Revisionist Perspectives on the "Holocaust" Extermination Thesis

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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are blessed to meet in the faith of Jesus Christ.

Please welcome our contributing author, retired Professor Raymond Goodwin, MA History, whose career includes almost 30 years with science innovation giant and manufacturer of HCN, E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company. Professor Goodwin summarizes his research into Holocaust propaganda imposed upon the imagination since Adolf Eichmann's kangaroo trial in 1961. It confirms historic fact and forensic evidence that establish there never were any extermination gas chambers and the holocaust of six million Jews in World War II is a technical impossibility, like the six million in World War I, and six million between the wars, when they really did exterminate 66 million mainly nominal Christians in the USSR, scores of millions of Chinese, and seven to fifteen million German civilians after World War II. This true history is taboo as are their many claims of holocausts of a million-or-so, sixteen million, and even four billion Jews.

The world is being treated like Pavlov's dogs in an experiment of human engineering preparatory to Lucifer's totalitarian one world government. Isaiah 9:16, "Israel's leaders cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed." These leaders are not Israelites or even Semites as they pretend—God's Bible and every Jewish encyclopedia certify this. The success of recurrent holocausts, (a formula replicated in the granting of "first nation" status to gullible "indigenes"), and conspiracies like Y2K and climate change illustrate how control of education, entertainments and mass communications ensure the persuasion and enslavement of an unthinking majority. Ultimately these impostors will be judged by the Law of the people they impersonate. Their domicile outside the Promised Land alone is their indictment.

If you are elect of God, you will "make your election and calling sure . . . prove all things," and not be deceived by what Paul called "Jewish fables." Deuteronomy 32:4, "He is the Rock, His work is perfect: for all His ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is He".

Professor Goodwin's article will publish simultaneously in The Barnes Review, a bimonthly historical magazine dedicated to truth and justice. The Barnes Review is also printing an illustrated pamphlet. Messiah prophesied, "In the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, the mystery of God should be finished." The whole of creation is resting on that. Truth will out, and the elect of God will not be deceived!

Hebrews 5:11-14, "Are you dull of hearing? Whereas by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the elementary principles of God's Word; you have come to need milk, and not solid food. Of course everyone who lives on milk is unskillful in the Word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But solid food is for the mature, for those whose faculties have been trained by practice to distinguish good from evil".

Galatians 4:9, 11, "Now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can it be that you want to go back and becomes slaves once more to another poor, weak, useless religion? I fear I have laboured over you in vain". We must not delay to put-off believing and preaching in lies in the Name of the Lord pretending Brother Branham taught what he did not (I Thessalonians 5:21; Revelation 22:15). Remember Ananias and Sapphira: "Why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Ghost"?

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Exodus of Her Majesty's Secret Service Agents

MI6 logo

August 14, 2007 – Le Figaro reports that Her Majesty's secret agents are leaving British military intelligence services for the private sector's higher salaries. This is but one aspect of the malaise in the British military . . . unlike in the United States—desertions have not increased, the grumbling of discontent has spread. Examples of rebellion within the Army appear periodically. Last year, Ben Griffin, a member of the SAS secret services, refused to return to Baghdad because of the way his American colleagues treated the Iraqis. He had to resign. . . Full story:

Comment: "Mercenaries" serving in the interests of the 'hidden hand' and funded by fiat of their agents outnumber US troops in Iraq. Funding, death and reparations are socialized to "we the people," whilst authority, power, profit and other benefits are privatized for an alien elite.

Does privatization of spying activity effectively place "intelligence" in possession of the ruling clique/elected dictatorship at public expense. Full story:

All-time Highs in Iraq: Escalation by the Numbers

August 16, 2007 – Someday, we will undoubtedly discover that, in the term "surge"—as in the President's "surge" plan (or "new way forward") announced to the nation in January—was the urge to avoid the language (and experience) of the Vietnam era. As there were to be no "body bags" (or cameras to film them as the dead came home), as there were to be no "body counts" ("We have made a conscious effort not to be a body-count team" was the way the President put it), as there were to be no "quagmires," nor the need to search for that "light at the end of the tunnel," so, surely, there were to be no "escalations". . . Full story:

Guns for Hire: Secrecy, Torture, Religious Zeal distinguish Mercenaries

Vatican logo

August 12, 2007 – The use of contractors, and their secrecy, shifts more and more authority from Congress to the White House, which makes its own decisions without any public input. Secrecy hides the real costs of military operations and enables widespread legal abuses, including capturing prisoners and 'rendering' them to unknown locations for questioning and torture". . . Full story:

Comment: The "great whore" is showing her petticoat. And the Earth Charter, which Mikhail Gorbachev and Rio Earth Summit chairman Maurice Strong likened to a new Ten Commandments, and was endorsed in 2001 by the US Conference of Mayors, has recently been on traveling display at Marygrove Catholic College, and the Swords into Ploughshares Peace Center and Gallery in Detroit; and at the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Motherhouse in Michigan. Housed in the Ark of Hope, designed to resemble the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, it calls for the redistribution of wealth within and among nations, so it seems the Catholic church and US mayors are ready to embrace Communism.

Liberties Advocates fear Abuse of Satellite Images

Washington, August 17, 2007 – For years, a handful of civilian agencies have used limited images from the nation's constellation of spy satellites to track hurricane damage, monitor climate change and create topographical maps.

But a new plan to allow emergency response, border control and, eventually, law enforcement agencies greater access to sophisticated satellites and other sensors that monitor American territory has drawn sharp criticism from civil liberties advocates who say the government is overstepping the use of military technology for domestic surveillance.

"It potentially marks a transformation of American political culture toward a surveillance state in which the entire public domain is subject to official monitoring". . . Full story:

"Recognizing a growing need for use of domestic information collected by the Intelligence Community, in May of 2005, the DDNI/Collection and the Director, US Geological Survey, chartered an Independent Study Group (ISG) to review the current operation and future role of the Civil Applications Committee (CAC) and study the current state of Intelligence Community support to homeland security and law enforcement entities. . . Full story: Civil Applications Committee (CAC) Final Report, September 2005. Unclassified.

Comment: Dear reader, the "war on terror" is coming home, to a town near you. For the present it this only a psyop, the 'hidden hand' behind Catholicism, Zionism, Communism, and Nazism is working to terrify, disorient and make you as putty to be "squeezed" in its hands.

Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America

August 15, 2007 – The Hudson Institute Conference launching the New World Order's Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America on C-Span. The US, Canada and Mexico are meeting in a summit on the unconstitutional SPP in Montebello, Quebec. See Video:

Comment: No superpower in modern times has maintained its supremacy for more than several generations. And, however exceptional its leaders may have thought themselves, the United States, already clearly past its zenith, has no chance of becoming an exception to this age-old pattern of history. Full story: Her stars are falling and her stripes are fading

Global Warming or Global Governance?

Nineteen million dollars since 1990 is a lot of money—until it is compared to the whooping $50 billion that has fed the man-caused global warming hysteria. You read it correctly, that is $50 billion. Of course, Newsweek conveniently left that bit of information out of its article. The conventional wisdom that man is responsible for the cataclysmic warming over the past 100 years was bought and paid for with your tax dollars and huge foundation grants. Although $50 billion has bought big headlines and doomsday rhetoric, the actual research has shown almost no connection between earth's CO2 and its temperature. Paleoclimate scientist Bob Carter, who has testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, explains how much money has been spent researching and promoting climate fears. "In one of the more expensive ironies of history, the expenditure of more than US$50 billion on research into global warming since 1990 has failed to demonstrate any human-caused climate trend, let alone a dangerous one."

Rather than being a pollutant, CO2 is an extremely beneficial gas that could increase food production by 20 to 40 percent and dramatically improve the health of earth's ecosystems if its concentration doubled.

If CO2 can be so beneficial, why are we spending tens of billions of dollars to prove it is so bad? The answer is simple. It is part of an agenda to create global governance. There are several excellent DVDs coming out in the next several months that expose the global warming fraud, but only "Global Warming or Global Governance?" explains why so much money is being spent advancing the man-caused global warming hysteria. Experts and politicians who are aware of the global governance agenda explain how the international cartel is using global warming, biodiversity, education and many more alleged crises to control our economy and implement global governance—with them in control, of course. News clips in this DVD show how this is actually being done today. Full story:

An Austrian Engineer's Report on the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Mauthausen

Walter Lüftl, 59, is a court-recognized expert engineer and heads a large engineering firm in Vienna. On the basis of a well-established reputation as a particularly precise and exact specialist, he was chosen to serve as president of the Austrian Engineers Chamber, a professional association of 4,000 members.

In March 1992, this prominent Austrian engineer concluded in his controversial report, "Holocaust: Belief and Facts," that the well-known stories of mass extermination of Jews in gas chambers at the wartime camps of Auschwitz and Mauthausen are impossible for technical reasons and because they are incompatible with observable laws of nature. Lüftl further characterized the often-repeated stories of Jews being gassed with diesel engine exhaust (at Treblinka, for example) as a sheer impossibility. . . Full story:

Comment: We are admonished to emulate the noble example of the Bereans, and "receive the word with all readiness of mind, then search the Scriptures (or appropriate 'absolute') daily, whether those things are so" (Acts 17:11), in order "to make our calling and election sure" (II Peter 1:10). Most so-called Christians worship a trinity of gods and are baptized in three Titles contrary to Scripture. Likewise "those who say they are Jews and are not" believe the Talmud, not realizing it is the antithesis of God's unchanging Word delivered by Moses and the prophets, which agree with Jewish historians and encyclopedia, and that almost every so-called Jew is non-Semitic.

Jesus said, "The elect cannot be deceived on the revealed Word of God" as their life is the Word of God manifest for their day. Yet how many, even in the circle of this Message, believe six millions Jews were exterminated in World War II, or in any of the previous holocausts that have been claimed by the "leaders" who manipulate this people for their own perceived power and glory? If you imagine yourself elect of God, it is vitally important that you understand this report so you can live to serve the God of Truth rather than the god of ignorant and wicked men. Only the twisted Talmudic mind could plan and execute the extermination of scores of nominal Christians in the USSR, then cover their unspeakable evil be accusing Germany for genocides that never took place.

Supplementary reading: Lectures on the Holocaust: Controversial Issues Cross Examined by Max Planck Institute-trained chemist, Germar Rudolf, who has been jailed for 30 months, fined and ordered that all copies of this book be confiscated and burned, proving that Truth is "hate" to those who hate the truth. Those who love truth customarily rejoice over news that one was dead is now alive (Revelation 1:18).

Revisionist Perspectives on the "Holocaust" Extermination Thesis

How One American Evolved into a "Holocaust Denier".

How does one go from believing the world is flat to accepting that it is really round? How does one cast off decades of what is assumed to be "gospel" and develop an entirely opposite world view? And how does a layman resist and overcome the calumny associated with the acceptance and espousing of a very different and unpopular viewpoint? After all, many honest academics and others have lost their jobs and had their livelihoods ruined because they dared to openly question the story. Unlike all other historical events, this is one that has been deemed "beyond question" and "beyond debate." Who has deemed it so and why? THAT is what you need to know, that you might understand just why this subject is so sacred and unapproachable by honest research.

The following account is an attempt by one who dared be like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, and decided to stymie the fear of a booming voice seeming to come from the heavens and to pull back that curtain—and reveal that the booming voice which had all the people in fear was not "God," but a little old white haired man with a megaphone! I present this paper, actually first written in 1991 and only recently updated, in hopes that our laymen will take up the cause for truth, and to show that one does not have to be a man of letters or a "scholar" to discover what turns out to be a simple truth. The enemy knows they can pretty much control the scholars and their voices; what they fear is the lay people starting to question their pronouncements, especially in numbers. Hopefully the personal experience cited herein will be a helpful guide and something with which you may "arm yourself" for future questioning of the purveyors of a despicable, costly, and cowardly myth.

Borrowing an acronym—FEAR—I urge you to apply it to any account of the supposed extermination campaign waged against the Jews by National Socialist Germany. False Evidence Appearing Real is the hallmark of all the tales of "eyewitnesses" and "survivors" in the Holocaust industry. For too long, these accusations and libel have gone unchallenged and accepted at face value.

Come on, folks! This is not an individual, but an entire nation, that has been charged and convicted of mass murder, and has never been allowed to defend itself. Put yourself, as an individual, in that position—you know you are innocent, every piece of forensic, scientific, and demographic evidence exonerates you—but you are not allowed to use it! You are already judged as guilty before the trial even starts. That reminds some of us Texans of old Judge Roy Bean, when asked by a captured suspect, "Are you gonna give me a fair trial?" And Bean replied, "Yeah, we'll give you a fair trial, then we're gonna hang you".

As you read this article, I hope you will think of and ask the questions of your accuser that would be asked if you were on trial for such a heinous crime. And do not accept anything but a legitimate answer in return—no evasiveness, no emotional outbursts of name-calling. Every one of the people who allege this crime of genocide should be forced to back it up, and I do not mean with mislabeled and phony photographs, and statements "from a friend of a friend whose brother-in-law said. . ." Those who show a tattooed number as proof of extermination have only shown you a tattoo that proves one thing—they have a tattoo!! In other words, folks, hold these plaintiffs to the same judicial standards as you would any other accuser! The burden of proof is on THEM, and they have NOT given ONE SHRED of legitimate proof, excepting that expressed in the above acronym—FEAR!!! They show a picture of a knife and say, "This knife killed 24 people!" Remember—ALL they have shown you is a picture of a knife! Their WORDS must be PROVEN to be true—otherwise, all their huffing and puffing is merely that—HERESAY!!! Any good lawyer worth his salt could tear them apart in a legitimate courtroom, where they are duly sworn in and are forced to answer. The problem for those of us trying to right this wrong is finding that legitimate courtroom. One does not have much of a chance when the judge is part of the prosecution, and knows his career is over if he dares allow an HONEST pursuit of justice! Use the information herein to hold their feet to the fire—and that includes the millions of duped "average Joe's" who have bought into this fiction. This is not a debate over history, people—this is a WAR, and TRUTH has been the big loser so far—and the resultant turmoil and suffering do not bode well for the very existence of mankind.

I began my questioning and search for truth regarding the much ballyhooed "Holocaust" in 1974. Like nearly every American, I fully accepted at face value the claims of "survivors," the videos and photos shown on television, and the very regular pronouncements from the media, dais, and pulpit about the "horrible extermination campaign" conducted against Jews by Hitler's Germany. What spurred me to question the details of this unspeakable crime? Reading a paper titled "Did Six Million Really Die?", my work experience in a chemical plant and the handling of hydrogen cyanide, and reading the accounts of "survivors" from the post-war trials which essentially established the legend of mass extermination that came to be termed the "Holocaust."

The first thing I did as a seeker of truth was to get a definition of "Holocaust," which was and is readily available in countless books on the subject. That definition was/is described as "the planned and activated extermination of members of the Jewish race, numbering some six million, by National Socialist Germany primarily through the use of Zyclon B (a commercial preparation containing hydrogen cyanide) used to disinfect clothing at the various labor camps during World War II." With this definition forming the guidelines, I began my quest.

Those who have challenged the "establishment" viewpoint are known as "revisionists," and their position on the subject is: there was NO attempt by National Socialist Germany to exterminate ANY ethnic group. Revisionists agree that many deaths occurred in the camps due to disease, starvation, and the horrid conditions of war, but "gas chambers" for homicidal purposes were non-existent. Those who accept the conventional view as true are designated as "exterminationists" by revisionists.

What jumped at this researcher immediately upon closer examination of the stories of extermination were the many credible arguments against such a program, as advanced by revisionists. The technical and physical impossibilities of the claims of alleged gassings and cremations as espoused by "eyewitnesses" at the post-war trials immediately fly in the face of scientific fact. Unfortunately, such claims were NOT allowed to be questioned by the defense, nor those witnesses allowed to be cross examined. Before an analysis of such claims, a chronological background on the origins of "denial" is necessary for a proper understanding of revisionist contentions.

In 1961, Professor Paul Rassinier of France became the first author to refute the accuracy of claims of genocide in print. Francis P. Yockey's "Imperium," published in 1948, did cast doubt upon the claims, but did not deal directly with the subject. Rassinier, a socialist and member of the French resistance, had been captured and interned in the concentration camps of Buchenwald and Dora. Liberated in 1945, he returned to France as an invalid, and was shortly very puzzled, then outraged, at the claims of "genocide" and gas chambers, particularly regarding the two camps where he had been a prisoner. He had seen no evidence of any such activities as an inmate there, and Rassinier certainly had no love for the Germans. His initial work on the extermination of the Jews, "The Lie of Ulysses," followed in 1964 by his "The Drama of the European Jews," called into question the "Holocaust" legend.

The year 1976 featured the appearance of a thorough and well-documented revisionist treatise by Dr. Arthur R. Butz of Northwestern University. "The Hoax of the 20th Century" dissected the extermination claims from pre-war and post war population statistics; the crucial role played by the Allied trials and their extreme importance in implanting the legend were also addressed by Butz: ". . . it is a fact that without the evidence generated at these trials, there would be no significant evidence that the program of killing Jews ever existed at all. . . If the trials had not been held, a person claiming the existence of an extermination program could not, if challenged, produce any evidence for this save a few books . . . whose claims are just as unsupported as his original claim. Thus the problem that had been involved in deciding whether or not to try mass murder; unlike the usual murder case, there was legitimate and very solid doubt that the deed had been committed at all."

"This may surprise the reader who regards the tale of Jewish extermination as a near certainty; such is simply not the case. There are many considerations supporting this view and some are so simple that they may surprise the reader even further. The simplest valid reason for being skeptical about the extermination claim is also the simplest conceivable reason; at the end of the war they were still there" (Butz, p. 10).

Adding credence to the claims made by Butz is the 1983 publication by Walter N. Sanning, "The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry." This detailed demographic study offers evidence that the vast majority of the "exterminated" Jews did indeed survive, being absorbed primarily into the Soviet Union, Palestine, and the United States. Professor Sanning challenges the exterminationist school of thought: "The purpose of this analysis was not to investigate the content of truth in the 'Holocaust' story, but to outline the extent and the direction of the Jewish population movement before, during, and after World War II. If the developments as traced here are in conflict with the taboos of contemporary historians, it is THEIR (emphasis added) task to reconsider an untenable position."

In his booklet, "The Holocaust—120 Questions and Answers," Dr. Charles E. Weber does a masterful job of provoking thought while keeping his approach simple and plain-spoken. This 1983 publication addresses a myriad of issues related to the Holocaust legend, and reminds the reader from the outset that the funding available to those who disseminate material from the exterminationist viewpoint far outweighs the minute resources available to the revisionist (p. 8). This is, of course, a major factor in the relative obscurity of revisionist research and conclusions on the issue.

One of the most definitive books on the conduct of "war crimes" trials, "The Auschwitz Myth," by Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, gives one insight into the show trial and political nature of Allied courtroom procedures. This 1986 publication stresses the ignoring of proper judicial standards and the appalling way in which the search for TRUTH was impeded rather than furthered by the court. Not many are aware that "eyewitnesses" were NOT allowed to be cross-examined by the defense, nor were they ever subjected to enforcement of the perjury oath. Additionally, "witnesses" traveled from court to court making the same unchallenged claims, saying they had been at each camp.

By October of 1990 the revisionist assault on the legend had come full circle with the admission by Great Britain's leading historian and authority on World War II, David Irving, that he was now convinced of the fraudulent nature of the entire extermination thesis ("Battleship Auschwitz," pp. 498-499), and would include a statement to this effect in new editions of his previously published books.

Technical Aspects

According to revisionist investigation, NONE of the alleged "gas chambers" had ventilation or exhaust systems capable of handling the gassing of inmates. The square footage in ALL of the "chambers" would allow for a hypothetical total of 123,976 gassings in ALL the years of the supposed "genocide" program (The Leuchter Report, p. 14). In September of 1989, the Russians released the Auschwitz death books (the Germans were meticulous record keepers), which show a death toll of 74,000 at that camp from ALL CAUSES (Irving, p. 500). Confessions from Germans, obtained by TORTURE, "eyewitness" testimony, and exterminationist historians put the number gassed at Auschwitz alone at 4 million. This massive contradiction deserves further examination in the interest of historical truth. This figure has now been revised downward, to just over a million, thanks to the fear of revisionist discoveries and publishings. Notably, however, that reduction did nothing regarding the claim of six-million dead!!

On August 19, 1960, the director of the prestigious Institute for Contemporary History in Munich, Dr. Martin Broszat, announced to his amazed countrymen that there had NEVER been a "gas chamber" in the entirety of the German Reich, but only a few in other places, namely in occupied Poland (Robert Faurrison, "The Problem of the Gas Chambers," pp. 107-108). This announcement flew in the face of those who swore to mass killings in German camps, but that was never brought up, of course!

Robert FaurrisonBroszat has NEVER provided an explanation for this contention. Professor Robert Faurrison of France asks: 1. How does Dr. Broszat know that the "gas chambers" in the Old Reich were frauds? 2. How does he know that the "gas chambers" in Poland are genuine? 3. Why do the proofs and certainties and eyewitness accounts concerning the concentration camps in the west suddenly have no value, while these SAME criteria still remain true for the camps in Poland (p. 108)? Think about those questions!!

As the exterminationists themselves have since abandoned the claims of the use of gas chambers in Germany proper, primary attention will now be devoted to the main camps in Poland, which would be Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Pertinent to this, however, is the confession regarding the German camp of Bergen-Belsen.

Two of the pillars upon which rest the claims of the exterminationist historians and the "survivors" and "eyewitnesses" are the confessions of Kurt Gerstein and Rudolf Hoess. Gerstein, one-time commandant of Bergen-Belsen, states in his confession that 700 to 800 people went into each of the four chambers each time the gassings took place. The size of each room varies slightly, but worked out in terms of occupant per square meter (approximately a square 3 feet by 3 feet), and according to those "eyewitnesses," those rooms would have had a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 40 individuals in each square meter (Felderer, p. 170). I ask you, dear reader, to draw on your floor or the ground, a square of 3 feet by 3 feet. Then imagine just how many people you could cram into that square. Thirty? Forty? I don't think so!! Revisionist Ditlieb Felderer concludes, "In spite of all the absurdities, impossibilities, erroneous and contradictory figures, the 'Gerstein Statement' continues to maintain its supremacy in Exterminationist lore. Perhaps this is just as well, from a cynical Revisionist viewpoint, for few things could better illustrate the mythical nature of the 'Holocaust' than this very item" (Felderer, p.172).

Rudolf Hoess, one of three successive commanding officers at Auschwitz, was the only one to leave a confession. His description of the actual gassing procedures is remarkably short and vague, just as all other "eyewitness" accounts are vague, brief, and full of contradictions on many points. As described by Hoess: one-half hour after having released the gas, the Germans would open the door and turn on the fan, and immediately begin to remove the bodies. Hoess added that the crew in charge would remove the 2,000 (!) bodies and begin transporting them to the crematory ovens while eating and smoking (quoted in Faurrison, "The Mechanics. . ." p. 24). This confession implies that it is possible to enter an area saturated with hydrogen cyanide (HCN, Zyclon B) while taking no precautions for self-protection, and bare-handedly grasp 2,000 cadavers contaminated with the deadly gas. The air pockets between the bodies heaped on top of one another would have been filled with HCN.

This "confession" lacks plausibility and even common sense (many "survivors" and "eyewitnesses" swore to the SAME impossibility in court), and is in accord with revisionist claims that it is a fabrication extracted by torture. Yet, testimony by these claimants at Nuremberg and other post-war trials was readily accepted into the record, not allowed to be challenged, and believed as "gospel" by Allied judges anxious to do their duty for "humanity." And countless German military personnel, not guilty of any such crime, were executed on the basis of these claims by "survivors" that were NOT allowed to be questioned or cross-examined.

Zyclon B poisoningIt was this particular part of my reading that drew me to examine and challenge those claims. I was an employee of E.I. DuPont at that time, and worked in a huge chemical plant, having experience working around HCN. Allow me to cite the DuPont Company Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on hydrogen cyanide (the primary element of Zyclon B), updated January 14, 1991. HCN is described as unstable with heat and extremely flammable. It is a fast acting poison and could be fatal if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin (remember the "eyewitness" accounts of SS men "smoking and eating," wearing NO protective equipment, while callously dragging gassed Jews out by the hair). The MSDS adds that in most cases cyanide poisoning causes a deceptively healthy pink to red skin color, and that skin permeation can occur in amounts capable of producing systemic toxicity. The user is cautioned to use the gas only in closed systems and with ventilation adequate to keep vapor concentrations below exposure limits. Warnings are given to evacuate the area immediately if HCN fumes are detected, and to don protective clothing before re-entry. The MINIMUM personal protective equipment recommended is goggles and rubber gloves, and the user should have at hand rubber suits and boots, a full-body chemical suit, and a self-contained breathing air supply. DuPont also warns that with eye or skin contact, one should immediately flush the eyes with plenty of water, remove contaminated clothing, including shoes, and wash the skin. Skin absorption can occur from cyanide dust, solutions, or HCN vapor (MSDS, pp. 3-10).

Therefore, the abundance of technical and physical impossibilities inherent in the confessions becomes apparent upon examination of the sites and the dimensions of the so-called gas chambers. The technical problems inherent in ANY plan to gas millions of people would have necessitated meetings of experts and the issuance of plans, instructions, and safety equipment. NO EVIDENCE that ANY of this was ever done by the National Socialist government has ever been found (Faurisson, "The Mechanics. . ." p. 29). Remember too, that passes would NOT have been granted to Germans in the camps, nor their families allowed to visit; prisoners who had served their sentences would not have been released or allowed to return to their respective countries, or the "extermination program" would have been revealed to the whole world! Faurrison concludes his article with what he regards as THE criteria of FALSE EVIDENCE regarding the gas chambers. He avers that ALL of the statements, as vague and inconsistent as they may be, AGREE on ONE thing: the crew responsible for removing the bodies entered the site either "immediately" or "a few moments" after the deaths of the victims. Calling this a physical impossibility, he states: "I contend that this point alone constitutes the cornerstone of the false evidence, because this is a physical impossibility. If you encounter a person who believes in the existence of the 'gas chambers,' ask him how, in his opinion, the thousands of cadavers were removed to make room for the next batch (The Mechanics . . . , p. 30)."

Perhaps the most severe blow to the Extermination Thesis was delivered in 1988 with the publication of "The Leuchter Report: The End of a Myth." The author's treatise is a report on the technical aspects of the alleged execution chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek, Poland, using comparisons with American prison gas chamber designs and operations.

In states that use lethal gas for capital punishment, stringent rules and procedures must be met. All lighting and electrical hardware must be explosion-proof (NONE of the rooms designated as "gas chambers" had this feature). If you come home in the evening and open your home and smell gas, the one thing you know not to do is flip a light switch. The spark can cause an explosion. The chamber is operated under a vacuum so that any leak would be inward. An eminent authority on capital executions, Leuchter states that many complicated problems must be considered in the design of an execution gas chamber. A mistake may, and probably will, cause death or injury to anyone OUTSIDE the chamber (Leuchter, p. 6). This expert says that an area of NINE square feet is the MINIMUM required for gas circulation around the occupant of any gas chamber. As the floor area for Auschwitz Krema 1 "gas chamber" is 844 square feet, allowance for gas circulation means that a maximum of 94 people could fit into this room at one time for execution. "Eyewitness testimony" places 600 people at a time in this room (Leuchter, p. 11). Remember—NO questioning or cross-examining was allowed in the courts! How would YOU, as the accused, feel about YOUR defense attorneys being so handicapped, with your life on the line?

The tourist attractions exhibited to the public as "gas chambers" in all the camps examined by Leuchter have NO gasketed doors or windows, and very few have vents; the inside walls of the structures are not sealed to prevent leakage or absorption of the gas, so that the exposed, porous brick and mortar would accumulate HCN and be dangerous to humans for several years. The fact that these rooms identified as "gas chambers" are located right next to the crematories also would make them a prime source for explosion and fire. Very poor planning by those evil Germans, indeed!

Leuchter found that Krema 1 has floor drains connected to the main sewer of the camp. This would allow the heavier-than-air deadly HCN to get into every building at the facility, resulting in the deaths of even the Germans. The "gas chambers" here, as in ALL the camps, are too small to contain the numbers claimed. The doors to these rooms all open INWARD (another poor design consideration by those supposedly so efficient in mass slaughter; it would be quite difficult to push such a door open against the piles of bodies after a gassing). Also, enough LEAKAGE of the deadly gas would have occurred in ALL of the gas chambers to have killed the administering technicians (Leuchter, p. 9).

a real gas chamberLeuchter's strongest forensic evidence is the samples of brick, mortar, concrete, and sediment taken by his team from the three Polish camps. HCN and its compounds are very residual—they hang around for decades! Leuchter took 31 samples at the alleged gas chambers, and a control sample was taken from delousing facility number one at Birkenau. The control sample, from the delousing chamber where clothing was treated to rid it of disease-causing lice, showed a very heavy cyanide content of 1,050 milligrams per kilogram of brick. This is consistent with the use of Zyclon B as a delousing agent in that chamber. However, of the other 31 samples, from the supposed gas chambers, 17 had NO measurable trace of HCN, and the other 14 were all under 8 milligrams—consistent with those locations having been deloused at some time. This scientific analysis supports the evidence that these facilities could NOT have been execution gas chambers. Of course, "eyewitness testimony" by those INCAPABLE of LYING was responsible for the death sentences given German camp personnel there as well as the camps in Germany proper, where the non-existence of homicidal gas chambers has been admitted even by the exterminationists. No charges of perjury, or suggestions of redress to the survivors of the wrongly and vindictively executed Germans, have ever been proffered by the moralistic proponents of the Extermination thesis.

Investigation of the CREMATIONS of the alleged gassing victims evinces the same degree of impossibility and contradiction. I took a tour of a modern crematory near my home city, interviewed the experienced technician, and learned what it takes to dispose of ONE body. I asked not only how much time, how much fuel, what temperature, and how much residue is left, but the possibility of multiple cremations in one oven. Rarely considered is the fact that the oven MUST undergo a cooling down period before the ashes and bits of bone remaining may be removed.

Those remnants fill a normal size shoe box. What I learned from this personal research was that NONE of the descriptions in the accusations made by "survivors" was even remotely possible except in their own minds. Four million shoe-boxes of ashes would have made quite a mound at Auschwitz. Where is it? The 60 pounds of coal/coke used by the Germans to cremate one body ALSO leaves residue—and if one multiplies that 60 pounds by the supposed 4 million bodies—WHERE did Germany get the 240 million pounds of coal, and HOW did they get it to Auschwitz? As to the TIME required to cremate all those bodies (4 hours for each)—Leuchter says (p. 10) that the capability of all the ovens at the entirety of Auschwitz could realistically cremate 207 bodies in 24 hours.

IF there were 4 million, and the 69 crematoria there worked around the clock with no shut down time for cleaning (an impossibility), the Germans would have still been cremating bodies until something like June of 1972!!! Please, please, Mr. "Survivor", Mr. "Eyewitness," explain this! Oh—you say that the bodies were mass-cremated, in that well-cited 50-foot long, 10-foot deep pit the awful Germans dug. FACTS: Auschwitz was built on swamp-like land; the water table there is 4 feet deep. That's right—once you reach that depth, WATER begins to seep into the hole you are digging. Ten foot deep trench? Sure!! Additionally—what fuel did they use in that pit? It doesn't matter—a high-enough temperature to cremate a human body CANNOT be reached in an open pit!! Once again, you accusers—EXPLAIN this!! Where are the tons of incomplete cremation remains?

I distinctly remember watching another of the myriad of "specials" on the "Holocaust" made in 1985, titled "A Painful Reminder." This was aired on the Discovery Channel out of Houston, and included the standard claims of "gassings" made by the interviewed "survivors." It was CLEARLY stated on this program that 279,000 bodies per MONTH (over 9,000 per day) were being cremated there in a continuous, round-the-clock operation. These phony "witnesses" were trying to make the numbers fit the story. Remember—German military and concentration camp personnel were EXECUTED on the basis of such unquestioned and unchallenged testimony.

Leuchter's own conclusion about his forensic examination there: "After reviewing all of the material and inspecting all the sites at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek, your author finds the evidence overwhelming. There were no execution gas chambers at any of these locations. It is the best engineering opinion of this author that the alleged gas chambers at the inspected sites could not have been, or now, be utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers."

Imagine what such testimony, had it been allowed at the show trials after the war, would have done to these witnesses for hire who traveled from court to court to spout the same LIES. They knew, of course, that challenging their lies would not be allowed, nor would any cross-examination by the defense. They know this today, as well, and still make those claims before Americans in schoolrooms and elsewhere.

Consideration must be given to the numbers game played by the exterminationists and Jews as well. In brief—according to the study by Professor Sanning as well as information from the Encyclopedia Britannica, the total number of Jews that were ever under the expansion of the German military was 4 million. Today, you have at least 3.7 million drawing reparations as "survivors" and "victims." Please, I may not be a math major, but somehow I just cannot get six million dead Jews out of that, or even a half a million.

Why the paradoxical reaction of Jews to revisionist contentions that Jews were not the victims of extermination, but survived the war? One would think that debunking of the myths would elicit a joyful response, especially from those who have believed for decades that their people were the victims of genocide. Consider these three probable reasons: (1) the Holocaust is a HUGE financial business with obscene profits and enormous amounts of gullible sympathy; (2) the Palestinian issue; and (3) the immense power and influence exercised by Zionists and other Jews upon the governments and media of the world, especially upon American foreign and domestic policy.

Most Americans are unaware of the billions paid to individual Jews as well as to Israel, a nation that did not even exist at the time of the alleged "genocide." The amount paid yearly to all these "victims" is based upon the now legendary "six million" figure, and as these reparations are STILL ongoing, any reduction in that number would be intolerable to the recipients of such largesse.

In essence, should revisionist findings be accurate and accepted as such, the goose that lays these golden eggs for Jewish coffers would disappear!! And those folks who have been forced to bear the guilt and pay this extortion for all these decades just might be a little upset over what has been done to them.

Israel was established in 1948 due in large part to the overwhelming SYMPATHY generated by these ridiculous accusations of genocide. The Zionists were given the land of the Palestinians by the British as a homeland for the Jewish state. The Palestinians thus became as victimized as the Germans by this massive LIE, as they have been a homeless, tortured people since then. They are indeed the REAL victims of not just the repressive Zionists, but an uninformed and misinformed world that does not want to hear of their grief and suffering—a world with little sympathy toward righting a decades old injustice.

As the United States government and all facets of the media played the key role in establishing the legend of genocide, this is why both institutions turn their backs upon revisionist findings. And it is also why they ignore attacks upon revisionists and Palestinians alike. Both also continue an ever-increasing effort to propagate the Extermination thesis. Several states have made "holocaust education" mandatory in their schools; US taxpayer funds are used to fund "Holocaust" museums and other tributes. No political lobby in the United States plays a more influential role in electing or defeating political candidates as do Jewish political action committees.

These are all factors in maintaining the "Holocaust" legend and also explain the silence of politicians on the subject. Jewish organizations are constantly pressuring all levels of government to adopt legislation that makes questioning or doubting the Holocaust a crime punishable by heavy fine and imprisonment. Their efforts have been successful in many foreign countries and are making headway here, in spite of our supposed Constitutional protection.

Why would key members of the US government have participated for so many years in perpetuating and supporting the legend? Besides self-aggrandizement, of course, obliteration by contrast is the likely reason. Without the genocide claim to use against Germany, several aspects of the initiation and conduct of the war by the Roosevelt administration would have not only come into question but caused much popular unrest in this country. The dubious story of the "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor, the cover up of the Soviet massacre of the Polish officer corps at Katyn (and blaming it on the Germans), Operation Keelhaul, the barbaric saturation bombings of non-military targets, and the orgy of rape and pillage engaged in by the Allies and resistance forces, could most justifiably be labeled "war crimes." But with the genocide claim against the Germans, all of these actions, as well as the decision by FDR, Churchill, and Stalin before the end of the war to divide Germany and Europe with the Soviets, is "justified." After all, any nation that would conduct genocide, especially against Jews, deserves every form of destruction and punishment it got!!

The veracity of revisionist claims may only be properly evaluated if they receive a hearing. But such a hearing is vociferously opposed by Jews and their lackeys in government and media. Their only answer to our research is personal attacks, including beatings (Faurrison), destroying livelihoods (Leuchter, Zundel, and others), and name-calling. One has to wonder—if revisionists are indeed "flat-earth" fools, and the Jews and exterminationists are holding all the aces—of WHAT are they afraid?

Personal Conclusions

If this author comes across as angry about this entire issue, that is because I am certainly angry! After examining the issue from more than one side, seeing the forensic and scientific evidence offered by the revisionists, and in essence giving a hearing that was NOT allowed at the shameful post-war courts, I easily came to the conclusion that this whole "Holocaust" is nothing more than a "HOLO-HOAX," and deserves to be exposed for what it has been all along—an extortion crime of the worst degree. I even learned in my search that this SAME claim of genocide and of millions dead was floated by the Zionists after World War I, but it was immediately recognized for the lie that it was, and given short shrift. I am also angry about the personal attacks upon legitimate scholars who question this historical non-event, the beatings, destruction of property, and the impunity with which such thugs operate in MY country. The kowtowing by politicians, media people, clergy, and academia to these arrogant FRAUDS is a disgrace. I, for one, have put my foot down.

No more unchallenged fairy tales by "survivors" as long as I am able to speak out!

If your community is like mine, it is visited on occasion by another of the millions of "holocaust survivors," who speak in our churches and our schools about the suffering they endured at the hands of those evil Germans, while the world stood by and did nothing! I do not know about you, but I am way past being tired of their totally baseless whining, lies, and extortion. Certainly, a number of Jews did suffer the depredations of war—but no more than any other peoples. Those responsible for the executions and extortion payments in the form of reparations should be made to face the music of perjury trials at the very minimum. When they cry that they lost their entire family—MANY people lost their entire families in that war, and Jews deserve no more or no less sympathy than anyone else. I'll admit, however, that it is quite difficult to feel sympathy for the legions of lying vampires who rake in tons of extortion money off the labor of falsely accused people every year. The German nation should be exonerated of this despicably assigned GUILT, and the historical record set straight. It is past time to get in the faces of these LIARS, and put them to the test with honest questioning. They will not engage in debate, unless they can turn the debate AWAY from the intellectual and logical to the EMOTIONAL—which they will do every time! They know that in any debate between logic and emotion, logic loses every time! Thus their personal attacks upon those who question them, and the inevitable name calling—Nazi, anti-Semite, and others. To those who push and support this Holocaust fairy tale, I say, IF it is an historical event, then it is as subject to dissection and discussion as any other historical event. IF, on the other hand, it is a religion—which is certainly what its adherents have made of it over the decades—then get it out of our schools!! Here's another confession from this confirmed "Holocaust" denier— "sticks and stones. . ." (Emphases are ours throughout).


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