Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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Receiving A Kingdom Which cannot be Moved - 30KB

Isaiah is seeing Jesus as Son of David - King and Judge
This is the earthquake at the opening of the Sixth Seal
the appearance of God is accompanied by an earthquake
God is shaking everything that is not Spiritual revelation
Words are the fabric spun from our thoughts
Daniel saw, 'four great beasts
The HEART signifies the free will of the soul
very few will 'hear' in this end-time
sap represents the 'holy seed' or 144,000 servants
We are living in a transition period

Israelite Marriage - 35KB

The Bible is an Eastern Book written by Eastern people
Eliezer was a type of Brother Branham
the parents generally took all decisions
An unmarried woman was under the authority of her father
seal the covenant by drinking a CUP OF WINE
the husband, assumed definite legal obligations towards his wife
Under the Old Testament Israel was the bride of Jehovah
The MOHAR or bride price is a compensation
The contract, cup and mohar are the bride's security
The MOHAR was Christ's Own Blood
The usual length of a betrothal was one year
groom would have to construct and provision the marriage chamber
Jesus HAS returned as a THIEF
At the bema or Judgment seat of Christ

Who Is This Melchisedec - 90KB

William Branham expounds the Bible is the Story of God transforming Himself into the flesh of His glorified Family.

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