United Nations Documents

Here are some interesting United Nations documents. Have a careful read. If you don't believe there is an agenda to install a socialistic and totalitarian one world government, study the United Nations' own documents.

The United Nations are master wordsmiths when it comes to expounding the virtues of human dignity and rights. Yet they are writers, not doers. The case of Iraq is the classic example. While they wax eloquent regarding respect for life and non-violence, they are in fact an oppressive, calloused and unfeeling people, who totally disregard their high words by their own actions against dissidents. Whilst Roman Catholics burned those who would not co-operate with them, the U.N. and its affiliates starve nonconformists to death.

Please read the following documents and acquaint yourself with what the United Nations really represents. You will find in these Official Documents a cesspool of hypocrisy that charts a dismal future of serfdom for the peoples of the world. And you will discover that you have NO inalienable rights but privileges granted by the United Nations. Privileges which, at their pleasure discretion, may be withdrawn.

Global Ethics, International Law, and the Earth Charter

Charter of the United Nations

Compare this United Nations Charter to the Charter of the Soviet Union (former Soviet Constitution). You will see they are practically identical.

Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

United Nations Restructuring

Our Global Neighbourhood: The report of the Commission on Global Governance

This report outlines a world court system, enforcement of United Nations laws, global taxation, global military and much much more. Folks if this isn't a world government, language has lost its meaning. Wake up!

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

United Nations Study on Private Ownership of Guns press release

United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

Make sure you read Article 29.

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Convention on the Rights of the Child

In this Convention the parents of a child have NO rights. A parent imposing their beliefs or moral code (even discipline) on their own child is in breach of this convention.

Report from Earth Summit I, 1972, Stockholm

The first UN "Earth Summit" chaired by Maurice Strong in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. From this meeting, the United Nations Environment Program was created. Provides a great historic perspective on UN environmental activities.


Agenda 21

Agenda 21 Progress Reports

The Habitat Agenda

Habitat II

Global Biodiversity Assessment Review

Convention on Biological Diversity (1992)

Convention on Biological Diversity (1992) - alternative site

For an excellent source of information on the United Nations and their true agenda please visit United Nations Information hosted by the Michigan Militia.