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Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - VIII - 46KB

Revelation 5 was fulfilled in 1963 when our Lord Jesus took the Book, tore open the Seven Seals
Balaam's prophecies into the context of history, and their fulfillment in the near future
Balaam saw from his day to Christ's "parousia" to the 144,000
The Moabites type the natural church, who are our denominational cousins
Balaam saw the new threat from the Western people of Alexander and Rome
Esau/Edom sold captured Israelites as slaves to the Phoenicians
Edom's envy of Israel's possession (inheritance), led them to want to overcome it
This shows the folly of British Israel and other theories

Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - IX - 45KB

by the end of Daniel's Seventieth Week, God will have destroyed all of Israel's enemies
Clearly there is a connection between Esau/Edom and "Gog"
there was a people of Mongol-Turko origin whose kingdom was in the Caucasus
Gog is Russia. Not the Russian people themselves, but their foreign Zionist-Communist rulers
Communism is not a Party, it is the spirit of egalitarianism which must lead to anarchy
Communism is Zionism, which is identified with Esau/Edom

Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - X - 31KB>

"the kings of the earth" are the Black Nobility or the Khazar Jew Venetian Oligarchy
Communism is Zionism of the anti-Semitic non-Semitic Gentile Jews whom Ezekiel calls "Gog"
The Jews impersonate the Light of Moses , yet It was fulfilled 2,000 years ago

Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - XI - 55KB

"Reasoning" against the revealed Word of God is called spiritual Serpent's seed
One Word off the Bible is the hiss of the Serpent, and the kingdom of Satan
We can trace the trail of the spiritual Serpent's seed very easily
Genesis 10 identifies the races, cultures and civilizations making up the physical Serpent's seed
The polytheistic religion of the enemy began with the Trinitarian doctrine
The development of overseas or "Hellenistic" Christianity was concurrent and parallel to Rabbinic Judaism
Judaism and Roman Catholicism are actually the Babylonian mysteries posing as the Word of God
There were only four Gentile world kingdoms, and Papal Rome reigns to the consummation
The woman who sits aloft the city of seven hills and is the mother of the Protestant harlot churches
International Jews are mistaken in thinking they'll be able to impose a NWO through America and Britain
The European Union is more and more taking a shape that parallels the Holy Roman Empire

Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - XII - 49KB

The Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah, (a source of Illuminism, esotericism and theosophy)
division between the Roman Catholic sphere of influence and the Jewish/Protestant sphere
The traditions of the Pharisees codified as the Talmud in about AD500 were not the faith of the Law
There was constant infiltration into the false church by Talmudists hoping to corrupt it still further from within
When Protestants split with the Roman Catholic church Jews set their resources behind the Reformers
What is the Talmud? It is the OPPOSITE to faith. It is flesh and blood, the hiss of the Serpent

Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - XIII - 48KB

Following Abraham's Seed - 34KB

We're going to follow Abraham's seed because he is the father of faith and his seed is heir to the world
Abraham foreshadowed our election
Being the answer to Abraham's faith in God's promise, Isaac represents justification
Esau had the birthright but he was a sinner and traded it to Jacob. So Jacob represents grace
The birthright passed to Joseph who represents perfection. There's not one word spoken against Joseph
Like Reuben, natural Israel forfeited his birthright to the Lord Jesus Christ when he rejecting Messiah
Abraham typed the Lord Jesus Christ. As he left his father's house to establish a dynasty in a strange land
After Joseph, Israel became a nation and God's Church

Abraham's Seed Today - 21KB

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