The Fifth Seal

We would probably blow the whistles and hoist the flags and lay out  the
carpets  and everything for the President of the nation to come  to  the
city.  But just think, that would be all right, and it would be an honor
to the city.  But think, in our little humble tabernacle, tonight, we're
inviting the King of kings, God; and we don't... He don't desire carpets
to  be throwed out, and so forth.  He desires humble hearts to  be  laid
out,  so that He might take these humble hearts and reveal to  them  the
good things that He has in store for all those who love Him.

Now,  we  asked... And now, I've got a testimony that I  would  like  to
give. Now, if I'm mistaken on this--I just heard it, and I could be that
I'm  wrong, but I think the people are here that the  testimony  applies

And  then, a few days ago when I was out to my home now, in Arizona,  we
got  a call that said there was a little boy that had  rheumatic  fever;
and that goes to the heart.  And he was such a...  His father and mother
are  such darling precious friends of mine.   It was one of our  deacons
here  of  the church, Brother Collins.   His little boy,  little  Mikie,
(Joe's  playmate) was suffering with rheumatic fever of the  heart,  and
the doctors had sent him home, put him in the bed, and told the  parents
not  to even let him up, nor to raise him up to take a drink of water  -
take it out of a straw--he was so bad.  And the parents--faithful--comes
to the tabernacle here and believe.

And  a  few  nights ago, not trying to wait...  We'd  announced  healing
services on Sunday, but seeing that we're going to have to answer  ques-
tions,  so then we had to omit the healing service.   And then I  had  a
little something that I been keeping in, my inside of my heart.  And the
mother  and father wanted to know if they could bring the child  to  the
room, and they brought the little fellow out there, and the Holy  Spirit
pronounced him healed.

And  so, the parents being respective of that, taken the  little  fellow
home and sent him on to school--just sent him on to school.   The doctor
got  a hold of it.   So the doctor wasn't very well pleased with such  a
thing, so he told the mother that the baby should be in bed, of  course;
and she give him the story.

And  I  think the man is a, I understand, is a Christian believer  by  a
denomination, Seventh Day Adventists--the doctor is.   And so, he  said,
"Well,  you  ought... it's time for the child, for me  to  examine  it."
Said, "You ought to at least have it examined."

She said, "Very well."  Took the child down, and the doctor examined it.
The  blood, where the rheumatic fever lays...  And so I understand  that
the  doctor was so amazed he didn't know what to do.  The little boy  is
perfectly normal, sound and well.

Now, I--is the Collins' here... I might've told that wrong.   I don't...
Is that right, Sister Collins?  Yes.  That's little Mikie Collins,  just
about six,  seven years old;  and that happened right in the room  about
three nights ago.

Oh, there had to be somebody in that room besides human beings!   It was
the  great mighty Jehovah, that's right, that comes to honor  His  Word.
And I am so grateful to hear that. See. I know we all are.  Not only me,
but all are, because what if that was your little boy or my little boy?

And  remember, I'm giving testimony, just one... pick out one  here  and
there--it's happening everywhere, but just to let you know that my  real
ministry  is on divine healing.   But you--I'm here for these Seals  be-
cause... A little later you'll understand why I had to do this.  And so,
I'm not a teacher, I'm not a theologian. I just pray for the sick, and I
love the Lord.

And now, now in this though, that...  Last night we give a testimony  of
the little girl... I got her name, and Billy's got it here now somewhere
of  the parent and who they are.   And this little girl was in the  last
stage of leukemia...?... Just so bad that they could not feed her by the
mouth anymore; she had to be... her blood transfused through the  veins.
And she was a pretty little thing.   She was small for her age.   (About
like  this  little lady here, I suppose, but she was  about  this  high;
very... ) They were like most of us. You could tell by the dressed child
and the parents that they were very poor, just very poor, and so...  but
real reverent, and the Holy Spirit pronounced that child healed.

Now, just think of that--with leukemia.   That little fellow... And  the
blood  was so bad they couldn't even feed it through the mouth no  more.
It had to take... go to the hospital and take the blood... the  transfu-
sions through the veins, feed it. I guess glucose or whatever... I don't
know what medical terms does for that disease, but however, it had to be
fed that way.  And before the child left the place--cried for a hamburg-

And  the parents, after they'd heard the Holy Spirit of THUS  SAITH  THE
LORD,  see,  they,  and them strangers--never  was  around  before,  but
they... a dandy old couple that just got their seats here for them a few
minutes ago, Brother and Sister Kidd, had instructed them on what to  do
and what to listen for, and the child eat its meals on the road home.

Two or three days after that in school, and was--went to the doctor, and
the doctor was so amazed! He said, "There's not even one trace of leuke-
mia  found  in the child."  Now, that instantaneously on the  mark,  the
power  of  Almighty God to take a bloodstream and cleanse it  out  right
like that and put the pulsation of new life back in there, because  your
bloodstream is your life, mortal, and create new cells and clean out the
old.  And what it is, it is absolutely... I'd say this: It is a creative
act  of the Almighty God to take a bloodstream that's contaminated  with
cancer until the little fellow yellow and puffed out.  And within just a
few moments time, a brand new bloodstream.

I believe, (I'm not going to speak it in His Name; I'm going to speak it
in  my... in the revelation of my faith) what happened in Sabino  Canyon
the  other  day... I believe that the hour is approaching  when  missing
limbs  will  be  restored, and the glorious power of  the  Creator...  I
believe if He can make a squirrel appear that has no... here if the  man
or  woman just got a part missing--and that, complete animal in  itself.
He is God! I love Him.

Well, now, I get started on them subjects, and we just talk on, and  the
people  around the walls and standing in the halls and the rooms and  so
forth.   So I will get right straight to the Message, and I want to  say
this... Now, I want to give thanks to Him Who is omnipresent, and;  that
today, not knowing one thing about that Fifth Seal, it came in that same
mysterious  way--this morning, just about a hour before daybreak when  I
was out in prayer.   And today... I have just set these last five or six
days  just in a little room--don't see no one.   Just go out and eat  my
meal with a friend--with some of my friends here.   Of course, you  know
who that friend is--it's Brother and Sister Wood.  And you know... and I
went over there and stayed with them, and everybody has been nice. There
hasn't been anything, just simply...  I'm trying to stay right with that
Message of these Seals. It's important.  I believe it's the hour of It's
revealing time of revelation of it.

And now, I want you to be sure now, early, before... as soon as you can,
write  out your unknown understanding of these Seven Seals, if you  have
them, and lay them on the desk.   And maybe Brother Neville or  somebody
might put a box up here... Here, I see them now. That's good. I'd rather
have  them  tonight  that I can maybe study on them  awhile  for  Sunday

Now, don't... this time, right at this time, don't make it requests for,
say, "Is the evidence of the Holy Ghost this?"  See? I--I'd like to know
about  what I've taught about, you see, so we can get this one  subject,
like  the church ages, straight, see, because that's what we're  dealing
with now.

Now,  like  we was going to pray for the sick then that  takes  maybe  a
different  prayer, and you're anointed--come in for a  different  thing,
you  know, and you're seeking God to find out.  "Will there be  somebody
there tonight, Lord?"

"Yes,  it'll  be somebody wearing a yellow dress, sitting in  the  right
hand corner, and when you call her, call her this, and say thus and thus
she's did, and she has so-and-so." Then you go down there and watch, and
there she is. See. There you are, see? It's different. See? And this way
I'm praying: "Lord Jesus, what is the interpretation of this? Reveal  it
to me."

Now,  let's  get our Swords out again now, the Word.  And  I  appreciate
Brother Neville's spiritual support as well as his brotherly love,  back
here  behind  me, praying for me and you all out there also.   And  now,
tonight  being Friday night, we will try-- just make it as... You  can't
possibly hit all the things, because you could take that... just one  of
those Seals and stay... just bring it right through the Scripture, right
down. See, it take months and months and months, and you still  wouldn't
have it, because the Seal itself ties the entire Scripture from  Genesis
to Revelation--one Seal of it.

So what I try to do is keep from getting way off of it, I will jot  down
a Scripture or a little note here somewhere and keep from... just  keep-
ing on that one thing, I have to watch back because I only...  speaking,
I  speak by way... I hope it's the right inspiration.   And then when  I
look down to see the... I begin to speak and I feel myself going off  on
a  subject,  I will turn around look back the other way to  try  to  get
another  Scripture to get on that, you see, to kind of lighten it  up  a
little on that side instead of trying to go on with that.

And  so  now we're going to study tonight, by the grace of God,  by  His
help, the Fifth Seal.  And it's a short one.   It's a little longer than
the other.   The four horse riders, now, was two verses apiece, and this
is  three  verses in this one.   Now, the Fifth Seal begins in  the  6th
chapter of Revelation, the 9th verse.

And  now,  if you happen to be a stranger that hasn't heard  these  four
horse riders... Well, you... See, sometimes you just drop back and  kind
of tap something, and when you do, you're expecting the people to under-
stand  it.   So if there a little something you don't understand,  well,
just kind of bear a little bit or get the tape and listen to it, and I'm
sure you'll get a blessing from it. I have; I hope that you do.

Now,  everybody ready from the 9th verse now to the 11th, including  the

And  when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the  souls
of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which
they  held:And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long,  O  Lord,
holy  and  true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on  them  that
dwelt on the earth?

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said  unto
them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow-
servants  also...  their brethren, that should be killed as  they  were,
should be fulfilled.

Now,  this  is rather mysterious.  And now, for the sake  of  tape,  and
clergymen and teachers that's sitting present--now if you have a differ-
ent view from this, I did too, but I'm just taking it from the  inspira-
tion which completely changed my view of it. See.

And  then I find out, as you see these revealed, it's taking right  back
and  bringing  those church ages and the Scriptures right  together  and
tying  it  up; see, and that's the reason that I believe that  it  comes
from God.

Now, we realize that, and I am thinking that sometimes that we depend on
what  some great teacher might have said about it, see, and  that's  all
right.  I don't condemn the teacher, not by no means.   I don't  condemn
anybody; I just condemn sin--unbelief--nobody. And...

Some people have said, "You condemn organization."  No, I don't.  I con-
demn  the system of organization, not the people in there, the group  of
people  that makes the organization, you know; but the system  they  are
governed by--that's what I condemn, Catholic and Protestant the same.

My,  I  have  some  of the best friends that I  know  of  are  Catholic.
Just...?...  Do you realize... and the man may be sitting here  tonight,
perhaps  is, the only way that we got this tabernacle built,  because  a
Roman  Catholic  stood on his feet in the court there and  went  to  the
front for me, boy, like nobody would do! That's right, and they couldn't
turn it down. That's right.

They  said  they had to--figured out too many people.  Said,  "Oh,  that
won't make eighty more in that church!"--like that.

"That church is standing there," he said.  "I know the pastor," (and all
like that) and said, "that church has been there."   Said, "The rest  of
you can add to it, then why can't they?"   A Roman Catholic, good friend
of mine. Yes, sir.

A  boy that is a Catholic, a real royal friend of mine, was  talking  to
me. He had a certain hardware store before I left.   He said, "Billy,  I
know  you  don't believe in our system of religion"; he said,  "but  I'm
telling you right now," said, "God has honored your prayers so much  for
us.  I  believe  if you get in trouble anywhere in  the  nation,"  said,
"every  Catholic  in  the country would come to  you."    So,  you  see,
that... He said, "Every `cross back,'" he called it.   I'm going to tell
it just the way he did.

Of  course  they claim to be that because the  early  Christians  packed
crosses on their backs.  We know that by history.   And they claim to be
the early Christian, which they were, but the system has got them off of
that  path, you see, and them people, a Catholic, or Jew or whatever  it
is,  they  are a human being off the same tree that we come  from.  See?
That's right.  They are a people who love, and eat, and drink, and sleep
and... just like anybody else.   And so, we must never condemn individu-
als--no, no one, see? But...

We mustn't condemn individuals, but as a minister, I have to strike that
serpent out there that's biting into those people, you see.  And I don't
even... me, in myself, I wouldn't do that if it wasn't a commission from
God  that  I'm duty bound to do it, see, and I must hold that  true  and

But  if  a Catholic, Jew, or whatever he was, come here... if he  was  a
Mohammedan, Greek, or Orthodox or whatever he might be, if he come  here
to be prayed for, I would pray just as sincerely for him as I would  for
my own.  That's right.  Certainly, because it's a human being.  And I've
prayed  for Buddhists and Shiites, Jains, Mohammedans, and  every  kind,
you see, like that.   And I don't ask them no questions; I just pray for
them because they're somebody, a human being, that wants to get well and
try to make life a little easier along the road for them.

Now,  we realize that in this... And many of you here I know there's  at
least  two or three real scholars sitting here, and they are  smart  and
read  out  of other man's doctrine on this subject.   And I  want  these
brethren to know that I'm not condemning these man.  I'm only expressing
what the Lord shows me, that's all.

Now,  we don't want to never think it because some little wash woman  or
little  plow boy out there couldn't get a revelation from God,  because,
you see, it's--God, He actually reveals Himself in simplicity. That's...
We  had that Sunday to start this off on--how He reveals Hisself in  His
simplicity. That's what makes Him great.

Now,  let  me just... let me just review that just for  a  minute.  What
makes  God great is because He can make Hisself so simple.  That's  what
makes Him great.  God is great, and He can make Himself in such a simple
form that the wise of this world can't find Him.   They just can't  find
Him, because He makes Hisself too simple. Now watch.  And this in itself
is  the mystery of the revelation of Jesus Christ--see, this in  itself.
There  can be nothing greater than God, and you can't make  anything  as
simple as He makes Himself. See, that's what makes Him great. See?

Now,  a great man, he just can get a little greater and maybe  he  stoop
down and say, "How do you do?" to you, see, or something like that,  but
he can't make hisself little.  There's just something about him.  He's a
human.   He just can't make hisself little, because when he gets to  get
down too small, then the first thing you know, he's got to refer to what
somebody  else  did, and like that, and then he starts  pulling  hisself
back up again, you see? But the way up is down in God. Yes.

The wise of the world is trying in their wisdom to find Him.  They  only
climb away from Him in doing so. See? The wise of the world... If you're
trying to explain something by some mathematics or something,  remember,
He's  even put it in the Bible in Rev... no, I beg your  pardon.  Isaiah
35,  I believe it is, that even it's so...  it's so simple that  even  a
delinquent person would understand it, see, or even a fool shall not err

Wise misses it far by their wisdom--going farther from Him by trying  to
find Him by wisdom. Now, don't forget that. That will be taped, see. The
wise, in their wisdom go so far to try to find Him by their wisdom, they
miss  Him, see.   If they could be big enough to be simple enough,  they
could find Him. If you are big enough to get simple enough, see.

That... And you know that really is the truth. I've went in to people in
their  offices and so forth that were really were man, big  kings,  see,
and potentates, monarchs; and usually them are big man.   And then  I've
went  into places where a guy got a change of clothes, maybe  some  min-
ister  that  wanted to argue with me awhile, and you'd  think  that  the
world  couldn't run without him; see, and that's just puffed up  in  the
head,  see.   But a big man, a big man sits down and tries to  make  you
think you're the big man, see. He can humble himself.

And  you see, God is so great till He can humble Himself a place that  a
human  being  can't  climb down that far, see.   That's  all.  And  then
they're...  and they're trying to find Him... Now look, they are  trying
to find Him by sending the boys to school and getting a bachelor of arts
degree.  They are trying to find it by a theological terminology of  the
Bible,  and they are trying to find Him by educational programs  and  by
organizational programs and by beautifying things. And trying to find...
He's not there at all!   You just fighting the wind, that's all.  You're
getting away from it.

If they could be big enough to be simple enough, they could find Him  in
that  direction by being simple.   But as long as you're  going  towards
wisdom, you're going away from Him.  (Now, let me get that so you  won't
miss it.) As long as you're trying to find God by wisdom, like it was in
the Garden of Eden, like it was in the days of Moses, like it was in the
days of Noah, like it's been in the days of Christ, in the days of John,
in the days of the apostles, and to this day--when you try to figure  it
out,  and try to find God by wisdom, you're going farther from  Him  all
the time!   You're trying to understand it.  There's no way of doing it.
Just accept it. See. Just believe it. Don't try to understand it.

I can't understand why that... well, a lot of things.   There's not many
things I do understand or can't understand.  I can't understand how this
young fellow sitting here eats the same food I can and here he is... got
a full head of hair, and I ain't got any.  I don't understand it.   They
tell me calcium makes it, and I can't keep my fingernails cut off enough
and no hair at all to cut off. I don't understand that.

As the old saying is (this might kind of change the position in serious-
ness, but it is seriousness, but I haven't got to the Seal yet) how that
a  black cow can eat green grass, and give white milk, and churn  yellow
butter. I sure couldn't explain that, see, because you see each one is a
product of the other one, and how it does... I can't explain it.

Can't explain how two lilies stand or two flowers of the same breed, and
one  red and the other one yellow, and one brown and one blue.  I  don't
understand it--same sun upon them. Where does the color come from?  See?
I can't explain it, but yet you have to accept it.

I  just  wish that some great theologian would explain to  me  how  this
world  stands in orbit. I wish you could scientifically throw me a  ball
in the air, turning, and let it make the second revolution--in the  same
place.  You couldn't do it. And yet this is so perfectly timed 'til they
can  tell the eclipse of the sun to the minute, twenty years  from  now.
They haven't got a watch or clock or any piece of machinery that's  that
perfect and yet it stands there.  And then leaning backwards; what if it
straightened up a little bit?  You just make yourself silly to try, see.

So you see, don't try to get wisdom to understand.  Just believe what He
says, and the more simpler you can get, then there you are.  You'll find
it.    Now,  I'm so thankful for that - thankful that He  is,  has  made
Hisself simple.   Now, we find the 6th chapter and the 9th verse, let me
start now.

And  when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the  souls
of them that were slain for the  word of God,  and for the  testimony...
they held:

Notice,  there  is no mention of another beast or a living  creature  to
this  announcement  of the Fifth Seal.  Now remember, there was  on  the
Fourth Seal, there was on the First Seal, Second, Third, and Fourth, but
none here.  See?  Now, if you notice...  Let's just read back one of the
Seals.  Let's go back to the Fourth Seal, see, and that's the 7th verse.

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the  fourth
beast say, Come... see.

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come
and see.

... the second beast say, Come and see

(and ... the first beast say,)... Come and see.

But  then  when  we get to the Fifth Seal, there's no  beast.  Now  just
notice.  "And  when  he  had opened the fifth  seal,  I  saw  under  the
altar..."  Right quick, see, there's no beast there, and a beast  repre-
sents power. We know that, see. There's no living creature.

Now,  one of those creatures, we find out in studying the revelation  in
the churches, that the--one of them (had) was a lion; and the other  one
was an ox; and the other one was a man; and the other one was an  eagle.
We  find  out in the church ages that those four  beasts,  meaning  four
powers,  was gathered around the Acts of the Apostles just the way  that
the tabernacle in the wilderness...

You  understand  it,  because I won't take time to go into  it  now.  We
drawed  it out here and showed just exactly.   They were  watching  over
this, the Lamb and the Word to perform the Word just as they did the ark
of the covenant in the holy place in the wilderness, and so forth.

Now,  we even positionally showed by the tribal colors of Israel and  by
the...  How many heard the Seven Church Ages?   I guess  most  have--two
thirds of you.   Notice that even the nature of the beast was exactly  a
tribal emblem, which way the four... the twelve tribes, set four on each
side--three  tribes on each side.   And the four beasts sat and  watched
these tribes from all four ways.

And when we went and got the Gospels and showed exactly when you entered
into  the  ark, they was a-guarding the ark--the covenant; and  then  we
find  out  that the covenant of the new church,  its  representation  on
earth was the Holy Spirit. The Blood had sent back to us the Holy Ghost,
and  the  four  beasts represented the twelve tribes of  Israel,  as  it
watched, and finding their natures and taken that same nature and bring-
ing it to each one of those four Gospels--exactly, was exactly the same.
One talked to the lion, the other one to the ox, and the other--the four
Gospels.  There it is.   The four Gospels is the protection of the  Holy
Spirit. Amen!

I just always wonder... It stuck with me--now, this is about six  years,
I guess, since I heard a great man say that the Acts of the Apostles was
just  the framework.   I've heard it said many times, but to hear a  man
with his status as a preacher and as a teacher, that's wrote some of the
famous  books that the people read everywhere; and to say that the  Acts
of  the  Apostles wasn't actually suitable for teaching of  the  church,
when  the  Acts of the Apostles is the very foundation of  it!--not  the
framework, the foundation!   Because the Bible says that the  foundation
of God is built upon the doctrine of the apostles.  That's right! Christ
the Head--the Cornerstone.

And when this fellow stood there and made that remark, I just.. my heart
just  failed.  And  I thought, "No wonder..." Well, I see  now,  in  the
Seals. It just wasn't revealed, that's all. See?

So  then, there they was, standing there.  But there was something  just
saying that. Now notice, they guard.  Now, when we got Matthew 28:19 and
run  that  thing  down through Matthew (which represented  a  lion)  and
coming in there, we found exactly why they baptize in the Name of  Jesus
Christ.   And there He was, standing there with that very  Scripture  to
guard  the  sacred  trust of the Baptism of the Name  of  Jesus  Christ.
(Well, I'm getting off on the church ages now.)

Notice,  but here when we come to this Fifth Seal now, there's no  rider
goes forth, and there's no beast to announce it.   John just... The Lamb
opened it, and John saw it.   There was no one there to say, "Now,  come
look; come see." Notice, no power of the living creature.  Or there's...
And  on  the Sixth Seal, there is no beast to announce it.  And  on  the
Seventh Seal, there's no beast to announce it, no powers to announce it,
see, no one does it. On the...

Look,  on  the--after the Fourth Seal, there's no  announcement  by  any
beast power from Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Seal--not at all.

Now  notice,  (I  love this) as in the times of the rider  of  the  four
horses--the  rider, singular, of the four different horses, there was  a
beast that announced the power.   Every-time the rider straddled another
horse  and  come  forth to ride, another kind of a beast  come  out  and
announced  it.  That's  a  great mystery. See?   That  is  the  mystery.
Why?--announcing the mystery.

Why isn't there one here on the Fifth Seal to announce it?   Here it is.
According  to the revelation that the Lord Jesus gave me today, or  this
morning, early; that is that the mystery of the church ages are  already
finished at this time. The mystery of the antichrist is revealed at this
time.  The antichrist took his last ride, and we found him on  the  pale
horse mixed with his many colors, and rides all the way into  perdition.
(We get it on the trumpets and so forth when we teach that.  I'd go into
it now, but we get plumb off the subject again.)

And we go... he rides... That's the reason there's no one there. Now, we
know written cause some reasons for something.  Now, you remember at the
first, beginning, I said, "There can't be nothing without a reason."

Remember the little drop of ink?   See, now you got to find the  reason.
There  was  some reason they didn't have to have a beast or a  power  to
announce  this  Seal being broke, and only God can  reveal  why  (that's
all), because it's all... all lays in Him.

But the reason that He reveals, as I understand, that it is because  the
mystery  of the Book of Redemption, as far as the antichrist  being  re-
vealed...  and  at the same time the Church is gone,  and  these  things
don't even happen in the church age at all.  That's right!  They're away
from the church age. The Church absolutely is raptured at this time. The
Church  goes  up in the 4th chapter of Revelation, and does  not  return
until it comes back with its King in the 19th chapter.   But these Seals
here  are revealing what has been, what is, and what will be.  See?  And
now, what was to be for the church age was revealed by these Seals,  and
now, watch what takes it.

The four stages of his rider has been revealed.   The four stages of the
antichrist riding has been revealed at this time; therefore, they  don't
have  to have anymore.   And there was four living creatures of  God  to
announce the rider as they rode. Four beasts are four powers.

Now,  we  know that beast, by interpretation of the terms of  the  Bible
symbols, means power. Now, let's get that close.  The four are beasts in
the  Bible  represent a power among the people. Now, if we  find  out...
like in Daniel, when he saw a certain nation rise up, it would be  maybe
a  bear holding a rib in his side--symbol.   Then he seen another  power
raise up--a goat; it represented something.  Then he seen another  power
raise  up,  and it was a leopard with so many heads;  it  represented  a
certain  kingdom.  Then he saw another one rise up--a  great  lion  with
teeth and stomped the residue; that represented a different power  alto-

One was a kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar--and another type of a dream. Daniel
saw a vision. Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream, but Daniel interpreted his
dream, and it was correctly with the vision. Amen!

Oh, if you just know what happened.   What happened before we left here?
You understand?   Why, six straight dreams come exactly with the vision.
Amen.  See?  A dream interpreted is a vision, because a person not maybe
being born with the subconscious to stay--be awake when he sees it, then
God--ducks over in his subconscious and speaks to him--which He promised
that  in  dreams  in the last days He would visit  people  and  also  in
visions. See.

Now, a vision is when you are wide awake (standing right like this), and
certain  things  are revealed, and you stand and tell  them  just  right
about  it--see  what happened and what's going to be and so  forth.  But
now, a dream is when you are asleep, and your five senses are  inactive,
and you're in your subconscious. You're somewhere, because when you come
back, you remember where you been.   Remember it all your life; see,  so
it's your subconscious. Then in order, see...

As  Congressman  Upshaw used to say, "You can't be  something  that  you
hain't," and that's just about right, see.   And then if you are born  a
seer,  now, you see, to do that those both consciouses has to  be  right
together--not  one here with five senses active, and the other out  here
when  you're asleep with the five senses are not active.   But you  see,
when  both of them--you're born--right together, you don't go to  sleep.
You  just  go from one to the other like that--you don't  go  to  sleep.
There's not enough room to go to sleep, and you can't make yourself that
way.  So  gifts and callings are predestinated of God.  They  are  God's
gifts and callings, even without repentance, the Bible says.  See?  They
were ordained before the foundation of the world. See?

Now, we find out that the beast of Daniel, it meant that it was a  power
raising up amongst the people.   Or in John's visions here, also,  shows
that it was powers--nations raising up.

Like the United States appears in Revelation 13 as a lamb.  And then, if
you want to know different, you say, well, that's talking about national
power. It also represents holy power, too --a beast.  Did you know that?
Notice,  Rebekah, when the servant of Abraham, Eliezer, when he came  to
get  Rebekah, he mounted her up on a camel--the very camel she  watered.
And she rode this camel to meet her unseen bridegroom.   The very  thing
she watered was the thing that took her to her future home and husband.

And  it's the same thing today, see.  The very thing that the Church  is
watering,  that  is the seed--the seed of the Word--it's the  very  Word
that becomes alive and carries us to our unseen Bridegroom, see.

And look how perfectly--Isaac had left the home and was out in the field
away from his home when Rebekah saw him; and the Church meets Christ  in
the  air, and then He takes Her back into the Home--Father's Home  where
the mansions are prepared. Isaac took Rebekah the same way.

And notice, it was love at the first sight.  Oh my, she just run to meet
him!  And  that's  the way the Church will meet Christ in  the  air  and
forever be with Him.

Now, turn to the Bible. These beasts are power. Notice! I want... Now, I
want you to notice the devil had his four changing colored beasts to  go
forth on.   He had his four beasts--that was all three of them put  into
the  color  of one and made that one a pale horse--a  white  horse,  red
horse, black horse.

And  we seen each one of those was a stage of his ministry--a  stage  of
the  early  church that had formed into a  denomination  at  Nicaea--the
original  Pentecostal  Church upon whom the Holy Ghost was  poured  out,
coming down, took up an anti-Christ spirit, formed an organization, gave
birth to some daughters of organization, changing his power three times,
and put them in one, and made a pale horse, and then given a name called
Death, and rode him into eternity. Just as plain as it can be.

Now notice, he's given this horse, and he's riding it.   God has also...
as every-time... now watch! When the antichrist appeared first, what did
he  appear in?--White horse, see, innocent as he could be, just  a  doc-
trine  in the church.  They wanted fellowship.  Your fellowship is  with
Christ; but they wanted a fellowship. They just couldn't stand it.  They
wanted to get... well, you know like little cliques will rise up in  the
church.   You know it, you pastors.  See.   Like they say, "Birds  of  a
feather..."   But if we're born again brethren, that's not the  attitude
to take. See. No.

Now,  we... If we see something wrong in our brethren, let us just  pray
and  keep it before God and love that man until we bring him right  into
the presence of God. That's the way... really the way to do it.

You know Jesus said...  There will be weeds in there, because Jesus said
there would be, but don't pull them up.   You'll take the wheat with it,
see. Just let them alone.  He will do... Let Him do the segregating when
the time comes. See? Let it all grow together.

Notice,  as the beast went out, the antichrist went out on a  beast--his
power.  Oh, I love this.  I just begin to feel religious right now, see,
maybe the stimulation.

Notice, when the antichrist...  Them revelations in the presence of that
ball of Fire hanging there in the room!  Oh brother!  Although I've seen
It since a child, every-time It comes near me, It alarms me.  He  almost
puts  me in an unconscious condition.   You never get used to  it.   You
can't--too sacred.

Notice,  as the antichrist went forth on his beast of ministry,  (there)
God sent forth a beast to combat it. See? Now watch. Then every-time the
beast rode on his horse (the antichrist rode on his horse, on his beast)
to  announce his ministry, God sent His beast, also, in his own mask  to
announce His combat to it.

Now,  the  Scripture says, "When the enemy comes in like  a  flood,  the
Spirit of God raises a standard against it.   And so when the enemy went
out as an antichrist, God sent a certain type of power out to meet  him.
And  then  when they--he went out again as a  red  horse  rider--another
color,  another power, another ministry--God sent another one after  him
to combat it, to hold His Church. Sent the third one, again God sent His
third beast to come and announce it.  He sent the fourth one.   God sent
His fourth one, and then the antichrist end, and the church ages  ended,
too, at that time. Watch. Now, oh, I... this is really good.

Now,  we see that the devil changing four beasts meant what  power  they
was  revealed to the--what power he revealed to the world and  how  they
ended  on this pale death horse.   Now, let us look at God's  powers  of
these beasts to combat them.

The first beast of God that He went out to meet the antichrist with, the
antichrist  spirit when it said, it's just his teaching.  Now  remember,
when  the  antichrist  first rode, he was in a  teaching  ministry.  The
antichrist rode first in a teaching ministry.

Watch the one that went to meet him, the Lion.  The Lion of the tribe of
Juda, which is the Word.   When his false teaching went forth, the  true
Word  went  to meet him.   That's the reason we have an Irenaeus  and  a
Polycarp,  and those fellows--Saint Martin.   When that  antichrist  was
riding with his false teaching, God sent His teaching out, the Word, the
Lion  of the tribe of Juda, which is the Word made manifest in the  Holy
Spirit. And the Holy Spirit there to manifest Himself which is the Word.

That's the reason the early church had healings and miracles and visions
and power, is because it was the Living Word in the form of the Lion  of
the tribe of Juda riding out to combat that.  Amen!  Now, you got it? He
sends his power, antichrist; God sends His, the Word.  Antichrist, false
teaching--the  true teaching went with it to combat it.   Now, that  was
the first one.   Now, this was the first church, apostolic, that went to
meet him.

Now,  the  second beast that the antichrist sent out was  a  red  beast,
which was a--that he rode on--was to take peace from the earth and  war.
Now,  the  second one that went to combat him was the ox beast.  The  ox
means a labor, a beast of burden.

And now, if we could just stop just a minute.   Let me get-- let... just
so you be sure to see this. That kind might be a little puzzling to you.
But let us get Thyatira over here--watch and see if it isn't a  laboring
church, you see.

And  unto the angel of the church of Thyatira write; These things  saith
the  Son of God, who hath his eyes are like the flames of fire, and  his
feet are like fine brass;

I know thy works, (see? becoming all works now, see, because that's  the
one who's riding with them) and thy charity, and service, (see? it's all
just... ) and faith, and... patience, and thy works; (again,  twice--thy
works) and the last to be more than the first. [Rev. 2:18-19]

See, that shows that the Thyatira Age, after the antichrist got  settled
down  and come into a Thyatira Age, the little church could  do  nothing
but just simply labor.  And another thing, the ox is also--is a beast of
sacrifice.  See, they give their lives just as freely as they could give

In the Dark Ages, a thousand years, there the Catholicism controlled the
world,  and  they just went right in, "yes" or "no".  They  didn't  mind
dying.   If it was death, that's all right.  They went and died  anyhow.
Why? The very Spirit of the age.

That's  the  reason Irenaeus, that's the reason  Polycarp,  John,  Paul,
those great mighty man out there combating that thing.  Paul saw it.  He
said, "I know that after my departing, that wolves are going to enter in
among  you,  brethren  teaching perverse things, and it  will  draw  you

Look  at  that stern little ole' apostle standing there, his  back  beat
full  of  stripes,  his eyes watering, but he  could  see  farther  than
their--that scope--claiming that out yonder that they can see a  hundred
and twenty million years of light space.  He could see plumb into Etern-
ity.  There he was.  And he predicted it and said that's what would take
place, and said... also went on down to the other age to come.

Now notice, there he was. Along after him... St. John lived the longest.
And  when St. John was trying to take all the sacred  epistles  anointed
with the Holy Ghost and put them together and make the Bible, the  Roman
empire caught him and put him on the Isle of Patmos.   He was out  there
on the Isle of Patmos for the Word of God's sake.   Polycarp was helping
him translate it.

I  read the other day the letter that Mary, herself, wrote  to  Polycarp
and  upbraiding...  not upbraiding him, but commending him for  being  a
gallant man that who could teach and accept the teaching of Jesus Christ
of who was born of her from God.   Mary's own note that she had wrote to

Polycarp was fed to the lions, you know.  No, he was burned.  It was too
late for them to turn a lion loose in the arena, and so they tore down a
bathroom,  (an old bathhouse there) and put him in the arena and  burned

And on his road coming down, he was walking with his head down, and  the
Roman centurion said, "You are an old man and well respected.  Why don't
you denounce that thing?"

He  just kept looking towards Heaven, and a Voice spoke from  somewhere.
They  couldn't understand where.   And said, "Polycarp, don't fear;  I'm
with you."

Why?  He was standing with that Word.   And when they began to pile  the
boards on him to burn him, there was a heavenly music come down, and the
anthems  from some angelic somewhere sang the song.   He never even  one
time  batted  an eye to them.   That's gallant man; that's man  who  can

The martyrs down through the ages there suffered terribly.  But what was
they?    They were under the inspiration, the Spirit of God, the  power.
And don't forget this, church, and you brethren on tape.   I want you to
examine  this: How could man do anything else besides the power  of  God
that had been released to them?

I'm  going to set this box up here to represent that.   If God  sends  a
certain Spirit among them, that's the only thing that they can work  by,
is the Spirit that works among them.

Now, we will prove to you by the history of the Church and by the  open-
ing of the Seals and the powers that let loose... and watch exactly  the
Church responded to the anointing, and they couldn't do nothing else.

Now, the first was that lion that roared, that pure unadulterated  Word.
The  second  in  Thyatira was the ox, and it was a  burden--a  beast  of
burden, (pardon me) and it was also a sacrificial beast. And wasn't that
exactly  the  poor little Church of Rome that settled down  there  to  a
thousand years of dark ages?   And anything that didn't profess to be of
the Roman church was put to death immediately; and they had to labor--go
from place to place.

You  Masons, I will call your attention.   You remember the sign of  the
cross?  Now, you know what I'm talking about.  Now, notice.  Now, if you
notice that was packing and preserving that Bible. See?  And they had to
labor among one another. There you are--the ox.

And when it come time, (we read it last night) see, when the thing  went
forth  and  the sacrifice come and they had to go, He said,  "Don't  you
hurt the wine and oil." What did they do? They willingly walked up there
and died.

They didn't care because the Spirit of the church in that day was sacri-
fice--labor.   And  they walked up just as freely as  they  could  walk,
anointed  with the true Spirit of God of that age, and died like  heroes
of  sacrifice--thousands time thousands--sixty-eight million of them  on
the record--ox, sacrifice.

Oh my!  Do you understand it?  Okay.  All right.  Now the sacrifice,  it
only could labor in that age to combat the great opposition for that one
thousand years.

Now, the third beast that went out from the devil was this black  horse.
See.  Now, the third beast that went out--power from God to combat  him,
to combat the powers of the black horse, was a man, cunning, smart, with
the wisdom of God.

You  know,  a  man is (the) smarter than any of the  beast.   See?  He's
smarter because he can outwit him, mostly.   He's cunning, shrewd.  See,
and the age from the Dark Age now, coming out from the Dark Age down  to
this other side where this black horse was riding, when they charged for
their  sacrifices and everything they'd done, and money was just...  Oh,
you know how it was.

Now, the next thing went out to combat that was a beast with the face of
a man: smart, educated, shrewd, fine, anointed with that Spirit of  that
day. Notice it?

Now,  he  went to combat him with the cunningness of God's  wisdom  with
him.  That was the age of the Reformation--Martin Luther,  John  Wesley,
and  so forth. See, it was the Reformation--Zwingli, and oh, who  all  -
Knox, Calvin, and who all, see, went out. It was a cunningness.

Now,  you watch.  Exactly from the Dark Age, from the Reformation,  this
a-way,  watch; it was the shrewdness of man... [Brother Branham asks  to
have windows opened--Ed.] now notice, it was the shrewdness of man. Now,
do  you  understand?  That third beast that Satan sent  out,  he  become
shrewd, too.

Watch,  "A measure of wheat for a penny, three measures of barley for  a
penny." See? Oh my! See?  The money-making scheme--the shrewdness to get
the gold of the world and the wealth brought into it.  That's exactly to
fulfill.  That's  what... Began to charge for prayers  and  for--make  a
place  called purgatory; prayed their ancestors out, and, or you had  to
will your deeds and everything, your property.  The church and state was
the same, and the church taken your property over.

And  don't you see some of these evangelists, that they still have  that
same  anointing on them?--making old people give up their pensions,  and
deeding their homes over to certain things. Why, brother... I don't want
to get on that, see. But now... I will stay right with this. I look back
to  see where I'm going.   Now, notice... them man, that's up  to  them.
That's up to them.   That don't have one thing to do with me.  I'm  just
responsible for this here.

Now notice, the beast come to combat it, now, was man.  And we all  know
that  this  beast of man, this power of man in his  intellectuals,  rec-
ognized that that kosher that Martin Luther had in his hand when he  was
climbing  those steps... They said, "This is the Blood of Jesus  Christ.
This is the body of Jesus Christ."

And Luther throwed it down and said, "It's bread and wine!  It's not the
body of Christ, because It's been exalted and sitting at the right  hand
of God, making intercession." See?--wisdom, see, man.

And  when John Wesley come along, after Zwingli had come in and  Calvin,
and he got the church to a place on security until they didn't want more
revivals--"Whatever  is going to be is going to be"--that was  all.  And
they just lived any kind of life.  The Lutheran Church is so twisted and
the Anglican Church, (oh my!) the whole country become corrupt just like
it is now.   The churches have twisted... When King Henry VIII come into
England, and, after bloody Mary, and all these things taken place... and
then  the  church was so full of violence and corruption.  Men  claiming
Christianity  and  living with four, five wives or doing  anything  they
wanted to do and carrying on in filth.

John  Wesley studying the Scripture and watching it, it was revealed  to
him  that  the  Blood  of Jesus  Christ  sanctifies  the  believer,  and
you're--shouldn't...  Then  what did he do?   He come out  with  another
reformation.  He saved the world in his day like Luther did.  See?  What
was it? That man, beast power, going out.

He give man wisdom of understanding that the thing is wrong.  That isn't
the  Blood of Jesus Christ.   That isn't the body of Jesus Christ;  that
represents the body.  See?  That's the still great fuss between Catholic
and  Protestant, now.  That's the only thing they can't get together  on
right now.  Everything else they can get together on but that.  These...
them councils are having... Notice now, but this--but they couldn't  get
together on that, see.  The wine is the blood, and says it's the literal
blood; that the priest has the power to change this bread to the literal
body of Christ.

That's what the little tabernacle is in the church.  You know that's the
reason  they make signs and any kind of a pagan offering to go  by,  and
you know, and bow theirself and tip their hats and so forth. That is not
to the building; it's to that kosher that's in the tabernacle. And...

Notice  how Satan shrewdly pulled that. But see, at that time, upon  the
man's  being, (see?) God put a Spirit of wisdom upon man  to  understand
that's wrong.  Now, that was to combat the third beast, that had got the
church  so corrupt, (that he was riding) that it was  terrible--the  re-

What  did they do then, they--in the reformers' age?   They brought  the
church  from  its pagan ceremonies of idolatry back to God  again.  See?
That's what the beast went forth (that cunningness of man, the rider) to
do it.

Now, let's read now verse 3, Revelation 3:2 just a minute. Now, I've got
it marked down here for some reason.   Now, this just comes in now,  the
Lutheran  Age and the reformers' age, (Revelation 3:2).  What they  did,
they organized. As soon as Luther got his church started on, they organ-
ized it. All right, the same thing Wesley did; same thing Pentecost did,
exactly;  organized  it.  And what did they do? They take  up  the  same
system that they come out of. See?

Now watch this Revelation, speaking to this Sardis Church.  To the angel
of the church, is the first verse, of course, see. Now, watch.

Be  watchful,  and strengthen the things which remain,... (that  is  the
Word  that you've been taught)... (see?) things which remain,  that  are
ready  to die:... (She's right then ready to start back in an  organiza-
tion just like the Catholic church they come out of, see.)... for I have
not found thy works perfect before God.

There you go. There's the--there it goes right back again. Don't you see
why organizational systems is wrong?  Who started it?  Did God?  Did the
apostles? The Roman Catholic Church did it.

Now,  just  let  any  historian say  different.  It's  not  there.  They
are--they  say they're the mother church, and they are; but they  organ-
ized the thing and put a system with man's head to it.   We didn't  take
one  man  like  they did; we take a whole council of man  and  put  them
together; and then you really got a confusion.  That's right.  How can a
council, anyhow?

It's just like we think democracy is right. I believe it is, too, but it
will  never work right.  It can't with a bunch of Rickys around here  to
run it.  How in the world are you going to get it right?  It can't.  No-
tice, the real thing was a godly king.

Notice,  the beast, the third beast, now, was the cunningness of a  man.
He  represented  the reformers that went forth from the idol  of  pagan;
said,  "This is the bread; this is the wine."   See, the antichrist  has
still got something symbolizes Christianity.   He's got to, because he's
against, you see.  And then if he's got to be against something...  Now,
if he come along and say, "Oh, I'm a Buddha." Well, that has got nothing
at all to do; that's just a heathen to begin with. But the antichrist is
cunning.  He's  got  all kinds of things  that  represents  Christianity
there, only got it off on the other side, something against the original
doctrine of it. See, that's what makes him anti-Christ. See?

So  the  reformers, when the beast went forth in the form of  a  man  to
combat  that...  Now, don't forget this, class; don't  forget  it!  See.
Remember it all the days of your life.  See.  These beasts are  correct;

Notice, idolatry brought the... the man beast went forth with the  power
of God by wisdom that God gave him and brought the church from  idolatry
back  to  God. But in the... we find out in that same church  age  (when
they  started to denominate, to do the same thing that they did  in  the
beginning), that Rome did...  Now, she's going to make daughters to that
church, and what does she say?  Said, "Now, that you're--I haven't found
you  perfect,  and you got to strengthen that little  strength  you  got

Now,  listen  to him warn them in Revelation again (3:3).  Let's  get...
Well, I believe I got it just a few minutes ago.

Remember  from... how thou hast received and heard, and hold  fast,  and
repent...  (Just,  in other words, remember, that you come out  of  such
corruption as that. See?)  And look here:... If therefore thou shalt not
watch,  I  will come unto thee as a thief, (Uh-huh) and thou  shalt  not
know what hour I will come upon thee.

On down, He's going to move the candlestick, see.   So, that's it.  What
is  it?--the  Light of the Church.   And she went right  into  the  same
organizational system of pagan darkness that she come out of, and  there
she remains today.   And honest hearted people thinking that that's  the
Truth--just the same as Catholics are, and the Protestants laugh at  the
Catholic  when  they're just six of one and half a dozen of  the  other,
exactly, according to the Word--man's wisdom.

Now,  notice.  Oh, how I love this!   Listen to Him now warn them.  Now,
we--you perfectly agree, everyone of you (now, if you don't, write me  a
question)  that those beasts are exactly identified in each age  as  the
Bible  has  identified them here?   That's exactly what they  done.  The
history shows what they done. We look right here and see what they done.
And here, them beasts...

I never knew that before. I was just sitting there, and I could just see
it moving up there just the same as you're looking at me. See?  And it's
got to be right, because it's right here with the Bible, so how are  you
going to do anything else, but say it's right?

Notice.  Now, the fourth beast that was sent forth to combat  the  anti-
christ in this last beast... Are you ready? The last beast that was sent
forth, or the last power, to combat the antichrist (who was against  the
teaching of God, the antichrist) was an eagle.  See?   The fourth living
beast was an eagle.  Now, you just study the ages, study the Scriptures,
is  a eagle.   And in the Bible, the last age was an Eagle Age, and  God
likens the eagle to His prophets.  See?  It... Now watch.  The last age,
the Eagle Age--a revealer of the true Word. See?

Before  God  moves to action, like He did in the days of Noah,  He  sent
forth an eagle.  When He brought Israel, and Pharaoh's army was ready to
go, He sent an eagle.   Every-time He sends an eagle at the last end  of
it.  And here He sends an eagle again.  That's exactly with the Word, so
how can you make it anything else? He sends an eagle.

Why?--a revealer of the Truth that has been fallen all through the  age.
So  how  in the world could the ox, or the man, or  whatever  beast  was
riding;  how could it ever be revealed until the eagles come?  They  had
their place.  They were godly sent beasts, just the same as anybody else

The lion, that was the original. There's where the antichrist come up in
combat;  then He raised up another power.   He sent a power to meet  it.
Then  He raised up another power, and He sent another power to meet  it.
And  then  at the last power, He brings down the eagle  to  restore  the
children back to the original faith again of the fathers--the Eagle Age.
Then did you notice?  There's no more beasts.  That's all of it.  That's
the end.

Now, if you will take now Revelation 10:1-7, (I've been referring to it)
remember, in the last messenger's age (see?) what was to happen?  All of
the mysteries of God would be revealed--the eagle.

Now, you see the four beasts that rode? That was perfectly right. Do you
believe that? And now here each age, or each power, that rode behind it,
and there is the Scripture that shows what the enemy's rider did. That's
been revealed in these Seals, and also, it's been revealed now that each
beast  power that God sent out to combat it hits exactly on the dot,  up
to the eagle time.

Now, if this is the last time, there'll come an eagle. That's right. And
to  that...  Now,  remember, now, in the days that the  lion  came,  the
original Word, about one-hundredth of them listened to the lion.  In the
days that the ox came, just a teeny little drop on them listened to  the
ox message. In the days that the man come, he worked among man, you see.
So he was shrewd. He got a little group out, and what did they do? Satan
seen that so he just sends them right back and marries them into it. And
remember,  when  the eagle finally come, it'll be one-hundredth  of  one
percent that will listen--it's a Eagle Age.

Remember, all these other riders... and then even Jesus predicted if  He
didn't  hasten His coming there wouldn't be any flesh at all  saved  for
the Rapture...?... Is that the Scripture? See where we're at then; don't
you,  brethren, sisters? See where we're at? God, I'm so glad.  I  don't
know what to do.

This  is not me standing up here to talk.   I'm in here, too. I'm  among
you. See, I... It's me. I got family.  And I've got brothers and sisters
that I love.   And the God of Heaven kind enough to come down and reveal
that thing by His Own... by visions that's been proved for thirty  years
it's the Truth. Here. We're... We have arrived...?...

Scientific search has proved it.  The vindication of the Word has proved
it.   And we're here; and this revelation comes from God, and  it's  the

Have  you caught anything?   I might not have to tell you then,  Sunday.
Notice, notice... Wonderful!  Now notice now.  And then according to the
time  that God was going to deliver the antediluvian world, He sent  the
eagle.  And the time He was going to deliver Israel, sent the eagle.  Do
you  believe  that the time, even on John, on the Isle of  Patmos,  this
Message was so perfect that He couldn't trust it with an angel?

You  know, a angel is a messenger, but do you know the messenger  was  a
prophet? Do you believe that?  Let's prove it.  Revelation 22--let's see
if it was a eagle.   See, he was... Sure he was an angel; he was a  mes-
senger. But it was a prophet that revealed this whole Book of Revelation
to  him.  (Revelation  the 22nd chapter and the 19th  verse)  I  believe
that's right if I've got it written down here: 22:19.   I may be  wrong.
No,  22:9.  That's what it is, I was looking at 22:9.  That's right.  Oh
yes, here.

Then saith he to me, See thou do it not: for I am of thy  fellowservant,
and of thy brethren the prophets,...

Watch what John seen here:

This is the last chapter.)  And when I... heard and seen, I fell down to
worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.  (and
he, then the angel, see)

Then  said  he to me, See thou do it not:... (No true prophet  would  be
worshipped or messenger of any kind, see)

Then  said he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am  thy  fellowservant,
and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them that keeps the sayings  of
this book: worship God.

See?  Now,  the Book was so important that it is the Word  of  God.  Now
watch! And when the Word of God is brought forth, it's got to be brought
by the prophet, because that's who the Word of God comes to.

I  was expecting to get a question on that in this box  here--I  thought
I'd  just beat them to it...?... I just feel there is one in there,  and
so... I just thought I'd get to it, you see. See?  Every Word of God  is
brought.  The Bible doesn't change its system at all. See, it's the same
thing.   It's got to come to this seer that we're expecting  to  arrive.
Now, notice: Revelation 10:1-7. Now, let us read the 9th verse again.

Now, we get... we... now, before we go to that verse, I want to ask  you
something.   Do  you  see perfectly, before we leave  these  Seals?  Now
remember,  there  is no more powers goes out after that eagle,  see,  no
more.  Every-time the antichrist sent forth something, God sent a power.
The antichrist sent another power; God sent something to combat it. Then
he sent another power; God sent something to combat it.  See?  And  then
when  He got down to the eagle, that was His Word, back like it  was  in
the first place.

Now  watch.  Isn't  the prophet that we're looking  to  come,  some  man
anointed with the Spirit like Elijah? It won't be Elijah, of course, but
it  will be a man like that will come down, and his very ministry is  to
send, to restore back to this fallen people through these denominational
twists, back to the original faith of the fathers.

Now,  if that don't tie that Bible together, I don't know what  does.  I
can't  say  no  more about it.  Because that's it.  That  just  arrived.
That's the Truth.  You take anything from there, you twist it.  See?  So
it's just got to be that way.

Now  notice.   Now, in the 9th verse, [Revelation 6:9] souls  under  the
altar.  Now, here's where I'm going to get some real  disagreement.  But
just watch just a minute here, see.  I thought that, too, but it  didn't
come that way.   We've... I've always thought that these souls under the
altar were the martyrs of the early church, and I'm sure that Dr.  Elias
Smith and everyone of them says it is, see.  But... I thought so myself.
But  when the Holy Spirit showed the vision to it, it wasn't,  it  isn't
the souls.

Now, you say, "Well, I don't know about that." Well, now, just a minute.
We will find out...?... These are not the souls of the Bride Church--not
at all.  We thought that was the Bride Church waiting there--souls under
the  altar, you see, crying, "How long, Lord? How long?" Let me read  it
again now, so we get it right.

And when he... opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of
them  that were slain for the word of God, and for the  testimony  which
they held:

See,  the  Word of God and the testimony which they held...  Now,  don't
move from there. Just a minute, see.

And they cried... How long, Lord?  How long? (you see)... holy and true,
dost thou... judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
And  white  robes were given to every one of them; and it  was  said  to
them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow-
servants  also  and...  brethren, that should be killed  as  they  were,
should be fulfilled.

Now,  for  they,  at this time, if you notice,  this  Fifth  Seal  being
opened, see, the Church is gone. It just can't be the souls under... the
early  church.  Now, please, if you ever did, give this  attention  now,
because this is a great controversy, so I want you to listen real  close
now.  And you've got your papers and things to write with.   Now, I want
you to notice.

Now,  these  cannot  be them souls because the souls  of  the  righteous
martyred and the righteous people, the Church, the Bride, has done  been
took  up; so they wouldn't be under the altar.   They would be in  Glory
with the Bride.  Now watch.  For they are gone in the Rapture in the 4th
chapter of Revelation; they were taken up.

Now, who are these souls then? See, that's the next thing.  Who are they
then if they are not the early church? This is Israel that's to be saved
as  a  nation--all them that are predestinated.  That's  Israel.  That's
Israel itself.

You say, "Oh, wait a minute." You say, "They can't..."

Oh yes, they are to be saved.   Here, let's settle it, just a minute.  I
got four or five Scriptures. I will take one.  Let's take Romans, just a
minute, and find out if they are.  Let's take the Book of Romans and  go
to the 11th chapter of Romans, and we will find out.  Let's just read it
and then we will have it by ourself.  (Romans the 11th chapter, the 25th
and  26th verse).   Now, listen at Paul here.  And Paul said, if  anyone
else,  even  an Angel, preached any other gospel what he was  to  be?  -
cursed. Watch.

For  I would not, brethren, that you should be ignorant of the  mystery,
lest you should be wise in your own conceits; (there you are) the blind-
ness  in part is happened to Israel, until the (fulfilling)  fulness  of
the Gentiles be come in.

The  last Gentile Bride be brought in for the Bride--the blindness  come
to Israel for that purpose.

And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out
of Sion a Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness for Jacob:

Right? Now, they are Israel that's under this altar. Watch.  Israel  was
blinded  for the very purpose of us being saved.   Do you believe  that?
Now, who blinded them?--God. God blinded His Own children.

No wonder Jesus, standing there at the cross, and them Jews howling  for
His  Blood--that  was  His Own kids, and He was the  Scripture.   He was
Hisself,  the  Word.  And here He, knowing that those  people  would  of
gladly  received  Him,  and that's the reason He blinded  them  so  they
wouldn't recognize Him. He come in such a humble way and blinded them to
it that they wouldn't receive it, see.  The Scripture said they would do
it; and He blinded--was blinded.   Jesus pitied them even so much as  He
said, "Father, forgive them. They don't know what they are doing."  They
were blind. Paul said they were blinded for a cause--for us.

Notice now, I want you to watch this real close.  They were given robes.
They didn't have them.  They were given robes--white robes, each one  of
them.  Now, the saints now have... already have one.  They get it  here.
But there, they were given robes, and the saints already had theirs  and
gone on.  See?  See, they had not a chance because they were blinded  by
God,  their own Father, so that the grace of God could be  fulfilled  so
the Bride could be took from the Gentiles. Is that right?

Let me show you a beautiful type here in Joseph. Joseph, the Spirit man,
the  eagle; he was born among his brothers just like the real Church  is
among the other, and he could interpret dreams and see visions, and  the
rest of them hated him. His father loved him. Notice then, he was ousted
by  his brethren--not by his father.  Out by his brethren, and was  sold
for almost thirty pieces of silver. Throwed into a ditch and supposed to
be  dead, taken up and set at the right hand of Pharaoh, and because  he
was ousted by his brethren, (see?) he was given a Gentile bride.

[Second  side  of tape, a portion of the message  not  recorded--Ed.]...
from  the  youngest to the oldest, to cross the blessings from  the  Jew
back...  from the Jew to the Gentile.  See?   Crossed his hands  to  the
younger son, which is the younger church to come in.  The mother  church
stood in the sun; she brought forth this baby.  And notice, to get  him,
Israel crossed his hands in the type, and Joseph, them same children was
a  Gentile mother, the bride of Israel, back there become  crossed  from
the  old  Orthodox  over to the Christian way by the  Holy  Spirit  that
crossed  Israel's hands.   He said, "God has crossed my hands."  He  had
nothing to do with it.

Notice.  Then Joseph, rejected by his own brethren, his own people, took
a  Gentile bride.   Just exactly what Jesus done--rejected by the  Jews,
took  a  Gentile  Bride.  Now, let us read something here.  I've  got  a
Scripture wrote down, Acts 15. And oh, this is just kind of... it's what
we're  supposed to teach it anyhow.   Now, I believe I have this  right,
read Acts 15:14. All right. I hope this is right now. All right. "Simeon
hath declared how God..." Let's start at the 13th verse.

And after they had held their peace, James answered,...

Now,  you see what had happened, they had went to the  Gentiles,  (see?)
and the fuss was on, because they were Jews. See?

And  after  they had held their peace, James answered, saying,  Man  and
brethren, hearken unto me: Simeon (that's Simon Peter) hath declared how
God  at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them  a  people
for his name.

See?  My wife's name was Broy.  When I took her she was a Branham.  See?
Jesus takes His Church out... or His Bride out of the Gentiles. It's the
Scripture, typed--just like Joseph was.

Now, notice this.  Now, these souls under the altar, these souls, under-
standing now that are under the altar, why they were martyred by  sinful
man  like Eichmann, see.  They are holding right on, (millions of  them)
see, but they remain Jews.

Now,  remember.  What was it?   They were killed for the Word  of  God's
sake--not  for the testimony of Christ.  Did you understand  that?   But
remember,  the church come in--also the martyrs of the  church--was  for
the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.   How many knows that
here to... ?

All right now, but these didn't have the testimony of Jesus Christ  "...
for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held"--as Jews. And
Hitler  hated them, so did Eichmann, so did Stalin, all of the  rest  of
the  world;  see, but they stayed true to what they believed.  And  they
killed them because they were Jews.

Did  you  know Martin Luther kind of had that same idea, too?  It's  the
truth.   He  said, "All Jews should be taken out.  They're  antichrist."
See?   But  he  was  just under another  dispensation,  and  didn't  see
it--didn't see the Word. Now the Word of Truth, comes forth.

How  are you going to ever blind out Israel?   You can't do it. Oh,  how
could  that  prophet stand up there that day and say, "You look  like  a
unicorn,  Israel," when they was trying to show him the worst  parts  of
it;  and he said, "Why," he said, "whoever blesses you will be  blessed,
and whoever curses you will be cursed."  That's right.  Oh my!  How  are
you going to do it?

One time they thought God would forget.  When the prophet seen that dark
thing  coming for the Jews, that man standing there and the Word of  God
poured  to  him,  he  said, "Oh, Lord, are You  going  to  forsake  Your

He said, "What's that laying there by you?"

He said, "A measuring stick."

"How high is it to Heaven? Measure. How deep is the sea?"

He said, "I can't."

He said, "Neither can I ever forget Israel."  No, sir! He ain't going to
forget her. He had to blind His Own child. Now, think of that! Blind His
Own child to give us a chance, and we turn it down. Now, don't that make
you  feel  about so little that you could crawl under a  concrete  block
with a ten gallon hat on and never touch it. That's pretty small. Oh my!

Yes, they held for the Word of God.  They were Jews. They had their Law,
they  stayed with it.  You remember last night, now?   They stayed  with
that.  And they were Jews, and had the Law, and the Law was the Word  of
God. They stayed right by it.  That's right.  And for the testimony they
held,  they were martyred and here was souls under the altar, after  the
Church had been gone.

Now watch.  They had in their blindness martyred their Messiah, and  now
they were reaping for it. They realized it. They recognized after it was
gone on.  They seen then when they come before the altar of God. But now
the grace of God is to them.

Now  watch.   Now they could not, by no means, be saints,  because  they
would  already  be robed--but here they are now, just  souls  under  the
altar  for the Word of God and the testimony they held for  being  God's
people,  the Jews.  But now watch.  The grace of God comes to them,  and
Jesus  gives  them each one a white robe (Watch!) plumb over  after  the
Church  is  gone, because they were loyal to their cause and  they  were
blinded, and they didn't know it. They didn't know it. They were playing
exactly the part that God had ordained for them to play.  And here, John
looks  over  and sees souls under the altar.  Now watch. He  sees  those
souls. Watch what he calls them.

They cry, "Lord, how long?" Watch!

"Just a little while longer."  See?  (Let's get that as we go down right
through the Scripture.)

They realized they had murdered their Messiah, see. And they didn't know
it,  but then they realized.  They got murdered back to pay for it,  for
doing the wrong.  And now, look what a thing they had to do.  See,  they
was guilty of murder, so they got murdered. See.   They cried out,  "His
Blood be on us!" See? That's right. And they were blinded.  Now, if they
hadn't have been blinded, God said, "Let them alone.  They are not  wor-
thy."  But being that they was blinded by God, His grace reached down to
them. Amen, talk about amazing grace!--and give each one of them a robe,
because all Israel will be saved.  Everyone has his name written. That's

Jesus  give them robes, like Joseph did to his brethren--a  type.  Look,
when  Joseph stood there, and when he finally... he made  hisself  known
there  by the altar, his own altar, in his palace, his throne; he  said,
"Everybody leave me."   His wife was over in the palace--where the Bride
will be.  And he said to them, he said, "Don't you know me?"  Hey,  he's
speaking in Hebrew now. "I'm your brother, Joseph." Oh my!

They said, "Now, oh, you're going to get us."

Said, "Wait a minute; wait a minute. God did that for a purpose--had you
to throw me out in order to save life." Glory, there you are exactly. He
said, "Don't be angry with yourself."  Remember Joseph said that,  said,
"Don't  be  angry with yourself. Everything is all right now.  It's  all
over. God sent me here ahead of you."

You  know, the Bible said they'll say to Him when they see  Him  coming,
said,  "Say,  You're the Messiah, we know; but what about  them  scars?"

He said, "Oh, I got them in the house of My friends."

Friends!!! and then they'll, when they realize it, them that's left, the
144,000,  the Bible said that they'll separate one house from the  other
one  and take days just to cry and wail and walk up and down the  floor,
saying, "How did we do it?  How did we do it?  Why, we crucified our own
Messiah."  They crying like a home would for its only begotten son. "How
did we do it?"

Them Jews, they're the most religious people in the world. God's chosen,
but He blinded them to take us, and we turn it down!   What is the judg-
ment of the Gentile church?   There you are, see.  Blinded purposely  by
God,  so that He could get us, the Bride, for...?... --take them out  of
the... See, and fore-types it and everything.

Now, you see who these souls are? They're not the martyred saints.  They
done gone.  That's right.  Notice, they were... they've done gone.  See?
So  these  are given robes--each one of them.   And now I  want  you  to
notice.  But now God's grace stoops to them.   Jesus gives them  each  a
white robe like Joseph did his grace to his brethren.

Now  watch.  Though they had tried to rid Joseph, also,  but  his  grace
reached  right down to them.  See.  "Oh, that's all right.   That's  all
right.  You didn't mean to do that.   But see, that was God doing  that.
See?  God let you all do that so you could run me out, and bring me down
here so I could save lives for people, these Gentiles here, where I  got
my wife from.   I wouldn't of had no wife if I would have stayed back up
there.  And I love my wife, and she's got me these children  here,"  and
said, "I--now I'm coming to get you all.   You all are going to have  it
good,  too.  I'm going to bring you down here, we're all going  to  live
together  as one big family." He said, "One thing I want to ask you.  Is
my old father still living?"

And watch him, what he did to little Benjamin, which is the type of  the
144,000 as we will get later.  See what he did?  He just run right quick
to Benjamin, fell on his neck and started hugging him. His little broth-
er  that  had been born into the family, after he'd been  gone,  by  his
mother, the first church, the Orthodox church.   The 144,000 was born in
His absence, while He was away to get His Gentile Bride.  Oh my!   Don't
that just do something to you? There... So, you see who they are?  There
you are.

Notice  now,  though  they had tried to get rid  of  Joseph,  his  grace
reached  to them.  Though they had tried to get rid of Jesus,  He  still
comes right back around, because they was blind, and give them each  one
a white robe.  He's going to take them right on home anyhow.  It doesn't
make  a  bit of difference because He done said, "I will save  them  all

Now, verse 10. Notice, they asked for revenge.  See?   Now, if that  had
been  the  Bride, it'd been like Stephen: "Father,  forgive  them,"  you
know,  see; but these are Jews that just come in, see.   They asked  for

Notice,  again...  see?  Again He said... Notice, it's not...  He  said,
"It's thy brethren, the Jew."  The hundred... Now, they wanted revenge.
They said, "Oh, we're going to... we want you to revenge us down there."

He said, "Just a little while now, just a little while, for..." (Notice,
let me read it here. It's in the 10th verse.)...?...

And  they  cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord,  holy  and
true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the

And  white robes were given to every one of them; and it was  said  unto
them, that they should rest yet... a little season,... (see? watch)... a
little season, until their fellowservants... (See? Now, what is it?  The
prophets  now  are preaching to Israel, see)... til  thy  fellowservants
also  and (also) thy brethren, that should be killed... (see,  the  ones
predestinated to be done, so you see--should be killed)... as they were,
should be fulfilled.

See,  in  other words, it's predestinated to them. It's  the  Scriptures
that they have to do it.  And just rest for a little while, Now, you got
your robes, you're going home. Just sit there a little while.  See, wait
just a while.

Now  notice.  Thy brethren... thy brethren had to yet be  killed,  which
means  the  144,000  yet to be called  in  the  tribulation--144,000  is

Wish  we had time. We might get it tomorrow night, if the Lord  willing,
we--just before we get in on another Seal. See. Also... Now watch.  They
have  to  be  martyred  by the antiChrist--we  just  come  through,  and
notice--in  his last ride, where he breaks that covenant with them  Jews
down  there,  and there she goes, see.   These Jews, 144,000, is  to  be
called out by the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Now, you remember, they was to prophesy.  You've read that.   How many's
read  that?   Sure, we all acquainted reading the Scripture.   And  they
prophesy,  these two witnesses prophesy in the time of  Daniel's  second
half of the seventy week. That is the last three and one half year.

Remember how we took the Daniel's seventy week?  I said we would need it
when we got in here.  I didn't know why, but something told me we'd need
it, and here we are, see.  Notice, in the time of Daniel. Now, remember,
Daniel  was told that the Messiah would come, (the prince, the  Messiah,
rather) and He would prophesy.  Israel still had seventy weeks left, and
in  the midst of the seventy week the Messiah would be cut off, and  the
daily  sacrifice taken away, (Is that right?) but there was still  three
and a half weeks determined.  In this block He takes the Gentile  Bride.
Now,  she goes up, and when she goes up, two prophets arrive to  Israel,

And  those souls that's been martyred now down through here,  real  true
Jews down through there, they had their name on the Book, that lived the
right life, and done the right thing, lived Judaism to the dot; and they
were martyred by Eichmann and many others.   Honest people, millions  of
them down there and them Germans shot them to death, and murdered  them,
and killed them, and hung them on fences, and burned them up and cremat-
ed  them  and everything else.   That bloodless,  blood-hearted  hungry,
Hitler  and  Stalin and Mussolini, and all them people that  hated  them

I  think that's one of the things that's holding this  nation  together,
because  they  have always respected the Jew, that's right--give  him  a
place.  You honor a Jew, and God will honor you. Now, there's a bunch of
Jews that's renegade, just like there is Gentiles--the same way. But the
real  Jew,  God put his name on the Book before the  foundation  of  the
world, and here he was murdered down in this time. And remember...

Think  of  it now, how perfect this is.  Right after  them  millions  of
slaughtered Jews, innocent people, by the nations of the world, here the
Scripture  says,  right in this time, that they are each one  under  the
altar, realized what has happened; and they are given white robes.

And  they said, "Well, why can't we go back to the Kingdom  right  now?"
The  Jewish kingdom is to be set on the earth, you know.  John said  the
kingdom  in...?...  see, to be set...  Now, this is the kingdom  of  the
Gospel,  you see, but the kingdom of the Jews will be preached by  these
two prophets.   So notice the kingdom of the earth here.  The kingdom of
Heaven is preached by the Jews--I mean, to the Gentile. The kingdom (of)
here on the earth is to be set up in the Millennium, after the Millenni-
um  to  the Jews.  Now notice.  Notice this now.  Here, while  they  are
preaching, (see?) before these prophets ever arrives on the scene, these
Jews  that  had to die under Eichmann and them, is... each one  of  them
that's predestinated is given, by grace, a white robe. Amen. Each one of
them given a white robe. Notice now what happened? As soon as that takes

I'm watching that clock back there, and I know we're getting late, but I
don't want to... See, I them--noticed them poor fellows standing there -
God  help you, brethren.  I hope each one of you are given a white  robe
that day, see.  Standing, changing back and forth with legs hurting, and
some of you work all day. I know what that is. And look here... And some
of the poor little old women standing.  I notice some of these man  give
the  women their seats, and somebody else give some poor  little  mother
with a baby... And I see all that, and I'm sure He does.  Notice, but  I
don't want to keep you too long.   If I can just get you to see the Mes-
sage, that's all I want you to do, see.

Now, notice. These Jews... I have to do this in order to let you see the
revelation of this Seal, see what it is, these souls under the altar and
who they are.

Now notice.   In the time of Daniel, now, the second half of the  seven-
tieth  week...  Now remember, Messiah was to be cut off  in  the  midst.
That's  the middle.  Well, what's half of seven?--three and a half.  How
long did Christ preach? [Congregation answers: "Three and a half."--Ed.]
That's right. But there was determined yet to the people  what?--another
three and a half year.

But  during  this time, why, see what happens is the  Gentile  Bride  is
Selected  in  the seven church ages and goes up, and when it  does  that
way,  all these Jews that's martyred along there, because of  blindness,
(laying under the altar) God comes over and says, "You see what it  was?
Now, I will give each one of you a robe."

They said, "How long, Lord? Are we going in now?"

Said, "No, no, no, no.  Your fellow-man, the Jews, have got to suffer  a
little  bit, yet. They've got to be martyred like you was martyred.  The
beast has got to get them when he breaks his covenant."

Now,  notice.  And now notice once... Now, just as  you  will  remember,
these  prophets are to prophesy according to Revelation 11, (you  raised
your  hands  you had read it, see) and they're given  power  (and  we're
going to find out who they are just in a minute, the Lord willing).  Now
notice who these prophets are. And now the Bible tells it here.  Sure it
does.  Sure,  see.  Now notice, in the middle of this three and  a  half
weeks now, that they are prophesying down here and the Revelation,  here
said  and  they--they prophesy a thousand, three hundred and  two  score
day. If...

Now, the regular Jewish calendar, the regular time of God's calendar  is
exactly thirty days in a month. The Roman calendar what mixed it up. The
regular calendar is thirty days in a month.

Now,  if you want to take thirty days and add three and a half years  to
it,  and  see thirty days, then see what you got:  one  thousand  (three
hundred)  two hundred and three score day; one thousand two hundred  and
three score days (sixty day), exactly three and one half year.  Now, you
see, there's no mistake to that. There it is.  Just fits together like a
dovetail coming together.   Notice, the two prophets preached for  three
and a half years to the Jew. In that, it's called out the 144,000.

And  then, notice, these two prophets are exactly Moses and Elijah.  Now
look.  Look their--look at their ministry. Now watch what these prophets
do.   They  have power to smite the earth with a plague as oft  as  they
will.  Who did it?--Moses.  They have power to shut the heavens, and  it
rained  not in the day of their ministry.   Who closed the  heavens  for
three  and a half years?--[Congregation replies,  "Elijah."--Ed.]  There
you are. That's them.

See,  it's... see, the man, when he dies, he doesn't change his  status;
he  doesn't change his make-up, see. Look, when... before...  when  Saul
had  backslid and there was no prophets in the land, he couldn't  under-
stand what to do.  He was up against it, he was going to battle. He went
to the witch of Endor. Now, just the blood of bulls and goats, she could
do  this.  And she called up the spirit of Samuel; and when Samuel  come
up, there he stood in his prophet robe.  Not only that, but he was still
a prophet.  He said, "Why did you call me out of my rest," (see?)  said,
"seeing you've become an enemy to God."  He said, "By this time tomorrow
night you are going to fall in the battle, and this time tomorrow  night
you will be with me," and that's exactly what happened.

See,  not only... He was still a prophet.  See?  And these  fellows  are
still prophets.  Now, we're going to get a little deep in that just in a
few minutes. See.

Oh  my, how I love that Word!   No wonder "man shall not live  by  bread
alone,  every  word that proceeds out of the mouth of  God."  These  two
prophets  are  Moses and Elijah according to their works  being  re-pat-
terned again. That has always been their ministry.

Now notice, just as they did... that didn't change them. Remember, these
guys never died.  Watch this then.  Now, don't confuse...  Before we get
away  from  this, don't confuse Elijah's fifth time  ministry  with  his
fourth  time  ministry.  I've been telling you, the  Gentile  Church  is
looking for Elijah. Right. And here he is over here with the Jew. Remem-
ber, he can't come four. That's the enemies number. It have to be five.

The first time he come, he was Elijah, himself.  The next time he  come,
he  was Elisha.  The next time he come, he was what?--John the  Baptist.
The next time he comes is for the Seventh Angel.   And the fifth time he
comes, he's with Moses over yonder. Yes, sir! Don't confuse him.

Five,  if  you know your numerals of the Bible, five is  the  number  of
laboring grace; and that's what He's done.  Now watch, if you don't know
what it is.  Was Jesus a labor of grace?  J-E-S-U-S--five; L-A-B-O-R (Is
that  right?)--labor for love for you.  And if you get to Him,  how  you
come?  By what?  F-A-I-T-H, in L-A-B-O-R.  Is that right.  Labor is  the
number of grace.

All right, to the believers...  Notice, the first Elijah, that was  him.
The second was Elisha.  The third was John.  The fourth was the  Seventh
Angel  or the last Messenger to the church, according to Malachi  4  and
Revelation 10:7.  Now, the fifth time, he is a messenger to the Jews, to
the 144,000, to the Jews after the Church is gone.

I just feel a little funny, see.  Look.   If some think... I want you to
get this now. If some still think that Malachi 4, to restore the people,
is  the same thing he's going to do down there with the Jews  and  think
it's all the same, let me straighten that out for you just a minute.  It
will be a little bit confusing, because remember, in Malachi 4, He  says
"return the faith of the fathers--of the children back to the  fathers."
See, "back to the fathers."

Now,  let  me show you the difference of the ministry.  If he  comes  to
return  the  faith of the children back to the fathers,  he  would  deny
Christ.  He would go back to the Law.  Is that right?  The fathers  kept
the Law. Do you get it?

Notice, when Elijah, when he come to fulfill his ministry in Malachi  4,
(see?) as Malachi 4, Elijah was by himself. But when he come to minister
to  the  Jews  of Revelation 11, he had Moses with him.  So  there's  no
confusion, not a bit.  Get it?   When Elijah comes of Malachi 4, he's by
himself. Elijah will... not Elijah, Moses. Elijah will arrive.

But the same inspiration that said Elijah will come for the last part of
the church age to restore the faith of the children back to the original
faith of the fathers, (apostolic faith)--which were supposed to go back,
and  the antichrist has got them all pulled out... to restore  back,  as
all the rest of the Scriptures has blended together.  See?  He comes  by
himself.   See?  But when he comes to the church, the Bible... comes  to
the 144,000, the Bible plainly states that both he.. there's two of them
- not one of them, two of them.

And  his first ministry couldn't take the Jews and put them back to  the
Law, because he comes preaching Christ to the 144,000.  Amen!  That Mes-
siah that was cut off. Amen!  That's it! So don't have it confused. It's
not confusing.  The Scriptures don't lie, not a bit.  Glory!  Oh, when I
seen that Light I just...

And  I  said, "Thank you, Lord," when I was watching it take  place  out
there--seen  that Elijah walk out there from that first age by  himself.
Then...  He was by himself then, and when I seen him come again  way  on
over somewhere else, there was two of them there.   There it is.  That's
good. That does it, Lord. Amen!  I see it now.  If I hadn't of mentioned
it,  been a little confusing to somebody, but He told me to mention  it,
so I did.

Notice, these man are kept alive by God from their original ministry for
future service; they served it so well. See?  Just think, that spirit of
Elijah  ministers five times--Moses, two. Watch, keep alive for  further
service. They were neither one of them dead now. Don't you believe that?
They  were both seen alive, talking to Jesus on  Mount  Transfiguration.
But remember, they must die.

Now, Moses actually died, but he rose, because he was a perfect type  of
Christ, see. Nobody ever know where he was buried.  The Angels come took
him. See.  He had Angel pallbearers.  Why?  No mortal man could pack him
where  he  was going.  He just went through an act, that's all.  He  had
Angels as pallbearers, because they took him where he was supposed to be
-  no  one knows.  Even to Satan, didn't even  know--disputed  with  the
archangel. That's right.  He couldn't understand what happened to Moses.
"I  see him trembling over there, and looking over the land and  looking
back  to the children and so forth, I see him trembling, but he  stepped
up on the rock, and that was the last time I saw him."

That's the Rock.  That's the Rock.  Let me stand on that Rock at the end
of my road. Yes, sir! My colored brother used to come up here and sing a
little song:

"If I could, I surely would

Stand on that Rock, where Moses stood. "Yes, sir.  Oh, that's the Rock I
want to stand on, too; by faith I stand there.

But  remember, Elijah, he just got tired, because he had a lot  of  work
ahead of him; so he was pretty well wore out.   And God just sent him  a
ride Home, that's right, sent a chariot. Is that right?  Took him up. He
never died, because He kept him alive.  He had future work for him.  Let
him  anoint  a man, too, see--come forth in his spirit,  but  they  must
taste death.  Now Revelation, 11th chapter.  Let's go... I'm right  here
anyhow, let's just hit it.  Revelation 11.  Watch and see if they're not
both killed.  Yes, sir, they both have to taste death.  Yes, sir.  After
their ministry is finished, they taste death.   Revelation 11, and let's
start at 7:

And when they... have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth
out of the bottomless pit... makes war against them,... (Oh my! He can't
stand;  them  holy rollers are back again.  See, all right, out  of  the
bottomless pit, makes war against them.)... and shall overcome them, and
kill them. (But watch what happens. They are perfectly typed now.)

And  their  dead bodies shall lie in the street of that  great  city,...
spiritually...  called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord  was  cruci-
fied. (Jerusalem, see)

Now,  they  have to face death, don't they (that's  right)  after  their
ministry  is finished?  Why?  The Seventh Angel's ministry, the  Seventh
Angel's  ministry--Elijah's  ministry  to the  Seventh  Angel--not,  why
don't--why  could not, rather, (I'm trying to say) the  Seventh  Angel's
ministry, then, be by Moses if he's immortal, as same as it could be  by
Elijah? Why don't... why didn't God just send... said, "Elijah, you done
worked  so hard and everything, all these different places, I believe  I
will just send Moses down." Why?

Look at Moses' ministry.  Elijah was a prophet to all nations, but Moses
was  a law giver to the Jews only.  Moses is there to say...  well,  the
reason he come with Elijah...

Them  Jews saying, "Wait, we still keep the Law here."  But here  stands
Moses himself, and here is Elijah standing with him.   See, he comes  to
the Jews only. See, Moses only went to the Jew. The prophet, Elijah, was
to all nations, but Moses become a prophet to the Jews and a law  giver,
see. That was his Message--the Law.

But  what  was Elijah's message?--to bobbed-hair  women,  denominations.
Yes,  sir,  and he really tore them to  pieces--painted-up  faces.  Told
them,  "you're  going to be fed to the dogs"--he just really  tore  into

And  then  when his spirit come upon John, he stomped right out  of  the
wilderness and done the same thing.  Right.  Said, "Don't you think that
we belong to this or that.   God's able of these stones to rise children
to Abraham."  Walked up the road, he said, "And you mean to tell me that
you married your own brother-in-law? "

He  said,  "It's not lawful for you to do it." Brother!  He  told  them.

Notice,  these  souls are to wait a little season for the 144...  to  be
martyred. Oh, isn't that just put the Bible together?

Now  my time's exactly up, if I let out a little early, but I got a  few
more little things to say if you can stand it.  I know it's hot, and I'm
sweating,  but listen.  I just got something to tell you; it's  just  so
good, it's just burning right in my heart. I hope you haven't forgot it,

Let me say this in the presence of Him. By His grace, He also let me see
my people not long ago in white robes.  You remember?   You remember the
story--not long ago, the Gentile Bride. They are there now. They all was
in white robes.

I'd  woke up.  I'd been on a meeting.  It has been about a year  ago  or
little more. I woke up one morning, and I raised up, and I said, "Sweet-
heart," to my wife.  She didn't move.  The kids about... I had to get up
and take them to school--right up here at the old place.  Well, I raised
up  in the bed. You know and leaned... You know how you sit up and  just
lean your head back against the headboard.  (We got one of the old-fash-
ioned beds.) And so I just leaned back like that.

I  thought, "Boy, you are already fifty-three.  If you are going  to  do
anything  for God, you'd better get doing it because you're going to  be
just too old after awhile."

And  I thought, "You know, that's right."  I thought, "Boy, you know,  I
ain't very far away.  I got to go pretty soon."  I said, "That's a  year
older than my daddy lived."  See.  I thought, "I got to move away pretty
soon."   I  thought,  "You know, I ain't done nothing for  God  yet;"  I
thought, "I always wanted to do something for Him." I thought, "I got to
hurry  and do it, if I'm going to do it, and I don't know how I'm  going
to do it, that's all."

I thought, "Man, I hope I live to see Him coming.   I don't want to be a
spook or a spirit." See. (I was always afraid of a spirit.) And I... you
know,  that  kind of a...  I always thought, like if  I'd  meet  Brother
Neville  and he would be a little white cloud moving around,  you  know,
and I'd say, "Hello, Brother Neville."

And  he would say, "Hello, Brother Branham," with some other  sense;  he
couldn't talk.  But I'd just know that it was Brother Neville.  I'd want
to  shake his hand like I always do, because that's all I know is  human
beings. See, I'd want to shake his hand, but he ain't got no hand.  It's
down there in the grave rotted away. See?

I thought, "My, I hope I don't have to go through that."  Now, I  was...
I'm going to tell you the truth.  I was afraid to die--not afraid I'd be
lost,  but  I didn't want to be a spirit.  I wanted to remain a  man.  I
wanted to wait for the Rapture, see. I just wanted to stay like that.  I
didn't want to be no spirit.

So  then  I was laying there thinking that, and all at  once  there  was
something happened.  Now you know, and all of you are acquainted of  the
vision; and if this was a vision, I never had one like it, see, and I've
had  them since I was a little bitty boy.   Then all at  once  something
happened, and I felt myself leaving.  I thought, "Oh oh!" And I thought,
"I've already died, see, and I'm gone on."  See?   And I got to a place,
and I thought, "I believe I will look back."

It was just as real, friends, as I'm standing right here.  And I  turned
around to look back, and there I was laying on the bed.  I was stretched
out, laying by the side of my wife.

I  thought,  "Well,  it was probably a heart attack."  See?  I  thought,
"Well, (see) I just died instantly," which would be a fine way of going.
So I thought, "That's a heart attack. I didn't have to suffer." I looked
and  I thought, "Well, now that's strange, there I lay right there,  and
here I stand here."

So  I turned, and it looked like a great big... like a great  big  field
like or something--just great spreading field of bluegrass.  And I said,
"Well,  I wonder what this is"; and all of a sudden, as I  looked,  here
come thousands times thousands of young women, all in white robes,  hair
hanging  down to their waist, bare-footed, and they were  running  right
towards me.

I thought, "Now what's this?" I turned around and looked back there, and
there I was.  I looked up this way, there they come. I bit my finger.  I
said,  "I'm  not asleep exactly," but, and I could feel.   And  I  said,
"Well, something here's funny"; and these women all come running.  And I
never seen such pretty women, and they all come right up to me. And when
they  run to me...  You know how I've been, kind of...  They call  me  a
woman hater, but I'm not, see.  But, I just think a good woman is a--one
of  the... is a jewel.   But I think one that is no good is--as  Solomon
says,  "water in your blood"; so I certainly ain't got no use  for  ill-
famed woman or smart alecks.

And so these women all come, they started throwing their arm around  me.
Now, that's unusual.  You know I wouldn't stand for that. So... And they
were... Now, I'm going to have to say this in a way that--I'm in a mixed
crowd;  but they were women.  They were women, and they hugged  me--each
one, and said, "Our precious brother."   And one would hug me, then  the
other would hug me.   I was standing there looking, and I thought, "Well
now, what's this?"  See?  And they were standing there.  And I  thought,
"What's  happened?"  I looked back down, there I was laying  right  down
there; and here I was standing here. And I thought, "Now, that's odd.  I
don't understand it." And them women hollering, "Oh, our precious broth-
er," and hugging me. Now, they was every bit in feeling--women.

Now  forgive  me, sisters, as I say this, because... but you  listen  to
your  doctor;  and if we ain't got clean minds, then we are  not  Chris-
tians. And I don't care... I've always lived clean; God knows that. When
I was a little boy, The Angel of The Lord told me to not defile my body,
smoke, or drink, and that's been truth.  By the grace of God, I've  kept
that. When I was a sinner, I didn't run around with women. And so... But
any  man  that lets a woman hug up into his arms (him being made  up  of
cells  of male and her a female), there's a sensation. I don't care  who
you are, and don't tell me you're not, if you are a healthy person.  But
not there, because you don't have any more different cells. You'll never
sin  there.  There was a change.  There's no more than just a  brotherly
love to them women.

Although  in  the grace to be looked at, I think a woman, a  nice  woman
that  holds herself right and walks like a lady, she's an example  of  a
jewel  on earth.   I like anything that's graceful, and I think a  woman
that holds her place and tries to be a lady is a statue of honor.  I  do
believe  that; and I think when it isn't, it's just like the Christ  and
the antichrist, same thing. I like anything that's natural...

Like  a  pretty horse, and he just stands in a statue of a  real  pretty
horse, or anything like that.   A pretty mountain, pretty women,  pretty
man--anything  that  stands in the making of God, and I  always  admired
it--and these were perfect.  But no matter how much they would hug me up
into  their arms--and they were women, you understand--but  there  could
never  be no sin.  The male glands and the female glands both was  gone.
Thank the Lord. They were my sisters completely.

I looked and I begin to... I looked at my hands.  I seen they was all so
young, and I looked--I was young, too.  And I... and losing my hair as a
young  man, putting carbolic acid on it, a barber did, and took  it  all
out  when I was just a boy; and it has been always a kind of a thing  to
me,  that  I get a cold so quick, because my scalp is  still  soft,  you
know,  and  the roots of the hair is still there, but it  was  burnt  by
carbolic acid, and the hair can never grow, see.   And I went, my  wife,
when I--long years ago, and got me a hair piece to wear--a little  piece
of hair to put on, cover my head up, but I was always ashamed to wear it
because it looked like it was something false, and I didn't want nothing
false. And so I thought, "I will just put me on a stocking cap."  Then I
did for awhile, you know what they did? They went to calling me "Bishop"
then and said I wanted to be...?... I just said, "Let her go"; so I just
suffer out with a bad cold and let it...

But  I... You just raising them windows or anything and that little  air
come across like that--boy, I got it.

And I'd went to a doctor and asked him what did he think. He said, "Well
see,  your  pores are open.  You're sweating from  preaching.  That  air
comes;  it puts a cold germ up here and a mucus; and it runs  down  over
your throat. The next morning you're hoarse. That's it." And so...

Oh  my,  you fellows that's got hair, you don't know  how  thankful  you
should  be.  That is right, see.  And I found out then... I'm  going  to
have...  one  of these days if I don't get my teeth, I'm going  to  have
some of them, and so,... or either do without them.

So,  if a fellow... if a fellow... I wouldn't think it would be  anymore
for  a  man, if he wanted to, to wear a hair piece than it would  for  a
woman to wear one of these mouses or rats or ever what they put in their
hair like that to make it up.  See?  But of course if you do, it depends
on what you are doing it for.  See?  It depends on what you're doing  it
for. And so...

But  however, just standing there, I felt up, and I had my  hair  again.
My,  I was young, and these--all these young...  And I  thought,  "Well,
isn't this strange? Here they are," and they was all run... And I looked
coming,  and  I  seen Hope coming--she looked... you know  she  died  at
twenty-two.  She was still just as pretty as ever.  Many of you remember
her--them big dark eyes. She was German--her black hair hanging down her

I  thought, "Now, when she gets here, she will say, "Bill."  I know  she
will. I know she will say "Bill" when she gets here. I was watching, and
everyone  of  these women coming, hugging me and saying,  "Our  precious
brother, we're so glad to see you."

I thought everyone dressed just alike, but they had their hair different
- you know - red hair and black hair and blond hair, and they was coming
by, but they was all young. And when she got to me, I thought, "I'm just
going to see what she says"; And she looked up at me, and said, "Oh, our
precious brother." She hugged me, and she just went on. Some other woman
come and hugged me next.

And I heard a noise, and looked over this way, and here come a bunch  of
man--young fellows, all the age of about twenty.  They had dark hair and
blond  hair, and they all had white robes on and bare-footed,  and  they
run to me and begin to hug me and hollering, "Precious brother."

I  thought...  and I turned back around, and there I  was  still  laying
there.  And  I thought, "Well, now, this is strange."  And just  then  a
voice went to talking to me; I never did see the voice.   It said,  "You
have been gathered... you have been gathered to your people"; then  some
man picked me up, set me way upon a big high thing like this.

I said, "Why did you do that?"

Said, "In earth you was a leader."

And  I said, "Well, I don't understand this," and that voice talking  to
me. (Now, I never could see the voice. It was just above me, talking  to
me.)  I said, "Well, if I have passed on, I want to see Jesus."  I said,
"I... He was so... He was all my life; I want to see Him."

And so, he said, "You can't see Him now. He's still higher." See, it was
below  the altar yet, see--the sixth place where man goes, see--not  the
seventh  where God is.  Seventh dimension, the sixth; and they were  all
there  and  they was passing by, and I said,... looked like  there  were
actually millions of them.  I never seen them... and I sat there.  These
women and man still running by and hugging me, calling me brother.

And I sat there, and then a voice said, "You have been gathered to  your
people like Jacob was gathered to his people."

I said, "All these, my people? Are all these Branhams?"

He said, "No, they are your converts to Christ."

I looked around, and there was a real pretty woman run up. She looked...
they was all about the same. She threw her arm around me, she said, "Oh,
my precious brother." She looked at me.

I thought, "My, she looked like an angel."  And she passed by, and  that
voice said, "Didn't you recognize her?"

I said, "No, I didn't recognize..."

Said, "You led her to Christ when she was past ninety."  Said, "You know
why she thinks so much of you?"

I said, "That pretty girl was past ninety?"

"Yeh", said, "She can never change no more now.  That's the reason she's
saying, "precious brother."

I thought, "Oh my, and I was afraid of this. Why these people are real."
They wasn't going anywhere.  They wasn't tired being there.  And I said,
"Well, why can't I see Jesus?"

He said, "Well now, He will come someday, and He will come to you first,
and then you will be judged." Said, "These people are your converts that
you have led."

And I said, "You mean by being a leader, that I--that He will judge me?"

He said, "Yes."

And I said, "Does every leader have to be judged like that?"

Said, "Yes."

I said, "What about Paul?"

He said, "He will have to be judged with his."

"Well,"  I  said,  "if his group goes in, so  will  mine,  because  I've
preached  exactly the same Word."  I said, "Where he baptized in  Jesus'
Name,  I  did too. I preached... "; and millions screamed  out,  all  at
once, said, "We're resting on that."

And  I  thought, "My, if I only knew this before I come here,  I'd  make
people come here. They can't afford to miss this. Why, looky here..."

And  then, and he said, "Some day He will come, and then... Now in  here
we neither eat, drink, or sleep; we're just all one."

Why,  it  isn't  perfect; it's beyond perfect. It's  not  sublime;  it's
beyond sublime.  There's no name, you can't think... There ain't no word
for  the vocabulary to say it.  You've just arrived, that's all.  And  I
thought, "Well, this would be perfect. And then, what are we going to do

He  said,  "Then when Jesus comes, then we're... and He judges  you  for
your  ministry, then we go back to earth and take up bodies."  (Well,  I
never thought about it then, that's exactly the Scripture.) Said,  "Then
we go back to earth and take up bodies; then we eat.  We don't eat here,
neither do we sleep."  Said, "We eat down there.  But we go back to  the

I  thought, "My, isn't this wonderful!"  Oh my, and I was afraid of  it.
Why  was I afraid of dying, to come to this?  Why, this  is  perfection,
plus  perfection, plus perfection.  Oh, this is wonderful.  See, we  was
right under the altar. See, that was it.  We were right under the altar,
waiting  for  the coming, (see?) when...?... go get the  ones  that  was
sleeping--the bodies sleeping in the dust, to raise us again.  Come  by,
raise  us up--like Jesus come through Paradise and brought  up  Abraham,
Isaac  and  all them, you know, was waiting in the  first  resurrection.
They entered into the city and appeared to many--perfectly scriptural. A
vision was there for whatever it was, it was perfectly scriptural.

And  I said, "Well, isn't this wonderful!"  And then I  thought,  "Isn't
that  wonder...  ?" And I heard something nicker, like a  horse.  And  I
looked,  and my little saddle horse that I used to ride, little  Prince,
(I thought so much of him), here he was standing there by me and put his
head  over on my shoulder to hug me like I used to give him  sugar,  you
know.  He put his... I put my arm around him.  I said, "Prince, I knowed
you would be here."

I  felt  something lick my hand.  There was my old coon dog.   When  Mr.
Short, down here, poisoned him, I swore I'd kill Mr. Short for it. I was
about  sixteen years old.  He poisoned him with dog glutton.   My  daddy
caught  me  with a rifle going down to shoot him, right  in  the  police
station. And I said, "I will kill him." I said, "Well..." I went over to
the  dog's  grave.  I told him, I said, "Fritz, you've  been  a--like  a
companion to me.  You've clothed me and sent me to school, and when  you
got  old, I was going to take care of you; now they have killed you."  I
said, "I will promise you, Fritz, that he won't live."  I said, "I prom-
ise you he won't live. I will catch him on the street sometime, walking;
then I will run right over him," see. I said, "I will get him for you."

But you know what? I led the man to Christ, baptized him in Jesus' Name,
and  buried him at his death.  I got converted about a few  years  after
that. I seen things different then, see.  I loved him instead of  hating

So then, but however, there was Fritz standing there, licking me on  the
hand. And I looked... I couldn't cry.  Nobody could cry. It was all joy.
You  couldn't be sad, because it was all happiness.  You  couldn't  die,
because it was all life, see.  You couldn't get old, because it was  all
youth. It was just perfect. I thought, "Isn't this wonderful?"  And  the
millions... Oh my! I was right at home, see.

And  just then I heard a voice and it cried out, said,  "All-l-l-l  that
you ever loved..." (reward for my service).  I don't need no reward.  He
said,  "All  that you ever loved, and all that ever loved you,  God  has
given to you."

I said, "Praise the Lord."  I felt funny. I thought, "What's the matter?
I feel funny."   I turned around and looked, and on the bed my body  was
moving.  I said, "Oh, I don't have to go back, surely.  Don't, don't let
me go"; but the Gospel had to be preached. In just a second I was on the
bed again, see, like that.

No  more  than about two months ago, that...  You heard it read  in  the
Business  Men's Voice.  It's went all over the world, see.  And  Brother
Norman, in here--I suppose he's in here somewhere tonight--he translated
it off there and sent it in pamphlets.  It's went everywhere.  And  min-
isters wrote in, many of them, and said...  One here that... I will just
tell this very one.  There's been hundreds of them, of course.  This one
man said, "Brother Branham, your vision in the Business Men's  Voice..."
And I appreciate Tommy Nickels.  Although he isn't with the Business Men
no  more, (I don't know why, but he isn't) but he put it in  there  just
right. When I said... right there in that trinitarian magazine, he said,
"Where I... Where Paul baptized in Jesus' Name and commanded the  people
do the same, I have done the same," see.  He put it just the way it was.

And  so  then  I thought, "My!"  And this minister wrote  in  and  said,
"Brother  Branham,  your vision..." which it could have been  a  vision.
Said, now, I don't want to say translation.   If Paul... If I was caught
up into this first heaven and seen that, what about Paul that was caught
plumb up into the third heaven.   What that... He said he couldn't  even
talk  about it (see?) that he was caught up.   If it was a  catch-up,  I
don't know, I can't say. I couldn't tell you.

But  this  minister  said, "Brother Branham, your  vision  sounded  very
scriptural and all right until you talked about a horse being there." He
said,  "A horse in Heaven?"  Said, that... see that ecclesiastical  man-
wisdom,  mind,  see.  He said, "Heaven was made for  human  beings,  not

Well, I sat down.  Billy, my son, here, put the letter right here in the
old church office, about three or four months ago.  I said, "My precious
brother,  I'm  surprised at your wisdom, but, and your  knowing  of  the
Scripture. I did not say that I was in Heaven.  I said it was in a place
like Paradise, because Christ was still above," see.  "But," I said, "if
it  might  satisfy you, you turn over to Revelation 19, and  when  Jesus
comes  out of the heavens of Heaven, He's riding on a white  horse,  and
all the saints with Him are riding on white horses."  Right, absolutely.
Absolutely.  And  up in that same place, there was one  looked  like  an
eagle, and one looked like an ox...

Oh my! Where's them horses that come got Elijah?  Just goes to show you,
see, the human mind just wants something to pick on. That's right.

Now notice.  But I was just thinking, as this precious, godly,  brother,
John...  (I just thought it would be a good place to inject  that,  just
before closing, see.) If John looked over there, and them was his breth-
ren,  see, his brethren that had to suffer a little, then see, the  Lord
God permitted me to see my brethren and the saints that were waiting for
the coming of the Lord.

Notice,  they were not under the altar of sacrifice.   Mine wasn't;  but
these was. They were martyrs, see. Mine wasn't under the martyrs' altar.
(Now, I want you to listen real close.   Now I will close, honest,  just
about--in  ten minutes, at 10:00 o'clock, if I just have to cut  it  off
and  finish it tomorrow.)  Look.  They were not my... the ones that  the
Lord showed me, the Bride. She was not under the martyrs' block, no--the
sacrifice altar of the martyrs--but had received white robes by  accept-
ing the pardoning grace of the Living Word. Christ had give them a white

I do not think, by the opening... I do think, rather, by the opening  of
this Fifth Seal, I believe that it's opened to us.   I did it with  good
conscience, with clear revelation before God, not trying to just make it
think, because I always was against organizations, never would belong to
them, but it's opened to me now.

And I do think another thing: by the opening of this Fifth Seal in  this
day, straightens up a doctrine right here that I might speak of, of soul
sleeping.  Now I realize that there's people in here that  does  believe
that,  see, in a soul sleeping.  I think that this disproves that.  They
are  not sleeping, they are alive.   Their bodies are sleeping, but  the
soul not in the grave. They are in the presence of God under the altar.

Here is where I differ with a precious brother, a teacher. And I  notice
- I know I see some of his people sitting here, that I realize that this
is a great teacher.   He's a doctor in--doctor of divinity--Ph., L.L.D.,
and he's a real good man, too. I think he's gone on at this time, but he
was  a good man and a good writer.   And it's Brother Uriah  Smith,  the
author of Daniel of Revelation.

Now,  to you people who are follower of his teaching, (see,) I  don't...
I'm  not just... don't want to say this arrogantly, but I  just...  see,
but, Brother Smith, and trying to support, see... and trying to  support
soul  sleeping, there he mentions that the soul sleep, and there  is  no
altar of sacrifice in Heaven--that the only altar spoke of is... that he
believes is in Heaven is the altar of incense.   But to you dear people,
(and  not  to differ with my brother; I hope to meet him  on  the  other
side,  see) not differing with that great teacher; but just to show  you
how this disproves that, see?  It disproves it--the opening of this Seal
in this last day; it just takes soul sleeping plumb out of the way. They
are alive. They are not dead.

Notice this now. Now, if there is no altar of sacrifice in Heaven, where
is the sacrifice for sin laying then?--the Lamb. There has to be a place
where that slain Lamb (bloody) is laying there, where the Blood is.

Now, the incense was the odorous stuff that they burnt, which the  Bible
said was the prayers of the saints.   If there isn't no sacrifice on the
altar, then the prayers cannot be received.   It's only by the Blood  on
the sacrificial altar that lets the prayers go through to God.

Brother  Smith was wrong, not disagreeing with him.  I think  I've  made
myself  clear, with brotherly love and respect for his great work,  see,
but he was wrong.

The  Fifth  Seal has opened there, see, and many other  things,  if  you
caught it. See, I'm waiting for my questions to see that. All right.

Now,  where was the ark?--the slain, wounded, bleeding, bloody Lamb  for
atonement, for these odorous prayers.   Notice, the Bible says: "If this
earthly  tabernacle  of our dwelling be dissolved, we have  one  already
waiting." That's where I seen those saints, see.

Watch  when  a  baby... Excuse me again, sisters, for  this  plain  talk
before  young women.   But look, when a mother has conceived,  and  that
little bunch of muscles is twisting and jumping (you understand), it  is
a natural body. And just as nature is performing the natural body... Did
you  ever notice your wife before the little ones is born?  She  always,
right along at the last, becomes real kind, sweet.   If she hasn't  been
all of her life, she will be then.  Did you ever notice how saintly kind
of a feeling...  You notice a mother--and you see some sinner out  there
make  fun of a mother that's a pregnated woman.  I think that's  ridicu-
lous.  That's life coming to the world.  But did you notice around  that
mother seems to be a sweet feeling.  What is it? It's a little spiritual
body--spiritual  life waiting to come into that little body as  soon  as
it's  born. Now, it's only begotten; but when it's born, it's born.  The
spiritual body unites with the natural body.

And  then,  the  Bible teaches that we are now begotten  of  God.  We're
begotten  of the Holy Spirit, that in us is Christ--a son of  God  being
formed  in us.  And when this earthly body be dissolved, this  spiritual
body  comes from the bowels of the earth, there is another body  waiting
to receive it.  If this earthly tabernacle is dropped, there is  another
body to receive it.  This mortal body puts on immortality.  This terres-
tial puts on celestial. This... See what I mean? There is a natural body
that's sinful; but in it's making just like it, is another body that  we
go  to.  And I am so grateful to God that I can say as your  pastor  and
brother, I seen those people, so help me, in that body, and handled them
with my hands. That's right.

Notice, watch.  Look at Moses.  Elijah, after Moses had died and  Elijah
had been taken into Heaven, he stood there on Mount Transfiguration with
his senses of speech, hearing, understanding and talked to Jesus  before
the crucifixion. Now, what kind of a body did he have?

Look at Samuel. After being dead for about two years, was called back in
the  cave that night by the witch of Endor and talked to Saul with  lan-
guage--heard  Saul,  spoke back, and foreknew things that was  going  to
happen; still his spirit hadn't changed. He was a prophet.

When  Elijah's  spirit  comes upon a man, it will drive  him  just  like
Elijah.  He will go to the wilderness.  He will love the wilderness.  He
will be a hater of immoral women.  He will be against organization.   He
will pull no punches for nobody. And that just--that will be his spirit.
It was each time it come, see. Moses will be the same person.

Now,  and  we  find out in Revelation 22:8 the same thing.  Now,  or  to
settle it for those who--those souls--now watch it!--under the altar  of
the  breaking of this Seal that had been slain in the time  between  the
death  of Christ and the going up of the Church (the Eichmann group  and
all that, them true Jews with their names on the Book), if you'll watch,
my brother, according to the Scripture they could talk, cry out,  speak,
hear,  and had all five senses--not sleeping in the grave,  unconscious.
They  were  very much awake, and could talk, speak,  hear,  or  anything
else. Is that right? Oh, help us!

Two minutes! Amen.  I'm sorry I kept you a half hour--no, I  couldn't--I
oughtn't to say that, see.   But look, here is to the best of my  under-
standing, the best in according to the revelation that was given me this
morning  just  before daylight by the Lord Jesus Christ,  there  is  the
opened Fifth Seal to go with the other four. By His grace, He gave it to
me,  His grace to you and I.   We thank Him for it and with His help,  I
intend  to  live closer as I can live, teaching others to  do  the  same
thing,  until I meet Him with you in Glory, when all things are over.  I
love Him for this, and it's the best of my knowledge to it.  And I truly
believe  with all my heart that the true revelation of the revealing  of
the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Seal is now open to us.

                      "I love Him, I love Him
                      Because He first loved me
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree."

Now,  quietly,  reverently before God, as we seen this  Seal  opened  to
us--God having to take His Own beloved children and blind their eyes and
send  them, because His Own justice requires judgment of sin.  Think  of
it! His justice and His holiness requires justice.

A law without a penalty is not law.  And His Own Law, Himself, He cannot
defy and still remain God. That's the reason that God had to become man.
He couldn't take a substitute a son that wasn't... just an ordinary  son
to Him or something. God became both--Jesus became both Son and God--the
only way He could justly do it. God had to take the penalty Himself.  It
wouldn't  be just to put it upon somebody else, another person.  So  the
person  of Jesus was God, manifested in the flesh, called Emmanuel.  And
to  do  that, and to take a Bride, and to save a lost bunch  of  heathen
Gentiles, He had to blind His Own children, and then punish them for it,
in  the  flesh,  for rejection; but His grace provided  robes.  But  the
life...  see what happens? And if He had to do that in order for  us  to
have a chance, how can we spurn that chance in love?

If  there is in this building, tonight, that person, young or old,  that
has  to this time spurned that opportunity that cost God such  a  price,
and  you would like to accept that offer to God tonight, that you  don't
have to, as far as we ever know, to be a martyr, though you may  be--but
a white robe has been provided for you.  And if God knocks at your heart
now, why not accept it.

Now, let us bow our heads again.  If that person or persons are in  here
that desires that, or want to accept it upon the basis of your faith  in
the  shed Blood that God had to shed for you, (suffered beyond  anything
that  any other mortal, there couldn't have been a mortal  being  suffer
like that) 'til His Own grief separated His water from His Blood in  His
veins.  Before  He went to Calvary, drops of blood was coming  from  His
body--with such grief and broken heart that what He had to do, but could
have refused it, too, but willingly, did it for you and I.

Can you reject such matchless love? And you see that now, by the opening
of these Seals, that what you have did.   And what God has did for  you,
and  you're ready to surrender your life to God, and if He  will  snatch
you  out  of the hands of the antichrist that you're now in,  would  you
accept  His  offer by just raising your hand to Him,  saying,  "God,  by
this, I signify, I accept that offer of grace.   And, Brother Branham, I
desire your prayers that I will ever remain faithful."

Raise your hand, and I will pray. God bless you. God bless you.  Mean it
now.   Don't do it unless you mean it.  And right where you're  sitting,
accept it right there; because remember, you could not have raised  your
hand  unless  something told you to do it, and nothing else  could  have
done it but God.

So now when you see the Scriptures so perfectly unfolded, you see what's
been  going  on  down through the ages, the last few  years,  twenty  or
thirty years, you see it perfectly a-vindicated.   You see the Scripture
telling  exactly what's happened and what's fixing to happen, then  upon
the basis of the faith in the work of Christ, where you're sitting right
now,  and have raised your hands, say, "From this minute on,  it's  set-
tled. I take Christ now for my Saviour, and I will live for Him the rest
of my life, and I desire God to fill me with the Holy Spirit."

If you haven't been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, the pool  will
be waiting for you. Let us pray.

Lord  God,  there was some great number of hands among the  people  that
went up. And I'm sure that You're the very same Lord Jesus that made the
atonement for us many years ago, and by seeing those Seals revealed  and
the great things that's taken place right here in the last few  years--I
believe with all my heart that the door of mercy is beginning to  close,
and You're ready to take Your journey now to redeem Your people.

While there is room and a door open (as it was in the days of Noah), may
these  precious  souls that live in the body of this  tabernacle  that's
going  to be dissolved someday, that raised up that mortal hand  on  the
inside  of them because that their conviction and their profession  that
they  believe and want to accept Your proposition to them for  salvation
on  this  opened  sealed Book that's been opened to us,  give  to  them,
tonight,  Lord, a robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ  and  clothe
their soul in that, that they might stand before You in that day,  which
is close at hand, perfect by the Blood of Christ.

Lord  God, if they have not been baptized into the Name of Jesus  Christ
upon the revelation that You give me concerning it, and seeing that Paul
commanded  people that had even been baptized by John the Baptist to  be
rebaptized  again  in the Name of Jesus Christ in order to  receive  the
Holy  Spirit in Acts 19. I ask that You'll convince them, Lord,  of  the
Truth, and may they obey You.

And  then, in obedience of their acceptance and obedience to their  con-
fession  and  to the water, may You in return fill them  with  the  Holy
Ghost for power of service the rest of their life.  I commit them now to
You in the Name of the sacrificed Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Amen.

                      "I love Him, I love Him
                      Because He first loved me
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree."

Now,  to you that had your hands up: obey the commanding of  the  Spirit
that  would  follow the constitution of the Word for  repented  sinners.
Follow it in every act.  And the God of Heaven reward you for your stand
for Him. The Lord bless you.

Tomorrow  night bring your pencils and papers now, as you have been.  We
expect to be here at the same time, at 7:30 sharp, the Lord willing. And
pray for me that God will open the Sixth Seal to me tomorrow that I will
be  able to bring it to you as He gives it to me.   Until then, we  sing
again, not only through hymns, but through praises for Him that died  in
our stead and redeemed us. I love Him:

                      "I (...?... ) love Him, I love Him
                      Because He first loved me
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree."

Let's bow our heads just a moment now. Lord, we are again gathering  for
the service.   And we think of the time in the early days when they  all
come up to Shiloh for the blessings of the Lord.

And now, tonight, we have assembled here to hear Your Word.   And as  we
have  been studying in this certain portion of the Scripture,  that  the
Lamb was the only One that could open the Seals or to loose them. And we
pray that tonight as we have under consideration this great Sixth  Seal,
we pray, Heavenly Father, that the Lamb will open it to us tonight--that
we are here to understand it.  And when no man on earth or in Heaven was
sufficient, only the Lamb was found sufficient.   So may the all  suffi-
cient One come and open the Seal for us tonight that we might just  look
a-past  the Curtain of Time.   It would help us, we believe, Father,  in
this great dark sinful day that we're living --would help us and give us
courage.  We trust now that we find grace in Your sight.  We commit our-
selves to the Word--to You, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

Good evening, friends.  It's a privilege to be here again tonight, to be
in the service of the Lord.  I just a bit late.  I just went to... on an
emergency of a dying man, a member of this church.  His mother is--comes
here. And they said the boy dying right then, so I went down to see just
a  shadow  of a man laying on a bed, dying--a man about my age.  And  in
just a moment's time, I seen the man rise to his feet, giving praise  to
the Lord.

And so God, if we will be willing to confess our sins and do that  which
is right and ask for mercy--call upon Him--God is willing and waiting to
grant it to us.

And  now,  I know it's warm in here tonight, (no, I guess  the  heat  is
altogether shut off) and we're... I noticed last night, or today this is
my  seventh  day in a room without light, (just electric  lights,  see?)
studying and praying for God to open these Seals. seals007.htm