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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Israel's planned attack against Lebanon is luring Asian and European "peace-keeping" (sic) troops into position as cannon fodder for the "hot stage" of the City's World War III, a diversion from the coming Russian invasion of that alien-controlled wildcard, the United States of America. This pre-planned war will be a Vatican coup de théâtre for although Rome is being played as a pawn to simulate Bible Prophecy and deliver world hegemony to the City, once she has consolidated renewed hold on temporal power she will sit as a queen (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 18).

There is a full day's study in this edition of the Newsletter: you must follow all of the links in order to understand events of the recent past and bring yourself up-to-date with geopolitical and geostrategic realities that help to unfold the Message.

Our contributor, Dr. Peter Beter (1921-1987), practiced general law in Washington, D.C., from 1951 to 1961, becoming a member of the US Court of Military Appeals in 1952 and the US Supreme Court in 1964. Many of his cases were against the federal government, all of which he won—including one case in which he caught the US Department of Justice burning records in an attempt to defeat him. The resulting decision—Farley vs. U.S., 131 C. . 776 (1955), 127 F Supp. 562—made new law.

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy appointed Dr. Beter Counsel to the US Export-Import Bank where he served until 1967. After leaving the Ex-Im Bank, he became an international financial and legal consultant, as well as one of the chief developers of private international business in the Republic of Zaire.

As a political and economic commentator, he worked with Wall Street luminaries including Franz Pick, Edward Durell, Colonel Curtis Dall, Norman Dodd and Emmanuel Josephson. His prolific writings include The Conspiracy Against the Dollar. A précis of 80 Audio Letters published between 1975 and 1982 will help you "connect the dots" between the written and spoken Word and recognize the material fulfillment of certain prophecies.

Our Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Morgellons: First Observations

August 16, 2006 – Morgellons disease is characterized in part by the presence of a host of unusual skin conditions, commonly including persistent lesions and unusual fibers or filaments. Clifford Carnicom is using 5600x microscope which shows these fibers in detail. The illness causes much pain and suffering. However, acceptance of the illness by the formal medical community remains controversial, despite increasing and widespread evidence of its existence. Evidence appears to associate Morgellons with chemtrails. Full story:

Humanists of Hungary

August 26, 2006 – Today in Budapest the "humanists" of Hungary call upon all countries possessing some nuclear arsenal, especially the United States, England, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia and China to destroy those weapons.

(As you see it, the "humanists" guided by the Jewish freemasonry don't call upon the State of Israel to destroy its nuclear arsenal. If the Jewish State remains the only atomic power, then the Jews can subdue the world as Theodor Herzl has set as an aim for the Jews in his book entitled "Programme for the Jewish World-Colony." This final end got new corroboration according to my book "The Secrets of the Nietzschean Empire." Full story:

Connecting the Dots

As we approach the climax of six thousand years of warfare between God and Lucifer incarnating their kingdom subjects on earth, we acknowledge that the battle is the Lord's being a contest for the perception of heart over mind.

II Corinthians 10:3-5, "Though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ".

Satan is a liar, but the very elect cannot be deceived on the revealed Word of God.

Psalm 91:7, "A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you".

Brother Branham said, "The handwriting's on the wall. All the time that we've been spending our money, and jokes . . . laughing at religion, making fun of it. . . Russia has been putting things in the air that's so far ahead of us, till they're years and years and years ahead of us. You remember the Medo-Persians were at the gate, waiting, when these things happened; and they knew nothing about it" (Uncertain Sound, #61-0415E).

As you read Dr. Beter's Audio Letter you will recognize the ungodly leaders of the apostate Western world are leading their people into the valley of Death. The things Russia has been putting in the air are the "investigating judgment angels" of which Brother Branham spoke. Once more, nominal Christians are being betrayed into conflict against nominal Christians by leaders who are at enmity with God and Adam's race. As in the World Wars I and II in which the motive of Germany was more honourable, today the motive of the Russia is more honourable.

Brother Branham said, "We had a great nation; but she is now rottening and crumbling and shaking and giving away, and trying to tax people to get money to send over yonder to buy friendship with our enemies. They're throwing it back in our face. One World War, two World Wars, and still moving on to a third one" (This Day this Scripture if Fulfilled, p. 16:131-132).

The Prophet scolded America for spending billions trying to buy the friendship of her enemies who hate Jesus Christ and all she once represented. When Rome breaks her covenant with the international banksters in the midst of Daniel's Seventieth Week, America's mendicant friend and ally will side with Communism and blast both the Vatican and the United States from the face of the earth.

Blind Laodicea has lost the battle of perception. Satan has you financing and arming the Serpent. Dr. Beter explains why America's demonic rulers are desperate to concentrate power in themselves and regard any group, nation or individual that does not submit to their terrorism as an enemy to be destroyed (Revelation 13:11; 3:17-20). You will know why the United States, the most feared and hated nation on earth, will be destroyed, and appreciate the frustration of Nikita Khrushschev who was hindered from establishing friendship with the blind American people whose hidden rulers are the alien invaders of Russia. Deposed by Khrushschev's loyalist faction, they immigrated to the US where they usurped their kindred and now dominate the Administration as Ariel Sharon so bluntly stated. Because of this takeover the Administration has made the US Russia's enemy rather than her friend. Misperception caused by apostasy has blinded Americans to the enemy within their gates. The policy of these aliens has made the United States a defenseless self-defeated state which does not want peace. Having forsaken the Lord she rests in chutzpah, not faith, and the sacrifice of most of her population in an ill-fated pre-emptive first strike nuclear war against Russia determined by the enemy within her gates.

Brother Branham said, "The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 322:3).

Russia's invasion of the United States is likely to be a desperate measure of self-defense against the bloody-minded plans of America's hidden rulers to sacrifice American lives and civilization in a pre-emptive first-strike nuclear attack against the overwhelming superiority of Russian military technology. Speaking of world politics, the Voice in the third vision said, "WATCH RUSSIA, WATCH RUSSIA. Keep your eye on the King of the North." Russia's invasion will follow earthquakes that sink Los Angeles, generate tsunamis, activate the Pacific Ring of Fire and split the Mount of Olives. As the Great Flood was caused by man's atomic power, the California earthquake is likely to be induced by either Russia or the megalomaniacs administering the United States seeking to blame Russia and justify a pre-emptive attack in supposed self-defense.

Historically, America's alien rulers have shown no compunction in flying a false flag to deceive US citizens into laying down their lives for the cause of world government. We cite the sabotage of the USS Maine, untrue reports of the sinking of the SS Sussex President Wilson used to declare war on Germany, Roosevelt's sacrifice of 2,000 American lives in the "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbour on a date Soviet spy Richard Sorge advised the Kremlin 60 days beforehand, the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin lie used to justify open warfare against North Vietnam, the deception of Iraq by which Bush I caused Gulf War I, Bush II's sacrifice of 3,000 American lives in 9/11 to justify World War III, his lies about Iraq's WMD in order to justify Gulf War II, and more recently his lies against Hezbollah, Syria and Iran in order to hasten the "hot stage" of World War III. As suggested by experts, it seems the Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami off Sumatra were man-made demonstrations of the power of the hidden government of the USA, perhaps sending a warning to Russia. Life is cheap!

When I was ministering in Holland, Pastor Harry Van Der Stel told me a Russian commander had explained on television how he had navigated his submarine many miles inland through the labyrinth beneath Los Angeles. Perhaps his mission was to plant a device such as the short-range underwater-launched nuclear missiles that have ringed United States territorial waters since the mid-seventies.

At any event, Rome and her temporary partners will bring the US under subjection and subdue Russia until the final destruction of Christendom represented by Rome and her (once) Protestant image in the third major revolution planned to transfer all power to their Illuminati masters, but which will become Armageddon and the consummation of all life on earth.

Three incestuously related dynasties seek world hegemony, each presenting the public face of evil to its detractors: the Black Nobility, Rome, and Communism. Each is a pawn destined for destruction in the millennium endgame.

There is an ongoing power struggle of titanic dimensions which constantly shapes the news, but which is little understood—indeed unsuspected—by most people. If these forces are not recognized or understood, current events are inherently baffling, no matter how diligently one may follow the news. This leaves even the best-educated and most intelligent of persons vulnerable to manipulation to suit the purposes of those who pull the strings behind the scenes. By contrast, if the largely unseen forces are known and understood, major events become far more understandable and even, to some extent, predictable. Those informed about these things become far less vulnerable and more difficult to fool by manipulated news and news events.

The Bolshevik-Zionist Axis

By Dr. Peter Beter

In 1917, during the height of World War I, two events took place which were destined to shape much of the history of the Twentieth Century. One was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The other was the Balfour Declaration, by which the government of Britain threw its support behind the concept of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Both Bolshevism and the political force known as Zionism have common roots which are not widely known. Both were created by the Rothschild interests, whose support was also responsible for the meteoric rise to riches of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., a century ago. Bolshevism and Zionism also have common historical roots in the so-called "Kingdom of the Jews" . . . It consisted of a people known as the Khazars of a Mongol-Turkic origin whose leader officially adopted Judaism as the state religion. This was done as a political ploy to enable Khazaria to maintain its political independence of two powerful neighbors. These were the super-powers of that day: the Moslem empire of the Caliphs to the South and the Christian empire of Byzantium to the west. . .

Khazar rule was brutal and oppressive . . . Finally the Christian forces of Prince Vladimir's Russia and Byzantium combined to attack the Khazar "Kingdom of the Jews," so-called, and utterly destroy it. The Khazar "Jews" were driven out of their homeland between the seas, many of them into Eastern Europe. There they mingled to some extent with Jews of the diaspora from Palestine, but they carried with them a . . . heritage of bitter hatred for Christianity in general and for Russian Christians in particular.

Down through the centuries, the "Khazar Jew" dream of regaining their lost empire has been passed down from generation to generation. This dream has developed into two branches. One branch emphasizes restoration of power over Russia, and crystallized into Bolshevism. The other branch, emphasizing the old, falsely religious "Kingdom of the Jews" concept, emerged as the political force known as Zionism. Both are aimed at world power. Both are equally ruthless, devoid of regard for human life. They differ only in geographic emphasis and in some tactics. With their common roots and common basic objectives, the Bolsheviks and Zionists work together hand in glove.

When Bolshevism was injected into Christian Russia in 1917, it was done with the help of the Rockefeller Cartel. From that time onward there was a covert alliance between those who controlled American policies behind the scenes (the Rockefeller Cartel) and those who ran the Soviet Union (the Bolsheviks) . . .

While the United States and the Soviet Union pretended to be at odds, they actually were involved in a pincers movement to gobble up the entire world. The falsified animosity between Washington and Moscow was staged in order to polarize the world and cause nations to form up into two camps dominated by the two super-powers. Those who chose to remain independent of both the United States and the Soviet Union—the so-called "Third World"— were targeted for brushfire wars and revolutions to bring them to heel, one by one. Meanwhile the long-term goal was—in the words of a secret White House directive—"to so alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union." In this way, an all-powerful "one world" government would ultimately be achieved. That was to be the fulfillment of a "commitment" established early in the Twentieth Century by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and allied foundations in the Rockefeller orbit.

In order to "merge" American life into the pattern of Soviet life under the Bolsheviks, it was clear that the quality of American life would have to be lowered a great deal. It required subtle movement of the American political system in the direction of dictatorship. It required weakening of America's financial and monetary system. And to bring about the radical changes desired, it meant wars with the United States carefully maneuvered into a losing position. America's first no-win war was the Korean War. A decade later, America became embroiled in the losing Vietnam War, which was artificially dragged out with all possibilities for military victory vetoed by the White House.

The final war was to be a carefully programmed "Nuclear War I," fought primarily on American soil, between the United States and the Soviet Union. Plans called for it to erupt in the late 1970's, but developments in Russia changed that. The Bolsheviks who had run the Kremlin since 1917 were the targets of a decades-long overthrow campaign by a tough sect of native Russian Christians. Their power had begun to outweigh that of the Bolsheviks in certain areas starting in 1953, when Stalin died. This was the reason for Nikita Khrushchev's famous "de-Stalinization" campaign afterward. In the mid-1970's this anti-Bolshevik sect finally reached such a level of power that they completely overthrew and expelled the remaining Bolsheviks in the Kremlin. There followed a heavy wave of expulsions of Bolsheviks from positions of power in Russia, which was depicted in the Western press as emigration.

As the Bolsheviks were losing their grip on Russia, so-called détente fell on hard times. The Rockefeller-Soviet alliance had been based on Bolshevik control on the Soviet side, and when that was terminated, so was the secret alliance. The alliance was fractured by the still-secret Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976; a year later it was broken completely by the equally secret the first part Battle of the Harvest Moon in space. (You should read the entire book).

At that point the four Rockefeller brothers made a fatal mistake. Since their former secret allies in the Soviet Union had been the Bolsheviks, they welcomed the expelled Bolsheviks from Russia into positions of power here in the United States. They reasoned that the expelled Bolsheviks would know the weak spots of the upstart new group who had taken over the Kremlin and could help the Rockefeller Cartel deal with them.

What the Rockefeller brothers forgot is that the Bolsheviks are incapable of sharing power with anyone. Worse yet, the Bolsheviks are state socialists, who seek to concentrate all power into the hands of a few (themselves) by way of government. The Rockefeller Cartel, by contrast, represents corporate socialism—the concentration of power into the hands of a few by way of corporations, with minimum governmental interference. Both seek the same goal, but by means which are diametrically opposed. They cannot coexist within the same society.

The Bolsheviks no sooner acquired positions of power here in the United States than they began using it to topple the four Rockefeller brothers. By mid-1978, Bolshevik influence within the Pentagon was causing a radical shift of American strategic policy onto a first-strike nuclear posture. Meanwhile in July 1978, the death of John D. Rockefeller, 3rd, took place, weakening what had been the four-brother unit. In November 1978 the Guyana Massacre took place, as part of a military operation masterminded by the Pentagon Bolsheviks and with crucial participation by Israeli commandoes. Then in January 1979, the all-out Bolshevik grab for power began with the murder of Nelson Rockefeller.

During the first few months of 1979, Rockefeller power over the United States Government was shattered by the Bolsheviks here. However, the Bolsheviks were stopped short of complete success in their takeover bid by the intervention of Russia's KGB. The new Kremlin rulers knew that a complete takeover by the Bolsheviks here would lead quickly to nuclear war, and they acted to prevent it. Even so, Bolshevik control over the Pentagon has been strong ever since early 1979 . . .

A fierce power struggle is underway within the United States Government between the now entrenched Bolsheviks and the Rockefeller Cartel, which is trying to take back its former power. In addition, a limited new quid pro quo against the Bolsheviks was established by the Rockefeller Cartel and the New Kremlin early in 1982. The Cartel and the Kremlin still have some accounts to settle with each other, but both are deadly enemies of the Bolsheviks. To destroy them, they have agreed to work together in certain ways.

The Bolsheviks here in the United States have as a major goal a deliberate nuclear war by which to smash the Russia which overthrew them. As an avenue toward that war, the Middle East is critical. In that area, the Bolsheviks here are relying upon their close allies, the Zionists, to pave the way for war.

Just as most Americans are unaware of the Bolshevized nature of their government, most Israeli citizens are unaware of the true goals of their Zionist government. Americans and Israelis alike scratch their heads with worry and puzzlement over actions of their respective governments. While constantly talking peace, both are systematically increasing the dangers of war.

The radical Zionist regime in power in Israel from 1977 onward is headed by men who were terrorists in the 1940's. Today, as heads of the world's third most powerful military power, they continue to practice terrorism but on a grander scale. Theirs is a doctrine of military terrorism, designed to lead deliberately to new and wider conflicts as the map of Israel grows steadily. The country which calls itself "Israel" today bears little resemblance to the promises of the small but vocal Zionist minority who brought about the Balfour Declaration in 1917. The peaceful, tranquil haven for oppressed Jews does not exist. Instead, the dire warnings published in 1919 by a galaxy of prominent anti-Zionist American Jews have been fulfilled in the bloody history of Zionist Israel.

The New Kremlin Rulers

Dr. Beter first revealed in late 1977 that a new, non-Bolshevik ruling group had taken the reins of top power in the Soviet Union. In the autumn of 1978, he devoted a complete AUDIO LETTER tape (#38) to a special report on Russia and her new rulers.

To those who depend upon pronouncements of the United States Government for their image of Russia, Dr. Beter's reports about the New Kremlin tend to come as a distinct shock. Unlike the atheistic, Satanic Bolsheviks recently overthrown, Russia's new top rulers are members of a sect of native Russian Christians. This sect is at least two centuries old, and at times had considerable influence with the Czars.

Dr. Beter cautions his listeners not to assume that the New Kremlin rulers look at everything in the same way as Western Christians might. For one thing, he points out that it required a patient, arduous campaign of six decades for them to oust the Bolsheviks from top power in Russia. That experience has left them with very definite, vivid opinions about what does and does not work when dealing with people like the Bolsheviks and Zionists. They also know that rapid, radical change of any type opens the door for revolution—and where there is revolution, Bolshevik-Zionist agents will be there to exploit it. They are introducing liberalizing changes in Russia gradually, one step at a time. Having come this far, they are trying not to move too fast and thereby risk allowing it all to be undone.

Even so, visible changes are occurring. Early in 1979 the first legal shipment of Bibles into Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution took place. That Easter, Handel's Messiah was performed in Russia for the first time since the Bolshevik Revolution—and not in some out-of-the-way place, but at the Moscow Conservatory. Churches are reopening, one by one, all over the Soviet Union—and they are packed, as Dr. Billy Graham told the world upon returning from a Moscow religious conference in May 1982.

For saying what he did about what he had seen of religion in Russia, Dr. Graham ran into a hostile reception here in the United States. The Satanic Bolsheviks who now dominate the United States Government are doing everything in their power to paint Russia as an enemy worthy of hate. Anything which interferes with that image is suppressed. Because someday, the Bolsheviks here want America to go to war against Russia.

Economics: Manmade Causes of Worldwide Economic Disaster

Centuries ago Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild Dynasty, said: "Give me the power to issue a nation's money, and I care not who writes the laws."

Money is a necessary ingredient in the advancement of civilization itself. As a store of value and a medium of exchange, money is vastly more convenient and flexible than any system of barter, which is the only alternative. Money facilitates division of labor, specialization by individuals according to their talents, and organization of human activity into complex patterns necessary for advancement in virtually all realms of endeavor. It even helps to make possible economies of scale and other efficiencies which raise human productivity far beyond the levels required for mere survival. This makes it possible for a society to support artistic and other cultural advancements by which a civilization becomes more refined and rich.

In short, money is the economic glue which holds a society together. If it is honest, stable and unmanipulated, money plays a neutral role which is equally beneficial to all members of society. By working hard, for example, a person may earn more than is needed immediately to pay for whatever he buys from others. The excess can be saved, then spent whenever desired to meet an extraordinary expense, buy something special, or retire from work and live off the fruits of past labor. Money earned reflects work which is valued by society and for which one is paid.

It is this role of money as the economic common denominator of society that makes it such a tool of immense power—satanic power—in the wrong hands. He who issues a nation's money can create out of thin air what all the rest of us have to earn by honest labor. The issuer of money thus acquires unparalleled power over other individuals, since at the stroke of a pen he can make others wealthy who cooperate in advancing his fraudulent schemes. In any society there are always more than enough individuals available who are eager to be comfortably corrupted in this way, and it is they who are helped into positions of governmental power. That is what Rothschild meant when he said, "I care not who writes the laws." The power to issue money is the power to shape government to one's own ends.

If one has the power to issue a nation's money, then he also has the power to change its value. This changes the yardstick by which every single economic transaction in a society is measured, and is a way to steal from an entire society at once. He who sets aside the excess fruits of his labor in the form of money is robbed if, when he is ready to use it later, it is no longer worth the same amount. That is happening today in the United States, of course; it is called inflation.

By the time of the American Revolution, Rothschild financial power in Europe, and especially in Britain, was great. The Stamp Tax and other oppressive measures which helped trigger the Revolution bore the signature of King George, but they originated in the House of Rothschild. The Revolution broke the former colonies free of Rothschild money control.

The framers of the United States Constitution well understood the evils of corrupt, privately issued money. Therefore they refused to countenance the creation of any type of privately owned central bank. Instead, they gave the United States Congress the constitutional duty to issue and regulate the nation's money. The theory was that since Congress represents all the people, congressional control of our money should be the fairest and most equitable system possible.

From then until the early Twentieth Century, there were repeated attempts by the Rothschild interests to re-establish their lost money power here, either directly or indirectly. One example was the Bank of the United States, whose charter was cancelled by President Andrew Jackson in 1832. Likewise the Civil War involved, not just questions of slavery and states' rights, but also a strong component of struggle over the issuance of money. But once again the attempt failed, thanks partly to intervention by the Russian Navy at a critical tide in the war to prevent Britain and France from dismembering the war-torn United States.

For doing that, Russia was slated for destruction by the Rothschild interests. It was also decided that the best way to regain control over America's money was from within. To that end the Rothschilds lent support to several promising groups within the United States, spawning the era of the "robber barons." Out of that group, the Rockefellers soon rose to the top. In 1913 the Rothschilds finally saw the creation of what they had sought here in the United States: a privately owned central banking system, called the Federal Reserve System. It was a joint venture involving very heavy participation—in fact a lead role—by the increasingly powerful Rockefeller interests. But at least the Rothschilds at last had their foot back in the door for control of America's currency. In 1917 the Rothschilds accomplished their other goal, the destruction of Christian Russia, by way of the Bolshevik Revolution. As in the case of the Federal Reserve System, the basic concept was Rothschild-inspired . . . but it was Rockefeller muscle that made the plan a success. Having started out as Rothschild proteges, the Rockefeller Cartel had risen already to the status of partners. And during the decades that followed—especially after World War II—the Rockefellers pulled ahead and eclipsed Rothschild power on the world stage. That situation continued until the end of the 1970's. Now, with the collapse of the family Rockefeller Dynasty, the balance between the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions is in a state of flux, with both struggling for renewed supremacy.

The Federal Reserve System was sold to the public as a prescription for improved economic stability. But the record shows that the stock market crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression were brought about in large part by deliberate Federal Reserve actions. The Great Bull Market of the 1920's was set in motion and sustained for most of a decade by means of easy credit. By 1929 the towering stock market was resting upon a huge, wobbly foundation of credit—that is, debt. The Federal Reserve Board then destroyed that foundation over a matter of mere months by severely contracting credit. The excuse given was designed to sound good, namely a crackdown on harmful speculation. But the real and predictable effect was to cause masses of investors to be suddenly unable to cover their "margin" stock-market purchases, forcing them to sell stock to raise cash. The sell-off thus triggered fed upon itself, while the Federal Reserve Board did nothing to halt the plunge. The stock market crashed.

Having set economic disaster in motion, the Federal Reserve Board soon thereafter made sure that it would mushroom into an all-out depression. This was brought about, not by the stock market crash itself, but by the failure of the American banking system afterward. A key purpose of the Federal Reserve System is supposed to be the preservation of banking stability, by stepping in as the lender of last resort (among other things) to prevent a localized banking problem from spreading. But in the early 1930's, a then-major bank—the United States Bank of New York—collapsed while the Federal Reserve System steadfastly refused to lift a finger to stop it. This created a chain reaction which pulled down additional banks, which dragged down still others, and so on. The Federal Reserve System, far from stopping this process, had set it in motion and did not intervene as it progressed. This plunged America and then the entire world into the Great Depression of the 1930's.

To most people a depression is an unmitigated disaster. It is hard to imagine that anyone could benefit from it, much less bring it about deliberately. But for the money controllers and their wealthy allies, the Great Depression provided enormous opportunities for increased wealth and power. Knowing what was coming, they were able to avoid the crushing financial losses which befell everyone else. Then during the depths of the Depression, they were in a position to buy up companies, real estate and other assets at a penny on the dollar. When the economy revived later on, these assets regained their value, producing vast profits for their new owners.

Ironically, by using their money control to plunge the American economy into disaster, the moneychangers set the stage for still greater expansion of their authority over America's monetary system. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, he launched a series of sweeping moves that began with the declaration of a bank holiday. The United States was taken off the gold standard. Americans were required to turn in all of their gold coins. Title to America's gold was then handed over—as a gift!—to the Federal Reserve System. However, the Federal Reserve System was relieved of any need to spend time and money to take care of the gold which it now owned, as the US Treasury Department was made physical custodian of the gold.

The Federal Reserve System became freer than ever to tinker with America's economy by printing paper and controlling credit. The freedom grew steadily over the years as gold backing for the dollar was decreased. In 1968 President Johnson signed into law an act removing the final 25% gold backing requirement from the dollar. In 1971 President Nixon closed the international gold window, discontinuing settlement of international debts in gold. This left the United States dollar purely a piece of paper, totally divorced from gold or anything else of intrinsic value. This is an ideal situation for the money controllers, made to order for manipulation to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense. Since the dollar has been a worldwide reserve currency since 1944, this means that everyone on earth is victimized by the dollar manipulation now underway in the US.

From 1971 onward, inflation has been an ever-increasing problem in the United States and therefore worldwide. Each time it is damped down temporarily, it is slowed at the expense of rising unemployment and slumping economic activity. When the economy revives, inflation soon takes off again to new and higher levels. The Federal Reserve Board, claiming (as in 1929) to be looking out for our best interests, responds with crushing new interest rates that reach new historical highs. Again unemployment shoots up, without ever having quite recovered from the previous cycle. Cycle after cycle, inflation and economic stagnation both keep getting worse. The balance between the two conditions keeps shifting back and forth, but both inflation and stagnation are with us continually and simultaneously. We are caught in the "stagflation" era foreseen by Dr. Beter in his 1973 book, The Conspiracy Against the Dollar.

The crumbling of the once powerful United States economy is a direct consequence, and an intended one, of the destruction of the dollar itself which is underway. The time will come when the dollar will collapse altogether, and with it the economy of the United States and much of the world as we know it. At that point the same thing will have to be done that has always been done when other currencies have collapsed. There will have to be a new currency—a new dollar—with something behind it to restore confidence. The one commodity which has been a reliable, universally accepted basis for monetary confidence for thousands of years is gold. And so, gold will have to be used in setting up a new system of stable international currencies, including a new dollar.

Meanwhile there will come a period of international monetary turbulence during which only gold or strongly gold-backed currencies will be trusted. During that period of time, assets measured in dollars will shrivel—as they are already doing now, at a less frantic pace. Those who have cornered the world's gold supply will be in a perfect position to vastly expand their own holdings and power. And so, contrary to the official books of the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve System, America's monetary gold hoard has been largely spirited away. It began in 1961 under the London Gold Pool Agreement: for seven years enormous loads of American monetary gold were hemorrhaged out of Fort Knox and other depositories and sent overseas. In addition there have been secret shipments of gold which are not reflected in official records at all.

Through their control and manipulation of money—specifically the United States dollar—the moneychangers are stealing vast amounts of what countless millions have worked hard to produce. And just as they did in 1929 and afterward, they are again positioning themselves to set off economic disaster worldwide.

Military: The Secret Plans and Weapons for Armageddon

To most people war is a supreme evil among human events, to be avoided if at all possible . . . and yet, we go right on having wars. To those who rule nations, war is a tool of power which is used deliberately. War can be used for external reasons, such as to increase the geographical extent of a nation's power. More importantly, war provides the perfect excuse for a government to impose increased controls on its own people. By citing "national security" the government can persuade the people that even highly dictatorial controls are for their own good.

These principles are among those laid out centuries ago by Machiavelli, who recommended to all rulers that they use wars regularly as a tool of power. But early in the Twentieth Century, the Carnegie, Rockefeller and allied interests of the day dreamed of a world in which their power would be absolute, and permanently assured. It would be a world at "peace"—the peace of a world inescapably within their grip. They formed a "commitment" to establish an eventual "one world" government.

A leading institution which was created to coordinate this one-world "commitment" was a tax-exempt foundation: the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In order to bring about the envisioned "peace" of a one-world government, it was clear that vast changes would have to be wrought in the lives of Americans, as well as of the other peoples of the world. Several years before World War I the trustees spent an entire year debating the question: "Is there any means known to man that is more effective than war in changing the life of an entire nation?" They concluded that the answer was: "No."

And so, to start bringing about the changes needed under the long-range commitment for a one-world government, somehow America had to be gotten into war. The trustees debated how this could be done and concluded that it would be necessary to control the foreign policy machinery of the United States. That implied, in turn, that control had to be established over the State Department. (See CFR, and Illuminati and CFR).

Within a few years the fruits of these deliberations began to be seen in US actions. President Woodrow Wilson won re-election in 1916 on the theme, "He kept us out of war," and then promptly took the United States into World War I. On at least one occasion the trustees of the Carnegie Endowment sent a telegram to Wilson urging him not to let American involvement in the war end too soon. The changes in American life which they desired were beginning to take place.

World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War all were orchestrated in ways designed to serve the purposes of the long-range one-world commitment. But during the decades beginning with World War II, a factor unforeseen by the initiators of the one-world commitment grew steadily in importance. This factor was the ever-accelerating advancement of weapons technology. Starting with the atomic bomb, weaponry has advanced in ways not dreamed of in the early years of the Twentieth Century. And these new technological capabilities have played a role in the progressive collapse of the one-world commitment as originally envisioned.

In 1960 American scientists invented the laser—a device which produces an intense, narrow beam of light. Early lasers were crude and not very powerful, yet it was clear from theoretical studies that someday laser beam weapons would be possible. Other types of beam weapons were also foreseen which were potentially even more devastating than lasers.

Suddenly there was a fatal flaw in the "one world" commitment. The flaw was that it envisioned only one world—the Earth—as the entire arena of human activity. That was beginning to change . . . because mankind was beginning the conquest of space. In 1957, three years before the invention of the laser, the world's first manmade earth satellite had been orbited by the Soviet Union—Sputnik I. The honor of being the first nation in history to do this had been handed to the Soviet Union, even though the United States had been technically capable of doing it first. The Soviet space program was far ahead of that of the United States when, in 1960, the invention of the laser suddenly added an urgent new dimension to the space race. The beam from a laser or other beam weapon can travel through space at the speed of light to strike a target a million miles away within a matter of seconds. Suddenly the moon had become a prize piece of military real estate: whoever controlled the moon could someday use it as a base for beam weapons to control the Earth.

In 1961 the four Rockefeller brothers inaugurated an elaborate, two-pronged program for world domination, with seizure of the moon as its centerpiece. On one hand, the United States would embark on a program of supposed disarmament, whittling back the power of America's visible military forces. But on the other hand, there would be increased emphasis upon development of advanced new secret weapons, unknown to the public and largely unknown even to Congress. And under the guise of a great adventure, the moon would be seized for unadmitted military purposes by way of the Apollo Project.

The four Rockefeller brothers had in mind an eventual double-cross of their secret ally, the Soviet Union, in the programmed nuclear war to come. By seizing control of the moon and installing devastating beam weapons there, they expected to emerge as the final, absolute rulers of the entire world.

In May 1961, President John F. Kennedy announced that the United States would land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth before the end of the decade. Thus began a crash program ten times bigger than the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb during World War II. It was too big to hide, so instead its military nature was disguised by a constant glare of publicity to portray it all as a lark to pick up some moon rocks. And it succeeded.

When Neil Armstrong planted man's first footprints on the moon in July 1969, it was a sensational event the world over. Little more than three years later, however, it was becoming routine enough in the public eye for America's manned moon program to be removed from public view. The final publicly admitted moon flight was Apollo 17 in December 1972. Thereafter, as the American public became increasingly absorbed in the Watergate Scandal and other matters, the US moon program continued secretly from a new base: the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Different launch techniques were used there, involving the Skylab space station as a way station to the moon.

While all of this was going on, unexpected developments were brewing in the Soviet Union: a progressive overthrow of the Bolsheviks was steadily accelerating. By the mid-1960's the emerging new Kremlin rulers had learned about the planned Rockefeller double-cross in a programmed nuclear war to come. They redoubled their efforts to complete their overthrow of the Bolsheviks. They also began preparing to beat the Rockefeller brothers to the punch with their own double-cross.

By the mid-1970's, present-day trustees of the major Rockefeller tax-exempt foundations were growing increasingly worried. Signs were multiplying that the one-world commitment formed two generations earlier had jumped the tracks. They were right.

In the summer of 1976 Dr. Beter reported on a major crisis which, to this day, has never been made public officially. This was the Underwater Missile Crisis, in which the Soviet Navy was planting small underwater-launch, short-range missiles with nuclear warheads inside American territorial waters. These were planted close to their targets, able to be fired at a moment's notice by satellite command. If fired, they would destroy coastal target areas with essentially zero warning time—the perfect "first strike." They were planted by means of small sonar-absorbing, super-quiet minisubmarines, designed to move in and out of American territorial waters without being detected by coastal sonar defense nets.

The limited exposure of this crisis by way of the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER reports enabled the late General George S. Brown, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to take action. Over protests by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, General Brown persuaded then-President Gerald Ford to give him the go-ahead to order the US Navy to remove the missiles. In September 1976 Dr. Beter and an associate met with General Brown in his Pentagon office to discuss the crisis. In that meeting, Dr. Beter provided General Brown with the locations of a second round of Soviet underwater missiles. This was information General Brown did not have, thanks to an "intelligence gap" created by Kissinger in context with the former Rockefeller-Soviet alliance.

Exposure of the Soviet missile-planting program took away the crucial element of surprise and helped to avert war at that time. Even so, General Brown was soon neutralized as part of a hopeless Rockefeller attempt to restore the former Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, and many Soviet missiles were never removed from American waters.

As the immediate crisis over the Soviet underwater missiles died down, Dr. Beter learned that other missiles also were planted under the sea. These had been planted earlier and were not Soviet, but American. In violation of international treaties, the United States had planted mammoth multi-warhead missiles on the ocean floor in the Atlantic and Pacific, targeted on the Soviet Union.

The new Kremlin rulers bided their time, allowing the four Rockefeller brothers to convince themselves that they were succeeding in patching up the former alliance. But they were routing the Bolsheviks out of the Kremlin and out of many other high-level positions of power in Russia. At the same time they were finalizing preparations for a surprise many times more decisive than that of the Underwater Missile Crisis.

As the autumn of 1977 approached, American beam weapons were nearing operational status at a secret military base nestled in Copernicus Crater on the moon. But on the night of the Harvest Moon, September 27, 1977, the base was attacked and put out of action by the Soviet Union. For ten years the Russians had been involved in a crash program to develop a family of particle beam weapons, which fire subatomic particles at a target at virtually the speed of light. A neutron beam weapon, fired from an orbiting, manned satellite, killed all the astronauts at the American moon base. (The Russian satellite was partially disabled during the encounter. This was the nuclear-powered satellite, Cosmos 954, which four months later created a worldwide sensation by coming to earth in northern Canada. It was not a crash, but an emergency landing).

The silencing of the secret US moon base was the beginning of a lightning military takeover of space by the Soviet Union. During the final months of 1977, the Soviet Union deployed a "space triad" of manned strategic weapons, to which the United States has no counterpart. First came the "cosmos interceptor" killer satellites, which use particle beam weapons to blast other satellites out of existence. These started hunting down and destroying American spy and early-warning satellites, one by one. Within about six months—by the spring of 1978—they completed the job. Meanwhile Russia's new rulers were demanding that the United States begin laying down its arms by way of SALT II or risk unspecified dire consequences. These circumstances led to a desperate intelligence mission in April 1978, in which a Korean airliner flew into the most sensitive military airspace in the Soviet Union. Russian jet fighters forced the airliner down, but only after special equipment mounted in the plane radioed vital data on the Soviet military alert status to CIA receivers.

In addition to spy satellites, a Russian cosmos interceptor also destroyed the Skylab space station in mid-October, 1977, in order to block any American attempt to return to the moon. Skylab died in a giant fireball seen over much of the United States on October 18, 1977. NASA waited a week or so for all the puzzled questions over the mystery giant fireball to die away and then began a lengthy coverup project, saying Skylab was sinking unexpectedly from orbit.

The second leg of the Russian space triad was deployed and initially tested during October and November of 1977. It is a network of high-power particle beam weapons on the moon, aimed at Earth. The first test of these in November 1977 was carried out under cover of a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. The beam weapons produced a gigantic double flash. Due apparently to an aiming error in this first test shot, they also created a huge tidal wave which came racing out of the cyclone without warning to inundate large areas of the southeastern Indian coastline. Since that time, the lunar beam weapons have been fired only at target areas well out to sea, for weather modification purposes.

Dr. Beter first reported on the characteristic brilliant double flash produced by the Russian lunar beam weapons in late 1977. Nearly two years later, an aging American Vela satellite happened to detect one of these double flash episodes in the South Atlantic. This led to dramatic rumors for awhile that Israel had tested an atomic bomb in that area with the help of South Africa, since nuclear weapons produce a somewhat similar double flash. But nuclear weapons also produce several additional kinds of radiation along with the double flash, none of which were present in the South Atlantic episode. What the satellite accidentally detected was a test of a new technique for generating artificial storms . . . Since then such artificial storms have been used repeatedly as a weapon of weather warfare.

The third leg of the Russian "space triad" is a fleet of electrogravitic hovering platforms called "cosmospheres." These could have been developed by the United States, and in the early 1960's the late General Thomas Power (then commander of the Strategic Air Command) and others urged that this be done. But instead, all of America's secret space eggs were put into the basket of the Project Apollo moon program. Meanwhile the Soviet Union went ahead with development of these platforms, and in December 1977 their operational deployment began. For several months they announced their presence in hair-raising fashion along the US East Coast and elsewhere by creating mysterious giant air booms. They did this by firing their powerful charged particle beam weapons into the atmosphere in a de-focused mode, in effect causing the air itself to explode. The air booms were an attempt at intimidation of the US Government, but did not accomplish much in that regard. After a few months, the air booms were halted.

Today Russian cosmospheres routinely patrol high above all kinds of American strategic targets. They stand guard especially over American ICBM bases, ready to use their beam weapons to blast the missiles at the moment of launch in the event of war.

The strategic weapons programs of the United States today are designed, first and foremost, to try to counter the secret "space triad" weapons of the Soviet Union. These weapons have yet to be made public by Russia's new rulers, who are well aware that it would precipitate a propaganda disaster for them if they did so. Likewise, America's rulers dare not publicly admit the existence of these weapons which Russia has but America does not. They are afraid that the American public would react with everything from panic, to anger over America's "space gap", to rage at having been lied to up to now. Congress too, having been largely manipulated and kept uninformed, could become unruly in the extreme.

And so, while crash secret weapons programs have been underway in the United States since early 1978, they are kept hidden or their true nature is disguised. A wide range of weapons are involved, from high-power laser weapons with new infrared targeting, to retrofitting of Titan II ICBM's for fractional orbital bombardment with super-yield "doomsday" cobalt-bomb warheads.

It is not practical to review all of these developments reported by Dr. Beter in this "Bird's-Eye View" section. Instead, the basic situation can be illustrated by considering just two weapons programs: the MX missile and the "stealth" aircraft program. The official justifications for these programs are always couched in terms of Russian weapons which everyone knows about—primarily Russia's large missiles. These explanations never quite add up, because they are not the truth. As a result controversy and questions keep swirling around these programs. As old rationales fray and fall apart, new ones are devised which also don't quite add up. Only when the truth about Russia's "space triad" is known do the American weapons programs make sense. Not pleasant sense, but sense.

In June, 1980, Dr. Beter described in detail what the MX program is all about. The big MX missile itself is actually of little importance—but the MX program is being used as an umbrella under which another, completely secret, missile system is being financed and deployed. Dr. Beter reported that the controversy then raging over proposals for a "racetrack" mobile basing system for the MX was only a lightning rod to draw attention away from deployment of America's real mobile missile. This is a much smaller missile, called the Minuteman TX. It was developed virtually from off-the-shelf hardware, and is deployed on America's railroads aboard special rail cars. Dr. Beter described these unique rail cars, and later several listeners spotted them and took photographs which were published in a special bulletin for AUDIO LETTER listeners.

In October, 1981, President Reagan shocked a lot of people by announcing that the MX missile would not be made mobile after all. The ridiculous "racetrack" scheme had served its purpose, which was deception, and was dropped. The controversy has continued, but the MX program has remained alive through it all. Early in 1983, after the termination of the AUDIO LETTER report series, the concept of a smaller mobile missile was the key new ingredient in the public recommendations of the Scowcroft Commission on strategic nuclear forces. Supposedly such a small mobile missile, nicknamed "Midgetman", could not be deployed until the early 1990's. But in actuality, that type of missile is deployed already . . . the Minuteman TX. Its biggest advantage has nothing to do with the alleged first-strike threat of Russian ICBM's. Instead, the deployment of large numbers of small Minuteman TX missiles is intended to make it impossible for Russia's cosmosphere fleet to keep tabs on them all. . . the mobile fleet of Minuteman TX missiles are not designed merely to survive a Soviet nuclear first strike. Instead, the Pentagon Bolsheviks intend to use them as the key to an eventual US first strike against Russia.

The other example to consider is the "stealth" program. This is a multi-faceted program, which actually involves not only aircraft but also a highly secret category of naval warships with their own special bases. Shortly after Dr. Beter reported on the existence of these special bases in the spring of 1982, they spawned naval warfare in the Southern Hemisphere. The visible portion of that conflict was the Falklands War.

Restricting attention to the stealth aircraft program, the most radical and promising development is that of the "phantom warplane." First revealed by Dr. Beter in the spring of 1982, the phantom warplane is as radical an advance in this computer age as the atomic bomb was in an age of adding machines and slide rules. By using powerful computer techniques, Einstein's semi-finished Unified Field Theory has been used to design superconducting electromagnetic field equipment which can bend light waves. Built into an aircraft, this equipment creates a zone around the aircraft which light cannot penetrate: instead, it flows around and onward, like water around a boulder in a stream. The result is that at a distance the airplane is invisible, not only to radar, but even to the eye.

Public comments about the stealth program refer only to radar evasion, not to the far more startling capability of optical invisibility. Once again, this is done in order to limit discussion to a range of weaponry capabilities which will not raise too many public eyebrows. If the full capabilities of the phantom warplane were known, it would raise the question: why is something so radical needed?

The answer lies with Russia's still-secret beam weapons. The most important fact about the invisibility field of a phantom warplane is not the invisibility itself, but the protection which the same field provides against all types of beam weapons.

The Bolsheviks who now control the United States Pentagon want to use all these weapons to crush the Soviet Union from which they have been overthrown and expelled. They have devised elaborate plans . . . to set off a nuclear first strike by the United States against Russia. Nuclear "false alarms," so-called, have been staged in order to test their ability to trigger what will look afterward like accidental nuclear war. American nuclear forces will be led to believe that they are retaliating, instead of striking first.

The United States remains locked out of any large-scale, sustained military presence in space. Even so, a few key reconnaissance and other military tasks must be carried out in space in order to prepare for war. For that purpose the Space Shuttle is being used in ways hidden from public view. The NASA Space Shuttle program is nominally civilian, but after the first Space Shuttle launch the civilian director of the program was eased out. Today the Shuttle director is Air Force General James Abrahamson.

It is often said that the world today lives under the threat of a Battle of Armageddon which, for the first time in history, could conceivably live up its apocalyptic description in the Bible. What is less well known is that certain satanic forces are actively planning for such a conflict and trying to bring it about. And they are harnessing the ingenuity of man to create Armageddon-style weapons about which the public is never informed.


In surveying the 80 cassette tapes of the AUDIO LETTER report series, a single gigantic picture emerges. The most striking thing about this picture is that countless seemingly unrelated, chaotic-appearing news events turn out not to be chaotic after all. Instead they are all tied together by a limited number of forces at work behind the scenes. Once one knows these forces, one becomes far better able to sort out the true meaning of events.

Three major power groups are struggling today for worldwide influence and power. Like icebergs, they are partially visible but mostly hidden. From a secular American perspective the three primary power factions are the Rockefeller Cartel of big oil, big banking and big business; the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis; and the New Kremlin rulers of Russia.

The relationships among these groups have shifted radically over the past decade or so. The Bolsheviks used to control the Soviet Union, and while they did there was a secret alliance between them and the Rockefeller Cartel. But they have been overthrown and expelled from top levels of power in Russia by the New Kremlin rulers, who are anti-Bolshevik and are, in fact, a secret sect of native Russian Christians. During 1976 and 1977 Russia's new rulers unilaterally terminated the long-time Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, together with its plans for programmed nuclear war on the way to a "one world" government. The four Rockefeller brothers, then in control of the Rockefeller Cartel, welcomed the expelled Bolsheviks from Russia into positions of power here in the United States. That was a fatal mistake, which led to the overthrow of the four Rockefeller brothers at Bolshevik hands from mid-1978 to early 1979. Since that time there has been a steadily intensifying power struggle between the Bolsheviks here and the regrouped Rockefeller Cartel for control over the US Government. Generally speaking, the Bolsheviks have been getting their way in military affairs, while the Rockefeller Cartel has greater power in the economic realm. Since early 1982, there has been a limited quid pro quo between the Rockefeller Cartel and the New Kremlin against their common bitter enemy, the Bolsheviks. Meanwhile the strong links between the American Bolsheviks and the Zionist rulers of Israel have been forged into a secret joint military junta—the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis—bent on war.

Politics, economics, and international relations (including war) are constantly used by these world power factions as they struggle with one another. Economic manipulations, covert intelligence maneuvers and a proliferating array of secret weapons are features of this struggle. But as made clear in many of Dr. Beter's tapes, the basic struggle is a spiritual one.

Dr. Beter terminated his AUDIO LETTER report series in November 1982 due to declining health. Events which have taken place since then are beyond the scope of this précis. Even so, peppered throughout the tapes are many discussions of plans and events still in gestation, and knowing those plans can help provide many clues to the meaning of events still to come. Beyond that, the past is always prologue to the future. By studying the many events which ran their course during the seven-odd years of the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER series, one can learn a great deal about the underlying forces still at work in our world. (Index of topics covered in all 80 tapes).

I Thessalonians 5:21-22, "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil". nl439.htm

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