 4:5-6; Acts 3:21; I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:4-7).

During his journey, Israel camped around the Tabernacle under the ensigns of four head Tribes, representing the four faces of the Cherubim. On the East, Judah and the armies he commanded, pitched by the ensign of a Lion. On the South side of the camp Ruben and the armies under his command pitched by the standard of a Man. On the West Ephraim and his armies by the standard of a Calf or Ox. And on the North, Dan and the armies under him by the standard of an Eagle. So no enemy or unbeliever could approach the place of the Presence unsanctioned by those guards.

Under the Gentile dispensation the way to the Tree of Life is also guarded by the Cherubim, represented not by troops but by the four Gospels directing us by faith to the Tree of Life, and Home. Before the Acts of the Holy Spirit can manifest in our lives we must pass through these guards to be born-again. As the Cherubim were always going forward which ever direction they faced, the Gospels advance in the Light Jesus is walking in now. They are all in agreement, facing the Tree of Life, and never return to where He was in the days of Luther, Wesley or Pentecost.

The Gospel of Matthew represents the Lion in the East, where the faith arose and was contested by the anti-Christ. Even the Lion of the Tribe of Judah lay down His Life to guard and sprinkle that Mercy Seat with His Blood. The nature of the Lion that anoints the Apostles who set the Church in order by the uncompromised Word, anointed the saints of Pentecost, Ephesus, Smyrna and Pergamos, who were all redeemed under the First Seal. Ephesus fell away from its first love, the Word, and Satan riding upon his white horse impersonating Christ, deceived the nominal church. He introduced the Babylonian Trinity in the Pergamos Age at the First Nicea Council of AD325. There he organized the Roman Catholic church and received a triple crown.

The Gospel of Mark represents the Ox in the West. A burden-bearer like your pastor, its nature anointed the saints of the Thyatira Church Age who were martyred when Satan, riding his red horse, killed all who refused the mark of the beast -- Rome's Trinity dogma and false water baptism in the Titles, "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." God redeemed the saints from the Dark Ages under the Second Seal.

The Gospel of Luke represents the wisdom of the Man-faced Cherub. His nature enabled the great teachers of the Sardis and Philadelphia Ages to expound the Word, expose Catholicism for the Babylonian paganism it is, and send Christian missionaries to plant the Gospel throughout the world. This intelligence anointed those redeemed under the Third Seal.

Finally, John's Gospel represents the Eagle-faced Cherub. The eagle views Earth from heavenly places, and seeing afar, typifies the prophetic office and also the Evangelist. His nature led the elect to the Tree of Life under the Fourth Seal in the Laodicean Age. God always sends an eagle before judgment (Amos 3:6-8). That Eagle restored the Church back to the apostolic faith of the Lion and finished the mystery of God.

No one can approach the Presence without the consent of those guards. Were we to approach by the East gate, Matthew 28:19 commands us to "be baptized in the Name (singular) of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." But "Father" is no name, Its a Title or Office God received when Adam was formed. "Son" is not a name but an Office or Title He received when He manifest Himself as the virgin-born flesh of Jesus Christ. And "Holy Ghost" is what God is. God is one Spirit, not two spirits and one Man (Numbers 23:19; John 4:24).

This agrees with Luke 24:47. At the Southern gate, Jesus said "That repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His Name". His Name is Lord Jesus Christ, so the Name of the three Titles, Father, Son and Holy Ghost must be Lord Jesus Christ. And there can be no Trinity of gods.

This is confirmed by Acts 2:38-39; 4:12, and the whole of the New Testament. So the Gospels agree with one-another and guard the way to the Tree of Life from those not under the Blood. If you understand and obey this revelation you may enter. We reach the Tree of Life by faith through the Gospels, being born of water and of the Spirit before we can enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5).

Throughout the Book of Revelation, John represents the end-time Bride who will not see death. In Revelation 4, we are caught up in the Spirit to see things that will happen after the Laodicean Age. Chapters one to three prophesy what would happen during the Church Ages when the Bible was sealed with Seven Seals. Christ was a Mediator until the last of those saints was born-again.

Redemption ended in 1963, before Christ opened the Seven Seals. This is proven by the fact that in chapter 4, the laver is clear, all of the twenty-four elders are chosen, the Cherubim, the Ark and the seven-fold Spirit of God are back in heaven, their earthly work being fulfilled when Laodicea ended. Then in chapter 5 we see the angels of the redeemed saints around the Throne. (This shows us that the 144,000 elect Israelites come to Christ not by the Gospels or by Brother Branham's Message, but through the Feast of Trumpets revealed by their two prophets).

As God gave Israel forty-two different camps on their wilderness journey following their deliverance but before they settled the Promised Land, He gave the Woman or Church forty-two different administrations during her journey in the wilderness of the United States of America, following her deliverance from Roman bondage. Forty-two is the number of man's opposition to God. After forty-two comes God's judgment of man in the Day of the Lord, which is the Great Tribulation or New World Order and Daniel's Seventieth Week, taking the world to forty-nine and the deliverance of groaning nature in the Millennium. Spiritual Israel, the Church, has almost finished its sojourn in the wilderness. The Bride will be taken Home after America receives a deadly blow.

There are three exoduses'. In the first, Israel came out of pagan Egypt but returned to bondage under their idols. God destroyed and dispersed them. In the second, the Church came out of apostate Israel and the Gospel traveled from Jerusalem in the East to the United States of America in the West. Like Israel, America and the apostate churches "replenished themselves from the East", making alliances with the Talmudic "Jews" who killed Messiah and persecuted the saints to death. America and the (once) Christian West have surrendered their liberty in Christ for bondage under Talmudic law and Roman creed. They have fallen into Satan's trap, and will pay with their lives when they take sides in the no-win World War III between the Political Zionists and Islam.

The third exodus followed the revelation of the Seven Seals in 1963 when God called His Bride out from the apostate churches (I Thessalonians 4:16; Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4). This call is threefold: the "Shout" of the Message introducing the fullness of the Word, Christ's "parousia". The "Voice of the Archangel", Christ, the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10:1-2 dwelling in the heart of the Bride, bringing her to maturity for the manifestation of the Sons of God by confirming her Place in the Body, and placing the end-time Message from Genesis to Revelation so her faith rests on the rock of understanding, not shifting sands of denominational guesswork. The "Trump" will signal the close of the Gentile dispensation, and call the resurrection of the Church Age saints with a mighty earthquake, leading to the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation of the living Bride.

Before America and the (once) Christian West return under the yoke of Roman bondage and the Eastern world moves toward Communism, Christ will take His Bride Home. In recent days, America's democracy has been exposed for the sham that it is. A dictator will arise. Brother Branham said, "Before the end time comes. . . There'll be a great powerful woman raise up, either be President, or dictator, or some great powerful woman in this United States. And she'll sink under the influence of women. Now, you remember; that's THUS SAITH THE LORD" (William Branham, Why Are We Not A Denomination, 29:136). A woman signifies a church. This prophecy refers to Rome. Rome hates democracy, which their enemy "Jews" have perverted through their two party Hegelian dialectic to manipulate we "useful idiots" or citizens, to gain free reign for their wicked designs for world hegemony.

Now Israel could not worship in any of the meeting places God had given them. He would only meet them under the blood of an innocent substitute who had died in their stead. That blood was shed at the Tabernacle where ever it was, and later at the Temple in Jerusalem. God's approval of the Tabernacle and the Temple was marked by the Pillar of Fire, signifying He had taken His abode.

There, all believers gathered together in fellowship, every tribe and denomination: Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots and so-on, in that one place of fellowship where the lamb was killed and burnt on the brazen altar, the smoke of sacrifice ascending a sweet smelling savor. Its blood was smeared on the horns of the altar, and everyone under the blood had a right to worship.

God approved the Temple of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Pillar of Fire like a dove. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. And throughout the Gentile dispensation, the believers gathered together in fellowship under Christ's Blood. The veil of His flesh was parted for our sins and His Blood shed, releasing the Spirit from His body after His death, as the rib was taken from Adam's body after God had put him to sleep. All who come into that Temple: Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal and so-on, gathered in one place of worship under that Blood in their successive dispensations.

God will not meet the worshiper in any dispensational meeting places of the past as He met them in the days when Christ was a Mediator for ignorance. There is no more Blood on those altars. Since we have the perfect interpretation of the Word, PART-Word and a Mediator are done away: God will only meet us under the Fullness (I Corinthians 13:10).

Notice, although God took His abode in Jesus Christ from His anointing by the Pillar of Fire, He continued to meet the believer under the blood of the natural lamb in the Temple at Jerusalem until the Word was rejected and His Blood was shed. God took His abode in the Bride Body from her anointing by the Pillar of Fire on the day of Pentecost. However, He continued to meet believers of different persuasions under the Blood through Christ's Mediation for PART-Word until the Seven Seals revealed Christ, the Fullness of the Word. When the denominationals rejected that revelation, they crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh.

God will no longer meet any worshiper in denominational gates of PART-Word. He will only meet worshipers in the Light of the PRESENT Truth -- what Jesus is doing NOW (I John 1:7). "Where the carcass is(the FRESH manna or original Light restored by the Coming or "parousia" of the Son of Man), the eagles will gather together" (Matthew 24:27-28).

The only Place God will meet the worshiper today is in the fullness of the Word. The Capstone came down in 1963. Christ has united with His Bride by agreement in the Fullness of the Word. The Temple God inaugurated on the day of Pentecost is redeemed -- it just lacks maturity and a few members who have not recognized who they are. Since the end-time Bride was fully redeemed in Christ on Calvary, redemption ended when Christ took the Book and opened the Seven Seals. The New Jerusalem, God's dwelling Place, is the glorified Bride of Christ. And in that form the "saved" will worship God throughout Eternity.

Denominations separate the Body. Those days are over. The Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal saints are our brethren in Christ, but with the exception of some old Pentecostals, they have all been dead for decades, even centuries. We gather together under the Capstone in the unity of the faith. The Capstone is the end-time Bride in whom Christ is incarnating Himself by the mystery of the Seven Thunders for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation.

God only meets man under the Blood of the Lamb. When the last saint predestinated to the Laodicean part of the Body was born-again, Christ's Mediation ended and there was no more Blood on the Mercy Seat. Since He claimed the Book of Redemption and opened the Seven Seals, He is Son of Man, King of Kings and Judge. Now the Bride is the Blood of Christ by the Spirit, because the Life is in the Blood. That's the baptism of the Holy Ghost that baptizes us into His Body, that recognizes only His Body, His flesh, His Word. Denomination won't ever touch that; it's a revelation. The Bride knows it. So did Eve know it; but she fell. This one knows it and won't fall. She's ordained to not fall. She won't fail. She's predestinated to it. "Blessed is the man who God will not impute sin."

The evidence of the new birth is no longer the Blood. Our Token is the Life of Christ on display. Since we now have the Fullness of the Word, the end-time Bride is the Blood of Christ by the baptism with the Holy Ghost.

Do you want to worship the Lord in His holy Temple? If you want to come under the Blood, you will have to find your place in the Capstone by a clear revelation of the Fullness of the Word. When God resurrects the Church Age saints, and we unite with them in the translation, the Blood leaves this Earth. When the Blood leaves this Earth, it becomes the place of God's Judgment. nl145.htm

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