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We greet you once again in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we appreciate your company around God's unchanging Word for the last time this year in fellowship, and to meeting with you in 2022.

Android Phone Our main article is entitled "Christmas" as understood by our Lord Jesus Christ by revelation of His unchanging Word and historical fact. 2021 has been an interesting year as we have witnessed 193 heads of state walk their nations in lockstep to the abyss; men and women who, despite the fact Jesus told us their leaders are liars, naively anticipate distinction in high office ruling world government as reward for treacherous services delivered.

Proverbs 16:18: "Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." The Judaeo-Roman church and Satan have a prior plan found in the Books of Daniel and in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Their evil plan is THUS SAITH THE LORD. By grace we have each spent a blessed and closer walk in communion with our Husband, Jesus Christ, over the past twelve months.

The reprieve from the unhealthy foolishness of masking, anti-social distancing and lockdown is, I expect, the "bait" before the "switch" come New Year with a further tightening of "the squeeze," inflation, devaluation of fiat currencies, depression, unemployment and unprecedented tectonic activity as this universal psyop becomes a global blackop. The unknown strikes terror in the hearts of men but Jesus promised He will "guide us into all Truth, and show us things to come" (John 16:13-15). As the world goes insane, we rest in the "shout" of the Message of His Prophet, William Branham, and commune with the Voice" of the Archangel Jesus Christ whispering His amours in our heart by placing his Message in the written Word from Genesis to Revelation; leading, guiding and correcting us as we grow to maturity in the unity of the faith in preparation for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation following the manifestation of Israel's Seventh Trump (Matthew 25:1-13; I Thessalonians 4:13-18). Before the unexpected quick, sharp victory of World War III, the Church Age saints will be resurrected in glorified flesh, and Christ's end time Bride will have changed in the atoms to be caught up together with them in the Clouds, to meet the Lord in the Air.

Once again our News articles focus the Covid plandemic covering global depopulation "by the inoculation of diseases" according to Protocol 10:19 of the long-term planning, all knowing Learned Elders of Zion. We also touch on a little history of the rogue united States of America for which Brother Branham could no longer pray.

We may not publish from the start of the New Year.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. We encourage you to share our Newsletter with friends, family and colleagues, and look forward to any comments or questions you may have. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Delicensing Doctors for 'Harmful Misinformation': Ministry of Truth

December 22, 2021 — In addition to being subjected to various forms of censorship, for the first time in living memory American doctors are getting threat letters from licensure boards warning them against distributing "harmful misinformation." Medical boards in 12 states have disciplined doctors because of this allegation . . . warnings don't spell out what that means . . . no patients need to have suffered any harm at all for the medical board to investigate a doctor's no-longer-free speech. All it takes is an anonymous complaint. Pharmacists who were converted into the overseers of physicians' prescribing practices will complain that a doctor had prescribed Ivermectin for COVID-19 . . .

"Harmful misinformation" appears to mean anything that contradicts or asks questions or raises doubt about the dogma "vaccines are safe and effective," or suggests a treatment not endorsed by the FDA, CDC, NIH, and their corporate sponsors. Full story:

Comment: Just as President Biden's unconstitutional vaccination mandates were being ripped up by the courts, authoritarian politicians, public health bureaucrats, and the mainstream media, announced a new Covid variant to justify another round of lockdowns and restrictions. The things that didn't work last time would be a good idea to do again this time . . . the timing of omicron's emergence was perfect . . . Authoritarian politicians used the manufactured fear to justify another attack on liberty. Europe shut down and became a virtual prison camp. In Austria, Germany, and elsewhere, citizens became non-persons without a vaccine passport . . . But . . . omicron outbreaks are taking place among the fully vaccinated . . . Fauci, the political authoritarians, and the corrupt Big Pharma billionaires are. . . desperate to push omicron as a justification for further tyranny and profits. But actual science is not cooperating (

FDA Documents reveal 160,000 Side Effects from Pfizer COVID Vaccine in Initial Months

December 13, 2021 — The first tranche of documents (read below) reveal that, as of February 2021, when Pfizer's shot was being rolled out worldwide on an emergency basis, the drug maker had compiled more than 42,000 case reports detailing nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to the jab.

These reactions ranged from the mild to the severe, and 1,223 were fatal. The majority of these case reports involved people aged between 31 and 50 in the United States.

More than 25,000 nervous system disorders were reported, along with 17,000 musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders and 14,000 gastrointestinal disorders. A range of different autoimmune conditions were reported, along with some peculiar maladies, including 270 "spontaneous abortions," herpes, epilepsy, heart failure and strokes, among thousands of others . . . Full story:

This is a Global Coup d'état the against Liberal Democracy across the Planet

December 7, 2021 — What they have taken away, they will never give back . . . Robert Kennedy Jr. Full story:

Comment: Myocarditis study out of UK reveals sobering effects of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines. This article is a perfect example of how the brainwashed masses fail to reason even when they appear to be reasoning. Sars-cov2 is statistically no more a "threat" than the flu, which as we know was deliberately conflated with covid by faulty PCR testing, resulting in ridiculous numbers of flu patients being falsely labeled covid.

This study, which points out the lack of any meaningful previous safety testing; only focuses on 3 cardiac symptoms, when in reality there are hundreds of side effects reported on a mass scale from this experiment on humanity. Even so, the 1% adverse event ratio which only includes cardiac adverse events is off the charts and screams "stop the study" to anyone who understands the science of safety testing. The ONLY reasonable conclusion from this study is to discontinue the untested experimental gene therapy (IMMEDIATELY).

Why they want Everyone Vaxxed

World Health Organization

December 4, 2021 — In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. If you have been vaxxed you are now owned and have no more access to human rights. Supreme Court 2013 — Pathology vs. Myriad Genetics. The vaxxed can be patented (owned) They cannot void the Constitution but they can make citizens lose all of their human rights by making them Trans-humans (, Supreme Court of the United States, Syllabus 2013. Association for Molecular Pathology et al. vs. Myriad Genetics, Inc., et al. Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. A 22-page pdf.
Full story: Why they want Everyone Vaxxed

Comment: The original sin was miscegenation between Eve and the Devil-incarnate Serpent, a handsome giant manlike creature without a soul, thus pure animal. Their offspring was the hybrid Cain who was not in Adam's race and absent the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, which is Adam's genealogy. Such are without redemption as Jesus Christ is not their near KINSMAN Redeemer.

Miscegenation is one of the besetting sins today "as it was in the days of Noah" (Genesis 6:1-4; Matthew 24:37); homosexuality also besets the world today (Genesis 18; Luke 17:28-30). People are encouraged to change their gender. Australian passports have three gender options —male, female and x. Since 2013, all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNA designed by computer using algorithms legally hybridize one into a trans-human without human rights, and presumably blot their soul from the Book of Life if ever it was in Adam's race.

Still struggling to believe this is real, but it is. They're dropping down like flies because the government lies.

Dr. John Coleman solved Japan's Covid-19 Pandemic with Ivermectin in 12 Days

November 23, 2021 — Graphs show ineffective and deadly comparison against UK, USA, EEC fake 'vaccines'. Full story:

Bernard Gaynor

December 24, 2021 — Bernard Gaynor who has long withstood persecution by homosexual activists working through anti-Christian laws has sent us the latest update of his Website. It shows Luke 17:28-30 fulfilled in-your-face yet all denominations are "apostate and know not" that Christ's mediation in the office Son of God is fulfilled and He returned 58 years ago in the prophetic office Son Man and Judge, revealed by the Messianic sign "as it was in the days of Lot" (Hebrews 4:12; 13:8). He prophesied, "When the Son of man comes, will He find the faith on earth" (Luke 18:8)?

"Vaccine mandates are wrong and they violate fundamental principles regarding free will, consent, bodily integrity and the natural instinct for self-preservation. The idea that a distant bureaucrat can make blanket, society-wide decisions affecting your health and coercing medication despite serious concerns about risks and do so in your best interests is untenable. No third party will ever know your health needs as you do. But the level of hysteria regarding Covid is only matched by two things: the political campaign to silence any discussion about the risks posed by Covid vaccines and the hypocrisy of those who mandate them.

I never imagined that a Catholic bishop in Australia could dictate that every worker in his diocese take a vaccine or be sacked and in the same directions state that, if the worker suffered an adverse reaction, the diocese would not cover his medical costs because getting vaccinated was a free 'decision.'

He writes at length with video and taxpayer-funded propaganda on the acceptance and enthusiastic promotion of homosexuality in the ADF from the Governor General down. "If Australia wants true religious freedom, it needs to recognize Christ the King and his one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church." However the Judaeo-Roman Universal church was never "apostolic;" it organized at the Hegelian dialectic of the First Nicaea Council in AD325 almost three centuries after the death of the first apostles. Neither their Babylonian trinity of pagan Rome nor false water baptism have standing in God's unchanging Word. Rome will soon rule the world. Full story:

Comment: Bernie stands tall and fights hard but is not "established in the present Truth" what Jesus is doing NOW (II Peter 1:12).

Pew Research: 40% of Millennials have Tattoos like Social Outcasts or Sailors of Yore

Leviticus 19:27-28, "You shall not round off the extremity of your heads, nor mar the corners of your beard. You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on yourselves: I am the Lord".

In this law the denominational world might have cause to see itself reflected, with natural forms of every kind: crinolines, trains, high-heeled shoes, and extravagant hats. "The law of the women is the taste of the men." In the same connection belongs the disfiguring of the natural appearance of one's personal form, especially of the head and the beard. With this belongs every kind of tattooing, of profaning the human dignity in the human form. Any voluntary disfigurement of the person is in itself an outrage upon God's workmanship, and might well form the subject of a law.

American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty

The Jew Unz admits some of the truth, but cleverly hides it from the 'dumb goyim' among the long lines of a lengthy text. No 'sensational' headlines at all, lest the truth is made so much more obvious. Only the keenest truthers with lots of time on their hands would dig down to it.

The Jew LBJ planned A-bombing Egypt "In late 2002, with the book [Operation Cyanide] almost completed, Peter Hounam was contacted by Jim Nanjo, a 65-year-old retired American pilot with an interesting story to tell. During the mid-1960s, he had served in a squadron of strategic nuclear bombers based in California, always on alert for the command to attack the USSR in the event of war. On three separate occasions during that period, he and the other pilots had been scrambled into their cockpits on a full-war alert rather than a training exercise, sitting in the planes for hours while awaiting the signal to launch their nuclear attack. Each time, they only discovered the event that had triggered the red alert after they received the stand-down order and walked back to their base. Once it had been the JFK assassination and another time the North Korean seizure of the USS Pueblo, with the third incident being the 1967 [Jew] attack on the USS Liberty."

"[And] when Hounam checked the pilot's reported chronology, he discovered that the squadron had actually been put on full war-alert status at least an hour before the Liberty came under the I$raeli attack, an astonishing logical inconsistency, if correct."

"Hounam provides a great deal of testimony indicating that the bombers dispatched to strike Egypt in retaliation for its assumed attack on the Liberty may have been armed with nuclear warheads."

"Mike Ratigan, a catapult operator on board the USS America, recalls that his entire ship was put into "Condition November," a top alert status only used in connection with armed nuclear warheads, and that the special bombs being loaded onto the A-4 Skyhawk bombers were unlike any he had previously seen, while also being escorted by Marine guards, another very unusual situation. There was a widespread belief on the ship that a nuclear attack was about to be launched."

"A UPI reporter named Harry Stathos saw the nuclear-armed aircraft being launched, and was told by the deck crew that the strike was targeting Cairo . . ."

"Liberty survivor Chuck Rowley later spoke to a carrier pilot who claimed he had flown one of the jets that day, saying he had been carrying nuclear weapons and had been ordered to bomb Cairo."

". . . Commanding Admiral mentioned to him that several of his bombers had been three minutes away from a nuclear attack on Cairo when they were recalled."

"Joe Meadors, another former Liberty crewman, later heard from military personnel on Crete their astonishment at having to unload the armed nuclear warheads of bombers that had been diverted there, rather than allowed to directly return to the carrier, and they were told that the planes had been sent to strike Cairo in retaliation for the Liberty."

"For obvious reasons, the Navy had absolute rules that bombers carrying armed nuclear warheads were prohibited from landing on carriers, and after the flight was dispatched and then recalled, the planes were all diverted to a land airbase to be off-loaded" . . .

"Planning to sacrifice a few hundred American lives . . . to bolster his reelection chances would obviously add a very black mark to the reputation of our 36th President. But based upon my extensive historical research, I do not think he would have been the first American leader to have followed this sort of callous political calculus, although such decisions were afterward concealed by later generations of historians. Indeed, a couple of years ago, I came to very similar conclusions regarding the primary architect [FDR] behind the outbreak of World War II" . . .

"Memoirs and other historical documents obtained by later researchers seem to generally support Flynn's accusations by indicating that Roosevelt ordered his diplomats to exert enormous pressure upon both the British and Polish governments to avoid any negotiated settlement with Germany, thereby leading to the outbreak of World War II in 1939 [not to mention FDR's undeniable treason at Pearl Harbor]."

The Jew Unz never admits what the Jews expected to gain from their backstabbing attack on the USS Liberty—annexation of the Suez Canal, as well as a regime-changing destruction of Egypt by the US nuclear bombing. And as far as the US were concerned, this was intended as a 'substitute victory' over a Soviet client, 'reversing' the US defeat in Vietnam or at least 'compensating' for it by way of nuking the 'Soviet' Egypt, which couldn't be risked with the communist North Vietnam due to the presumed presence of the Soviet 'nuclear umbrella'.

USA, the Nation God's Prophet could not even pray for!

September 27, 2018 — The repeated treachery of the USA against Russia since the Berlin Wall came down and why, following the upcoming US treachery under the dominion of the Judaeo-Roman Universal church Russia will annihilate the USA from the face of the earth.
Full story: (Also see Paul Craig Roberts, Washington is blinded by its hubris).

William BranhamComment: I turned and looked, and I saw this United States burning like a smolder; rocks had been blowed up. And it was burning like a heap of fire in logs or something that just set it afire; and looked as far as I could see and she'd been blown up. And then the vision left me. Five out of the seven has happened . . . And I believe with the atomic things that we have now . . . And did you see what our President just said? Wanting another war. He wants to make an example out of Berlin, to make an example. What about Cuba here in our back door? . . . Oh, brethren, we're just at the end. It's going to come out just the way God said it was, so what's the use in doing anything but just reading what He said, and getting right, and getting ready for it, and let it come then. We're waiting for it (61-0806, The Seventieth Week of Daniel, par. 212, 228).

"There's been a teaching rain going on. The Baptist people, "A million more in '44," was their goal, members of the church. Billy Graham's great revivals, our great evangelist, look what he done. Look at Oral Roberts and the Pentecostals. There's been a teaching rain gone forth.

There's been a national teaching rain, communism sowed amongst the people, every nation.

There's been a Roman revival. Do you know what happens? If they give the eastern part of Berlin back, that puts the Roman empire, just exactly in the old circle it was in the time of Jesus. Certainly it does, perfectly.

There's a revival going on. What is it? A sowing. You don't hear very much of Billy Graham no more, do you? What about Oral? What about the rest of them? You know the great revival fire's not burning. What is it? It's the end time seed sign. The words has been sown. What is it? Denomination will reap denomination. That makes them confederate themselves together (as planned by Vatican II).

But the Word of God has been sowed also. And when the Spirit of God begins to fall, the Word of God will live in the people. And that false bride that's committed adultery out there, and brought herself into creeds, and sold out her birthrights will reap what? A confederation of church, that's to be bound and burned like the thorns and thistles. But where the Word of God's been sowed into the people's heart, it will reap a Bride for Christ as certain as I'm standing here: end time signs.

What's the matter, Church of God? What's the matter with us? What's the matter with you Baptists, you Presbyterians, Assemblies of God, Jesus Only, all the rest of you? What's the matter with us? Can't you see? The seed . . . Don't you . . . Be careful what kind of a seed you're taking in your womb of your heart. Don't you take creeds; take the Word.

They've been talking so much about latter rain. Not discarding you latter rain brethren, but that's not latter rain. If the latter rain would've been here, the power of God would've struck that thing, and she'd have swept the world. The latter rain's fixing to come. What's the matter? The church is manufacturing herself something just like Eve tried to do. She tried to have more light to manufacture something.

We've done the same thing, trying to make something in ourselves. Keep your hand off of it. Let God do it. Take His Word and believe It. Hold It in your heart. And when the rain begins to fall Life will take hold, and the Word will manifest itself" (62-0319, The End Time Seed Sign, E-63 – E-65).


Ephesians 2:20, "Christ's Body, His Bride, is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone."

Brother Branham's ministry completed the Reformation of the Judaeo-Roman system of false worship and is now restoring Christ's end-time Bride to the "common faith" that "rock of revelation from Above" (Matthew 16:13-19) unveiling the mystery of the unwritten Seven Thunders of Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the Seven Seals. This Message introduced Christ's second or (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming and called the virgins out of "her" the church into "Him" the Word (Matthew 25:6; Revelation 14:9-11). One of the most deceptive traditions in which most of the world revels is the Judaeo-Roman Catholic festival of Christ-mass of which Brother Branham said:

"Pagan Rome become papal Rome, and was bound there in its traditions of Christian, what part of Christian and superstitions it had of Rome, putting together all these worship of women, and all these other kind of stuff, and Christmas days, and holidays, and holy days, and things. It's been bound by that tradition that it cannot let loose, because it's against Christian principles. Still the same ungodly, pagan spirit . . . And that spirit caught into the nations of the world, according to the prophecies of Ezekiel, and the rest of them" (64-0719M, The Feast of the Trumpets, par. 163).

"When today that pagan ceremonies, Christmas trees worshipped, fiction stories of a man named Santa Claus, and of our Easter rabbits, and the different fashions that the commercial world has capitalized on, may it be laid aside, God. Let us enter into Christ the Word, for we asked it in His Name and for His glory. Amen" (64-1221, Why it had to be Shepherds, par. 14).

"Well, it look like that Santa Claus has taken the place of Christ in Christmas, and some fiction of a Kriss Kringle coming down a chimney with a sack of toys on his back, that visits the whole world in one night. And I don't know what you think about it; it's all right if you want to tell your children that; but I was taught, thought the Scripture said, "Thou shalt not lie." And then someday they're going to ask you, "Is this Jesus the same thing that Santa Claus is?" when they find out there's no Santa Claus" (63-1216, We have seen His Star and have come to Worship Him, par. 4).

Alexander Hislop had this to say in his book, The Two Babylons: The festivals of Rome are innumerable; but five of the most important may be singled out for elucidation, viz., Christmas-day, Lady-day, Easter, the Nativity of St. John, and the Feast of the Assumption. Each and all of these can be proved to be Babylonian. And first, as to the festival in honour of the birth of Christ, or Christmas. How comes it that that festival was connected with the 25th of December? There is not a word in the Scriptures about the precise day of His birth . . . it could not have been on the 25th of December. At the time that the angel announced His birth to the shepherds of Bethlehem, they were feeding their flocks by night in the open fields . . . the cold of the night, from December to February, is very piercing, and it was not the custom for the shepherds of Judea to watch their flocks in the open fields later than about the end of October . . . There is great unanimity among commentators on this point . . ."At the birth of Christ every woman and child was to go to be taxed at the city whereto they belonged, whither some had long journeys; but the middle of winter was not fitting for such a business, especially for women with child, and children to travel in. Therefore, Christ could not be born in the depth of winter . . . remember the words of Christ in the gospel, "Pray that your flight be not in the winter . . ."

Within the Christian Church no such festival as Christmas was ever heard of till the third century, and that not till the fourth century was far advanced did it gain much observance. How, then, did the Romish Church fix on December the 25th as Christmas-day? Why, thus: Long before the fourth century, and long before the Christian era itself, a festival was celebrated among the heathen, at that precise time of the year, in honour of the birth of the son of the Babylonian queen of heaven; and it may fairly be presumed that, in order to conciliate the heathen, and to swell the number of the nominal adherents of Christianity, the same festival was adopted by the Roman Church, giving it only the name of Christ. This tendency on the part of Christians to meet Paganism half-way was very early developed; and we find Tertullian, even in his day, about the year 230, bitterly lamenting the inconsistency of the disciples of Christ in this respect, and contrasting it with the strict fidelity of the Pagans to their own superstition. "By us," says he, "who are strangers to Sabbaths, and new moons, and festivals, once acceptable to God, the Saturnalia, the feasts of January, the Brumalia, and Matronalia, are now frequented; gifts are carried to and fro, New Year's day presents are made with din, and sports and banquets are celebrated with uproar; oh, how much more faithful are the heathen to their religion, who take special care to adopt no solemnity from the Christians."

Upright men strive to stem the tide, but in spite of all their efforts, the apostasy went on, till the Church, with the exception of a small remnant, was submerged under Pagan superstition. That Christmas was originally a Pagan festival is beyond all doubt. The time of the year, and the ceremonies with which it is still celebrated, prove its origin. In Egypt, the son of Isis, the Egyptian title for the queen of heaven, was born at this very time, "about the time of the winter solstice." The very name by which Christmas is popularly known among ourselves—Yule-day—proves at once its Pagan and Babylonian origin. "Yule" is the Chaldee name for an "infant" or "little child;" and as the 25th of December was called by our Pagan Anglo-Saxon ancestors, Yule-day," or the "Child's day," and the night that preceded it, "Mother-night," long before they came in contact with Christianity, that sufficiently proves its real character. Far and wide, in the realms of Paganism, was this birth-day observed. This festival has been commonly believed to have had only an astronomical character, referring simply to the completion of the sun's yearly course, and the commencement of a new cycle.

Among the Sabeans of Arabia [re. the Queen of Sheba, Sabah, Yemen], who regarded the moon, and not the sun, as the visible symbol of the favourite object of their idolatry, the same period was observed as the birth festival. Thus we read in Stanley's Sabean Philosophy: "On the 24th of the tenth month," that is December, according to our reckoning, "the Arabians celebrated the BIRTHDAY OF THE LORD—that is the Moon (p. 1006, col. 1). [Hence, Allah the Moon God]. The Lord Moon was the great object of Arabian worship, and that Lord Moon, according to them, was born on the 24th of December, which clearly shows that the birth which they celebrated had no necessary connection with the course of the sun. It is worthy of special note, too, that if Christmas-day among the ancient Saxons of this island, was observed to celebrate the birth of any Lord of the host of heaven, the case must have been precisely the same here as it was in Arabia. The Saxons, as is well known, regarded the Sun as a female divinity, and the Moon as a male. It must have been the birth-day of the Lord Moon, therefore, and not of the Sun, that was celebrated by them on the 25th of December, even as the birth-day of the same Lord Moon was observed by the Arabians on the 24th of December.

Allah the Moon godThe name of the Lord Moon in the East seems to have been Meni, for this appears to be the most natural interpretation of the Divine statement in Isaiah 65:11, "But ye are they that forsake my holy mountain, that prepare a temple for Gad, and that furnish the drink-offering unto Meni." There is reason to believe that Gad refers to the sun-god, and that Meni in like manner designates the moon-divinity. Meni, or Manai, signifies "The Numberer," and it is by the changes of the moon that the months are numbered: Psalm 104:19, "He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth the time of its going down." The name of the "Man of the Moon," or the god who presided over that luminary among the Saxons, was Mane, as given in the "Edda," and Mani, in the "Voluspa." That it was the birth of the "Lord Moon" that was celebrated among our ancestors at Christmas, we have remarkable evidence in the name that is still given in the lowlands of Scotland to the feast on the last day of the year, which seems to be a remnant of the old birth festival for the cakes then made are called Nur-Cakes, or Birth-cakes. That name is Hogmanay. Now, "Hog-Manai" in Chaldee signifies "The feast of the Numberer;" in other words, The festival of Deus Lunus, or of the Man of the Moon.

To show the connection between country and country, and the inveterate endurance of old customs, it is worthy of remark, that Jerome, commenting on the very words of Isaiah already quoted, about spreading "a table for Gad," and "pouring out a drink-offering to Meni," observes that it "was the custom so late as his time [in the fourth century], in all cities especially in Egypt and at Alexandria, to set tables, and furnish them with various luxurious articles of food, and with goblets containing a mixture of new wine, on the last day of the month and the year, and that the people drew omens from them in respect of the fruitfulness of the year." The Egyptian year began at a different time from ours; but this is a near as possible (only substituting whisky for wine), the way in which Hogmanay is still observed on the last day of the last month of our year in Scotland. I do not know that any omens are drawn from anything that takes place at that time, but everybody in the south of Scotland is personally cognisant of the fact, that, on Hogmanay, or the evening before New Year's day, among those who observe old customs, a table is spread, and that while buns and other dainties are provided by those who can afford them, oat cakes and cheese are brought forth among those who never see oat cakes but on this occasion, and that strong drink forms an essential article of the provision.

It was no mere astronomic festival, then, that the Pagans celebrated at the winter solstice. That festival at Rome was called the feast of Saturn, and the mode in which it was celebrated there, showed whence it had been derived. The feast, as regulated by Caligula, lasted five days; loose reins were given to drunkenness and revelry, slaves had a temporary emancipation, and used all manner of freedoms with their masters. This was precisely the way in which, according to Berosus, the drunken festival of the month Thebeth, answering to our December, in other words, the festival of Bacchus, was celebrated in Babylon. "It was the custom," says he, "during the five days it lasted, for masters to be in subjection to their servants, and one of them ruled the house, clothed in a purple garment like a king." This "purple-robed" servant was called "Zoganes," the "Man of sport and wantonness," and answered exactly to the "Lord of Misrule," that in the Dark Ages, was chosen in all Popish countries to head the revels of Christmas. The wassailling bowl of Christmas had its precise counterpart in the "Drunken festival" of Babylon; and many of the other observances still kept up among ourselves at Christmas came from the very same quarter. The candles, in some parts of England, lighted on Christmas-eve, and used so long as the festive season lasts, were equally lighted by the Pagans on the eve of the festival of the Babylonian god, to do honour to him: for it was one of the distinguishing peculiarities of his worship to have lighted wax-candles on his altars.

The Christmas tree, now so common among us, was equally common in Pagan Rome and Pagan Egypt. In Egypt that tree was the palm-tree; in Rome it was the fir; the palm-tree denoting the Pagan Messiah, as Baal-Tamar, the fir referring to him as Baal-Berith. The mother of Adonis, the Sun-God and great mediatorial divinity, was mystically said to have been changed into a tree, and when in that state to have brought forth her divine son. If the mother was a tree, the son must have been recognised as the "Man the branch." And this entirely accounts for the putting of the Yule Log into the fire on Christmas-eve, and the appearance of the Christmas-tree the next morning. As Zero-Ashta, "The seed of the woman," which name also signified Ignigena, or "born of the fire," he has to enter the fire on "Mother-night," that he may be born the next day out of it, as the "Branch of God," or the Tree that brings all divine gifts to men. But why, it may be asked, does he enter the fire under the symbol of a Log?

To understand this, it must be remembered that the divine child born at the winter solstice was born as a new incarnation of the great god ([Nimrod] after that god had been cut in pieces), on purpose to revenge his death upon his murderers. Now the great god, cut off in the midst of his power and glory, was symbolised as a huge tree, stripped of all its branches, and cut down almost to the ground. But the great serpent, the symbol of the life restoring Aesculapius, twists itself around the dead stock, and lo, at its side up sprouts a young tree—a tree of an entirely different kind, that is destined never to be cut down by hostile power—even the palm-tree, the well-known symbol of victory . . .

Therefore, the 25th of December, the day that was observed at Rome as the day when the victorious god reappeared on earth, was held at the Natalis invicti solis, "The birth-day of the unconquered Sun." Now the Yule Log is the dead stock of Nimrod, deified as the sun-god, but cut down by his enemies; the Christmas-tree is Nimrod redivivus—the slain god come to life again. In the light reflected by the above statement on customs that still linger among us, the origin of which has been lost in the midst of hoar antiquity, let the reader look at the singular practice still kept up in the South on Christmas-eve, of kissing under the misletoe bough. That misletoe bough in the Druidic superstition, which, as we have seen, was derived from Babylon, was a representation of the Messiah, "The man the branch." The misletoe was regarded as a divine branch—a branch that came from heaven, and grew upon a tree that sprung out of the earth. Thus by the engrafting of the celestial branch into the earthly tree, heaven and earth, that sin had severed, were joined together, and thus the misletoe bough became the token of Divine reconciliation to man, the kiss being the will-known token of pardon and reconciliation. Whence could such an idea have come? May it not have come from the Psalm 85:10-11, "Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have KISSED each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth [in consequence of the coming of the promised Saviour], and righteousness shall look down from heaven"?

Certain it is that that Psalm was written soon after the Babylonish captivity; and as multitudes of the Jews, after that event, still remained in Babylon under the guidance of inspired men, such as Daniel, as a part of the Divine Word it must have been communicated to them, as well as to their kinsmen in Palestine. Babylon was, at that time, the centre of the civilised world; and thus Paganism, corrupting the Divine symbol as it ever has done, had opportunities of sending forth its debased counterfeit of the truth to all the ends of the earth, through the Mysteries that were affiliated with the great central system in Babylon. Thus the very customs of Christmas still existent cast surprising light at once on the revelations of grace made to all the earth, and the efforts made by Satan and his emissaries to materialise, carnalise, and degrade them".

Now, it is manifest that Lady-day and Christmas-day stand in intimate relation to one another. Between the 25th of March and the 25th of December there are exactly nine months. If, then, the false Messiah was conceived in March and born in December, can anyone for a moment believe that the conception and birth of the true Messiah can have so exactly synchronised, not only to the mouth, but to the day? The thing is incredible. Lady-day and Christmas-day, then, are purely Babylonian.

Then look at Easter. What means the term Easter itself? It is not a Christian name. It bears its Chaldean origin on its very forehead. Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven, whose name, as pronounced by the people of Nineveh, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar . . . But this is another subject, the point is that Jesus promised the 'Elijah' of Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 17:11 and Jude 3 whose ministry would restore Christ's end-time Bride to the faith once delivered to our apostolic fathers. He would be the angel to the Seventh Church Age who would "finish the mystery of God" through the revelation of the Seven Seals in order to bring us into "the unity of the faith . . . for the manifestation of the Sons of God . . . and the translation". nl1183.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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