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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are so pleased you could join us in fellowship.

Android PhoneWe have another informative article by guest contributor Dr. Henry Makow PhD, in which he describes how human history is unfolding according to Illuminati plans documented in his new book, ILLUMINATI: The Cult that Hijacked the World. This is followed by a complimentary teaching on Revelation, The Guns of America or China or Japan, and a third article on Divine Compassion.

Subscriber Tony Gosling of wrote: "Please consider seriously the reason why these elite institutions are not discussed in the mainstream press despite the immense financial and political power they wield?"

"There are sick and evil occultists running the Western World. They are power-mad lunatics like something from a kids cartoon with their fingers on the nuclear button! Armageddon is closer than you thought. Only God can save our souls from their clutches, at least that's my considered opinion".

The world is going insane as Brother Branham foretold and our news items and main articles confirm, which is all the more reason we should "study to present ourselves to God approved, as workmen who have no cause to be ashamed, rightly discerning the Message of truth" (II Timothy 2:15). One day these truths will be outlawed by the world church system and "elite institutions" so please read the links in this Newsletter, and if you are a subscriber who has not received our PowerPoint presentation, "The Second Coming of Christ," send us your postal address and we will mail your free copy.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Fraud of Public Health and Welfare of Current and Future Generations

December 10, 2009 — The EPA declaration empowers Obama to mandate CO2 cuts in the economy, without a law from Congress; otherwise, like Kevin Rudd, Obama was oing to Hans Christian Andersen's hometown of Copenhagen as the emperor with no clothes.

To appreciate the ridiculous insanity of the EPA's declaration, consider the history of CO2:

Full story:

Barack Obama has shares in Baxter?

November 11, 2009 — [It is alleged] the President of the United States, Barack Obama has shares in Baxter, the company many say is responsible for the h1n1 swine flu pandemic. In 2005 Barack Obama bought $50,000 worth of stock in two companies. Right after he bought the shares, also in 2005, Barack Obama (still a senator at that time), introduced the first comprehensive bill to address the threat of avian influenza pandemic. AVIAN Act (S. 969).

Then it makes it even more interesting that over $60 million dollars was awarded for a vaccine against the bird flu (2007) that did not mutate till afterwards. The guy sure knows his planning; I guess that is change you can believe in, (from investor to President). Full story:

Obama's 'Safe Schools' Chief recommends Child Porn for Classroom Reading

December 04, 2009 — A new report is raising alarms that the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, a homosexual advocacy organization founded by [homosexual] Kevin Jennings, head of the US Office of Safe Schools for the Obama administration, is recommending XXX-rated sex writings for children as young as preschoolers. . . Full story:

Comment: The Obama Administration would make Sodom and Gomorrah and Jerusalem (Revelation 11:8) blush.

Thought Police muscle up in Britain

April 21, 2009 — Britain appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state. As a sometime teacher of political science and international law, I do not use the term totalitarian loosely . . .

Muslim parents who objected to young children being given books advocating same-sex marriage and adoption at one school last year had their wishes respected and the offending material withdrawn. This year, Muslim and Christian parents at another school objecting to the same material have not only had their objections ignored but have been threatened with prosecution if they withdraw their children. . .

Permissiveness as well as draconianism can be deployed to destroy socially accepted norms and values. The Royal Navy, for instance, has installed a satanist chapel in a warship to accommodate the proclivities of a satanist crew member. "What would Nelson have said?" is a British newspaper cliché about Navy scandals, but in this case seems a legitimate question. Satanist paraphernalia is also supplied to prison inmates who need it. . . Full story:

Comment: Consider England, around the dawn of the twentieth century, a tiny island of approximately 40-million souls, controlling over 80% of the earth (including mastery of the seas). She was the greatest civilizing influence the world had ever known. Today, after fighting two world wars FOR THE ENEMY, British supremacy of the seas is gone; her commercial and political primacy in Europe are gone; her colonial power is gone; her monetary reserves are gone; and her racial breeding stock is seriously depleted. She was kicked out of Palestine by ungrateful Jews armed by American Zionists, her soldiers were assassinated, their bodies booby-trapped, and her diplomats murdered. England, now owned lock-stock-and-barrel by the Illuminati, has been forced to accept waves of non-white immigrants among her pink-cheeked Teutonic family in preparation for Lucifer's Talmudic one world government. (Population statistics project London will have a non-white majority by 2010 and a non-white majority within 100-years).

On December 1, 2009 the Lisbon Treaty came into force: Britain ceased to be a sovereign state and became a province within a European state. Patriots who died to "Save the World for Democracy" died bravely but in vain. Our controlled Hegelian sham democracies are political anthrax used by Zionists to destroy their Gentile hosts by turning the meritocracy pyramid upside down.

Jews defined by Occult Ideology, not Nation/Race

By Henry Makow PhD

December 6, 2009 — I had an "Eureka" moment when I read an interview with Shlomo Sand, the author of "The Invention of the Jewish People." He shows that the Jews today are not the descendants of Biblical Hebrews but are people of different races who converted to Judaism down through the centuries.

According to Sand, the description of Jews as a wandering and self-isolating nation of exiles, "who wandered across seas and continents, reached the ends of the earth and finally, with the advent of Zionism, made a U-turn and returned en masse to their orphaned homeland," is nothing but "national mythology."

"I asked myself how such large Jewish communities appeared in Spain. And then I saw that Tariq ibn Ziyad, the supreme commander of the Muslims who conquered Spain, was a Berber, and most of his soldiers were Berbers . . . who converted to Judaism."

Elizabeth Dilling (1894-1966) said the same thing in 1964 in "The Jewish Religion: It's Influence Today" (Chapter IX). Somehow I missed it.

"Present day Jews are a pot pourri of every race of man," she writes, "and they do not have any genealogical or racial derivation from the ancient peoples of the Holy Land."


I had the misconception that Jews were a race because of their traditional antipathy to intermarriage. This was enforced by Hitler's racially-based treatment of Jews. But I couldn't explain why Jews differed racially and discriminated against each other on this basis.

Moreover, I couldn't reconcile race with the fact that the Illuminati, the secret inner core of Judaism, actively sought intermarriage with non-Jews and were happy to sacrifice other Jews to slaughter.

My paradigm has now changed. My latest thinking is that, like its proxy Freemasonry, the defining element in Judaism is the "ideology." Race doesn't matter. Anybody can join the club: Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Britney Spears. . . As with American Express, "membership has its rewards."

And like Freemasonry, Judaism is characterized by the fact that the membership is ignorant of the true agenda. Only the "Illuminated" are in on the secret. The rest are manipulated and disposable.

As with Freemasonry, the hidden agenda is Pagan and Satanic. Judaism uses the Old Testament to draw people into the fold. But it is actually defined by the Talmud and Cabala which spurn the Old Testament.

Talmudic Judaism used "the Old Testament to cover its negation of every moral law of the Old Testament as it promotes practice of all the occult demonistic abominations excoriated by the Old Testament," writes Elizabeth Dilling (Chapter VI).

Dilling shows how Moses' injunctions against bestiality, sodomy, adultery, incest, necrophilia etc., in the Old Testament are overturned in the Talmud (Chapter V).

The picture of Jews as a nation-race is another way of controlling and manipulating them. It's essential for Jews (and Freemasons) to understand that the best parts of the ideology are for public consumption and to attract the innocents. From this pool, only the corruptible are informed of the true agenda and allowed to rise. They become part of the Illuminati.

But if there is trouble, the Illuminati will plant the blame on the innocent Jews and Masons, the outer layer of dupes who run interference and serve as their human shield.


The hidden (Talmudic/Cabalistic) agenda of Judaism and Freemasonry is to supplant the natural and spiritual laws of the universe (God) with the tyranny of the Illuminati bankers. They will define reality. For example, homosexuality, bestiality, incest etc., are being normalized. What is healthy (i.e. marriage, family) is deemed sick; what is false (i.e. climate change) is deemed true; what is obscene and ugly (modern art, entertainment) is deemed beautiful. This is the New World Order.

The Cabalist bankers have been waging war on humanity for centuries. Ordinary Jews and Masons are in jeopardy by virtue of their association with this scourge.

According to the Old Testament, Jews must wait for the Messiah before reestablishing Israel. But the Talmud says, the Messiah is already here and it is the "Jewish people" themselves. By "Jewish people" they mean the Illuminati bankers who sponsor and run organized Jewry.

For example, the Talmud Kethuboth 111a, states: "The Messiah is without metaphor the Jewish people" (Chapter VI).

The Cabala teaches that God ("En Sof") is not moral, and has no characteristics. God is composed of nature. Since the highest expression of nature is man, he is God. And since only Jews are human, and above the level of beast, Jews (i.e. Illuminati bankers) are Divine.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Cabala teaches that the relation between man and God is erotic, "Religion being identical with love . . . sensuous pleasure, and especially intoxication, typify the highest degree of divine love as ecstatic contemplation" (ibid).

The Passover song the "Only Kid" heralds the day when all the world's great nations destroy each other in war, and only Israel is left (Chapter XIV).


Have no illusion, mankind has been inducted into a satanic cult based on the Talmud and Cabala. Gradually we are being sedated and offered up as a tribute to Lucifer by his disciples, the Illuminati bankers. Mankind is doomed to an ersatz life, a perpetual rerun of the past.

Anti-Semites are protecting the Illuminati by blaming the "racial" Jew. The true villain is the Illuminati banker and his lackeys of every ethnicity and "religion," who embrace the satanic ideology of the New World Order.
Full story:

Comment: Professor Sand makes some Scripturally untenable statements in his book, but he has performed an excellent service in distinguishing the self-styled Jews from Semitic Hebrews who are Israelites descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose twelve tribes will not return to the Promised Land until the first half of Daniel's Seventieth Week (Psalm 17:7; Isaiah 6:10-13; 11:11; 27:13; Jeremiah 3:12, 18; 16:15; 23:8; 31:8; Ezekiel 39:27; Micah 5:3; Zechariah 10:8, Matthew 24:29-31, etc.,). Our friend Henry Makow has drawn upon Professor Sands' sound historical facts. The so-called Ashkenazim Jews are predominantly non-Semitic Khazars, a Turkic people from Lower Mongolia once known as Huns, while the so-called Sephardim Jews are predominantly Edomite, that is Canaanites and Hittites (Genesis 27:39-41). It is the leaders of these people who govern your politicians and rule the world behind the scenes from 'the City of London' as Benjamin Disraeli said, "Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand."

"The things that the preacher is liable to teach yer [even within the circle of this Message], ain't necessarily so." Prior to the latter half of the Eighteenth Century the word "J_E_W" did not appear in any Bible, and the meaning of this modern word conflicts with the meanings of the two words it has replaced. There is racial "enmity" between self-chosen non-Semitic so-called Jews and the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 3:15; 9:26; 10:15-20; Deuteronomy 7; Matthew 23:33-35). Moreover, there are religious differences as Judaism is Pharisaism and the antithesis of Moses and the prophets (Matthew 15:9). It is as Abraham said, "Between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that those who want to come from here to you cannot; neither can they pass from your side to us" (Luke 16:26).

The Guns of America or China or Japan

I was meaning to comment on this video that claims Obama is a Muslim but You Tube advise this: "video of Obama is now blacked out." Whatever his religion, if any, Obama is a Jew serving 'the City of London,' and as the enemy of God and man controls both thesis and antithesis to achieve his pre-planned synthesis the video is propaganda intended to agitate ignorant and unlearned men against Muslims. The 'City' cares naught for Islam, her Roman Catholic mid-wife, or Judaism, the Pharisaic mother of the Roman church.

"One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self-knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods. This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; or in any case liable to perversion and misuse, and loss of virtue if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirits. Hence they favoured the existence of an outer worship, effective but imperfect, for the profane" (Radhakrishnan, Indian Philosophy). Muslims, Jews and Roman Catholics are dupes of false religion as are Rome's (once) Protestant daughters who have failed to recognize and become "written epistles" of "the present Truth"—what Jesus is doing NOW (II Peter 2:12; I John 1:7).

Whoever assembled the video is probably another dupe playing into the hands of the enemy by trying to do God a service against His will. The 'hidden hand' is putting out such propaganda to generate hatred which is the objective of racial, religious, gender and sexual hate legislation crafted in the USA for the Anti- Defamation League of B'nai B'rith by President of Democrats for Israel, Jewish lawyer Joseph Meir Ribakoff (subsequently suspended for misappropriating client's funds). Its adoption demonstrates the subservience of legislatures and judicatures in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, other colonies of 'the City,' and occupied territories such as Germany. As 'the City' manages information via its control of the education, media and entertainment, objective truth is not broadly disseminated and available only to those who seek it out on the Internet or from libraries whose books have not been misappropriated, and only so long as legislation already enacted is not enforced to silence even that "still small voice".

Brother Ted Pike reports, "ADL hate crimes laws have taken free speech from the citizens of Canada, England, Australia, etc., and now America is shackled with a national hate law fully capable of doing the same. Recently signed by President. Obama, it was very largely conceived and brought into existence by the same Abe Foxman who wrote the recent "Rage Report" which portrays millions of Americans as "conspirators".

Komrades in government worldwide are singing to this 'City of London' Zionist tune and fulfilling the wrong side of God's ledger. . . "as it was in the days of Noah" (Genesis 6:1-4; Matthew 24:37-39). Lou Dobbs reports on US immigration (miscegenation) amnesty.

Do not turn upon Muslim people as a reflex to propaganda of the 'hidden hand' designed to FORCE you and Muslims to kill one another and bring you subject to his marshal law. It is not Muslims who rejected Christ's first and second Comings, but Israel, her Jewish impersonators, Christendom and her impersonators. Innocent Muslims and other inassimilable people have been brought into your country as pawns by the alien power that controls the UN, the US Congress and Parliaments of the world to engender hatred and divide your community. You are both unwilling players in a Hegelian dialectic. It is alleged Islam was devised by the Mohammed's wife Khadema, a Catholic nun in league with her Roman Catholic cousin Waffiq; it is a system of law like Talmudic Judaism with neither grace nor Redeemer. Muslims recognize Jesus Christ as a prophet but like Roman Catholics they are not permitted to think for themselves and to "prove all things." The prophet Abraham said that Ishmael and his people will never be able to agree among themselves (Genesis 16:11-12) so there is nothing to fear from Islam if people THINK and do not provoke Muslims to the necessity of defending themselves against further aggression from our proxy armies of 'the City' as they are trained to provoke Russia. If you have "the mind which was also in Christ Jesus" you should be in "fear of the Jews" because of whom "no man speaks openly" (Philippians 2:5; John 7:13).

The "Fireside Discussion Group of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith" states: "We want a world in which nationalism shall definitely diminish." And Jews feel "they belong to one world unity." This sophistry contradicts the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who cursed multiculturalism (miscegenation) and the Satanic one world government they intend to introduce (Genesis 1:11; 3:15; 11:6-9; Numbers 23:9; Deuteronomy 32:7-8; Amos 3:3).

Study your Bible and you will discover Catholicism is not "the foundation of the apostles and prophets" (Ephesians 2:22) who were Israelites and would never worship a trinity of gods (Exodus 20:2-3; Deuteronomy 6:4), nor pray for or worship the dead, and drop a little money for masses for their poor souls in purgatory, as Rome commands, but makes no effort to enlighten the superstitious living that purgatory exists only as a racket to extort money. As a believer in this Message the Ante Nicene Fathers, Nicene Fathers, and Post Nicene Fathers should be on your computer, but any history will show you Catholicism was not founded by Peter whose "apostleship was to the circumcision" (Galatians 2:7-9). Peter pastored a Church in Jerusalem and never visited Rome. The apostles Andronicus and Junius took the Gospel to Rome within three years of Calvary (Romans 16:7). History tells us the Roman Catholic church was organized at the First Nicaea Council in AD325 by apostate Jews as a foil to Christian faith and pagan emperor Constantine for political advantage: and that the Christians departed before the Council sat.

Two thousand years ago the prophet John said, "even now are there many antichrists" (I John 2:18). Thus the antichrist spirit emanates from the apostasy of Judaism and the world church system whence you were called (Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4), and which are uniting to enforce Lucifer's one world government as the prophets Daniel and Jesus Christ foretold. Don't scorn inassimilable people of diverse races, cultures and creeds who have not heard the Gospel and were brought into the land by a 'hidden hand' against the national will to create chaos that will empower it to "change" society to a new secular world order; think and discover the diabolical source of this strategy residing in the entity that controls your elected representatives as his pawns to fulfill Luke 17:27-29. Don't persecute Muslims and foreigners as you have been programmed, for they are their victims as much as you.

Consider the lewd holy book of those who rule that mile square sovereign state known as 'the City of London.' It claims Messiah was born of fornication between a Roman soldier and a prostitute hairdresser in menstruation (Kallah 51a), and is presently in hell boiling in excrement (Gittin 57a)! He is called "Yeshu,"as an acronym for the curse, 'may his name and memory be wiped out.' It says Gentiles are animals on two legs God created in human form to serve the Jews (Yebamoth 98a), and that the best of the Gentiles should be killed (Kiddushin 66c; Soferim 15, Rule 10). Do you realize that some unregenerate ministers in the circle of this Message have actually allowed Christ rejecting rabbis to speak from their pulpits? Christians must think before following propaganda. Whether Obama is a Muslim or not, he is a pagan Jew put into office by the City's CFR and funded by the Jew George Soros of Rothschild's Jewish megalith, the Roman Catholic church, Judaeo-Communist ACORN and other interests. He is a hired liar caring only for self and the charge given by his masters of 'the City,' to bring the USA and the world to its knees.

I have received presumptive emails from several ministers and brethren in the circle of this Message blaming the "false flag" black ops of terrorism and 9/11 on Muslims, with dire warnings. Apart from evidence that incriminates 'the City,' it's intelligence services of the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, et al Israel, and the top echelon of the US Administration and its military, these egregious claims are unsubstantiated by prophecy. Not one Word from Brother Branham or in your Holy Bible. These ministers need only read the plans of the 'hidden hand' to know the Muslim people are innocent whereas the nominally Christian countries are their aggressors guilty of provoking political Islam into this war that was planned in the nineteenth century.

Whoever you vote for as Prime Minister or President, that man or woman will have been selected by 'the City,' and he will very soon lead your country into an escalation of the war against the abstract noun "terrorism." It is a war against Islam which rejects the international banksters' Babylonian fractional reserve usury and refuses to genuflect to the new holocaust religion. And the evidence suggests your blind Message minister will be beating the drums of World War III against this enemy of Zimmunism.

As with the German holocaust of six million Jews claimed for World War I, the Jewish holocaust of six million Jews claimed in Jewish-ruled Russia between the wars, and the German holocaust of six million Jews claimed for World War III, "the perfect crime leaves no trace, no evidence. Similarly, [with Saddam's imaginary weapons of mass destruction and 9/11], the perfect accusation is not based on anything verifiable. The war propagandist knows this. It will suffice for him to launch the eternal atrocity stories about opponents who spend most of their time killing babies, using invisible weapons, operating corpse factories located near mass graves. These accounts will win people over only if not accompanied by any purported evidence, or if flanked merely by "clues", "testimonies" or references to unidentified "sources." Hard evidence has the drawback of restricting the imagination and passions. With clues there is the advantage of giving free rein to the fancy . . . as if on a magic carpet, the listeners, in their minds, fly off towards Auschwitz, Timisoara or the Kuwait City hospital where, according to Bush the elder, the Iraqis had, in 1991, disconnected incubators with premature babies inside. Those who hear or see such a witness feel delightfully flooded with compassion, and thoroughly enjoy themselves: they satisfy all at once a taste for the spectacle of horror (to which they could never admit), their inner need to hate and their aspiration for the finer feelings. The shrewd propagandist thus leaves those he tricks with the illusion of a certain personal freedom. . . in time of war fever, the accusation that really carries with the masses is one that is not actually accompanied by evidence" (Robert Faurisson, The Revisionist Method Applied to the History of the Third World War. To CLEAR your mind of LIES and alien propaganda, "prove all things," and read all of this).

Plans for World War III were completed in 1871 when it was determined that the combatants would be political Zionists (fighting with the blood of taxpayer-funded colonial troops of 'the City of London') and political Islam. Both dupes—having served their purpose—will be humbled at the end of this war to serve Lucifer's totalitarian one world government. As in World Wars I and II, whichever side is victorious in these pre-planned controlled conflicts will be a loser as the synthesis of the Hegelian dialectic is inimical to both protagonists who should have united against their mutual enemy and financier, the 'hidden hand,' and Muslims and nominal Christians should ally to this end today.

Islamic nations want peace as Kaiser Wilhelm wanted peace, but when Germany had conquered the aggressors, Britain, France and Italy, 'the City' brought in "the guns of America" as boasted in Protocol 7:6. When Amnesty was agreed, the Kaiser expected the Allies to honour their word, but upon disarming and disbanding his troops, they deceived Germany at Versailles where Rothschild represented each of the Allies. Next, Germany was invaded by non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews who established the Weimar Republic and created hyper-inflation, enabling them to steal industries and real estate for pfennigs in the mark, and turned the nation into a whorehouse.

Remove your blinkers apostate Western man who says, "I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and know not you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked"—not only Spiritually, but materially also. The Philistines are upon you with their knavish Weimar tricks, leaving you unpayable debt for credit created out of thin air in exchange for your resources and utilities, and having expatriated jobs and industries, opened your borders to imported goods and unwanted aliens, destroyed your morals, and as I write they have your politicians in Copenhagen working to make you pay for the air you breathe. In rejecting Christ you have accepted the Devil who is driving you insane.

The 'City of London' that financed Hitler from the 1920s and throughout World War II and (Rockefeller/Esso, a Rothschild organization that) fueled the German fleet and provided patents for Buma synthetic rubber and fuel, funded Karl Mark to update Rothschild's International Socialism to Communism, and Professor Baron Karl von Ritter to draft National Socialism for Zionism and Nazism. As planned in 1871, these two political philosophies were brought together in controlled conflict in World War II in order to make the world a safe place for Communism which has always been funded by 'the City' through their International Banksters and tax exempt foundations in the USA. In victory Hitler offered peace, and once again the Jews of 'the City' brought in "the guns of America".

Now "the guns of America" fire upon any nation that stands in the path of 'the City' and her Babylonian fractional reserve banks grasping control of world resources of energy, minerals, food, health, water, and under the climate change hoax and CO2 emissions scam fresh air will be commodified. The Muslim people are not the aggressors, they have been brought into non-Muslim countries like people of inassimilable races and cultures by the 'hidden hand' that rules our Hegelian sham democracies, in order to divide and conquer the world for his god Lucifer.

This long term scam should be evident to anyone who reads the perverse notes in a Scofield Reference Bible. Propaganda about the danger of Islam was being spread when I was a schoolboy. Cui bono, who benefits? Not Muslims, not Allah, and not you, poor white man. Beware "the guns of China or Japan".

"By all these means we shall so wear down the goyim that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that will enable us without violence gradually to absorb all the state forces of the world and to form a super government. In place of the rulers of to-day we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super-Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world" (Protocol 5:11).

Divine Compassion

Do you believe Jesus loved the people with all of His heart? Do you believe He was the Son of God, full of compassion for suffering humanity? Watch how Jesus conducted Himself when He came to the Pool of Bethesda where there were five porches whereon lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind and lame, and withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel came down into the pool at a certain season, and whoever stepped in first after the troubling of the water was healed of his disease.

Now Jesus came to the place, and although He felt compassion for them all He walked right past old grandpa twisted with arthritis imploring, "Somebody please help me into the pool"; past a mother with her invalid child, past a blind man, past the multitude of needy people waiting for the moving of the water. Finally He came to a certain man with an infirmity, who had attended the pool for thirty-eight years, but when the water was troubled there was no one to help him quickly enter the pool.

Jesus healed the man because it was revealed to Him that he had faith to be healed; then He just walked away from the suffering multitude, leaving poor mothers with sick children, the lame, halt, and blind, spastic, diseased and insane, waiting for the moving of the water. How could a loving Saviour with a heart full of compassion just walk away from that needy multitude desperate for help?

But because it was the sabbath and He had commanded the man, "Rise, take up your bed and walk," the Jews sought to kill Him for healing a man on the sabbath and for saying that God was His Father. It is in His response to the Jews that He shows us the true meaning of compassion. John 5:19-20, "I truly assure you, the Son can do nothing by Himself, but what He sees the Father doing; for whatever he does, the Son does in the same way. For the Father loves the Son, and [in a vision] shows Him everything that He Himself does: and He will show Him still greater works than these that you may marvel".

Compassion is doing the will of God. It is the 'third pull.' The Lord said, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways" (Isaiah 55:8). Therefore true compassion is when "the mind that was in Christ Jesus is in you" (Philippians 2:5); only then will the 'third pull' operate. Jesus was a man under preeminence to God, as was Brother Branham who in these last days revealed "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever," healing the sick and crippled, restoring sight to the blind, speech and hearing to deaf mutes, casting out demons, raising the dead, and discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart" (Luke 17:28-30; Hebrews 13:8; 4:12). But the Prophet could only do what God had already shown him in a vision, and God received all the credit. That explains why Jesus passed through the suffering multitude, healed one particular man and departed.

Turning now to John 11 we come to the account of Lazarus. His sisters Mary and Martha sent word that their brother was sick. Jesus must have received a vision, for when He heard the news He said, "This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified by a miracle." So He remained in the same place for two days until He was shown in a vision that His friend Lazarus was dead; then He said, "Let us go into Judea again." And when He informed His disciples of Lazarus' demise He told them one of God's objectives in his death was that in witnessing this "greater work" they should overcome their unbelief. Two days later when they opened his tomb Jesus said to Martha, "I told you, that if you would believe, you should see the glory of God?" And lifting up His eyes He said, Father, I thank you that You have heard Me. I knew that You always hear Me: I speak aloud so that those who stand by may believe that You have sent Me." And having spoken He cried with a loud voice, "Lazarus, come forth." And he who was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus said to them, Loose him, and let him go." The vision had come to pass.

Had Jesus rushed to Bethany as soon as he received the Message, His vision could not have come to pass, for a vision, like the preview of a movie, is a visual preview of some future event. For the promise to come to pass everything must match the vision of God. And Jesus, knowing it would take two days to reach Lazarus' home, could not depart until two days after God had revealed his demise, because corruption sets into the flesh within three days and the vision showed the resurrection of a putrefied man. And because Lazarus stunk and corruption knew its Maker, the miracle was greater. Jesus said, "He who believes on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these; because I go to My Father. And whatsoever you shall ask in My Name, I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son" (John 14:12-13). Jesus is always full of mercy and full of compassion for those who will believe on His Name and ask in faith, that is, by revelation of the Will of God.

Brother Branham said, "They're looking, and don't know what they're looking for, because they've got the wrong conception of what they're trying to find. How would you know what you wanted to find, if you didn't know what you was looking for?"

"How would you go hunt for a pumpkin, and you'd never seen one and never heard of one? How would you go find a watermelon, if you never knowed there was such a thing, and how it looked? Why you could find a tub, and think it was a watermelon. You could find something else. You could find a block and think it was a watermelon. But you've got to know what you're looking for. And the only way that you'll ever know what you're looking for, if you're looking for Jesus you'll look to the Word, for He is the Word" (Look Away to Jesus, p. 30:252-254).

John 5:38-40, "God's Word is not abiding in you: for you do not believe whom He has sent. Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal Life: and it is they that bear witness of Me. And you will not come to Me, [the Word], that you might have eternal Life." In the days of His flesh as in this day, men go to denominational creeds for Life, when they are DEATH.

Jesus said, "You claim you believe the prophets, when you are of your father the Devil and his works you will do. Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Because you build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore you witnesses, that you are the sons of those who killed the prophets" (Matthew 23:29-32).

The Jewish denominations had so twisted the Scriptures with man-made interpretations they didn't know what they should be looking for, and they crucified their very Messiah. And today the Gentile denominations are believing such a mess of man-made theology they have no idea what they should be looking for and are looking for the Man and crucifying the Son of God afresh unto themselves when they should be looking for the Word. They run nursery schools, hospitals, homes for the aged and numerous charities, which are all good works serving MAN, but they are without compassion and utterly incapable of serving the Lord God, because Divine compassion is knowing and doing the will of God, and His will is His Word. Divine Compassion is revelation in action.

A good denominational believer who was rich approached Jesus and asked, "Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal Life?"

Here was a good man without faith. He thought he could purchase God's approval by good works, feeding the poor, paying tithes to his priest, visiting the sick and funding education for orphans. That is good but it is serving MAN, and pagans do the same. So do government agencies in the welfare state, and they are not Christian. We have already quoted II Timothy 2:15, which says "we must study to present ourselves to God approved, as workmen who have no cause to be ashamed, rightly discerning the Message of truth." Without studying to understand what God's Word means, we are without faith and cannot know His will, and "without faith it is impossible to please God" (Hebrews 11:6). This is why your kind old self-sacrificing priest is without Divine compassion and lost as can be.

The denominational believer knew his kind old priest knew nothing of eternal Life, which is why he asked Jesus, who said, "Why call Me good? There is none good but God: but if you will enter into Life, keep the commandments. The man asked, Which?"

"Jesus said, You shall do no murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness, honour your father and your mother: and, you shall love your neighbour as yourself."

"The young man said, All these things I have kept from my youth: what lack I yet?"
In spite of his good works he knew he still did not possess eternal Life. Discerning his problem Jesus said to him, "If you will be perfect, go and sell what you have, and give to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come and follow Me. But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions".

He chose to return to his Pharisee, Catholic, Anglican, Baptist or whatever his denomination was, because he could live by their programs of carnal good "works" and try to purchase his way to heaven donating his time and his money to serve men, but he was not prepared to forsake the world and the things of the world and give his heart to God that He may serve the Word by faith. He was happy to do what he and the natural world could, see, taste, touch, hear or smell, but he was not willing to surrender the things of the world to receive faith, which is the evidence of things not seen, tasted, touched, heard or smelt, Spiritual surety of things that are to be.

Malachi 1 and Romans 9 inform us the God of love and compassion declared before Jacob and Esau were born, "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" because by foreknowledge He knew Esau would have no respect for the birthright, which is election. Romans 9:14-24, "What shall we say then? Was God unrighteousness [when He chose Jacob and rejected Esau before either was born]? For he said to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion."

"So then it is not a matter of man's willing or running, but God's mercy."
This is where Judaisers, Roman Catholics and Muslims fail, for true compassion is not doing good works to your fellow man as "men pleasers," or keeping laws and ordinances, which is self-works, but knowing and doing the will of God. If we can work our way to righteousness Jesus Christ died in vain. We can only please God by faith, for it is by grace through faith, not works, that we please God.

Hebrews 11:5-6, "By faith Enoch was translated so that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he who comes to God must believe that he is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek His will".

Romans 9:17-25, "Pharaoh was an example of God's sovereign will [in that He shows compassion upon those who have faith], God gave Pharaoh his kingdom for the very purpose that He might show His awesome power against him, so that all the earth might hear of His glorious Name. Therefore He shows mercy to whom He wills, and He hardens whom He wills."

"Then you will ask me, Why does He still complain? For who is resisting His will? O man, who are you to criticize God? Should the thing made say to the one who made it, Why have you made me like this? When a potter makes a vessel out of clay, does he not have the right to use the same lump to make one vessel for noble use and another for common purpose? Does God not have the right to show His wrath, and to make His dreadful power known against the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction whom He has endured with much longsuffering; that He might make known the wealth of His glory to the recipients of mercy, whom previously He prepared for glory, even us, whom He has called, not of the Judeans only, but also of the Gentiles?"

The difference between sympathy and compassion is expressed in two Greek words, 'Phileo' and 'Agapao' love. Phileo love refers to human fellowship and friendly affection as between husband and wife. But Agapao love comes from above and is benevolent love that stems from the mind of Christ in you through faith, to know and do the will of God.

Through human sympathy Jesus might have prayed for every afflicted person at the pool of Bethesda, but without the will of God's Word which discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart, His prayers would have been in vain. Knowing the mind of God and what would come to pass, Jesus walked through the multitude until He recognized the man He had seen in the vision, and the vision was fulfilled. Divine compassion is doing the will of Him who sent you to do it. nl611.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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