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Revelation 17:12-13 - Part I: Reconstructing the Tower of Babel - 52KB

"The City" is in fact a privately owned Corporation - or sovereign state
"The Crown" is a committee of 12-14 men who rule this independent state
The Khazars
Khazars are Gentiles, unrelated to Abraham, Isaac and/or Jacob by blood
Both Talmudism and Roman Catholicism are Babylonian cults
Banking developed in Babylon
Hegelian Dialectics
How the Invisible Government Controls Us
Hitler's spy masters devised the tactic of "hiding in plain sight"
The simplest way of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public
Who is the Hidden Hand that would (Openly) Rule the World?
Adam Weishaupt revised the conspiracy, organized and developed the Illuminati
World War I was to be fought to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers and Christian empire of the Tsars in Russia
World War II was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists
World War III is to be fomented by using the differences agents of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world
This "peace offensive" was launched in 1956 by Khrushchev

Revelation 17:12-13 - Part II: The Black Nobility - 53KB

teaching on Revelation 17:12-13, and people known as "the Black Nobility".
"noble" families are behind most so-called pro-environmental movements
With Vatican interests at heart, Rothschilds extended their financial dominion
"All nations" can only refer to the Black Nobility
This explains Bro.Branham's prophecy of Rome CONTROLLING the gold
Prince Bernhard is leader of the Black Families
Prieure de Sion is the secret order which created the Knights Templar
Rome has ACQUIRED nearly all the supplies of GOLD
large populations were to be decimated
Many are going to die between now and the year 2,000. Cash will disappear
Economic Contraction = Control
Economic contraction translates into loss of human lives
Report from Iron Mountain "On the Possibility or Desirability for Peace"

Revelation 17:12-13 - Part III: The Power Behind the UN - 33KB

the UN has tremendous power, there must be a power behind the UN
Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum spearheading governmental change
Crusade against Corruption
Transparency International (TI) was launched in May, 1993
Aboriginal land rights was created from scratch by Prince Philip and WWF
Lima Agreement
MAI - the Final Sell-Out

Revelation 17:12-13 - Part IV: Revelation 17 and 18, Pawns in the Game - 33KB

the "kings of the earth" will be ruling the NWO together with Rome
Trinitarianism is the foundation of the Roman Catholic church
The moral condition of a people is dependent upon the
rectitude of its rulers
John represents ourselves, the end-time Bride who won't see death
Black Nobility will hate the woman, side with Communist Russia
the woman has lapsed into the
extreme of hideousness - a harlot drunken
heavenly Angel Whose glory enlightens the earth is Christ
Jesus calls these
bankers "the merchants (or speculators) of the earth"
Los Angeles will be the token of coming sudden destruction of Rome
Rome will make an agreement with the
Bankers or "merchants"

Redemption Revealed - I - 49KB

There was no trinity when God laid the foundation of the earth
Before He created beings, He was only
"potentially" God
Lucifer was one of the angels, soon he'll be
incarnate in the man of sin
only the elect are
recognized, adopted or placed as Sons
There's no such thing as the
pre-existence of souls. Jesus didn't preexist
Here's an illustration of God's
foreknowledge revealed to Jesus
When Satan is cast down to earth, he'll
kick the demons out of the Pope

Redemption Revealed - II - 33KB

There are seven dimensions
Your soul is the theophany of your being . . . if you're born-again
the five-fold ministry will be in the Body until we mature into the
unity of the faith
Jesus was the Word manifested in theophany before He was flesh
You bypassed your theophany and came directly from the Attribute to flesh
The Spirit is nothing but His
foreknowledge of you coming to pass in you

Redemption Revealed - III - 30KB

99.99% of church-goers already have the mark of the beast
When Jesus died on Calvary He could not
fully redeem all of His elect
That which is perfect has come, Christ, the fullness of the Word
These "mansions" Jesus went ahead to "prepare" were the
theophany bodies
Angels are servants. We're sons of God. An angel can only deliver a Message
giants were the original offspring of Cain, whose father was the serpent
Multiculturalism is in fact multi-racialism, which is accursed of God

Redemption Revealed - IV - 20KB

the Book of Life is Adam, the Lamb's Book of Life is Jesus
Cain and his race are unrelated to Adam
the battleground is the human mind
It is not the
person (or soul) that comes predestinated
true evidence of being baptized with the Holy Ghost
Manifested sons are
"junior gods"
The Holy Spirit in you is your angel

Redemption Revealed - V - 26KB

Job is speaking of the angels or ministering spirits
Paul calls this angel a man
In the natural, the
serpent's seed is Cain
Spiritual serpent's seed are the "children of disobedience"
two examples of
spiritual serpent seed or hybreeding
Spiritualism works through Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
One Word contrary to God is the
kingdom of Satan
Isn't Rome called
"the great whore"?
God visits the
iniquity of the fathers on the children

Redemption Revealed - VI - 30KB

Cain and his race have no kinsman redeemer
foolish virgin are under the end-time Message
This Message is our ticket God's way of escape
"theophany" is a visible manifestation of God
Our theophany is a part of the Logos and our covering
Our angel or theophany is Spirit, our
Word form Body
When the lost die,
their "angel" becomes a demon
Like idolatry or false worship is
spiritual fornication
medical science has generally abandoned faith

Redemption Revealed - VII - 20KB

without sin there would be no fallen angels, and no demons
modern medical science is many times not about curing the ailment
Disease germs are a manifestation of life, and
all life is spirit
demon attaches his life to a damaged cell and begins to multiply cells
You can't remove spirits with a scalpel
All nine Gifts of the Spirit are in the Church, the Body
Don't think you're going
to bluff the Devil. He is the father of deception

Redemption Revealed - VIII - 22KB

Our soul is imprisoned in our body which is the material world
The soul is released upon the death of the body
When Christians pray,
we pray to the Holy Spirit in us
Our celestial body is
God's foreknowledge of the LIFE of our soul
Until the Fall, Satan was
co-equal with God - all but a creator
Like God, Satan is not omnipresent

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