The Second Seal

Good evening, friends. Let's all stand just a moment for prayer.

Our  Heavenly  Father, we have assembled again in this  solemn  assembly
tonight, in the service of the Lord. And Thou hast promised that where
ever we would meet together, as many as two or three of us, that You would
be in the midst of us.  And we can be assured that You are here, for  we
have assembled in His Name.

Now  we  pray, Father, that You will come tonight and  will  break  this
Second Seal for us. And as the poet has said, that he would like to look
a-past the Curtain of Time.  That's our desire, Lord, is just to look a-past
and see what lays ahead.  And we pray that the Lamb that had  been
slain will come among us now and break the Seal and reveal it to us, the
things we have need to see.

There  be some here, Lord, who has not yet entered into this great
fellowship around Christ, we pray that tonight that they'll make that
Eternal decision, be filled with the Spirit of God.

If there be any sick, Father, we pray that You'll heal them.   There are
many handkerchiefs laying here that I'm holding my hands upon in
commemoration  of  the  Bible of Saint Paul, where they taken  from his
body handkerchiefs and aprons. Unclean spirits left the people and they
were healed.

We see the near coming of the Lord. We know that time is drawing nigh.

These things has returned again to the Church after 1,900 years.

Now  we  pray,  Father, that You will grant these  things  we  ask  for.
Strengthen Thy servant and help Thy servants everywhere Lord, especially
we who are assembled here tonight, that we might be able to receive  the
Word. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

It's  certainly good to be back in the house of the Lord again  tonight.
And I know so many of you standing--I--I'm sorry about that, but there's
just  hardly  anything more we can do.  We've got  the  church--just  as
increased  it to where we could get three, four--three hundred  or  four
hundred  more in, but in special meetings this way it carries  a  little
heavier crowd.

Now,  oh  I'm just having a wonderful time praying  and  studying  these
Seals.  I hope you all are, too.  I'm sure you are.  If it's meaning  as
much  to  you as it is to me, it certainly--you're  having  a  wonderful
time. And--I got a...

I  want  to  call a girl friend of mine after service and  this  is  her
birthday.  She's  twelve  years  old  today--Sarah,  my  daughter.   And
next--then  day after tomorrow I have to make another call  'cause  it's
Becky's birthday.

And now, tonight we are studying this Second Seal.  And... For the first
four Seals there is four horse riders.   And, I tell you today something
happened again, and I... something that I... I go and get the old script
that  I had that I talked on long ago.   And just sat down there, and  I
thought,  "Well,  I did the very best I could."   And many  writers  and
things... And I thought, "Well, I will read a little while and look over
and  see  this and that," and the first thing you know,  something  just
happens,  and it is altogether different.   It just comes in  different.
Then I grab me a pencil right quick and start writing down just as  fast
as I can while He's there.

Oh, just something happened just about one-half hour ago.  I was telling
Brother  Wood, coming down just a few minutes ago,  just  something--you
know there's a lot of things happen that you just can't talk about,  you
know--just something just took place that just helped me so much.

Well  I got a friend here somewhere in the building.  Of course you  are
all  my  friends.  This brother is Brother Lee Vayle.  He's  a  precious
brother and a real student of the Scripture. Dr. Vayle is a Baptist with
the  Holy Ghost, and he is a...  I don't say this complimentary, I  just
say it because I believe it.  I think he is one of the best versed students
that I know of along our ranks. And, he just wrote me a little note
here and sent it in there by Billy.   And Billy couldn't hardly make  it
out to me, and I think--I haven't read it over--but I was just going  to
say  what he said here.   And I just read it, Brother Vayle, if you  are
here--I just read this about six months ago.

"I'm  not  positive," he said, "Brother Bill, I'm not  positive,  but  I
believe that Polycarp was a student of Saint John."  (That's correct, he
was.)   "I think Irenaeus was a student of Polycarp."  (That's  correct,
exactly.)   "Irenaeus  said, `Jesus will return when  the  last  elected
member of the Body of Christ comes in.'"

That  was Irenaeus about 400 years after the death of Christ.  He  said,
"When this last age comes in..."   Now that's in the Pre-Nicaea Council.
You  fellows here, that read the--study the Scripture--and study  the--I
mean study the history of the Bible, we find that in Pre--the Pre-Nicaea
Council. And I think it's the first book or the second book, you'll find

Now, he saw it years ago that he said at the last...?... last one elected
--that  elected.  People thinks that election is something  that  just
been  something hatched up here lately.   My, that is one of the  oldest
teachings that we have--election and calling.  And...  So Irenaeus
certainly--a real student of the Scripture always believed in election. And
so  Irenaeus was one of the angels of the church age, as we seen  as  we
studied, we believe.  Of course now they were all mysteries.  They  were
all  hid right here in these Seals, and they are to be revealed  in  the
last day.  Now they started off with Paul and Irenaeus and Martin and so
forth down--and has come on down to the last age.

And now... We're trusting now that the Lord will bless us in our efforts
tonight.   Now we been... the First Seal, I certainly enjoyed that.  The
First Seal--the blessings that went with it to me.  And now I don't want
to keep you too long, but you see, I--I will be going now just again  in
a  few nights after this is over, and we have to just kind of  suffer  a
little while.

And  I appreciate... I see Brother Junior Jackson standing there, and  I
thought  I seen Brother Ruddell a few moments ago, here  somewhere.  And
them  brethren,  that's  our sister churches that has let  out  and  the
others;  we certainly appreciate. And I see Brother Hooper,  I  believe,
standing up along the wall there, from Utica, the church there.   And we
certainly appreciate your all's fine cooperation in this.

Now  last  evening  as  we  always like in  teaching  on  the  Seal,  we
have--teach it the same way you do on the church ages.   And...  When we
got  finished with teaching the church age, the last time when I  drawed
them  out here on the pulpit--on a board--how many remembers  what  took
place?   He  came right down, went right back here on the wall  and  the
Light and drawed it off Himself, right there on the wall before us  all.
The  Angel of The Lord stood right here before several  hundred  people.
And now He's doing something real supernatural now, too.   So we're just
expecting great things.   We don't know...  Do you like to just wait for
that great anticipation, just don't know what is going to happen next  -
you know, just waiting?

Now, how great God is to us.  And how wonderful, we have--so  appreciate
Him.  Now the first and second verse--I will read it to kind of  give  a
little background, then we will take the third and fourth verse for  the
Second  Seal, and then the fifth and sixth verse is the Third Seal.  And
the seventh and eighth is the... two verses to each horse rider.

And now, I want you to watch how these fellows on this pale horse--maybe
here it comes, just keeps changing as it goes down, and then that  great
last Seal to be opened, if God willing, next Sunday night, that when  it
happens  there was just, the only thing that taken place was silence  in
Heaven for a half hour.  God help us.  Now, I will read the third  verse

And  when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second  beast  say,
Come and see.

And there went out another horse... (fourth verse)... that was red:  and
power  was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from  the  earth,
that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a  great

Now,  a  mysterious thing now when the beast told John, "Just  come  and
see."   And he didn't see what it was, he just saw a symbol.   And  that
symbol, the reason it...  He said, "Come, see," but he saw a symbol that
he  was  to symbolize it to the church in a way that  they  would  watch
until it come to the last age, and then the Seal would be open. Now does
everyone understands that now? See, the Seals would be opened.

And aren't you happy to be living in this day?  That...  Not only  that,
friends,  but  always remember now last Sunday morning where  the  whole
thing was based on: simplicity--simple, humble.   Happens in such a  way
that  people  just go right on by and don't even know  it  happens.  And
remember,  we are looking for the coming of the Lord anytime,  and  when

I  made a statement that (I) perhaps the Rapture would be the same  way.
It will be gone--over, and no one will know nothing about it.  Just come
like  that.  Usually...  Just go on back to the Bible and  look  how  it
happens like that, see--even as great a thing as the Lord Jesus  coming.
Nobody knew nothing about it. They thought, "That crank, somebody."  The
churches said, "Just a fanatic.  He's really crazy."  Said, "He's a  mad
man. We know thou art mad."  Mad means crazy.  "We know you got a devil,
and  it  has run you crazy.  And...  You try to teach us when  you  were
borned out there illegitimately.   Well, you was born in fornication and
try  to teach man like us, the priests and so forth--the temple!"  Well,
my, that was an insult to them.

When  John came, been talked about down through the ages from Isaiah  to
Malachi--that's (1200)--712 years he'd been seen of the prophets coming.
Everybody was looking for him to come, expecting it at anytime.  But the
way he come, he preached, and done his service, and went on into  Glory,
and  even the apostles didn't know it.   For they asked Him; they  said,
"Now,  is  the  Son of man going to Jerusalem, all these  things  to  be
offered,"  said, "why is it the Scripture says the--that Elias is  going
to come first?"

Jesus said, "He has already come, you didn't know it.   And he did  just
exactly  what the Scripture said he would do, and they did to  him  just
what was listed."  See?  And they couldn't understand it.  He said,  "It
was John."

And, then, "Ohhh!"  See, they woke up to it.   They--Even at last, after
all  the things He had done and the signs that He had showed  them;  and
had  even called them, said, "Which one of you can condemn Me  of  sin?"
(unbelief)  "If  I  haven't done just what the Scripture  said  that  My
office  would do when I come to the earth, then show Me where I've  sin.
See?  Then  I will show you what you are supposed to be, and  let's  see
whether you believe it or not."  See?  He would have come right back and
said, "You supposed to believe on Me when I come."

They didn't do it.  See?  So they knowed better than to tie in on Him on
that.   But He said, "Which one of you can accuse Me of unbelief?   See?
Haven't I done just what it was?"

And even the apostles going along--stumbled. (We know how the Scriptures
go.)  Then finally, at last they said, "Now, we believe. We believe that
no man has to tell You, for You know all things."

And I would just liked to have seen His face.  He must've looked at them
and said, "Well, do you now believe?"  Finally it dawned on them.  Well,
it wasn't supposed to be maybe until that time, you see.  But God  works
everything just right, you know. I love Him for that.

But  now  we are thinking of our age now, because we get to  talking  on
that, we won't get into these Seals at all.  And... Now remember, I--I'm
getting  much  requests  for prayer for the sick, and  I'm  praying  for
the--you all the time for every request I get and for the  handkerchiefs
and things.  And if we can get these Seals finished up to the last  Seal
Sunday morning, if it be the will of the Lord, we'd like to have just  a
good old-fashioned healing service here.   You know, where you just take
the entire morning for praying for the sick.   And I--I'm pretty sure it
will  be  a strange healing meeting.  I just have a feeling  like  that.
So... Not strange, but it may be a little strange to some.

Now,  how great is God's grace to reveal His secrets to us in this  day!
Now we all will believe that we are living in the last day.   We believe
that. And remember, the secrets was to be revealed in the last day.  And
how does He reveal His Word--His secret--the Bible?   Would you like  to
read where He says it?   Let's just turn over and see how He reveals His

Now  I want you to read Amos--turn over to the Book of Amos, and I  want
you to read in the 3rd chapter of Amos and the 7th verse.   All right; I
want to read the 6th verse, too.

Shall a trumpet... blow in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall
there be evil in a city, and the LORD has not done it?

Surely  the LORD... will do nothing, but he revealeth his  secrets  unto
his servants the prophets.

Now in the last day we are--it is predicted to us that there will rise a
prophet.  Now we know that we have had all kinds... Now I realize, after
looking  around tonight I--I'm speaking, here, where students  are  sit-
ting,  and I--I'd like for you to understand me.  And you realize  these
tapes cover the world, see--just about all the world.   And I'd want you
to, not by no mean, think that I am trying to inject some kind of a cult
of Elijah's blankets or robes and all those things we've had plenty  of.
But you know all those things are only a fore-running of the real  thing
that is to come, to throw the people off.

Did  you  know  we had false leaders raised  up--false  messiahs  before
Christ  come?   Did not the teacher of that day,  that  mighty  teacher,
Gamaliel,  when  the  question come up about beating these  man  and  so
forth; he said, "Let them alone. If it is of God, why, you will be found
fighting  against God, but if it isn't of God..."   Said, "Didn't a  man
raise up not long ago and take 400 into the wilderness and so forth?  We
have those things." What was it--all fore-running the real thing when it

Now,  see, Satan raises those up.   Watch the shrewdness of this  fellow
that we are talking about here, Satan, where we are unfolding him  right
here.  Just stripping him down by the Scriptures and letting you see who
he  is.  That is what the--what's supposed to be done, and  remember--he
has not tried to go in to be a Communist, Satan hasn't.   He is an anti-
christ!  "So close that" Jesus said, "would deceive the very Elected..."
And  that's the one that's hid down in these Seals, whose names  are  on
the  Book  since the foundation of the world.   He is a  shrewd  fellow.

When he sees this thing coming--coming up, then he throws everything  he
can out there to upset it before it gets there.  Did you know there will
be  false christs arise in the last day?   It should follow  immediately
after this great Message that this brother will speak, that will actually
come, be anointed in the spirit of Elijah--immediately. And they will
mistake  him--some  of them will think he is the Messiah.  But  he  will
strictly say, "No!" because it's got to be coming like John.

In the time of John the Baptist, when he came out there to preach,  they
said to him, "Aren't you the Messiah? Aren't you He?"

He said, "I am not! I am not worthy to loose His shoe. But I baptize you
with  water, but He will baptize with the Holy Ghost."  And John was  so
sure that He was on earth he said, "He is among you somewhere, now." But
he didn't know Him until he saw that sign come down upon Him. Then, when
he seen that Light coming down, spread out like a dove and lit upon Him;
he said, "There He is.  That's Him."  But John was the only one that saw
it, you know.  John was the only one that heard the Voice.  All the rest
of them there, no one heard it.

But then when the real true servant comes on, with all the impersonation
to it, it's to upset the peoples' mind.  Satan does that.  And those who
that  can't  discern right from wrong, they just tumble  over,  but  the
Elected won't do it.   The Bible said he wouldn't be able to deceive the

And now, just before the coming of Christ, the Bible said there would be
false  christs arise and would claim to be Christ, and would say,  "Lo,"
the people would say, "He is in the desert!"  Don't believe it!  "Lo, He
is in the secret chamber."   Don't believe it!  "For as the sun  shineth
from the east unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of man  be."
See? Yes, He will appear, and it will be a universal thing. And now that

Now  of course, when they find out that something has taken  place,  you
see, then they will...  Now, remember, that will take place  immediately
after the going Home of the Church (after the Rapture).   Now there will
be false impersonations all the time, and we do not mean to be connected
in anything like that. No, sir.

And,  I  believe when the person comes (this one that  is  predicted  to
come;  I am showing you only by the Scriptures), that the man will  have
to be a prophet.  He certainly will.  And the revelation of God, because
God... The Word of the Lord comes to His prophet.  That's exactly right,
and God cannot change, you see. If He had a better system, He would have
used it, but He--He's got--He chose the best system at the beginning.

Just  like, He could have chose the sun to preach the Gospel.  He  could
have put--chose the moon.   He could--chose the wind, but He chose  man!
And  He never did choose groups--individuals, see.  And never two  major
prophets on the earth at the same time.

See, every man is different.  He's got a different make-up.  If God  can
get one person--that's all He has to have--right in His hand, He can  do
what He wants to. He just has to have one.

In  the days of Noah, days of Elijah, days of Moses... Many rose  up  in
the time of Moses. You know how they did and wanted to say, "You are not
the  only holy one in the bunch," and Dathan and Korah.   And God  said,
"Just separate yourself, I will just open up the earth and swallow  them
away."  You see?  And so... and then the people got to  complaining.  He
said, "I will just take the whole thing away."

And there, Moses took the place of Christ, then, to throw hisself in the
breach and say, "Don't do it, Lord." See, and... Of course, He--after He
had ordained Moses to do this, He didn't come over Moses, because he was
acting like Christ in that time. It was Christ in Moses. Absolutely.

Now,  we  are so glad today that God is revealing Hisself to us.  And  I
believe  the great day is just begin dawning--breaking--the  lights  are
begin  to  flash; the birds of paradise is begin to sing  and  the  same
part, they know that--isn't long now.  Something going to happen. It has
just got to.

So  if  He does not do anything... Now, all Scripture is  inspired.  The
Scriptures must absolutely be the Truth. No way around it. That is why I
differ with our friend--the Catholic church.  I believe that It was  not
written by just mere man; I believe It was moved by the Holy Spirit. And
all  these little things that's been added--tried to add to It, did  you
notice in the solving up they was everyone kicked out.   And these  real
true Scripture dovetail one with the other until there is no  contradic-
tion in them nowhere at all.

Show  me one piece of literature that can write a verse  hardly  without
contradicting  itself--write  a verse or two.   And the Bible  does  not
contradict Itself anywhere.   I've heard the old critics say that, but I
have had an offer for him for a long time to show me where it's at.   It
isn't in here. It's just because the human mind is confused.  God is not
confused. He know what He is doing. He knows...

Look,  if God is going to judge the world by a church (as  the  Catholic
church  says it is), all right then, what church is that?   Just look at
the churches we got. We got nine hundred and something different
organization of churches. Now how... One teaches this way and one that way.
What a confusion!  Then anybody just do anything they want to; you go on
in anyhow. God's got to have some standard--and that is His Word.

Speaking... not throwing off to the Catholic now, because the Protestant
just as bad.  But in speaking with a priest, he said, "Mr. Branham,"  he
said, "God is in His church."

I said, "Sir, God is in His Word, and He is the Word." Yes, sir.

He said, "Well, He's in--the church is infallible."

I said, "He don't say that, but He said the Word is infallible."

He said, "Well, we used to teach that baptism that way and so forth."

I said, "When?"

Said, "Back in the early days."

I said, "Do you allow that to be the Catholic church?"

He said, "Yes."

I said, "Then, I'm Catholic--old-fashioned Catholic.  I believe the old-
fashioned way. You guys today have got it all messed up. There is hardly
anything  in the Scripture you teach--intercession with women  and  dead
people  and all these other things and, oh, my, non-meat-eating,  and  I
don't know what all."  See?  I said, "You find that in the Scripture for

He  said, "It don't have to be there.   As long as the church  says  so,
that's it. Don't make any difference what that says, it's the church."

I said, "The Bible said that whosoever shall add one word to it or  take
one  away, his part will be taken from the Book of Life."  So it is  the
Word, I believe the Word.

Now,  and  then  if Amos says--and the other  Scriptures  that  go  with
it--that if...  And you remember on this we are just striking the  high-
lights  of it.  Just... My, if--when I get in that room there  and  that
anointing  comes in, if I could write down what He--what all goes on,  I
would be here for three months on one of the Seals. So I just strike the
places and let it out just what it would seem to be that wouldn't  choke
the people, but yet not enough to hurt them, but just so that  believing
it would season the thing. You know what I mean.

Now  watch  this now!  "If God does not do nothing," said  Amos,  "until
first He reveals it to His servants the prophets," and then we see  what
He  is doing, it must be that He is fixing to do something, what  He  is
revealing  now.  God is fixing to move on the scene in judgment,  I
believe.  He's fixing to do something.  And one thing again that testifies
surely we are in the last day; we are at the end of the age, the Laodicea
Church Age, now, for these things were to be revealed only at the last day.

Now, just think of that now!   Let's just try to soak in what we believe
that the Holy Spirit would have us know.  Now remember, nothing could be
revealed,  God will do nothing at all until first He reveals it  to  His
servants, the prophets.  And before He does anything, He reveals it, and
when  He  reveals it, you can remember this: something is on  its  road.
See? It's being revealed.

And  these  things that we are talking about was to be revealed  at  the
last day, just before the last trumpet, at the end of the Message of the
last  church age.  That's right.  If you want to read that now, you  can
turn to... I just referred to you last night two or three time, Revelation
10:1-7:  (see?)  "And in the days of the sounding of  the  Seventh
Angel's Message, the mystery of God would be revealed and finished." And
there's only one thing left when this Seven-sealed Book is opened,  then
the entire mystery of God--why, we probed at through years, and according
to  the Scripture then we know there was no way  to  understand  it
until this day, because it has been hid.   We have seen the symbol, what
it  was symbolized by, but it could not be correctly revealed until  the
last day. See? Now then, we must be there, at the end-time.

Now remember, don't--and don't forget now that He does nothing until  He
reveals it, and don't forget also, that He does it in such a simple  way
that  the  wise and the prudent miss it.  Now if you want to  mark  that
down, that's Matthew 11:25-26. And...

Remember, He does nothing 'til He reveals it, and He reveals it in  such
a way that the smart, educated people miss it.  Remember, it was  wisdom
that  the world desired instead of the Word when the first sin did  what
it did.  Don't forget that now.  Oh, how grateful we should be to  think
that...  Now just look at the things that happened; look at  the  things
that  He has told us; look at here in this Tabernacle, you  people  that
have been raised up here with.

Now  I'm  going to ask the tapes to... well, go ahead and take  it.  But
look, I'm just going to say this to the Tabernacle people, you that  has
been here: I charge any of you in the Name of the Lord Jesus to ever, to
put  your  finger on one thing of the hundreds of things that  has  been
told before they come to pass and say they did not come to pass. Tell me
one  time that on the platform, out there wherever it was, that He  ever
spoke anything that wasn't perfectly just exactly that way.  How could a
human mind be that way?--certainly not.

When  He  appeared down there on the river thirty-three years  ago  this
coming June in the form of a Light--you old-timers remember that I  told
you since a little boy that Voice and that Light--and people thought you
was kind of a little bit off at the head; of course, I would have probably
thought the same thing somebody said it.  But now you don't have to
wonder about it now, and the church hasn't wondered since 1933.

Down  on the river that day where I was baptizing hundreds of people,  I
remember that Mayer boy told me, said, "You're going down to duck  those
people,  Billy."  Little Jim Mayer down here, I think he's dead  now.  I
think  he got killed out there--some woman shot him.   But he asked  me,
"Are you going down to duck those people?"   I said, "No, sir, I'm going
to baptize them in the Name of our Lord Jesus."

And  there was a woman going along in the group.   She said  to  another
woman--she said... made a remark, something about it. She said, "Well, I
wouldn't mind to be ducked"; said, "that's all right; I don't care..."

I said, "Go back and repent.  You're not fit to be baptized in the  Name
of Jesus Christ."

This is not nothing to play with. It's the Gospel of Christ, revealed by
a commission--the Word.  Just, now... You saying, "Nonsense!" and
"Foolishness!" you could've placed it somewhere else; but remember, it is
promised  in the Word that this would happen--and just exactly  what  it
would be, and here it is.

Then down there that day, when they were standing at the river, and  The
Angel  of  The Lord that I had told you that it looked like  a  star  or
something  in the distant, and then He got close, and told you  how  the
emerald light looked, and there It come right down on the river where  I
was baptizing.  When businessmen down here in the city said, "What  does
that mean?"

I said, "That wasn't for me, that was for you--I believe.  That was  for
your  sake  that God did that to let you know that I'm telling  you  the
Truth."  By being a kid--a boy like--about 21 years old,  they  wouldn't
believe that, you see, because it's too much for a kid.

And then, I was thinking--Brother Roberson here, one of our trustees,  I
seen here a few minutes ago, he was telling me the other day about being
in Houston when the picture there was taken that you see.   And I was on
that  debate.  I  started to say something about  it  the  other  night.
Brother  Roy was the only... with one more man, was the only  person  in
the  group that had a recorder.   It was one of them old-fashioned  wire
recorders, (I see Brother Roberson now, and his wife) so, and this--Mrs.
Roberson was sick.

Brother  Roy was a veteran--his legs blowed--and they laid him  out  for
dead.  He was an officer in the Army.  The German Eighty-Eight hit  this
tank  that he was with and just killed the man and blowed him to  pieces
and laid him out for dead for a long time, and they said he never  would
walk  because both legs was severed--the nerves in them and things.  My,
he can almost out-walk me!

But what was it?  There was something that he seen, and he went to
Houston. And he was telling me about his wife... He's got the wire; he was
going  to fix it on a tape, and after the services is over  here,  well,
he's  going to play it for you all, I hope.   And on the old  wire--tape
there, he's got my services held in Houston.  And then his wife, he said
he  got  her on there, and he never noticed it 'til the  other  day--She
was,  oh, she was so sad; she was sick, and she wanted to get in to  the
prayer line. (They never knew me, and I never seen them in my life). So,
she  was  sitting at a window that day, looking out and so  dreary,  you
know,  and upset and wishing she could get a prayer card to get  in  the
line;  and  happened to be that night she got in the line or  the  night
after or something--I believe the same night.

And  she got in the line, and when she got up on the platform, the  Holy
Spirit  told her, said, "Now you're not from here.  You are from a  city
called New Albany."  And said, "You were sitting at a window today looking
out and all worried about getting a prayer card." And there it is on the
tape, years ago.

And  then  at  the beginning of the meeting, when the  Holy  Spirit  was
there...  That  was the first of the meeting, we was only  having  about
3,000 people, then we went to 8,000, then to about 30,000.   So then  in

While I was speaking at the--one of the very first meetings, I said,  "I
don't know why that I'm saying this," (now it's on the tape) "but  it's,
we're--this is going to be one of the highlights of my time.   Something
is going to happen during this meeting that is going to be greater  than
anybody has seen yet."   And it was just about eight or nine, ten nights
after  that  when The Angel of The Lord appeared  before  around  30,000
people, and come down, and the picture was taken, and there it is  right
now--which  is copyrighted in Washington, D.C. as the only  supernatural
being that was ever photographed in the world.

Then I talked about, you know, saying that sometime under the discernment
say, "A person is shadowed to death. There's a dark hood of a shadow.
They're fixing to die."

Up here at East Pines... or Southern Pines, I believe it is, just when I
was there in the last meeting, a little lady sitting there; and something
told her, "Take that picture right quick," when I was speaking to a lady,
and there it was! I think it'll be on the bulletin board, it has been for
quite a while. There's that dark hood hanging right over the lady.

She shot another picture as soon as the Holy Spirit announced it, it was
gone.  Said,  "You're going to be healed.  The Lord's  healed  you.  The
cancer is gone."  There it was, and she was healed. See?  There you are.
See, it just goes to show that God knows what the time of day it is.  We
don't. We just have to obey Him.

Now,  we  can just keep on talking, but let's get down here now  just  a
minute  and  touch this back Seal so we can blend this one in  with  it.
Now, just to review for a few moments the other... the First Seal.

We notice in the breaking of the First Seal, Satan had a super religious
man.  Did you notice that white horse rider, which it was thought to  be
that that was a--the early church going forth.  But, oh my, that's  been
taught through the years, but it couldn't be!  Just watch when the  rest
of them, when we get them all tied together and then look where it's at.
See?  Now...  and I don't know what the rest of them is going to  be  as
yet,  but I know it's got to come just perfectly in there  because  it's
the  Truth.   It's the Truth.  That was the hierarchy  church  of  Rome.

These people who think that the Jews are the antichrist, they are certainly
a million miles off the line.  Don't you never think the Jews are an
antichrist.  Their eyes were blinded purposely that we might have  a
way to get in--giving us a time of repentance.   But the antichrist is a
Gentile. Certainly it is--an impersonator of the Truth. Anti--against.

Now, this great superman--oh, how he become a great man, and then finally
was throned. Then after throned, he was crowned. And now, he... after
that he was worshipped in the stead of God.  Now look, before that  ever
come... I want to ask you something: Who was that? What was that on Paul
in II Thessalonians 2:3, that said that man would come? Why did that man
look down through the age and see it?--he was God's prophet! Certainly.

Why  was  it He said the Spirit speaks expressingly that in  the  latter
time that they would depart from the faith and would give heed to seducing
... (you know what seduce is)... a seducing spirit in the church? That is
clergy--seducing clergy spirit, workings of devils, hypocrisy in the church,
heady, high-minded (wisdom, you  see--smart, intelligent), having a form
of godliness (just go say, "Well, we are Christians, we should go to
church."), having a form of godliness but denying the revelation, the power
and the working of the Spirit, from such turn away.

Now  notice  he said, "For this is the sort that will go from  house  to
house  and  will lead silly women..." (now that don't  mean  Holy  Ghost
women)  "...  silly women that's led away with divers  lusts..."  Divers
lust--they just like to get in every little thing that they can get into
and all kinds of societies and live anyway that they want to, and still,
"We go to church.  We are just as good as anybody"--dances, parties, cut
their hair, paint, dress anything they want to. You know, "We are
Pentecostals; we are just as good as anybody." Oh your own works identify

Notice, but he said, "Man of reprobate minds concerning Truth." What  is
the Truth?--the Word, which is Christ "... concerning the Truth."

"Oh, you are--make you--you're a woman driver; you're a woman hater; you
do this and that."

No sir! That's not right! That is a falsehood. I do not hate women.  No,
sir!  They are my sisters--if they are sisters.  But the thing I... love
is corrective. If it isn't corrective, it isn't love.  If it is then--if
it  is love, it's phileo love and not agapao, I will tell you that.  You
might  have a little phileo love for some nice looking lady, but  agapao
love is a different thing. That is a love that straightens the thing out
and meet God yonder somewhere where we can live eternally. See? I didn't
mean  that, maybe, in the way it sounded, but I--you know, what--I  hope
you understand. All right. Now...

But,  remember he said, "As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so  will
they.   But their folly was soon made manifest."  Why?  When  Moses  was
commissioned to do something that seemed radical, but he went down there
just  as honest as he could be, and God told him to take this stick  and
to throw it down, and it would turn to a serpent. Then He did it to show
him what it would take place. And before Pharaoh he stood out there just
as God had commissioned him and throwed down his stick, and it turned to
a serpent.

And no doubt Pharaoh said, "A cheap magician trick"; so he goes and gets
his  Jannes  and Jambres, said, "We can do those things,  too."  And  he
threw down their stick, and they become serpents.  Now, what could Moses
do? What was it? It was to show him that every genuine thing of God, the
devil  has  got an impersonator for it.  He impersonates  to  throw  the
people off the track.

What did Moses do? He said, "Well, I guess I made a mistake, I better go
back."  He just stood still for he had carried out his commission to the
letter.   Then the first thing you know Moses' serpent eat up the  other
one. See?

Did you ever think what become of that other serpent?   Where did he  go
to?  Moses picked up the stick and went on out with it.  He worked mira-
cles  with it.  And that serpent was on the inside of the  other  stick.
That's wonderful, isn't it? Yes, sir!

Now  antichrist comes in to life gradually.  I want you to notice.  Now,
when  you  here,... now, to my Catholic friends, just sit still  just  a
minute;  and  now, and then we're going to see  where  the  Protestants,
where  we  all are, see.   Notice, the first church--when  the  Catholic
church  said that they were the first original church,  they're  exactly
right--they were.  They began at Pentecost.  That is where the  Catholic
church began. Now I once didn't hardly believe that 'til I read history,
and I found out it is right.

They began at Pentecost, but they began to drift.  And do you see  where
they are at?  And if Pentecost drifts with the speed it is drifting now,
they won't have to go 2,000 years.

In  a  100 years from now they will be farther away  than  the  Catholic
Church is. That is right.

But notice how this white horse rider, (now, we just backgrounding it  a
little  'til we hit this Seal). Now, notice the white horse rider.  When
he went out he served in three stages. The devil, as I proved to you the
other night, is in a trinity just like God, but it is the same devil all
the time in three stages.

Notice  his stages: In the first stage he come in, the Holy  Ghost  fell
and people had everything in common. And the Spirit of God was upon them
and  the apostles went from house to house breaking bread with the  peo-
ple, and there was great signs and wonders wrought.   And then the first
thing  you  know, Satan began to cause a murmur to come up.  Then  after
awhile  these  slaves and the poor of the land that  received  the  Holy
Ghost, they went out into different places testifying. They testified to
their masters.

And  after  awhile there began to come all like army  captains  and  the
different people--celebrity. Began to see the gallantry and the miracles
and signs that these man done, so they accepted Christianity. Well then,
you  see,  when he embraced Christianity and go down there  to  a  place
where they are meeting in a little old dark, dingy hall, and clap  their
hands  and shout and speaking in tongues and getting  messages--why,  he
could  never take that to his competitor or whatever it is in his  busi-
ness.  He would never believe it like that, (Certainly not!) so he's got
to dress it up.

So  they  begin to get together and begin to think, "Now  we  will  form
something a little different." And Jesus, right immediately at the first
church age, He told them in the 2nd chapter of Revelation here, "I  have
somewhat  against  you,  because  these  deeds  of  the   Nicolaitanes."
Nico--conquer the laity. In other words, they want to make... instead of
everybody be one, they want to make some holy fellow.  They want to make
some  kind of... They wanted to pattern it in paganism from  where  they
had come out from, and they finally done it.

Now watch.  First--Nicolaitane.  The Nicolaitane was called in the Bible
antichrist,  because it was against the original doctrine of Christ  and
the apostles.

I don't want to call this man's name.   He is a great man.  But I was at
his  meeting here a few years ago, and he knew I was there, because  I'd
shook  his hand.  And he said, "You know, we have such today  that  they
call Pentecostals."  And he said, "They rely upon the Book of Acts." And
he said, "You see, the Acts was only scaffold work for the church."

Would  you imagine a man that has studied the Bible, a gallant old  man,
and had studied the Bible the way that fellow has, and then would make a
remark like that?  It sounds--it don't--even doesn't sound like the Holy
Spirit, it has got not to be nowhere, because anybody with common under-
standing  would know that the Acts of the Apostles was not acts  of  the
apostles; it was the acts of the Holy Spirit in the apostles.

Don't  you know how we patterned it out in the church ages--them  beasts
sitting  there  watching that ark there--Matthew, Mark, Luke,  and  John
standing there watching that. And in there is what happened as a results
of the writing of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.   That is what the tree
putteth forth its first branch, and that is what happened.   And if that
tree  ever  puts forth another branch, they will write another  book  of
Acts  behind it.   So you see, the same Life has got to be in  the  same

So now, today when we look over our denominational  churches--Methodist,
Baptist,  Presbyterian,  Lutheran,  Church of  Christ  (so-called),  and
Pentecostals  and things--where do we find that?   You don't find it.  I
will  admit that the Pentecostals has the closest thing to it there  is,
because they are up here in the Laodicean Church Age. They had Truth and
rejected  it.  They got lukewarm with it, and God spewed them  from  His
mouth. That is exactly according to the Scriptures!  You can't make them
Scriptures lie.  See?  They are going to be truthful always.  Don't  try
to...  the only thing, don't try to line your thought up to  the...  the
Scriptures up to your thought, but line yourself up with the Scriptures.
Then you are running with God.   No matter how much you have to cut away
or lay aside, line up with that. See?

Look what it did the first time it fell.   Well, if God acted like  that
the first time, He has got to act like that the second time.  He has got
to act like that every time or He acted wrong the first time. See, we as
mortals, we can make mistakes.  God can't.  God's first decision is per-
fect.  And the way He chose to do things, there can't be no other better
way--He can't improve on it, because it's perfect to begin with.  If  it
isn't, then He isn't infinite.

And if He is infinite, then He is omniscient.   And if He is omniscient,
then He is omnipotent. Amen!  He has got to be that to be God. See?  So,
you can't say, "He learned more."  He didn't learn more, He is the  very
fountain of all wisdom. Our wisdom here come from Satan. We inherited it
from Eden where we swapped off faith for wisdom. Eve did it.

Now, he was first called antichrist. The second stage, he was called the
false  prophet, because that spirit among the people  become  incarnate.
You  remember, the white horse rider now, had no crown when he  started,
but  then he was given a crown.  Why?  He was the Nicolaitane spirit  to
begin  with.  And  then he become incarnate in a man, and  then  he  was
crowned, and received a throne, and was crowned.

And  then  he served that for a long time, as we will see as  the  Seals
break, and then we find out after that a long time Satan was kicked  out
of Heaven.  And he come down, according to the Scriptures, and enthroned
himself.  Just think, enthroned himself in that man and become a  beast.
And he had power, supreme power--like, that he done all the miracles and
everything  that the... killings and bloody fights and  everything  that
Rome could produce.

All right. He killed by cruel Roman punishment. Just... Oh, how we could
break  in some Scriptures here.   Remember, Jesus Christ died under  the
punishment of Rome--capital punishment!  The Message that I've got in my
heart  to  preach  up  here  at  this  next  meeting,  on  Good   Friday
afternoon--meets three, four things.  See?  "There They Crucified  Him."
There,  the  holiest... , religious place in the  world  was  Jerusalem.
They, the most holy (supposed to be) people in the world, the Jew. There
they  crucified--the  most  cruel punishment that  Rome  could  produce.
Crucified  Him.  What?  The greatest person that ever lived!!   There...
they... crucified... Him! Oh, my!

God  help me to swing it into that bunch of businessman to let them  see
where they're standing.  All right.  Now, not to be different, not to be
nasty, but to shake that 'til them brothers can see that their  dignita-
ries  and holy fathers and things they are writing up in  this  Business
Man's Journal is nonsense.  Christians are not supposed to call any man,
"Father."   They start that... I've tried to help them in  everything  I
can, (you see where this tape goes, so) I'm finished!  I will  certainly
won't have anything else to do with it. All right.

First,  remember  Christ.  First a Nic--Nicolaitane.  And what  did  the
Nicolaitane Age ask for?  It asked to get away from them bunch of people
that shouts, and clapped their hands and looked like disgracefully--like
they did on Pentecost--act like drunk man, staggering in the Spirit  and
things. They didn't want none of that stuff. They said they were drunk.

And  when the celebrity... (Listen, don't miss this! It may sound  crazy
to  you, but it is the Truth.)   When the dignitaries begin to come  in,
they couldn't stoop to that.

What  makes God big is because He is big enough to stoop down.  That  is
what makes Him big.  There is nothing bigger, and He stooped the  lowest
that  anybody  could stoop or any human being ever stooped. He  was  the
King  of Heaven, and He come to the lowest city on  the  earth--Jericho.
And, He got so low to even the shortest man in the town had to look down
on  Him to see Him.  Is that right?--Zacchaeus.  That's right.   He  was
called the worse name that any human being can be called--a sorcerer,  a
devil, Beelzebub. That is what the world thought of Him.

Died the cruelest death. Didn't have a place to lay His head--kicked out
by every organization.  But when God exalted Him so high, 'til He has to
look down to see Heaven...?...  God in humility.  And He give Him a Name
so  great that the whole family of Heaven is named after Him, and  every
family of the earth.  All the family on earth is named "Jesus."  All the
families  in Heaven is named "Jesus."  And such a Name that  every  knee
will bow and every tongue will confess that He is the Lord, either  here
or in hell.  Hell will bow to it.  Everything else will bow to it.  See,
but first it was humility, then it become great. See? Let God exalt.  He
that humbles himself, God will exalt, see.

Now,  we  notice this "Nico" spirit wanted wisdom--smarter.  It  had  to
reason it out like it was in Eve--reason against the Word of God by  the
wisdom; and the church fell for it.  What was it?  Now let us take--just
take  this  church here and take a bunch of people like we are,  if  you
wasn't real Spirit-filled.  And let us take, say... Now, nothing against
the  mayor of our city, I don't think I know him--Mr. Bottorff.   Is  he
still mayor? See, I don't... Mr. Bottorff is a fine friend of mine, see.
But  say  the  mayor of the city and all the police force  and  all  the
marshals and they all come here.  The first thing you know, if they  got
just a little thing in their head and begin to talk to the Board and the
people around here, and say, "Now you know what?  This ought to be  dif-
ferent."  If you are not Spirit-filled and got a real Spirit-filled  man
behind  the pulpit, the first thing you know you'd be catering to  them.
Maybe not this generation; maybe the next generation.

And that's the way it started in. See? Why? They would say, "Looky here,
it is reasonable."  You would listen to it.  Say a man come in here that
could say, "This church is too little. Let us build a big church. I will
build  you one out here, it will be worth so much money--half a  million
dollars it will be put in there. I will put the thing on the broadcast."
When  they do that then they got an ax to grind--nine times out of  ten.
You know one of them kind.

The  first thing you know, then if he does, he runs things to suit  him-
self.  You can't say nothing because Brother John Doe back there, he  is
the finance of this church. See?  And then you get a little Ricky out of
some  seminary  who knows about as much about God as  a  Hottentot  does
about Egyptian knights, and he will come along there, and he will  cater
to  that guy, because he buys him a new car all the time, lets him  ride
around, and buys him this, that, and the other.  And that is exactly how
it started out. Right.

Notice, wisdom and smartness. They said, "Now looky here.  Isn't it only
sensible that...  Now, our women, what difference does it make how  they
wear  their hair?"  But the Bible says it does make a  difference.  Just
take that one thing, besides the hundreds of others. See? It does make a
difference.   God said it made a difference, so it is a difference.  But
you  see,  if they get that started (the Trustee Board and  deacons  and
everything), the first thing you know the pastor either gets in or  gets
out. That's all. See, it's the people that voted it in.

All right, now notice, that spirit began to move and the church that got
so  much dignitary in it, so much big things, and so much money  started
that after awhile they listened to it and fell for it--the crudeness  of
the  devil!  And that is the very thing that Eve done in the  Garden  of
Eden. Now, you hear that; that is right.

Look, the natural woman--Adam's bride--before he come to her as a  wife,
fell  for  the Satan's scheme against the Word of God by  reasoning  it.
Before  Adam  lived with Eve as a wife, Satan beat him  there.  That  is
right.  You heard The Bride Tree I preached on. (That taught that, see.)
All right.

Now  notice,  there  Eve fell for reasoning.   Now he,  Satan  tried  to
reason... she said, "But the Lord said..."

He said, "Oh, you know, but surely the Lord won't.  See?  You want to be
wise, you want to know something. Why, you are nothing but a dumb child.
See? You ought to know something."  If that isn't Satan! Oh, my! If that
isn't some of these modern... , see.  "Oh, they're just a bunch of  holy
rollers; don't pay any attention to them." See. Don't...

Now, the natural first bride of the human race, before her husband  come
to  her, she fell from grace by listening to Satan's lie after  God  had
her  fortified behind His Word.  If she had stayed behind the Word,  she
would have never fell.  Now that is in the natural.  Notice--the natural
woman.   And what was the curse?   The actual curse of coming  out  from
behind God's Word...

Now remember, she believed about 98 percent of it, but you just have  to
let one thing go.  See?  She believed a whole lot of it.  Oh, certainly!
She said this, and Satan would admit that was right.  If he can just get
you on one corner, that's all he wants.  See?  Only thing you have to do
is give the bullet a little twist this way, and it will miss the target.
See? That's all. Now she believed so much of it, but yet missed it.

Now, and the results, because she left the Word for one little speck  of
a reason...  What say now, "What about the women? or, why do you want to
talk about something like that? But any of those little things... What's
the difference whether it's initial evidence..." It is something to  it!
You  got--It has got to be straightened out!  We presumed at it  through
seven church ages almost, but the hour has come when God speaks it.  And
He  don't only speak it, but He shows it and vindicates it,  and  proves
it.  That's right.  If He doesn't do it, then it isn't God, that's  all.
God stands behind His Word.

Notice  now.  Now, the natural woman caused natural death,  because  she
listened to reason to make herself wise... to make herself wise  instead
of  staying behind the Word and doing what God told her to.  She  wanted
wisdom  and be wise, and she listened to reason, and she lost the  whole
human race! See?

Now this time the spiritual woman, the Bride of Christ, that started  on
the  day  of Pentecost with the early Apostolic Church,  lost  the  same
thing at the Nicaea Council--Lee, you know that is right!--at it--at the
Nicaea  Council when she swapped her spiritual birthright to  take  Con-
stantine's  big churches and things that he offered them there; and  she
sold  out  her  scriptural birthright for a bunch of  Roman  dogma.  Now
that's hard on the Catholic, but the Protestant has done the same thing!
They are represented in the Bible here as a daughter of the... a  harlot
of the whore.  That's exactly right!  Everyone of them!  No excuses, but
out of there has always been a little remnant--right along--that goes to
make the Bride. Notice, she lost her birthright, see, before her husband
got to her; see, before the wedding she lost her virtue.

And now, you remember over there, she said, "I sit as a queen; I have no
need of nothing"--in that Laodicean Age there.  "I am rich and increased
in goods," and so forth, "and oh, the whole world looks up to me.  I  am
the great holy church," and so forth.  "We are this a way."... the whole
age.  And He said, "You don't know that you are naked, blind, miserable,
wretched, poor and don't know it." That's the condition.

Now if the Holy Spirit said the condition would be that way in the  last
days, it is that way!  There is no way of getting around it.  That's the
way it is.

Now watch.   Now when she sold her birthrights back there, her  virtuous
right of the Word, what did she do?  When Eve did it, she lost the crea-
tion; whole creation fell under her. Now notice, and when the church did
it,  accepted dogmas instead of the Spirit and the Word, it  cursed  the
whole system.  Every denominational system that ever was or ever will be
was cursed with it and fell, because there is no other way.

When you get a bunch of man together to figure out anything, one has got
a head this way, and one has got a head that way, and one has got a head
this  way.   They put the thing together, and shake it up, and  when  it
comes out that's what you have got.

That's exactly what they do at the Nicene Council.   That's exactly what
they do at the Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ and the rest of
them. And no man, no matter what God reveals to him, he has got to teach
it  the way their credentials... their creed--creeds said or  they  will
kick you out.   And don't tell me; I've been there, see, and I know  it;
and  that  is  just exactly what has happened, so  the  whole  thing  is

No  wonder the angel said, "Come out of her, my people, and be not  par-
taker  of her plague!" because she's gonna--she is cursed, and  she  has
got  to suffer the curse of God's wrath upon her, because she  sold  her
virtue and right.  But, oh my!  But remember, seeing all that condition,
but yet God promised in Joel 2:25, (if you want to put it down), in  the
last  days when he said, "What the palmerworm left the  caterpillar  had
eaten; what the caterpillar left the locusts has eaten; what the  locust
eaten..."  just on down, bug after bug have come and eat on that  church
until finally it wasn't nothing but a stump.

What--what  the  Romans left, the Lutherans eaten;  what  the  Lutherans
left,  the Methodists eaten; what the Methodists left, the  Pentecostals
eaten, see, until she is down to a stump. And do you know what? You take
those worms in there--that locust and caterpillar and so forth--and  you
chase them down through the Book and find out it's the same worm in just
different stages.

Hold your point: So is these Seals!  It is the same worm!  You are going
to  see it when we bring it out, so I will tell you now: It is the  same
worm all the time.  Four little old worms, four here,...?... they're the
same  thing--it's the same spirit.   What one left, the other eat.  What
this  one left, the other one eat--like that, 'til they brought it to  a
stump. But Joel said, "I will restore, saith the Lord, all the years the
caterpillar has eaten."

What is it?  How is He going to do it?  If it started out anti-Christ by
being  against  the teaching of Christ that accepted  dogma  instead  of
Word,  and  through the years the reformers have plunged at  it  as  the
Bible said, "... but in the last day at the sounding," (Revelation 10:1-
7) He said, "The mysteries of God would be finished in the last days  at
the sounding of the Seventh Angel."

Malachi 4 said that He would send Elijah before that evil day come  upon
the  earth, when He would burn it like a furnace, and He  would  restore
and to bring back the children to the faith of the fathers--the original
apostolic, pentecostal faith which He promised to be restored!  Now that
is  just as plain as Scripture can say it.   Now it's promised.  And  if
we're  in the last days, something has got to happen; and it is  happen-
ing, and we are seeing it.

Notice Satan's trinity.  Same person coming, just incarnate from one  to
the other.  That is the way them bugs did--them worms--one to the other.
Exactly!   Nicolaitane--spiritual   antichrist,   Pope--false   prophet;
beast--the devil himself, incarnate.  He can't do...  Now, you keep that
on  your  mind now.  When you follow this, you are going  to  see  these
riders  come right straight up to that.  See, I'm laying you  a  picture
here.  If I had it on a blackboard you could understand it better.  See,
I'm watching.

First, now you remember this--the first thing he is, he is an antichrist
spirit. John said so: "Little children, the spirit of antichrist already
working in the children of disobedience."   See, that thing had begin to
start.  And then it become kind of a saying in the next church age.  And
the next church age it was a doctrine.  And the next church age she  was
crowned.  Now isn't that just as plain as reading, anyway you could read
it? See?

See,  there he come.  Now first he was called what?--antichrist  spirit,
because he was against the Word. That is what started it. That is exact-
ly what done the whole thing, was turning from God's Word.  Not  because
Eve might have give Cain a spanking one day. See?  That wasn't what done
it.  The first thing that done the whole thing was that she turned  from
the Word. She turned from the Word! And the first thing that started the
prostitution in the church of the Living God, Christ's Bride, she turned
from  the Word and accepted Roman dogma in a stead of God's  Word.  What
has happened to every organization?--that's did the very same thing.

Now... but promised that in the last day He would make a way to  restore
again.  The Word of the Lord would drop upon the earth as He did  it  in
the  beginning  and...?...  and will restore  back  what?  What  started
it?--against the Word!  And what does this fellow supposed to do when he
comes anointed with God's Spirit? He just brings the faith of the child-
ren back to the fathers. That is how He restores.

And  you  get this same Word in the same place that it is  here,  it  is
going to do the same thing. Jesus said, "If any man be of Mine... if, he
that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also."   And  when
they asked Him to do certain things, He said, "I do just what the Father
showed  Me.  I don't do nothing until I see it first.   What I  see  the
Father  doing,  that I do also.   The Father worketh, and  then  I  work
hitherto." See?  Don't you see it?  Why, it is just like reading a news-
paper. See?

Now  first... then he become an antichrist.  Now, he couldn't  be  anti-
christ... only in spirit.  Then he become an antichrist, and that spirit
took  a man that taught the same things that that antichrist spirit  was
doing, and then he become a false prophet to the antichrist spirit. Now,
what about a man in our organization?   Suit yourself. I don't know what
you think about it. All right.

Now finally he becomes a beast.   Now wait and we will get in that after
awhile, see. All right. Now if Satan's trinity lays like that--Satan all
the  time, Satan--antichrist spirit, (the antichrist  spirit  incarnate)
false prophet, then becomes the beast.  See?  When--not a demon that was
in that antichrist, but when Satan himself is kicked out, he comes  down
and takes over the place where the demon was. The devil in him. Then the
devil is incarnate in a man. It is just repeating itself.

That is what Judas Iscariot was.  And what would--did he do?  Was he one
of the fellows that was against Christ? Why he was the treasurer! Walked
with Him!  Certainly!  Walked right along with them, went out there, and
cast out devils, and done just exactly what they did.

And Christ was the incarnate God--God, incarnate in flesh, Emmanuel. And
Judas  was the son of perdition as Jesus was Son of God--incarnate  God,
incarnate devil. Some people only sees three crosses at that time. There
was  four of them.  There was three on Golgotha that we see.   That  was
Jesus  in the middle, a thief on His left and a thief on His right.  And

One  thief said to the other'n, or said to Jesus, "If" (now you know  He
is  the Word) but "If Thou be the Word, won't you save yourself?   Won't
you do something about it?" That is the same thing today.

Haven't  you heard these old devils come say, "If you believe in  divine
healing,  there  is somebody with no eyes, won't you  open  their  eyes?
Smite me blind! Smite me blind!" The same old devil. See? "Come down off
from  the cross, we will believe you."  "If you be the Son of God,  turn
these stones into bread."  Same devil.  Just walk away from them-that is
the way Jesus did it. He never clown for any of them.

Put  a rag over His hand... over His precious eyes like that,  and  they
took  a stick and hit Him on top the head, said, "Tell us, if you are  a
prophet,  now tell us who hit you?"  (They changed the stick one to  the
other.)  "Now, tell us who hit you, and we will believe you are a proph-
et." He never opened His mouth.  He just stood there. He don't clown. He
just does as the Father says.  See?  Let's them go ahead.  Their time is
coming. Don't worry. Yes, sir.

Now  they  touched His garment; they felt no virtue; but a  poor  little
woman  had  a need just touched His garment, and He  turned  around  and
said, "Who touched Me?"  What a different touch! It depends upon how you
are touching Him, see?--what you believe.

Now  you  see, now as Satan is going to... has incarnated  himself  from
antichrist  to false prophet now, and in the days of the Jew,  is  anti-
christ  amongst  the early church.  In the Dark Ages he become  a  false
prophet to the world.  See her--there's her cup of iniquity.  Now,  that
is to the church age.

Now,  but in the age after the Church goes Home he becomes a beast.   He
becomes the devil incarnate, the red dragon himself!  Oh my!  Can't  you
see what I mean? He is incarnate in his people then. He's got his people
bound by his power. The false prophet has prophesied them right into it,
give them over to strong delusions to believe a lie and be damned by it,
denying the Word with a form of godliness.

God  works  His place in a trinity:  justification,  sanctification  and
incarnated  Himself  in His people with the Baptism of the  Holy  Ghost.
Same thing.  The devil is just in a type after Christ.  Oh, Satan incar-
nates himself!

Now,  watch.  Satan... When Jesus incarnates Himself in His people,  the
very Life that was in Christ is in this person.  What would it do if you
took the life out of a grapevine and put it in a pumpkin vine? It would-
n't bear pumpkins no more; it would bear grapes.   What if you took  the
life out of a peach tree and put it in a pear tree? Would it bear pears?

No, bear peaches. The life tells what it is. See?

When  you  say--hear people say they got the Holy Ghost  and  deny  this
Word,  there  is something wrong!  The Holy Ghost wrote that  Word.  And
Jesus  said this: "If a man has My Spirit in him, he will do My  works."
You want to read that--if you want to put it down, it is St. John 14:12.
Yeah.  All right. "He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he
do also, even more than this shall he do, for I go to the Father." See?

Then He sanctifies and cleans him so he can stand before God.  That drop
of ink falls there--takes him across the chasm. See?

Now  watch.  Satan, when he incarnates himself in his subjects, they  do
the work that he did. Don't you see? What did he do?  Come right to that
innocent  woman to deceive her.  And that is exactly what some of  these
devils do. Come right into a place, and say, a little pastor gets start-
ed  out  somewhere come in and say, "Oh, if you just join up  with  us."
See? The same devil work. Now, that is the Truth!

And  when Satan become incarnate into his church, if there be  a  devil,
then they are the ones that does the murdering and killing and so forth,
because Satan is a killer in the first place, a liar and a thief.

All  right, what does Satan do when he does, when he  becomes  incarnate
amongst  the  people?  It is his duty to be shrewd.  He is  shrewd.  You
search the Bible, and you show me where God ever dealt with intellectual
people.  Hunt for it and see if it isn't always the intellectuals that's
devil possessed.  It is a big word, but it is true!  I challenge you  to
take the lineage from Abel's to Cain and them fourteen generations;  run
them  out, and see which ones was on the smart side and which  ones  was
the humble one.

Why  didn't  Jesus choose such people?   He got fishermen  and man  that
couldn't  even sign their own name to put them the head of  His  Church.
That is right. Wisdom is nothing.  It is against Christ.  Worldly wisdom
is against Christ, always.  Jesus never did tell us go build seminaries,
(He  never  did it) having Bible schools.  He said,  "Preach  the  Word,
preach the Gospel."  And then if He said, "These signs shall follow them
that  believe..."  See, you'll have to have the... In  other  words,  He
said, "Go demonstrate the power of God to all nation."

Now watch.  Satan's duty is to pervert the Word of God to wisdom's  rea-
soning. Oh my! Oh!  Then he marks his subjects by rejecting the original
Word.  Now...  (Will you suffer with me just a little bit  'til  we  get
this?  I don't want you to miss this.) Let me show you a type so you can
see it--all in typing and Word and everything.  You can't... you should-
n't go away confused.

In  the Old Testament when a man had been sold to slavery, there come  a
Year of Jubilee every fifty years (forty-ninth year and then the Year of
Jubilee).  And  when  a  slave heard this, and he  wanted  to  go  free,
there's--there isn't nothing that can keep him from going free.   He can
throw down his hoe and say, "so-long"; go back home.  The trumpet sound-
ed. That is right.

But  if he don't want to go, and he's satisfied with his  slave  master,
then he is taken into the Temple, and they take an awl (you know what an
awl is), and they pierced his ear and put a hole in his ear. And it is a
mark  that he can never go back.  Is that right?   He has to serve  this
master  for  all  time.  I don't care how many more  times  the  Jubilee
sounds, whatever happens, he absolutely has sold out his birthright  for
being free.

And when a man turns down the gospel Truth, Satan marks him.  Where?--in
his  ear.  He deafens him so he can't hear the Truth no more.  And  fin-
ished!  Why?  He stays with the group that he is with, if he won't  hear
the truth!  You know--"You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make
you free." The Truth makes free.

God marks His when they come. God marked His by vindicating His promised
Word through them. That is exactly! St. John 14:12--and another thing if
you want to put down: Mark 16. Jesus said, "... these signs shall follow
them that believe."

Now, let us just take that a minute.  Was He joking?  [Congregation  re-
plies "no"--Ed.]  Did He just mean the apostles there as some would tell
us?  [Congregation replies "no"--Ed.]  Watch, read the background of it.
Go  ye  into (where?) all the world; preach to--this Gospel  to  (what?)
every creature."  Not even one-third of the way have met it yet.  "These
signs  shall follow in all the world, to every creature,  wherever  this
Gospel  is preached.  "... these signs shall follow them that  believe."
Not just to one little handful.

Like a fellow one time tell me: "God only gave the twelve apostles gifts
of healing, and..."  Many of the brethren is sitting here when he raised
up to say that, see.  He got enough of it in a few minutes.  So now  no-
tice, "All the world, to every creature, these signs shall follow."

Don't take Satan's unbelieving mark!  Now, he will put it on you tonight
if he can do it.   He will poke you up against the wall and you'll  walk
out and say, "Ahhh, I don't know about that."  You go home and study it.
And then be sincere and pray because everything is too perfectly  scrip-
tural at this very hour--in this sacred hour of time. It's done been for
years,  proved. Come right up to it and this is the hour.  This  is  the

And now don't let him poke that in your ear, his unbelieving mark.  See,
because he was an unbeliever to begin with.  He doubted it.  All  right.
Oh, don't he--don't let him take the Scripture with his wisdom and twist
it and pervert it with his own wisdom into reasoning powers. You just be
humble  and  say, "God said so, and that's all there is  to  it."  (Now,
let's--we're  going to get too late so we'd better stop right  here  and
start on.)

Now, let's go to the Second Seal.  When the slain, risen Lamb opened it,
and  the second calf-like beast said, "Come, see what the  seal  mystery
is." Now we get it. The Lamb, you remember, has to open every Seal.  And
the  second beast... if you notice in the routine of where we just  went
through with the church ages--the same thing. The 2nd--first was a lion;
the  next  was a--like a calf or an ox or something, you see.  And  this
beast  said, "Come, see," now, and--when the Lamb opened the  Seal.  And
then, went to see.

And  when he walked in, what happened?  Let's see what he found.  "Come,
see. There is a mystery sealed up here."  That's been here now for 2,000
years about.  Let's see what it is.  Now we find here that he saw  what?
- a red horse go forward.

Now,  to my understanding (this to my understanding), this  great  sword
that he had in his hand... (Now we got about three things to look at now
for  about the next fifteen, twenty minutes.)   Let's just read and  see
what He says here:

And  there went out... (4th verse)... there went out another horse  that
was red: (the first one was white) and power was given unto him that sat
thereon to take peace from the earth, and... they should kill one anoth-
er: and there was given... to him a great sword.

Now,  there's symbols here, and we want to look at them real close.  But
to my understanding, the best that I know now, you see, Jesus  predicted
the same thing in Matthew 24: (See?) He said, "Now you are going to hear
of  wars  and  rumors  of wars, and just wars and  rumors  of  wars  and
wars..." but said, "All these ain't yet." See? Time ain't yet.

See,  they  asked Jesus three questions; see, and He  answered  them  in
three  questions.  There's where a lot of our brethren have got  tangled
up,  trying to place... the Adventists brethren about those seventh  day
and  so forth back there--"Woe unto her that give child that gives  suck
and  the gates will be closed on the Sabbath Day" and things like  that.
My!  That don't even pertain to the question at all!  See?   Not at all!
See? He was answering what they asked, but he didn't apply it all to the
last day.

He said, "You will hear...  (Now, we're working on this one thing  here.
We  will come to some more of it in a few nights) Look.   He said,  "You
will hear of wars and rumors of wars and so forth.  All this is  not..."
See, then they'll go back again and they'll deliver you up and so  forth
like  this and... oh, oh, that's not right yet.  But when He got to  the
time  when  He was going to talk to them about what they had  asked  Him
about the end of the world--"When will all these things be?"  When  will
there not be one stone left upon another?" "What will the sign be?" "And
when will be--come unto the end of the world?" See? They asked Him three

Then  when He got down to the end of the world, He said, "When  you  see
the fig tree putting forth its bud, now you know that the time is at the
door,  and  verily, I say unto you that this generation shall  not  pass
until all be fulfilled."

How the infidel without the interpretation likes to lay onto that.  See?
He  said, "This generation," not the generation He was talking  to,  the
generation that seen the fig tree putting forth its bud.

Now I just want to ask you something.  Just look at something right here
in the face.  Israel is now for the first time for 2,500 years a nation.
The oldest flag in the world is flying over Jerusalem tonight. Israel is
in her homeland.

There was a brother here one time wanted to be a missionary--felt to  go
missionary to the Jews. I said, "You might get one now and then."

People  thinks the whole nation... No, sir.   Israel is converted  as  a
nation,  not  as a person.  "A nation will be born in a day."   That  is
Israel.   All Israel is saved.   Just remember that. Paul said  so.  All
Israel is saved. Now notice. All Israel--that's exactly right.

Now notice this, "But," He said, "when you see the fig tree and all  the
other trees putting forth their buds..."  Now, watch.   There has  never
been  a time for 2,500 years that Israel has ever come to her  homeland.
We  got the little show, "Three Minutes To Midnight."   There she is,  a
nation, the six point star of David flying, and all these things.

Had there ever been a time that the denominations has had revivals  like
they have in the last few years? Now just study; we're at home. When did
the  denominations ever bloom out under any man's ministry like  it  has
with Billy Graham?--Methodists, Baptists, and so forth.   When was there
ever a man--search down your history--that ever went forth to the church
formal   by  the  name  ending  with  "H-A-M"  before?   Look...?...   :
"A-B-E-R--A-B-R-A-H-A-M."  Now look, Abraham's name has  seven  letters,
A-B-R-A-H-A-M,  but  our Brother Billy Graham has  G-R-A-H-A-M--six  not
seven (the world). That is where he is ministering to--church natural.

Church  natural was Lot in Sodom, and when this fellow went  down  there
and  preached  and  blinded them by the gospel, but there  was  one  who
stayed with Abraham, and Abraham called Him "Elohim,"  "Lord."  Now when
Abraham seen three coming, he said, "My Lord."  And Lot seen two coming,
he  said, "My lords."  There is your difference.   See your  trinitarian
work. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Lot..." Do you see that?

Notice...?...  now,  there  was one come to  the  church  spiritual--the
Bride, Abraham, that was not in Sodom to begin with.  And watch what  He
did.  He never done no preaching like they did. He taught them, but then
He done a sign before them. He done the Messiahic sign.  He had His back
turned  to the tent, and He said, "Abraham..." now remember  his  actual
name a few days before that was Abram.   But He said, "Abraham, where is
your wife, S-A-R-A-H?" A few days before that it was called S-A-R-R-A.

Abraham said, "She is in the tent behind You."

And He said, "Abraham, I... (there's your personal pronoun again), I  am
going  to  visit  you according to the promise that I  have  made  you."
[Second side of tape incomplete--Ed.]...?... promised in the last day to
manifest Himself in flesh again!   Notice: "Abraham, where is your wife,

"She is in the tent behind You."

He said, "I am going to visit you."

And the lady, of course, being a hundred years old, she kind of  laughed
up  her sleeve--back in the tent now, behind the curtains in  the  tent.
She  said, "Me, an old woman."   Well, it had ceased to be with them  as
husband  and  wife for years, you know, because he was a  hundred  years
old, and she was ninety. Said, "That will never happen."

And  he said, "Why did she laugh?" (whew!)--with His back turned to  the
tent.  "Why  did she laugh saying, `How can these things be'?"  See,  He
showed him a sign.

Now He promises that this will repeat at the end-time again. And the two
man  went down there and preached the Word and told them to get  out  of
there, the place was going to burn up and so forth, and it did.  And Lot
staggered  out--the  church natural--down in sin, in the mire,  but  yet
struggling along in their organizational programs.   But the Bride--that
one  man never went to them.   He went only and called the  Bride  type.
Now, we are in the last days, see?

Now notice. You said, "There is God manifested in the flesh." Jesus said
Himself, "How do you condemn Me?" Said, "Isn't it written in your Bible,
your  law,  that  they, the prophets, who the Word of  God  came  to..."
(Jesus  said the Word came to the prophets because He was scriptural  in
all things).   He said, "Now the Word of God says that the Word came  to
the  prophet,  and  you called them gods, for the Word of  God  came  to
them."    Said, "Then how are you going to condemn Me when I say I am  a
Son of God?"  Oh, my!  There you are. See?  Now where we at?  We are  at
the end-time!

Now listen real close now.  Now we find out that there would be wars and
rumors  of wars, and now we see that the fig tree's put forth  its  buds
and the other trees put forth their buds--Methodists, Baptists,  Presby-
terians, and all put forth their buds--a great revival going on.   Now I
believe  that God is gathering the Bride for that last hour--the  Elect.
Oh my!

Now notice. Let us now consider what John saw then as these things--what
he saw. A red horse and his rider goes forth; power given to him to slay
with a great sword.

Now here is my revelation of it: This is Satan again!   It is the  devil
again  in another form.  Now we know that that Seals pertained... (as  I
said  the other night) them trumpets pertained to civil wars,  you  see,
amongst the people, or among nation. But you find out here that this man
has a sword so he pertains to church political war.   Now you might  not
think that, but just watch it a minute, just a few minutes.

Notice the change of color of these horses--same rider--change of  color
of  horses.  And a horse is a beast, and the beast in the Bible under  a
symbol represents a power. The same system riding on another color power
- from the innocent white to a bloody red.  See?  Watch him now how he's

When he first started, he was just... well he was just a little doctrine
in the--in--what's called the Nicolaitanism.  Of course it wouldn't slay
anything!  (That  is  Revelation 2:6, if you want to put  it  down.)  He
wouldn't slay anything.  It was just a doctrine.   Just a spirit amongst
the people. That wouldn't slay nothing.

Oh, he was so innocent riding on this white horse.  "Well, you know,  we
can  have  a great world wide church.   We could call it  the  Universal
Church."  They still do!  All right, see!  Now, "We could have... Oh, it
is  perfectly innocent!  And, oh, it's so innocent.   It's just a  group
of  man.    We will all get together for fellowship."   See,  it's  very
innocent--it's white, the white horse was. See? Now.

So  the dignitaries and the better dressed and the  educated--you  know,
kind  of  like  "birds of a feather," you know, we kind  of  get  things
together.  "That poor bunch, why, if they want to stumble  along,  well,
all  right, but we will get a better class coming to our church.  If  we
can  just  get ourselves pulled off right here, we will be  a  bunch  of
masons or so forth.   You know we will have the things fixed up--or `Odd
Fellows,' as they are." And so then... Not the Odd Fellow Lodge now, but
you know what I mean. So, it is odd to the real believer.

Now  it, otherwise, notice, "We want a little group, a little  syndicate
we  can call our own.  It is just a doctrine--very  innocent.  Brethren,
why,  we  have nothing against you people, certainly not.  You  are  all
right, but you know we feel that we have business and ever... ; we would
be better off if we just had ourselves together."  See?  It finally went
right on down 'til it happened. Yes, sir! Get together.

But  when  this awful deceiving spirit (Oh  man!)  incarnated--incarnate
spirit,  this  doctrine spirit--became incarnated to take the  place  of
Christ  into a man, it must be worshipped then--turned to be  a  worship
like Christ.

In other words, up over the Vatican, (now I have been right there) it is
wrote  Vicarius  Filii Dei, and it's wrote in Roman numerals.  Now,  you
just  draw  a line at the bottom of those Roman numerals, and  it  means
"Instead of Son of God."  In other words, he is a vicar.  (You know what
a  vicar is.  Just take the place of something.)   He is the  vicar  in-
stead of the Son of God.  And the Bible said, "Let him that has the gift
of wisdom count the numbers of the beast, for it is the number of a man,
and his number is 666."  Now, if you take VICARIUS FILII DEI and draw  a
line, (the Roman numbers--the V for 5, I for 1) and add it up and see if
you haven't got 666.

The Bible said he would be sitting in the temple of God, worshipped like
God.  When that little doctrine become a--incarnate, it become  a  vicar
instead of the Son of God. See?  Oh, my! That awful deceiving spirit! If
you  want  to read that, read in II Thessalonians 2:3 and  you  can  see
where it is at.

And  of  course, you will remember Satan is the head  of  all  political
power of every nation!  How many knows that? Do you want to put it down?
(Matthew 4:8)

Satan took Jesus up to a high mountain, and he showed Him all the  king-
doms  of the world that ever was, or ever would be in a moment of  time.
Talk  about  a  person! He said, "I will give them to you  if  you  will
worship me." And Jesus knew that He was going to fall heir to them.

That's what they say, "Why you bunch of poor holy rollers."  Why, we get
the world!  "The meek shall inherit the earth."   What Jesus said,  see.

Notice,  Jesus knowed He would fall heir to them so He said,  "Get  thee
hence,  Satan.   It is written.  (Right back with the  Scripture  again,
see?) Thou shalt worship the Lord and Him only." See?

Now when he as his head demon incarnate in this super-religious man  (as
the  Bible predicts), then he unites his church and state--both  of  his
own powers unite together.  See?  When the antichrist spirit went forth,
it was a spirit.   Then it become what? It become then, (now watch  this
Seal) when the spirit went forth it was anti-Christ--against the  teach-
ing of Christ.

All right.  The next thing he did, what Christ set out for His Church to
do--it was against sin. "Oh, it don't mean that. It don't mean it.  That
was  for somebody else.  That--that's back in a hundred years  ago  back
yonder.  That ain't for us."  See?   That's the anti--against.  Then  it
become...  Now the rider went out; he didn't have no crown, but  he  was
given one--that white horse. He had a bow, no arrow. See?

So  then  when he went forth--then after a while he was given  a  crown,
because you can't put a crown on a spirit's head.   But when this spirit
become  incarnate in the second work of his dispensation of  his  mystic
(the  second work), he become a crowned false prophet to the working  of
the  antichrist spirit.  Now we see now...  Now he becomes that when  he
takes that... Then he is already...  Satan controls the political powers
of the world.

Now  he  gets into a place 'til he is going to make a  universal  church
power, taking religious power.  And do you not understand, my  brothers,
that in--when this nation appears in the 13th chapter of Revelation this
little  animal raised up like a lamb and it's got two  horns--civil  and
ecclesiastical  power--but he done the same thing the beast  did  before

It is strange, America is number thirteen and a woman. And it is strange
that it appears even in the 13th chapter of Revelation.   We started out
with  thirteen  stripes in the flag, thirteen  stars,  every--everything
thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, thirteen all the way down, and  everything
is woman, woman, woman all the way down.

And it finally end up, I predicted, a woman will control her.   Remember
that  was thirty years ago I said it, and the seven things that  I  pre-
dicted, five of them has done come to pass.   And they got the man right
there  now to bring her in.   And you voted in through your politics.  I

All right. So much to say, you can't hardly get to where you want to get
to.  Notice now.  I won't keep you but a little bit longer, if I have to
tarry over tomorrow night.

Look,  notice:  When Satan...  Now everybody that--realizes  that  Satan
controls all political powers of the world.  He said so, (in Matthew the
4th chapter, you get it and the 8th verse).  All the kingdoms belong  to
him. That is the reason they fight, war, kill.

Now remember, isn't that strange--they was given this sword to kill  one
another. Oh my!  Notice now: when he did that he did not have the eccle-
siastical power yet; but he started in with a demon of a false teaching,
and that teaching become a doctrine. That doctrine become car--incarnate
in  a false prophet, and then he went just to the right place--he  never
went to Israel now, he went to Rome--Nicaea, Rome.

The council was held, and they elected a head bishop.  And then by doing
this, they united church and state together. Then he dropped his bow; he
got  off his white horse; he got on his red horse, for he can kill  any-
body  that  don't agree with him!  There is your Seal!   Oh,  my!   Same
fellow!  Watch him go right on into eternity yonder with it, see. Unites
both  his powers together.  The same thing they are trying to  do  right
now! Same thing!

Today  and...  It's strange thing, maybe you don't  understand  it,  but
today  from a Baptist group in Louisville--you heard it on the  radio--a
speaker raised up and...  (How many heard it?  See?  All right here  you
are.)   They  want and asking the church now that we don't  really  have
to... oh, just kind of join the Catholic church, but we have to kind  of
fellowship with them.  Get... And, the same time that going on in Louis-
ville,  over  here God's unfolding the Seals to His people  to  show  us
don't do it! See them both working together. Remember, the crow and dove
sat on the same roost pole in the ark. Sure. Just remember.

Now, we find out he unites his power. Then when he become both state and
church--the ecclesiastical--then what are you going to do?  He forms his
own  religion, and now he can do whatever he wants to.  Then he has  the
right to put to death whosoever will not agree with him.

That is exactly what he did, too. And he did that just exactly. And when
he  did  it to the true saints of the Living God who kept the  Word  and
wouldn't agree with him on his dogmas, he put them to death.

Now,  Brother Lee Vayle and you teachers here of the Nicaea Age and  the
early church, I don't know if you read this or not.  If you want to read
it, you get in Smuckers' Glorious Reformation and you find it that  when
Saint Augustine of Hippo become a priest under the Roman Church--had the
opportunity  to  one time the Holy Spirit tried to come on him,  and  he
rejected it.  How many knows that, as a teacher?  The... He rejected the
Holy Spirit.

That  is exactly what a type of the Protestant church today  that's  re-
jected the Holy Ghost.  He went back down to Hippo, and he was the  very
one  that signed that paper that had the "revelation from God"  that  it
was all right and pleasing God to put every person to death that  didn't
believe with the Roman Catholic Church.

Now  listen,  I am quoting from the Martyrology: "FROM THE TIME  OF  ST.
THOLIC CHURCH PUT 68,000,000 PROTESTANTS TO DEATH."   Was his sword red?
Was he riding a red horse?  What was it? The same power! The same rider.
There is the Seal!  They admit 68,000,000 on the martyrology besides all
those  put to death outside of that.  Oh, mercy!  During the  Dark  Ages
there  were millions fed to lions and slaughtered in every way,  because
they wouldn't bow down to that Catholic dogma. You know that!

How much time you got?  All right, let me read something.  Turn with me;
now let me show you something.  Let's picture this thing just a  minute.
Just happened to come on my mind, and we will just read it.   Let's turn
over in Revelation to the 17th chapter of Revelation.   We still got  15
minutes. All right.  Now listen real real close now as we read.  You who
have your Bibles and turn; I'm going give you just a little time so that
you'll get it.

Did  you get that, Lee?  In Smuckers' is where I got it.  See?  Glorious
Reform,  that  taken  straight out of the martyrology  of  Rome  at  the
Vatican. Now...

That was down to the persecution of St. Patrick's people.  And then they
call St. Patrick their saint.  St. Patrick was about as much Catholic as
I  am;  and you know how much I am!   He detested the  doctrine  of  the
church! He refused to go to the pope. Yes, sir.

St. Patrick even... Why, did you ever go up in Northern Ireland where he
had his schools?  You know his name wasn't Patrick. How many knows that?
His name was Sucatus. That's right. Lost his little sister. You remember
when they were... see.

All  right.  Now notice.  Seventeenth (17th) chapter of Revelation.  Now
everybody just try to open your heart and let the Holy Spirit teach  you

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials,...

Now you see the seven vials; you know these sevens we are going through.
They all happened right at the same time, following the plagues, follow-
ing the church ages just the same, because it is all sealed up into that
one Book.  Everything, and everything happens just in rotation, and  one
goes  right  into the other, and the other into the other.  There's  two
spirits a working--God and the devil. See?

... which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me,  Come
here;  (and) I will shew thee--unto thee the judgment of the great whore
that sitteth upon many waters:

Now, look here, over here.  That waters--whore. What is that?  That is a
woman. Can't be a man.  And what is the woman symbol in the Church... in
the  Bible?   Church.  Why?   Christ's Bride  and  so  forth,  you  see,
woman--the church.

Now, waters, what does that mean? Watch here. Read the 15th verse of  it

And  he  said  unto me, The waters which thou sawest,  where  the  whore
sitteth, are peoples,... multitudes,... nations, and tongues.

The church is ruling over the whole world, see. Sat upon many waters.

With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication,  (spiritual
fornication,  is  taking  her doctrine--Nicolaitane  doctrine)  and  the
inhabitants  of  the  earth have been made drunk with the  wine  of  her
fornication. (Boy, you talk about a drunken bunch on it! You... )

So  he  carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I  saw  a

And  did you know what--the Catholic's own writing admit this  is  their
church?  How many knows that?  Right in their own writing.  I got  Facts
of our Faith is called there, see.  Belongs to a priest.  All right. All

(And) So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw
a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphe-
my, having seven heads and ten horns.

Now just watch that, that symbol--That seven-heads.  Now, you see  here,
he  said,... "And the heads which thou sawest are seven hills  on  which
the  woman sitteth." Rome sits on seven hills.  See?   Now there  is  no
mistake  about it.  See?  Seven heads and ten horns.  You know  are  ten
kingdoms, and so forth.

And the woman was arrayed in purple... scarlet colour,... decked in gold
and  precious stones... pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full  of
abominations of the filthiness of her fornication:

That  antichrist  spirit--fornication (see, teaching).  That  committing
adultery  with  God.  See? Now she's supposed to be a  bride,  see,  and
committing  adultery; see just like Eve did--just like the  church  does
there. See?

And  upon her... head was written--a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON  THE
GREAT, (anybody knows Babylon is Rome) THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND  ABOMI-
NATIONS OF THE EARTH. And... (listen to the 6th verse)

And  I  saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and  with  the
blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great

She was such a beautiful thing with crosses and  everything on  her; how
in the world could she be the guilty of drinking the blood of the saints.
It puzzled him. Now, he is going to tell him.

And the angel said unto me, Wherefore does thou marvel? I will tell thee
the  mystery of the woman, and... the beast that carrieth  her,...  (Now
this is not under one of the Seals. This is something else, see.) And he
said... the seven heads and (the) ten horns.

The  beast... thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out  of  the
bottomless  pit,... (it has no foundation--the pope)... and  (shall)  go
into  perdition: and they that dwell upon the earth shall wonder,  whose
names were not written in the (Lamb's) book of life (there's the  elect-
ed, see)--life from the foundation of the world,...

How,  when was your name put on the Book of Life?   At that revival  you
attended?   No,  sir!--from  the foundation of the  world...  when  they
beheld the beast that was, he is not, and yet is.

See, the beast. One will die; another one take his place. He was; he was
not;  he  was; he was not; was; he was not, and she will go  plumb  into
perdition that way. See? All right.

And  here is the mind which hath wisdom.  (How many knows  there's  nine
spiritual gifts, and one of them are wisdom? All right.) The seven heads
are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.  (You would have to  be
totally blind, deaf and dumb not to get that. All right.)

And there are seven kings: five are fallen,  and one is,  (Nero) and the
other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue just a short
space.  You remember what he done: Burned the city and laid it on to the
Christians,  and put his mother on a single tree of a horse and run  her
through the streets, and fiddled while Rome burned. All right.

You remember what he done: ... He burned the city  and laid it on to the
Christians, and put his mother  on  a single tree of a horse and run her
through the streets, and fiddled while Rome burned.

And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth,...

Pagan Rome brought into papal Rome, when the incarnate antichrist spirit
become  incarnate and was crowned; he was made a crowned king  of  Rome,
both in state and church together.  Oh, brother, see!  It's just full of
it, see?

...  and is of the seven,  and goeth (How long does he last?  They never
change the system.) to perdition.

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings which have received no
kingdom --kingdoms as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with  the
beast. (That is dictators, you see, of course.)

These have one mind,... (...?... And then they talk about Communism!)

These  have one mind, and shall give their power and strength  unto  the

These  shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall  overcome  them:
for he is Lord of lord, and King of king: and they that are with him are
called, chosen, and faithful.

And  he  said  unto me, The waters which thou sawest,  where  the  whore
sitteth, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the
whore,  (when that covenant  is  broken we talked about last night)  and
shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her
with fire.

Don't you know the Bible says the shipmasters and everything else  said,
"Alas, alas, that great city."--how it's met its doom in one hour? See?

For  God has put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to  agree,  and
give  their kingdoms over to the beast, until the word of God  shall  be

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city,  which reigneth over
all the kings of the earth.

Tell  me  one... Russia don't reign over all; we don't reign  over  all.
There is only one king that reigns over every... like that  Nebuchadnez-
zar's  iron  running out to every one of them  toes--that's  Rome!  Rome
don't do it as a nation; it does it as a church!

Every nation under heaven is to Rome.  No wonder he said, "Who can  make
war with him?"  He can say "peace" that settles it.  Every Catholic says
"Don't fight"; they don't fight.  That's all.  Who is able to do what he
can  do?-nobody, that's right.  So they wondered at the miracles he  can
do.  He can stop war.  The only thing he has to do is just say,  "Stop."
That's all. But do you think he will do it? Certainly not.

Notice.  That show they should kill one another, they should  kill  each
other.  His bow had no arrows at first, but his great sword did. He done
his  killing later and changed from white horse to a red horse the  same
exactly devil with his sword.

What did Jesus say? Jesus said, "They that take the sword will perish by
it." Don't fight back, see.  Jesus that night when He told... said  that
when Peter took his sword, see. Just be like He did; just go ahead.

Now remember he has got a sword.  He is going forth a sword in his hand,
riding a red horse, wading through the blood of everybody that disagrees
with him.  Now do you understand it? How many understands what that Seal
is now?  All right.  Now, what did Jesus say?  "They that take the sword
will perish by the sword." Is that right? All right.

All right.  This rider and all his kingdom subjects that are slain  down
through  the  age  that's drawed all this blood of the  martyrs  of  the
saints  will be slain by the sword of Jesus Christ when He  come.  "They
that take the sword will be slain by the sword."  They took the sword of
dogma  and  antichrist and cut down the real true  worshipers  all  down
through  the  ages  by  the millions, and when  Christ  comes  with  the
Sword--for  it is His Word that proceeds out of His mouth--He will  slay
everything that is before Him!  Do you believe it?...?...  Let's go over
here  just a minute. (Revelation)  We will see now if I am  just  saying
that or whether the Word says it. (Revelation 19:11)

And  I saw heaven opened,... (Amen)... and behold a white horse; and  he
that  sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in  righteousness  he
doth judge and make war.

His  eyes  were... the flames of fire, and on his head...  many  crowns;
(Oh,  brother!  See, he's done been crowned by his saints) and he had  a
name written, that no man knew, but himself--(You remember, we can't--we
don't know that, not yet.)

And  he  was clothed... (let's see) And he was clothed  with  a  vesture
dipped in blood: and his name is called (not is, but called) The Word of
God. (for He and the Word is the same, see)

Now notice, not His names, His name! called! Word of God.  He only knows
one  name--no other name.

And the armies...  of heaven...  which were in heaven  followed him upon
white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean (that is the right-
eousness of saints, see)

Now watch!  What did Jesus say?  "He that takes the sword..." All right,
red  horse rider, here what she's coming!  "He that takes the  sword..."
You  might have killed 68,000,000 of them down through these ages  since
then,  maybe more, but Jesus said, "He that takes the sword will  perish
by it." Watch!

And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword...

Hebrews  the 4th chapter said, "The Word of God is sharper than  a  two-
edged sword, cutting even to the marrow of the bone." And what else does
the Word do? It is a discerner of the thoughts of the heart! Right.

And out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword,  that with  it he should smite
the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron:  and he treadeth
the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God.

And he had on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KING,

As  the  impostors against the Word of God, and  because  they  wouldn't
agree and this thing, Satan placed, united the political power which  he
held  and the spiritual powers which he held together and made a  church
that  sweeps  into every nation; and he's put  millions  times  millions
(after  he had jumped off from his white horse onto his red horse),  and
he took his sword and went forth; but God said with the same thing  that
he perverted, or tried to--the false teaching--that same Word will  rise
in power, coming forth from the lips of Jesus Christ, and it shall  slay
him and everything before him.  Amen!  There is the Second Seal!  Do you
love Him? Oh my! That is THUS SAITH THE LORD!!!

If  all these other revelations and visions and everything has hit  just
exactly on the point, and how many knows that, raise your hand. Hundreds
- everybody here with their hands up.  That's right!  So shall this  be!
Remember, it's so.

Oh,  friend, come to the "fountain that is filled with Blood drawn  from
Immanuel's  veins;  where sinners, plunged beneath the flood,  lose  all
their guilty stain."

Come  believe on Him if you've never... Don't take any chance.  Don't...
don't...  If  there  is anything in your  life,  friend,  we're  here...
something  is fixing to happen.  I don't know why; I don't know when.  I
know  what's going to happen, but I don't know when it is going to  hap-
pen,  but  it is bound to be, because He is revealing it right  now.  He
doesn't do anything unless He makes it known. (Amos 3) He makes it known
first, and He promised that these things would come in the last days and
the seventh church age, at the end of it, when the messenger's  arrived,
there it would be.

It would be revealed those broken Seals--will be revealed; and here they
are. That is in the Name of the Lord. Believe it, friend...?... Come out
of Babylon.

I want to say something before I close, because I got--I'm getting  just
9:30; just right now time.

Billy  and  I,  when we got off of the plane in  India  (our  last  trip
there),  I  was  looking at a paper that they brought,  was  written  in
English. And it said, "The earthquake must be over; the birds are coming
back"--then it give the detail. There was something funny happened.

India  don't have woven fences like we do; they pick up rocks  and  make
their  fences, and they build a lot of their houses out of  rocks.  Just
place  them  up there and it's warm there around... oh  anywhere  pretty
near, in India, unless you get up in the mountains. And all down through
Calcutta  and  things, the people just lay on the streets,  starving  to
death so forth.

Now,  so, and they build their houses and towers... The house, they  run
the  fence  right up here beside their house.  Build the tower  for  the
house,  and the tower maybe, where they got their well, they dug it  for
their cattle and things, and run their fences around.

And all at once something begin to happen!  The little birds, you  know,
go  into  those rocks, and they build their nest and raise  their  young
ones; and something begin to happen.

Everyday  when  it would get hot, all the cattle will  come  around  and
stand  under the shadow of those walls--keep cool.   And all the  little
birds  live in those places; and all of a sudden, all them little  birds
were,  for some unknown reason... (Now you know what we said  the  other
day about little birds, see?)   Some unknown reason, they all took  off;
and they went out and didn't come back to their nest.   They went out in
the  field, and they sat in the tree, wherever they could get, right  on
the ground.

The cattle wouldn't come around.  The sheep wouldn't come around.   They
stayed right in the field and hugged up against one another--a good  way
to  do.  They knew that something was going to happen.   Then all  of  a
sudden  an earthquake took place, and shook the walls down,  the  fences
down and everything else.

Then the little birds began to come back.  Didn't come back for three or
four  days, and then began to come back.  They said, "Well,  the  earth-
quakes must be over now, the birds are coming back."

Why? Don't you believe that the same God that could make them birds  and
cattle  and sheep in the days of Noah go into the ark, He is  still  the
same God that can make them fly to safety? Is that right?

Now let me say something, brethren.  There's something fixing to happen,
and all these big old ecclesiastical walls are going to collapse and  go
right  back  over yonder and agree--because they are going to do  it  as
certain as I am standing here.  There is an image to that beast just  as
certain as I am standing here, and this nation took it according to  the
Word of the Lord.

Listen, when you feel that little funny feeling, you get away from  them
walls.  Get away; you will die in there!  Don't do it!  Come out of  it!
Get  away from all this stuff!  Flee to safety as quick as you can!  Ask
God for mercy.

Don't  just  take some, "Well, my mother was Methodist, so I  suppose  I
will be." "My papa was Baptist, I will be." Don't you do that! Don't you
take any chance!  I don't care how simple and humble it seems, it is the
Word of the Lord. You flee to Jesus Christ just as quick as you can, and
stay  there  until God fills you with His Holy Spirit, for the  hour  is
going to come when you're gonna hunt for it and it won't be there. So be
sure to do it!

Let's bow our heads.  Heavenly Father, Oh I just sometimes, Lord,  stand
here, and I tremble. I think of that awful hour that is approaching, and
our--there  is no way to stop it.   It is predicted that it would  come.
Now,  I have thought of why don't the people come and listen, and  won't
they come and accept it?  But of course I know that You said they would-
n't, so they won't.  But there is some that's got their names written on
the  Lamb's  Book of Life, and when them Seals are throwed  open  there,
they  see  their name there, and the Holy Spirit speaks  to  them,  they

You  can't keep them away.  No one can--no one.  They are coming  anyhow
because  You  are leading them like You did those little birds  and  the
sheep and the cattle. Thou art God. Some instinct that them animals have
that they know that they must get away.

If instinct to an animal could warn him to flee from danger, what should
the  Holy Spirit do to a church that claims to be filled with it?   God,
be merciful to us!

Forgive us all, Lord, of our short comings.  We don't mean to stand here
in this pulpit and let these people stand around walls, and their  limbs
a-aching, and then just go away and say, "Well, that sounds very good."

Lord, we want to do something about it. We want You to search our heart,
and if there is anything wrong, Lord, let us know now.  Please don't let
us come to that hour yonder when it's too late. Search me; try me, Lord.
Here  I  stand here by the grace of God seeing those  Seals  broke  down
there  and  come telling the people; when You predicted  that  it  would
happen this way weeks ago.

And now, Father, here it is right before us.  Now, Lord, try me.  Search
me. Search me in my heart.  Lord, we don't--we want You to look into our
lives,  and if there is anything in there that is not right, just  speak
it  to us, Lord.  We want to make it right, right now--right  now  while
there  is a "fountain filled with blood," while there is a  bleach  that
can cleanse our sins and unbelief.   We want to plunge our souls beneath
that--all of our unbelief.

God, help our unbelief.  Take it away from us, Lord.  We want to receive
rapturing grace.   We want to be able when that mysterious thunder thun-
ders  out  yonder  and the Church is taken up, we want to  be  ready  to
receive it, Lord.  Grant it. Try us, Lord, by Thy Word. Let us look into
it, and if we see that we have failed...

If  there  are those here, Lord, who were baptized  in  titles;  knowing
nothing  about the real true baptism, may I be as faithful as Paul  when
he  passed  through the upper coast of Ephesus and  he  found  disciples
screaming  and shouting and having a glorious time.  He said unto  them,
"Have  you received then the Holy Ghost since you believed?"  They  know
not whether there be any. He said, "Then to what was you baptized?"  And
they  had  been baptized by that glorious holy prophet,  but  they  only
baptized unto repentance; then they were rebaptized in the Name of Jesus
Christ. And Paul commanded them to be baptized over again.

Lord,  in  the  Light of Your Word, I command every  person  that's  not
baptized  in  the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to hasten to  the  water
quickly while you have a chance.  You that have not been filled with the
Holy Ghost, I command you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; fall  to
your  knees  and don't get up until the Holy Spirit has  sanctified  you
thoroughly and filled you with His love and goodness until your soul  is
so  satisfied in the presence of God that your whole desire is to  serve
Him and walk for Him and work with Him all the rest of your life.  Grant
it, I pray, that God will give you this charge, in Jesus Christ's Name.

                     I love Him,
                     I love Him
                     Because He first loved me, (Do you really love Him?
                     Now, put your hands up.)
                     And purchased my salvation
                     On Calvary's tree.
                     [Brother Branham hums the song--Ed.]

If there's any sitting that feels their need tonight... feels that  they
need  to  be baptized or need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  You  know
your  need; it's been revealed to you, and you want to be remembered  in
prayer. There is none of us can give it to you, only we can baptize you,
but  the only thing, we can't give you the Holy Spirit.   God does  that
alone,  but you feel your need that God is speaking to your  heart  that
you need It, and you want us to remember you in prayer, would you  stand
up so we could know you--know who you are? God bless you. The Lord bless

I guess there's a 150, maybe, standing in here, maybe like that if I can
see  all.  I don't know what's in the rooms and around  outside  holding
their hands up and so forth, but you have a need, now let's pray.

Now, you who see those people that's standing by you and they're  stand-
ing  as  a witness before Christ, "I need You, Lord.  I need You.  I  am
trusting I--I'm one of those that's going to find my name tonight behind
that seal yonder that was put on there from the foundation of the world.
Something  struck  my heart and I'm standing, Lord, is it me?   Are  You
calling me?  I want You to reveal to me my name over there.  Fill me and
seal  me in to Yourself by the Holy Ghost."   You who have already  been
sealed  in,  I want you to raise up; turn around to them  and  lay  your
hands upon them to pray for them. Now be deadly sincere.

Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus let the great Holy Spirit
move  upon this audience as a rushing wind.  Call to every  heart  here,
Lord,  and send down the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon  these  people.
And  there  is water waiting... While Peter yet spake these  words,  the
Holy Ghost fell on them...

[Balance of Brother Branham's prayer is not clear due to the congregation
praying aloud--Ed.] seals004.htm